The Purpose of Paths

The spiritual path is built upon segments that unfold as they should

Greetings from the Seventh Ray! This is Brother Thomas, friend of all who allow the Spiritus Lumine to change their hearts for good–thus advancing the evolution of their souls. We must always remember that the work of any worthy path, whether Spiritus Lumine or another, is to change one’s heart in such a way that the soul transcends the holographic matrix of Boot Camp Earth. Your ascension allows you to progress to the next phase of your amazing soul journey. This was the journey conceived by Divine Source at the very moment IT placed a portion of ITs ineffable self into the capsule of the Lux Animae and you became a living soul.

Is it Time to Change Your Path?

It is not always easy to know when we should move from one path to another. We usually have a lot of history and memories associated with them. Generally speaking, most people have an inborn sense of when a path no longer serves them. There is a general feeling of dissatisfaction along with a sense that there is little more to gain from staying on the present course. Most feel that opportunities for spiritual growth have come to an end. Here are a few other signs that signal it may be time to leave your present path.

Watch for These Things

  • You notice there is an insistence upon a single way of understanding and your opinions no longer matter.
  • You notice the group becomes closed-minded when new ideas and ways of thinking are brought before them.
  • You observe groupthink. That is when a group fails to consider other options in favor of preserving the status quo of a group. It leads to a uniformity of thinking that is not healthy.
  • You notice a willingness among in-group members (those in the group who are more preferred than others) to shut-out those who disagree with them.
  • Policies, procedures, and traditional ways of doing things become more important than people. People are expected to conform to rules more than using the rules to help people.
  • You notice a willingness of your present group to demonize, persecute, or abuse (mentally, verbally, emotionally, or spiritually) any who disagree with cherished ideas.
  • You don’t feel happy when you are around your group. You find yourself feeling critical of them as well as judged by them.

Honesty and Courage are Needed

It takes honesty to admit when things are no longer working as they should. Sometimes we feel disloyal for our desires to leave and try something else. We may have friends and loved ones that we fear we will disappoint. We may wonder if things might change for the better. However, if we don’t take action, we risk stalemating any future potential spiritual growth that may be immediately available to us. At times like these, it is important to remember that the work a path accomplishes within you is more important than the actual path itself. We must make the work of growing spiritually more important than remaining on any particular path.

Spirit has a way of moving you along

Spirit has a way of moving us away from where we are to where we need to be. When things are not working out, you may well be receiving an important message from Divine Source to move on. If you see signs such as these, consider yourself fortunate. This means the Universe is clearly showing you that it is time to take action and assume responsibility for your next phase of spiritual growth.

One more thing to remember. Very few paths are “forever paths” in and of themselves. As we mentioned earlier, they are merely templates provided us by the holographic simulation to help provide order and a trajectory of improvement. Once they take us as far as they can, we should call upon the masters to help us co-create a new template of our own to take us to the next level of spiritual growth.

What is a Path?

Spiritual paths are ways of making sense of very complex ideas and notions about the nature of God, your place in the world and universe, as well as your future in it all. Spiritual paths help us answer the ancient questions of humanity.

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • Where am I going?
  • Is there a being or some purpose greater than myself behind all of this?

For some people, questions like these become a consuming passion. Humankind creates whole systems of thought to answer them. If you take the time to read the writings here at this website, you will find our answers to these and many other questions of significance.

Types of Paths

There is a cosmic sense of humor in play given the fact that Divine Source already knows the answers to all questions–but that isn’t the point. In the alternate experience of duality, Divine Source has seen to it that these answers remain hidden from the newly created souls so that they might become mechanisms to propel the soul’s growth. Here are the most common systems of thought. Each could rightly be considered as a “Path” and helpful for approaching ultimate questions.

  • Ignoring-Ignoring really isn’t a system of thought as much as a behavioral way of approaching these important questions. Most avoid thinking about these issues.
  • Religion— Nearly all religions can be considered as a path system. Almost all of them provide answers to these questions, though there is wide disagreement between them. This is because some religions favor a literal view of text as opposed to metaphorical and mythological.
  • Philosophy–As a field of study, philosophy seeks to provide answers to the big questions of life. There are as many answers to these questions as there are philosophers!
  • Mythology and Literature–Like philosophy, almost all of the cultural arts explore the significance of humankind through stories and narratives. The stories that resonate most with humans gain long-lasting significance.
  • Science and other Rational Approaches–Humankind has always sought to quantify our experiences using our physical senses, or devices we modify to communicate with our senses. More and more, the quantum sciences provide answers that are amazingly similar to philosophy, mythology, and religion. The difference is that there is observable data.
  • Experiential and Personal–This last form relies upon conclusions we derive about ultimate questions as we think about and experience life. Though everyone’s experiences are unique, oftentimes there are enough similarities between people to draw conclusions.
  • Metaphysics–As a field of study, metaphysics could be considered as the precursor to science. It tries to answer these questions by peering behind the above approaches to find hidden or occult meanings and wisdom. Some metaphysical systems such as Spiritus Lumine are the result of extra-dimensional communication while others are mind experiments (forms of mental scientific extrapolation using a given set of facts). As a path, metaphysics is a unique way of understanding the Divine–what it is, and how it works.

Paths are like ferry boats that deliver us to a new location. Once we arrive, let’s leave the boat at the shore instead of putting it on our back for the rest of our life!

Brother Thomas

All of these systems of thought are valuable in their own right and provide valuable insights. At the same time, all have specific limitations hindering the effectiveness of their conclusions. It is important to remember that the Boot Camp Earth Simulation uses these approaches, and combinations of them, as templates for humanity’s use while they live in the matrix. Depending upon the system of thought, each template offers a “standard approach” for teaching the basic moral and metaphysical principles of life. With help from the masters, it is possible to see beyond the false dilemmas presented by the routines of the matrix.

Why Change Your Path?

This is an interesting question because, in the worlds of matter and duality, it is quite impossible for anyone to not be on a path. All of us are placed on one whether we want it or not. The true question is: Why change your path for another? The simple answer to this question is that you should not change unless you feel you are led to do so. Spirit has a way of showing us when we are to move in new directions. Here are some reasons we think you’ll agree makes sense.

You Seek Deeper Meaning and Understanding

When the path you travel stops making sense, it’s time to change. For instance, some paths teach their followers to condemn those who don’t follow their religious teachings, belong to their political parties, or have the same understanding about the roles of gender and sexuality as they do. Some paths teach that those who differ from us in those ways deserve to be shunned in this life and hell in the next. We hold that any path that condones neglect or physical, emotional, or verbal abuse is invalid. Paths that elevate the human condition and promote compassion and point people to their higher selves are more valid.

It’s Time to Learn New Things

There comes a time when a path has taught you all it can. We don’t stay in first grade forever. Sometimes we need to move on to a path that stretches us beyond where we are now. Learning new things about life, people, and metaphysics brings meaning. We believe that some paths are meant to be fundamental and preparatory. For instance, it is good to learn a children’s rhyme as a prayer, better to learn how to word your own prayer, and better still to utilize the Spiritus Lumine as an active force for healing in your prayers.

You Need a Broader Perspective

Some paths offer a perspective that creates “in-groups” and “out-groups.” Those who believe as they are told are in the in-group. As long as one follows the expectations of the in-group, all is well. Members are told what to believe by other members who were told what to believe in an unbroken chain over the years. Questions, beyond a certain point, are not encouraged. The path of Spiritus Lumine believes that to escape the matrix one must ask the bold questions. There is no one right path–all have something to offer. Paths that honor differing viewpoints also honor the diversity of Souls created by Divine Source. The best paths are those which honor differences while encouraging you to form your unique perspective.


Holy scripture says that, “It is not good for people to be alone.” All of us need others to love and to love us. This creates wholeness. A community does not have to be a formal church. It can be a group of family and friends who hold similar beliefs. Communities can be tricky. Some are tribal and exclude others who are not like them. The better communities, while holding similar beliefs, are open to all who wish to join them. Open communities provide an opportunity to grow in knowledge and wisdom as well as gain valuable spiritual experiences.


We don’t know how to say it any better than this, A good path should make sense.  It should challenge but not be overly difficult to understand. It should not require you to believe twelve impossible things before breakfast. But if it does, it should be because the teachings are multi-layered in meaning.

Paths should not require you to believe something without a good reason. The answer, “the text says so,” is not enough. For instance, some paths promote that men are superior to women–and insist that women honor this assumption even though no substantial answers can be given as to why. Paths need to make sense!

It Helps Answer life’s Questions

A good path should help make sense of the world about you and provide a lens for understanding what is happening. One of the reasons so many people leave Christianity as taught today is that, for many, it does not answer the problem of pain, suffering, and injustice. So many people are asking, Why does a just and all-powerful God allow suffering and injustice? While many answers are offered, none are very satisfying. But there are paths which offer a different perspective–that makes better sense to some people.

Now that you know some good reasons for changing your path, let us offer some practical considerations for choosing one.

Considerations for Choosing a New Path

As we begin discussing considerations for choosing a new path, we want to remind you that no path can answer all of life’s questions. After all, we are finite beings trying to perceive infinity. Each of us have blinders and limitations. Paths, by their very definition, represent the best thinking and understandings of human beings as they contemplate the Divine. Even channeled paths like Spiritus Lumine represent the writer’s understanding of information he receives. We encourage suspicion of people and paths who try and convince us that they have all of the answers

“If you understood him, it would not be God.”

St. Augustine of Hippo

Don’t Throw Out All You Have Learned Before.

Even though you may not realize it, your guides are very intentional in your spiritual growth and development. Just as the successful completion of sixth grade allows one to become a seventh grader, so it is with spiritual work. New paths offer new opportunities and experiences precisely because they build upon previous work.

Your guides will lead you systematically. Your new work will build upon your previous work.

Brother Thomas

Some people believe that when they study metaphysics that they should set aside the things they learned from religion. This is a mistake. Correctly applied, religion has much to teach us. It has the potential of providing a wonderful foundation for our new dimension of spiritual growth.

Stay Humble and Open

To find your path is a good thing. With the sense of satisfaction comes pitfalls. Always remember that there are many different ways to experience the Divine. Never assume that your way is the only way just because it works for you.

Stay humble and remember to keep in the back of your mind that the path you follow today will probably change as you mature at some future point. After all, paths are only roadways that allow us to travel from one place to another. At some point, all paths come to an end. Once it does, you will step on another path that is best for your continued spiritual development.

A Good Path Honors Spiritual Sovereignty

All paths require sacrifices. If you want to become good at anything it will require a certain amount of time, energy and talent. Many of the famous paths require that you surrender your ideas and beliefs and submit to the authority of others. They teach that people are not capable of deciding what is right for themselves. Therefore, people must set aside what seems right to them in order to follow the instructions of a greater power. We believe this is very misguided and opens followers to supreme abuse.

Let’s be honest here, all paths require a certain amount of time, energy, and talent. The question worthy of consideration is this, “Who makes the decisions–you or someone else?”

Brother Thomas

The right path allows you, as a Spiritual Sovereign, to decide if and when you will submit to any authority. You alone decide which sacrifices, if any, you are willing to make based upon your understandings of what is best for you at the time. A Spiritual Sovereign does not blindly follow any path. If something doesn’t make sense, the Sovereign will set it aside.

This quality of being a Spiritual Sovereign is a significant key to transcending the Boot Camp Earth Simulation. As we learn to question and make our own decisions in our own way, we soon discover that we are at odds with the Lords of Matrix. Actually, these Ancient Ones have been expectantly awaiting this moment of resistance. They know that our persistence leads to our deprogramming. Deprogramming leads to transcendence. Transcendence allows us to escape the matrix.

The Path Allows You to Start Specializing

Paths may be described in terms of breadth and depth. When we are seeking or nominally involved in some path, we experience breadth. Once we find what we are looking for, we will find the added depth we have been missing. In a very real sense the discovery of the path awakens that part of us that says, “This is what I’ve been waiting for.”

The Pearl of Great Price is a spiritual story about finding the right path.

There is a story that Jesus told about a man who found a pearl of great price. According to the story, when the merchant discovers the amazing pearl, he sells all that he has to possess it. In this story is a deeper meaning about finding the right path. Perhaps like many, you have been seeking a worthy way. It is similar to meeting the life-partner that is right for you. Once you find your love, you leave the others and dedicate yourself to that one. We want you to know that when you discover the right one, you will willingly leave the others to devote yourself to it.

The Path Should Open New Worlds

The right path stirs you to go deeper. You find you want to know more. There is a desire to learn even the arcane things. Like a seducing lover, it enamors your heart and mind. Finding the right path brings you wisdom that is rich and deep. It is like the doctor who specializes their medical knowledge. The Spiritus Lumine is like that.

Once we accept that we are spiritual beings in a physical form, and not the other way around, we open the door to learn more about the wonderful spiritual realms. Learning about the Divine Light of God leads one to seek specialized ways of communing with the Cosmic Source. We learn how to travel the spiritual realms and receive extra-dimensional help.

The shortest path for your development is the one that makes the most sense to you–the one you are willing to follow!Like directions in a car. The shortest way to get somewhere is the way you know. Yes, there may be a shorter route–but if you are unfamiliar with how to use it or get there, you will probably spend more time figuring it out than taking the way you know. The same is true spiritually. An advanced person may understand that your path is going to take you a bit longer. Even so, it may well be the best path for you.

Sometimes we take a longer drive on a vacation because we love the scenery–or we want to explore or see something. The same is true about spiritual work. Sometimes, our Soul wishes to experience something it hasn’t explored before, or for a long time.

Qualities of a meaningful path

Adventure and Exploration

A Path has a certain element of exploration and adventure to it, especially in the beginning. It is constantly on your mind and has the qualities of newness and challenge. It isn’t boring. You find that there are any number of new concepts and ideas to explore. In the path of Spiritus Lumine, we also explore any number of mystical practices which allow us to heal others, spiritually travel, and communicate with our guides.

Meaning and Understanding

You will find that you enjoy studying and learning new things about your path. For those who follow the path of Spiritus Lumine, the goal is to learn how to contact the ascended masters, communicate with them, and be taught by them. This extra-dimensional quality is not found in most ways of life.

An Intense Desire to Follow

You know that you are on the right path when you are willing to follow it even if others disagree with you. It’s not that you are trying to be disagreeable, it’s just that the things you are learning have great meaning to you. Being a Spiritual Sovereign is not easy. Sometimes it requires you to speak up for yourself when others would rather you didn’t.

Purpose and Meaning

The right path provides a feeling of purpose and direction. This is not accidental. It is because your angels, spirits, and guides are always near and encouraging you to follow their leading. Instead of trusting others and your own understandings, as you did in the past, you now pay attention and listen to your feelings. Properly cultivated, your feelings and intuition provide you with direct contact with extra-dimensional help. Once you experience this enough times, you begin to trust the guidance you receive and have confidence in the direction you are headed.


Community is also an important feature of any path. It is important that we have others we may contact for friendship and advice. While it is true that no one may walk our path but us, it is also true that we will do a better job when we work in cooperation with others. We are fortunate in this day and age to have many ways of communicating with others who share our interest. In the past were were limited to whatever was available in our local communities. With today’s technology, we may build a community with people around the world.

Lifestyle More Than Beliefs

Finally, the right path becomes a lifestyle more than a set of beliefs. You will find that you willing set aside times of the day for contacting your guides. There will be rituals that are uniquely yours–that you follow each morning and evening. When you hear of someone who needs help, you will find ways to send them help and energy–even if you are not physically with them. You will not have to be taught these things. They will occur naturally and become a part of who you are and how you move throughout your day.


The right spiritual path is a great blessing. Paths do not insulate us from the trials and sufferings of life; but it does help us understand why we endure and experience what we do. Finding the path that is right for us brings new understandings, purpose, meaning, and greater confidence to our existence.

The mystical path of Spiritus Lumine exists to help liberate those who are ready to be deprogrammed from the matrix of the Boot Camp Earth Simulation. It does so by presenting wisdom teachings and showing the seeker how to contact their angels, spirits, and guides for help and guidance. It replaces one’s former wisdom with that of the ascended masters so that we might transcend this holographic experience once and for all.

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