Ten Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself

But whether or not your awakening has happened, we want you to know that the “you” of your soul triad is just as important as the Spark of the Divine. From the viewpoint of your angels, spirits, and guides, you matter because the Creator considers you a blessed and precious commodity.

Brother Thomas

My dear friends, your guides and masters love when you seek their favor and knowledge. They are more than willing to give and grant what you ask, provided you are willing to do the necessary work. For every step you take, they will take three more. However, one of the things they love just as much is when those who journey in the worlds of matter take the time to befriend their soul. Yes, your soul contains not only the beautiful Spark of the Divine but also the Higher-Self which is the accumulated consciousness and wisdom of all your lifetimes. Finally, there is the present consciousness that is generated from your physical existence. As you can see, there is much for you to learn, know, and befriend. It is good that you love God, but it is just as necessary that you come to love yourself. This trinity of Spark, Higher-Self, and Body Consciousness is a great love story.

So many souls are questioning why they are here and whether their lives hold any meaning. Suicide rates are climbing and depression is rampant throughout the world. Do you wonder why this is? We offer no easy answers, but there is one important reason we wish you to consider–most people have yet to discover the True Self. They see themselves as mere bodies who walk and work on the earth instead of Sparks of the Divine Consciousness wearing human form. They have identified with a perishable body instead of their eternal form. No wonder that life seems pointless to many.

Have You Found the True Self?

As one awakens to the True Self, a tipping point is reached where the delusions of earth begin passing away and a new awareness pervades the human consciousness. In this awareness, one begins to fully identify as a spiritual being in a human form instead of the other way around. It is more than an intellectual understanding–it is a full realization known as the first enlightenment. It is the first of many new realizations to come.

But whether or not your awakening has happened, we want you to know that the “you” of your soul triad is just as important as the Spark of the Divine. From the viewpoint of your angels, spirits, and guides, you matter because the Creator considers you a blessed and precious commodity. From their view, no matter how far we may be on our journey, we are as young children who one day will grow to be strong and powerful. They offer you these ten reasons why you should love yourself and know that you matter.

Learn How to be Here for You!

Many people take friendships for granted. They assume friendships either happen or they don’t. When they fall apart, they don’t overthink it. But friendships are both art and science. If we are willing to study and learn, we can develop relationship skills that strengthen the bonds between ourselves and those we love. The same is true for the relationship we have with ourselves.

We must learn how to be a good friend to ourselves. This isn’t about pursuing pleasure, spending money on things that never satisfy, or indulging our vices and addictions. We are talking about being present for ourselves, in the same way, we would be present for our families and friends.

While we walk this earth, we are meant to stand on our own two feet. And even though it can be scary at times, we should not expect everyone to hold us up. It is good to have friends, but we shouldn’t make them do all of the emotional work of keeping us steady and whole.

We can learn to encourage ourselves. We can learn how to spend time getting to know what we think and want. We can learn to be our own support system. We can learn to suppress than inner critic that’s always saying “You suck!” Instead, we can learn to say, “You have this!” “You know what to do!”

Part of our journey in life is to learn how to be a good friend to our soul until we become the Spiritual Sovereign we were meant to be. Take time each day to learn what you think about that matter to you. Learn to be comfortable being with no one but yourself.

Your Matter Matters

Our Jewish teachers have a saying that “the Torah is diminished by every person who doesn’t study it.” This beautiful saying helps us to realize that all of us matter. The mosaic of life across time and space is diminished by every person who gives up, stops trying, or checks out of life and living. We need to bring vitality and determination to our daily life.

We remind you that no one thinks or acts in this world the way that you do. Your opinions matter. Your way of thinking matters because each of them were shaped influenced by your Creator, angels, spirits, guides, and your many lifetimes of living. You bring unique perspectives to the world that deserve to be heard. You don’t have to write it all down, broadcast your thoughts on social media, or transmit your ideas around the world. It is enough for you to live your truth authentically.

Though your True Nature is God Consciousness ITself, It pleased the Divine to create the vast worlds of matter so that IT might experience Doingness in addition to Beingness. To explore these worlds The Divine created souls composed of a trinity of ITs God Spark, our higher-self, and a physical body to carry it about. You are that divine trinity and you are deeply loved!

You are Worthy

Just as Air Force One is important because it carries the President of the United States, your spiritual and physical vessel is just as important. Your soul is a vessel that carries Divine Consciousness as IT explores the worlds of matter.

You may think you aren’t important but think again. Some television screens have a small black spot or two that doesn’t show the television programming. These are blank or dead pixels. No matter how expensive your television may be, a single dead pixel will get your attention and make you want to replace your set. We are like pixels on a television screen. Together, we tell the story of God’s Consciousness in the worlds of matter. Further, you are part of a larger mosaic that spans space, time, and universes across multiple dimensions.

An Important Appointment

The finest restaurants often require an appointment. If you just show up, you’ll probably be turned away because each table has a reservation for a specified patron. The same is true about our life on earth. We didn’t arrive here by accident. Our reservation was made before we were born. We chose our family and worked carefully to create the details of our life. Even though we allowed room for fun and exploration, we came here with a purpose in mind and we chose our bodies to help us accomplish our goals.

And for the record, your angels, spirits, and guides want you to know that Earth is a hot ticket. Many souls long to come here for learning, training, and development. Earth has a fine reputation for quickly growing and developing souls. For those of us who are here, we would be wise to cherish our place on the planet. There are many souls who would love to take our places.

You got this!

If you were planning a trip to Hawaii, no doubt you’d pack your swimsuits, snorkels, goggles, and the like. In other words, you’d prepare for the trip. The same is true about life. Even though life isn’t always easy, you didn’t come here unprepared. Your life isn’t an unexpected pop quiz. Not only did you prepare for this life, but you also have the skills necessary to successfully meet your challenges as you make your journey. This was done long before you were born. Imagine that you are a skilled athlete ready to meet your challenge on the athletic field–because that’s what you are.

When life appears overwhelming, remind yourself of your previous preparation. You got this! Call upon your Divine Presence as well as your angels, spirits, and guides. They are here for you, but you must ASK for the help you need.

You Wish to be Here was Granted

You chose this existence. One of the spiritual laws we want to remind you of is that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. No mistakes have been made. However, the Universe awaits your command and willingness to manifest your new life. The tools are in place for your success. Study the spiritual laws and you will find that life makes more sense each day.

People and Others Depend on You

You have been given responsibilities. You have yourself, your family, friends, workers, pets, land, and possessions that depend upon your love and attention. Maybe you haven’t thought about your life in this way, but it is true. You are important because people depend upon you. You may have a humble janitor’s job, but people depend upon you to create an environment that is clean and healthy. Your work matters.

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have learned that many jobs that people think are beneath them are vital and necessary. We need food workers and servers. We need sanitation. We need teachers. There are hundreds of jobs that people take for granted that are important and irreplaceable.

One of the spiritual giants of the ages was a dishwasher named Brother Lawrence. He used his time as a dishwasher to develop his soul and find his True Nature. His writings have brought meaning to millions across the ages. Doing your work well and with pride develops your soul and makes it possible for others to awaken as well.

You Have Wisdom to Share

This awakening of which we speak brings forth the wisdom that lights your path and the world about you. You suddenly understand that you were never alone; you had only covered the light and talked over your still small voice. Once the True Self arrives, the struggles you once endured fall into place. The tears that once fell as you struggled from one thing to the next turns to joy as your wisdom helps others who suffer today as you once did.

You are Goodness and Light

One day, if it hasn’t happened already, you will discover your fabulous true nature. The True You isn’t your job or how powerful you are. It isn’t based on your intellectual capacity. The True You isn’t your body, nor is it concerned about how beautiful you are. It’s the Divine Consciousness located in your Soul that is inextricably bound by love to your higher-self and the consciousness of each body you inhabit as you travel the worlds of matter.

You are wiser than you know, more powerful than you have believed, and you possess immortality that has been hidden until now. Isn’t it time you tapped into all of that?

The Best is Yet to Come

Our final reason for loving yourself is two-fold. If it hasn’t happened already, your awakening is sure to come soon. All who seek will find. And when you find what you are looking for, you’ll be amazed to learn that it was within you the entire time. Your awakening is not so much something you seek to receive as something you uncover. Each day you eliminate some aspect of your personal drama you uncover the True Self a little more. Each day you forgive from the heart, a little more light will show. When you feel compassion and act on it, your light shines brighter still. On and on more light is uncovered until one day the balance tips and the inner light of the True Self emerges brightly for all to see.

Your new life as a light bringer and way-shower become clear to you. The light has overcome the darkness as your new work and initiations begin. Your awakening will not eliminate the mysteries nor the depth of your soul, but it will allow you to stand on the precipice of a great divide where you see the journey you have traveled on one side and the tall mountains and kingdoms yet to be traveled on the other.

Heart Image used by permission from Pixalbay