Use Spiritus Lumine to Reacquire Your Past Spiritual Wisdom and Power

Reacquire Lost Knowledge

My dear followers of the sacred light, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. I bring you information that helps you grow and ascend. I want to speak with you about the Spiritus Lumine–the Divine Light of God. This light is your salvation, your connection to Source, and your connection to your Lux Animae. It is the connection to all that is and a potent tool for reacquiring the past wisdom and power of your previous lives. If you understand this sacred mystical practice, you may greatly accelerate your spiritual growth and wisdom.

Spiritus Lumine is “The Force”

We have written about the Spiritus Lumine in earlier teachings. It is safe to say that the world could not contain the information about all the things the Lumine can do, nor the power that is wielded by those who correctly understand it. Spiritus Lumine is the “Force” featured in the lore of Star Wars. It is the “word” spoken of in sacred texts–that word which created the worlds, the word that became flesh, and the word which is the Light of all! The Spiritus Lumine is the will of God holding all things together and that power in which all things live and move and have their being. Yes, it is all of this and more. Though the Spiritus Lumine defies complete description or understanding, the best way for a mystic to learn of it is to develop a rich mystical practice.

Spiritus Lumine is Connective Power

Mystical practices are the daily rituals and spiritual exercises we use to connect with Divine Source. Whether realized or not, all mystical practices use some aspect of the Spiritus Lumine. To commune with Source requires the Lumine. The healing mystic sends energy via the Lumine. Even the act of communication with your angels, spirits, and guides is to use the connective power of the Lumine. All things that exist, in this world and others, are connected via the Lumine.

Spiritus Lumine Directly Connects

If it helps, you may think of it as a direct connection between your computer and your router which connects you to the internet. Even though your router connects to the internet worldwide, you are only interested in a specific part of the internet. You do not wish to sift through the entire database at Google; you probably desire to look up the meaning of a word or to learn about some specific thing. So it is with the Spiritus Lumine. Though connected to all things, you use the Lumine in concrete ways to accomplish a particular end–such as healing, spiritual travel, spirit communication, and the like.

Today, we want to provide you with a useful mystical practice for using the Spiritus Lumine. This practice, if properly understood, serves as the basis for any number of other mystical practices you may need at some other time. Those with discernment will know what to do.

Spiritus Lumine is not Bound by Space or Time

One specific quality of the Spiritus Lumine is ITs ability to provide a divine connection between all things. This connection is not limited by space or time. Thus, you may just as easily connect with an event 4,000 years ago as you can today. This is useful for your spiritual growth and development. Consider this. You have spent countless lifetimes in this and other worlds where you have mined the metaphysical secrets of the universe. The information, initiations, spiritual gifts, and wisdom you received in previous incarnations are not lost to those who know how to retrieve it.

Spiritus Lumine Connects Our Past Lives

We guides encourage our mystics to reconnect with the critical parts of previous lifetimes where you obtained spiritual wisdom and power and we want to help you bring that knowledge back into your present awareness. There is no need to rejoin old paths, lodges, Masonic orders, and the like–unless one feels a Divine hunger and compulsion to do so. Through intentional meditative exercises using the Spiritual Imagination, the Spiritus Lumine will help you remember and recover your previous accomplishments.

A Mystical Practice for Reacquiring Past Spiritual Power

Here is a simple practice, to help you reacquire your previous knowledge and spiritual power. This technique allows your guides to link your present conscious awareness to other lifetimes where you received initiations, shaktipat, Divine energy, and wisdom. This practice enables the Spiritus Lumine to feed your consciousness with the information it once knew using today’s modern resources and technology. As you receive the widom, your spiritual guides will help you reassemble the essential parts you need to know in a cohesive way. This is done so that you may ascend more quickly and that your life of service may become more powerful.

1. Set aside some time when you know that you can be alone and meditate. You will need the ability to sit for a period with a straight back–not rigidly, but no slouching. It is recommended that your room be dark, or at least draw the shades so that outside light does not disturb you.

2. If you like to meditate with headphones and meditative music you may do so. We intend to post an accompanying audio containing the complete metaphysical practice, Feel free to use it if you wish. Just check the bottom of this lesson.

3. Ground yourself to Mother Earth. Here is a post that fully explains how to do so. If you do not want to read the post at this time, it is sufficient for you to use your spiritual imagination. See beams of light traveling from both of your feet to the blue diamond core of the earth. Say a short prayer of thanks to Mother Earth for all of the energies she supplies to plants, animals, sea, and sky.

4. Center yourself by relaxing your physical body and filling it with prana–an energetic force of the Spiritus Lumine found in the air that we breathe. The breath we recommend is a 5 by 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 cycle.  This means that we will take five distinct breaths. We inhale for a slow five count. Hold it for a five count. We slowly and completely exhale for a five count. Then, we and wait for a five count before we inhale once more.  If you find this practice difficult, try using a 5 by 4 – 4 – 4 -4 counts instead. If you wish to practice a more advanced form of breath work designed for spiritual travel, refer to our posts on this subject.

5. Next, we invoke spiritual protection from our angels, spirits, and guides. Here is one post and here is another to explain how to do this. If you do not wish to read either of those posts at this time, just ask the Archangel Michael to provide you with a golden robe of light. This robe protects you against seen and unseen malevolent forces. If at any time you should feel afraid, quickly call upon Archangel Michael for immediate help.

6. Next, read the script at the end of these instructions. It will be okay if your eyes are open as you read the script aloud. Open or closed, it is your intention that brings the help you need. Feel free to improvise the script. Remember, the magic of this exercise is in your desire and purpose and not the words that we write.

7. You may want to repeat the text several times to firmly set the intention of this script in your conscious awareness. After doing so, you may want to sit quietly with your eyes closed and observe where your mental body travels. Notice we did not say “where your mind travels”–but your mental body. There is an important difference. At some point during your meditation, your mental body will begin traveling to a previous lifetime–especially if this is your intention.

8. As you conclude the exercise, keep in mind that your guides are working on your behalf. They will bring you experiences from past incarnations that best suit your growth.  As you meet your previous personages, be sure to call upon them often. Thank them for seeing you as well. Depending on their abilities, there is much you have to learn from them. It will take several visits to learn and reacquire the basic structures of the most important things.

9. This process is going to take time. It will not be instantaneous. Even so, you will receive amazingly detailed downloads that are perfect for your present development.

A script for Reacquiring Past Spiritual Wisdom and Power

Angels, spirits, guides, avatars and ascended masters of the light, I call upon you at this sacred time to hear my humble petition. I declare my wish to serve the Spiritus Lumine, the Divine Light of God. I do so with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

My desire is only to serve the purest light, the greatest good, and the righteous. Let only good come to me and from me. May the power of the Spiritus Lumine, the Divine Light of God, transform all darkness found within me into goodness.

I declare that I wish to serve others of my kind in such a way that we all may merge our light with yours so that we may do your will and further ascend upon the God-Continuum.

May the Spiritus Lumine now activate direct lines of communication between my present life and those my guides may select as important to know from my previous incarnations. May the person I am now, as well as my incarnations of old, become spiritually joined and made jointly aware of the other–as well as their locations in space and time.

I humbly request the reinstatement, into my present conscious awareness, of all knowledge, wisdom, initiations, shaktipat, sacred energies, rituals, experiences. and methodologies of spiritual growth and development from previous incarnations.

Please reinstate only those events which provide the highest potential for advancement in this life so that I may rapidly progress in my spiritual development and ability to serve others.

I now ask to transfer the spiritual things I presently know in this existence to my previous incarnation. May their knowledge transfer to me–in real time. May the ascended masters oversee and spiritually order the things we each need to grow.

I allow the masters to decide which information they shall give to the person of my previous incarnation.

Dear masters, please provide this information in the manner that best suits my present state of awareness including the dream state, present moment synchronicities, meditations, early morning downloads, epiphanies, and any clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient skills I may possess.

Please bring into my life those books, websites, friends, acquaintances, and strangers who will bring these past life materials to me. As these occur, bring to my mind the awareness and understanding I will need about the importance of the information I receive.

In addition to the material I reacquire, help me to remember once again how I should adequately use and apply the information and techniques I receive.

I promise to use all that I learn for good alone. I will honor the memory of my previous incarnations by serving others as the Spiritus Lumine so leads.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and Amen.

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