Raising the Highly Conscious Child

This is a continuation of a post concerning the Star Kids.–high consciousness beings who are incarnating on planet earth to help raise its vibration and to help the peoples of the earth in the ascension process. In this post, Brother Thomas and Patti Stice discuss how to parent these high consciousness children.

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Brother Thomas: And hello everyone, this is Brother Thomas from SpiritusLumine.com

Patti Stice: And I’m Patty Stice from Sacred Circle Academy.

Brother Thomas: Welcome to Mystical Lodge Radio, and Patty. We’re going to continue our discussion today about the kids.

Patti Stice: Oh, they’re the best. They are so energizing. I wish everybody in the. U S of A and on this wonderful planet earth knew all about the exceptional gifts that our star kids offer.

Brother Thomas: I know new parents are learning just how wonderful it is to have a child. And I know the new parents are noticing how special their children are.  We hope that as you listen to the program before this one, which talked about the different kinds of spiritual kids that are on the planet today, and you hear today’s discussion about raising these children, you’ll come to realize that there’s a reason why your children are so special.

The New DNA

Brother Thomas: It’s because they’re not the regular kids that you’ve been used to. That’s right. In fact, you’re special if you’re having the kids, you’re of the right age, you’re in a special category yourself, but these kids are even different than you.

Patti Stice: That DNA is changing, and it’s all for the better Brother Thomas.

Brother Thomas: We could go for a couple of hundred years with very minor changes in the DNA, but now it’s beginning to change quickly and rapidly.

Patti Stice: That’s because we’re in a period of Ascension.

Brother Thomas: That’s true. It’s taking place, and you know what, whether you believe in it or not, I will guarantee you, if you think back over the past ten years, you’ll realize that this world has been changing at an exceptional pace, far beyond what it ought to be changing on its own from natural occurrences.

We see things that a once would take 50 years to come about happen in five years. Things that might take a hundred years happened in ten years. So, things are changing and fast.

Patti Stice: And the Lightworkers are here to uplift the light, to share and extend the gifts of love and light with everyone. That’s what my classes are all about.

Brother Thomas: Yes, and I’m seeing people just turn on. And if you’re listening to this program, somebody flipped your light bulb switch for you. And that’s why you listen to us. Absolutely. We’re glad it’s happened. Well, let’s talk about how we raise some of these wonderful star children. But let’s go over those categories once again, quickly.

The Indigo Scouts

Patti Stice: So, the forties and 50s in the 60s would be called Indigo Scouts. And these are the warriors. This is like Albert Einstein, who didn’t talk until he was, what, four, I believe. Then the solid Indigos came about in the 1970s. And this includes people like dear President Obama, who is a warrior. He can be the orator, open dialogues, and capture everyone with his wonderful speech ability. He is a true warrior example.

The Crystals

Patti Stice: Then, in about the 1980s coming through even now are the crystals. These are the peacemakers. These are the quieter ones who have a dedication and a goal to make a difference that this is opening the path of peace and love and understanding, and like Angelina Jolie, Malala. Beautiful souls that are stepping forward in lighting others to understand what a spiritual seeker is all about.

The Rainbow Children

And then the rainbows come in about 2005—bringing healing, color, and creativity. These are the ones who have telepathy. They can teach us about intuition, that gut feeling. They have the sensitivity of an empath.

The Diamond Children

And then now we have, since about two 2012, are the diamonds with no karma. They are here to help us with this wonderful new path. They need quiet time. Their energy is so strong and so different. Uh, and this is where I think this discussion today about parenting because these are the ones from 2012 that are about seven years of age.

Brother Thomas: So today we’re going to be talking to you about raising these high consciousness children that you have. Even though they may appear to be ordinary to you, we assure you they’re not.

Diamond Children are Telepathic

Patti Stice: And remember, the diamond children are very telepathic. This empathy goes beyond just sensitivity. They are reading your mind.

Brother Thomas: So, these parents who think that they’re hiding things from their kids might be surprised later on to learn. They didn’t hide anything. Sometimes parents think that they’re shielding their kids and keeping things away from their kids, but later we learned that, no, they’re smart. But these kids may be able to read what’s in your head. Yes, they will certainly pick up on your emotions and your demeanor, and later they will probably pretty much know what you think because they’ll know you so well.

Patti Stice: There is a simple ability, they can read your body language. They read your aura, they read your energy. Many of these children see auras from the very beginning.

Brother Thomas: Tell the truth. This is always important to these kinds of children. It’s important to all the time, but especially to these very sensitive children. They can sense the energy, the negativity of a lie, and the honesty of truth, much better to tell the truth.

Patti Stice: You know, it’s hard if you make a promise, and you don’t mean it because these children will sense that that promise is not going to be kept.

Sensitivity of Touch

Patti Stice: So many of these children, of course, they are so highly sensitive. In fact, you know, Brother Thomas, I can look at their fingertips, and it’s like an extra little pimple.

Brother Thomas: Oh, seriously.

Patti Stice: And that is the sensitivity to touch. But it’s also a sensitivity of their personality. They are, most often, very high empathic beautiful little children, and they see and hear and feel and know and smell and taste beyond our normal senses.

Brother Thomas: They do. Be careful how you talk to an empath like that. I’m very sensitive to what you say. Very sensitive to your emotion, even your nonverbal demeanor.

Patti Stice: They can walk into a room and know that they don’t want to walk in there or stand next to a certain person. That is their energy at work. We are all energy beings, and we all vibrate at different frequencies. And these children are vibrating at very high frequencies.

What Highly Conscious Children Need

We know that every parent loves their child and believes in their children, but we also want you to know there are more special than you know, and we want to talk about that. But let’s get right into it, and the first one that I see on the list is about allowing more free time.

Quiet Time

Patti Stice: They need to have a quiet time, free time. This lets them, daydream, they’re hearing voices, especially the new babes, they just came across the veil. They are still highly connected to the other side. There is a glow in their eyes. They have these beautiful eyes to see on beyond what we see. They are going to be able to share this as they get older and older.

Brother Thomas: I want to tell you something that I noticed that a lot of people in our culture are doing today, and that is scheduling every single moment of their kids’ time. They, they plan this activity and that activity, and they plan their friend’s time, and they plan so many things. The kids practically need a daytime book to keep up with their schedule, much less the parents’ schedule. The kids don’t have much free time.

Walking down the street the other day, I was walking with a man who taught physical education for many years and he says, what do you notice as you walk down the street? What’s not happening? And I looked around and said, “I don’t know what things look kind of normal to me.” And he says, “no kids are playing.”

The kids have parents who scheduled their sports time. They schedule their activity time, but there’s not necessarily free time. And so, we think you need to know about the importance of setting aside some time just for them to do, explore, to be themselves, to think. What happens in that free time, you may be surprised.

Limit the Electronics

Patti Stice: And you know, you need to talk to them. If they’re on a video game or they’re walking talking on their cell phones–I would encourage them to put the phones down.

Brother Thomas: I loved your idea about being careful about your kids to be overwhelmed by the phones and the electronic toys.  It’s not good for their thoughts to be so arranged and controlled by these devices so early. I noticed that you put down removing electrical things from their room, tell me more.

Patti Stice: Well, just like, you know, isn’t it amazing? You can talk on your phone, and it’s not attached to any electric plug, but there’s a frequency there? This is in the air. There is a lot of radioactive connected with frequencies right next to their bed, which is not environmentally good for them. This is static for them–and too distracting.  I know people who live under great big power lines. Really shouldn’t be living there because of the side effects of those radio and electrical waves.

Talk about Their Dreams

Patti Stice: One of the simplest ways to connect with your child regarding their spiritual awareness is to have them talk about dreams. Find out what their dreams are telling them. What are they seeing? Have a blank piece of paper. Ask them to draw what they’re dreaming. Ask them to draw what they’re seeing. And you know, it is beautiful because these children will draw the aura colors around the people. And you’ll say, well, what is this beautiful pink around grandma, Oh, that’s the color I see around grandma.

And then you can ask them, do you have an invisible friend? They may already be talking about their invisible friend, and they have a name. It could be Anabel. And this is the connection that will alert you how beautiful and how special your child is.

Brother Thomas: Yes, it’s so important to let your kids have that special time to show what’s going on inside of them. This is the time where they come to know who you are as a mom or a dad or their brothers or their sisters.

Gemstones and Games

Patti Stice: As a counselor, I believe in family meetings where each person in the family leads the meeting–and you do games and talk together. Patti Stice: You know, these beautiful children. Love. Stones and crystals, it’s just, it comes naturally to them. And then, of course, crystals are full of energy. And, there are some games that you can play that increase their intuitive ability.

Brother Thomas: I love sitting down and playing games with children, having fun.

Patti Stice: And I’ll just say one of them very quickly, just get three stones that they could hold in the palm of their hand, pick three different colors, and then you can learn about a Rose quartz. And that’s usually thought about love. And then there’s tiger-eye–a beautiful dark stone with gold stripes and tan stripes through it.

And that’s a grounding stone that of course, our children need more grounding. And then you can pick an amethyst stone, which is a purple stone.  But you have these three stones, you study what they’re all about, and then you take all three off the top of the table.

You put your hand under the table, and you say, “Hey, Doug, I’m going to bring one stone up. We’ve studied all three and I want you to try to guess which stone of the three I’m bringing to the table.” I did this with my granddaughter and the first six times, she didn’t get it because she was thinking. And I say, “Don’t think! As the hand moves up, just go with your gut.” Then she got seven in a row correct.

Brother Thomas: Oh, my goodness. Wow. She’s very intuitive, isn’t she? She’s amazing. But we have to help our kids with their intuition and with their intuitive abilities.  And one of the ways is don’t worry so much about whether you’re right or wrong- just go with what you think you’re feeling. I love that. That’s such a great game.

Well, there’s another thing. We talked about a quiet space on our list of things here. Not only should you give them free time, but a little place where. It’s quiet.

Creative Spaces

Patti Stice: Yes, they can be creative. They may love music, art. or perhaps origami–because we’re using a higher IQ Brother Thomas. This is three-dimensional thinking.

Brother Thomas: Now we’re not talking about a timeout space, and we’re not talking about a place where you go just because you need to sit down and be quiet. We’re talking about a place where you can focus and think about something creative–or maybe listen to some music. Introduce them to the headphones and say, “Hey, I want you to hear this and tell me what you think about this song or that song.” Really engage them.

Teach Them to Meditate

Patti Stice: And this is where meditation can be another technique. Meditation is valuable for so many of us. I do know there are many studies about mindfulness and mindfulness meditation–or just simply sitting quietly. They can chant Om! Say one syllable, say one word, like love. Carry that word. Feel the energy of how sound vibrates within you. Go to that special spiritual place.

Recently I’ve read in California and one of the more difficult neighborhoods, they do a thing called quiet time. And this is where from doing these. Quiet times being also acknowledging when you’re in an angry situation, take those deep breaths, count to 10 become the master of what your energy and anger are doing. Calm it all down. And do you know the juvenile delinquency rate went down as a result of opening quiet?

Brother Thomas: I believe that. One of the hard things for adults to do sometimes is to know how to handle their anger. And one of the reasons it’s so hard for them is because when they were young, nobody taught them how to do it.

And anger is natural–a God-given emotion that we have that tells us that something’s not right for us, or that we were not happy about something, but learning how to listen to what it’s telling us, and then to calm ourselves down and say, okay, I’ve got the message of this anger is an important thing.

We can learn to do that instead of getting caught up in our child’s anger and allowing them to kind of spin us up as well or hearing their story and getting caught up in it. This is a wonderful way of helping them to manage these powerful emotions that we all have and come to us quite early.

Patti Stice: Brother Thomas, they may be diagnosed with hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder. But again, we are a three-dimensional low-frequency planet, and they are high frequency. They are the bridge to help us merge into the fourth. And we are ascending, advancing into a higher dimension of peace and love and understanding. So, these kids are high frequency when they’re coming here. Their DNA has so much connection to spirituality.

And one of the great techniques, which is here on our list is grounding. Teach them to walk like the native Americans–barefoot on mother earth. There is true joy in that. Tell your kid to go out and walk in the grass. It calms them down as they connect with Mother Earth.

Plants, Gardening, and Grounding

Brother Thomas: I think it’s also good to introduce them to plants and putting things in the soil. You know, it doesn’t have to be a monotonous drudgery work when you work in your garden. I remember pulling a lot of weeds as a kid, I didn’t enjoy that, but I did enjoy learning how to plant things and watch them grow. So, there are things you can do for children that give them a sense of the importance and sacredness of the earth–that allow them to ground by placing their hands on the earth and plants. This grounding is very vital, and it has a high leverage value for us. By the way, you can always spot a grounded person!

Patti Stice: There’s so much polarity of negativity and positivity in this world. It’s important to turn off the TV, turn off the radio. Don’t pick up that newspaper. Go into the positive. You can release this into mother earth. Fill yourself up with love and light. Hug somebody–all of them.

Brother Thomas: I’ve never met a kid who didn’t enjoy watering plants. Kids love to water. We need to teach them how to do it.

Teach Them about Guardian Angels

Brother Thomas: Here’s another one that you have on the list. I think this is wonderful. Teach them about their guardian angels.

Patti Stice: Oh, yes. And this is a joy. In our class last night, I had a development message circle. We’re all adults, but one student brought her son Xavier. I told him, “You need to be just like the other members in the circle.” And you know, Brother Thomas, he gave two beautiful messages from the cards he was looking at. We all applauded him. I think he’s 11, and he did just beautifully. He stepped right up.

Brother Thomas: You know? I think we teach it out of them. I have met people who say, what do you see in this card? They go, I don’t know. And it’s like, Oh my goodness. And therefore some people don’t understand art. They don’t understand that it’s designed to evoke things from you and allow yourself to look and put yourself in it and then feel what comes up as you do this. That is also among the first very first steps in developing this wonderful life of getting wisdom from your guides. Yes, we can teach them how to do that with the very simple steps of acknowledging that they do have angels and guides.

Patti Stice: I asked him last night, “Do you talk to your angel?” He hesitated. But then I said, “Oh, come on; you can tell me the truth.” “Yes, he does.” And I said, “Well, what does she look like?” “Oh, she’s all white.” And I said, “Well, how big are her wings?” “They’re not very big yet.” You know, it just made everyone smile. It was wonderful.

Brother Thomas: It’s wonderful.  Many of them do still see from across the veil. I would remember my kids telling me some things like Hey Dad, “Remember when we were this or that?” And I loved hearing those things because they were having remembrances.  Now, today that veil is tight. You know, they’re working like the rest of us to understand the wisdom from the other side.

Invisible Friends

Patti Stice: Many of these children have invisible friends. You know the story. “Oh no, Charlie did it. I didn’t do that.” But go a little bit further with your child and have them tell you about Charlie. Let’s see if there really is an invisible friend–because they can see so much more.  And Oh, they have energy in their hands, Brother Thomas!

Brother Thomas: They do. And some of them will see some of your relatives that have passed on, grandpa and others that, that they are able to see. So, don’t be surprised and don’t be too quick to criticize if they seem to have some sort of extra-dimensional experience that you can’t see yourself, because many times they do.

Patti Stice: And they can describe them, and then you can have a photo album you’ll bring out and say, well, you can tell them, do you know who any of these are? And they’ll know.

Teach Live and Let Live

Brother Thomas: Here’s another one you have on your list. It’s beautiful. Live and let live.

Patti Stice: Oh, yes, let’s do that.

Brother Thomas: Tell me what’s going on with that one.

Patti Stice: Allow them to be different. Yes. I believe you have a story we talked about earlier? Do you want to go? I asked.

Brother Thomas: I do, and that would be perfect now.

So, I know of a young man who was very different when he was young and, as he goes into third grade and the teacher says, “I’m not sure, this kid is different and seems not like the other kids.” And his teacher insisted on having the young man tested. Well, it turns out he wasn’t like any of the other kids. He was a gifted kid, very gifted, very gifted, and went on to go on to Berkeley. And, also had, very high GPA–graduating seventh in his high school class.

Say all of that to say, that some of these kids coming through now, may appear to be a bit spacey. They don’t come across as scary, sharp, smart. But that doesn’t mean they’re not; it just means that they have a different demeanor. They have a different way of approaching life. They see things differently, and certainly, it was embarrassing for this teacher to think, “Oh, you know, I thought this person might be handicapped.”  The handicap was they were so brilliant!

Patti Stice: But remember this story about Einstein didn’t talk till he was four because his brain was probably doing a whole lot of higher IQ things.

Brother Thomas: What I learned from that lesson was this. Sometimes, a lot is going on in our children. They may not pay strong attention like you think they should–but they could be thinking or daydreaming. That daydreaming could be soul travel. You never know. But we do know that things are not always as they appear to be.

Patti Stice: Yes, like having conversations with their invisible friend or maybe grandpa or their guardian angels?

Brother Thomas: I think it’s a lot for these children to manage these gifts we have spoken about and the world they’re living in.

Patti Stice: I highly recommend you don’t force them to talk–accept them as a unique, beautiful individual.

Brother Thomas: Exactly. And what’s another quality that we should be mindful of?

Teach Spiritual Protection

Patti Stice: So, this is a technique you need to know about, which is called protection. That you need to have an energy shield of love and light surrounding each of these children. And it’s very easy to do.

As an adult, every morning I’ll get up out of bed, put my feet on mother earth, and spread my arms like spreading the wings of an angel in the snow. I move them from my sides up to Father Sky. In my thoughts and mind, I place this beautiful white protective bubble around me that only good can enter in and only good can enter out.

Brother Thomas: And we can teach that to our children as well as very important that they understand the need for protection too. Here’s the great thing about empathic children and so on. They are very sensitive, and they’re very sensitive to your emotions.

They’re sensitive to their emotions. Sometimes that can be kind of wearing on us, but the upside of that is, they hear from their angels, spirits, and guides more effectively than most people as well. The empath can hear from the other side and be impacted by the wisdom and the beauty in the teachings from that side.

Brother Thomas: Patty, we’re down to our last one because we’re just about out of time, but which of the things on your list would you want to talk about now?

Teach them Harmony

Patti Stice: I want them to realize harmony. Let’s do focus on the positive. Remember, you are what you think. That’s the law of thought. If you have that piece of paper and the child is drawing devils and using black and ugly colors, they are thinking this. Is this what we want to have in their little minds? No. We want to turn and go to harmony. We want to have balance.

Know that many of the children can be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, ADD, ADHD, oppositional defiance disorder. There is a whole long list. Know that there is a 600% increase in ASD in our society currently? Is this something that has always been in our society? It hasn’t been written. It hasn’t been observed to this extent. This is because our children may be, with emphasis on, maybe, misdiagnosed in that they are living in a low-frequency world and they’re very high frequency. There are other ways to communicate in harmony with these beautiful, beautiful children.

Brother Thomas: Harmony is the thing that I would close with as well. When you find yourself in competition with your child, either through power or threats–things like that–it isn’t going to work so well with those kids. But harmony, yes! And there are ways of working in harmony that gets them into the cooperative mode, which is what we’re trying to teach them. That’s why they’re here as well. 

What a great time it was today!

Patti Stice: Thank you, Brother Thomas.

Brother Thomas: And thanks to Sacred Circle Academy for sharing these lessons you have created on the star kids, and how to raise these kids. We appreciate that.

Patti Stice: Come to our next star kids’ workshop.

Brother Thomas: We’re going to be having one soon, and we’ll tell you all about it. It’s here in Oklahoma City, and your kids are going to love it.

Close: Well, that’s it for this episode of Mystical Lodge Radio. I’m Brother Thomas from SpiritusLumine.com. I invite you to drop by and read our free book and learn more about the secret path of hidden knowledge and spiritual power.

And I’m Patty Stice from Sacred Circle Academy.com. I invite all of you to visit our Facebook page and website. And I especially invite all our friends in the Oklahoma City area to attend our foundation and masterclasses. Get information for times and locations from the popular Meetup App.

Join us for our next episode of Mystical Lodge Radio and remember,

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