Your Progressive Relationship with Spiritus Lumine

Spiritus Lumine

My dear friends who love the mystical arts, this is Brother Thomas. I am your guide from the Seventh Ray, and I work with all who love the light and wish to know its mysteries and wisdom. The Spiritus Lumine, the Divine Light of God, is more than mere words. It is the connecting force in which all things are unified and given life.  A question that arises from some is this, “What should humankind’s relationship to this light of which we speak?” Is it a religion, a philosophy, or another set of coherent beliefs? Are there expectations mystics should understand? Let us speak with you about these things.

The Divine Needs Nothing from You

Let us be very clear here. The Divine neither needs or requires anything from humankind! It has no expectations of you. How could it? At the Supreme Unitary Level of Consciousness, nothing exists–save for the Divine. Since there is only oneness, the perception of separateness is nothing but an illusion. Therefore, Supreme Consciousness has no expectations from any of the “so-called” creations because it has no expectations of ITself!  Even so, in our present state, we aspects of Divine Source perceive a separateness of existence and have limited abilities to grasp the whole. Because of this, we approach the wholeness of Source with an attitude of respect.

Progressive Relationship: Respect

The teachings of Spiritus Lumine are given to all so they may perceive and participate in the wholeness of Source Consciousness. The truths found within are provided by Source so that mystics may commune with Divine Source and identify other aspects (individual Sparks of the Divine like ourselves). As such, it is wise that we first approach the teachings of Spiritus Lumine with an attitude of respect.  Truthfully, we are not able to do much more than that in the beginning because our understandings are small and we have yet to experience the Lumine’s benefits. Later, as we gain knowledge and apply the mystical practices to our lives, our respect becomes more profound. Soon we find our respect turning into love!

Progressive Relationship: Love

To experience the Spiritus Lumine is to experience profound love! As the mystics discover their connection with the unified whole, lives begin to change. Forgiveness comes more naturally as the Spiritus Lumine softens the heart. We learn that “to love others is to love yourself!” (The opposite is also true of course!) Relational drama begins to fade. We learn that angels, spirits, guides, and ascended masters watch over us. Next, we learn of their willingness to communicate with us constantly. We feel their care and attention.

Our vibrations rise, and our hearts open as our third-eye becomes more awake and aware. As all of this happens, amazement increases as we learn of our guide’s wishes for us to become Spiritual Sovereigns who seek them only because we love them and want their advice. This relational love grows more profound between the mystic and the Spiritus Lumine. We discover that we are in a relationship of mutual worship between the mystic and their guides.

Progressive Relationship: Worship

The dictionary defines worship as the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. The worship we speak of should not be confused with the religions many of us have experienced. We are not talking about dogmas and traditions. Instead, we speak of a profound adoration between the mystic and the Spiritus Lumine. As the relationship deepens and becomes more profound, the mystic discovers that the Divine Light of God is always on their mind and they begin to adopt countless daily mystical practices.

These mystical practices include meditation, blessing, healing, chanting, mantras, affirmations, attention to synchronicities and the like. But most of all, the mystic adopts a deep habit of listening and paying attention to what is happening in the present moment. Listening is how the mystic communes with their guides. Synchronicities are current moment events where our guides interact in our world and daily affairs.

Progressive Relationship: Religion

If religion is a set of traditions and practices that leads one to the Divine, then there are as many religions as there are mystics. Most mystics consider their beliefs and practices as their religion–even though they may attend a more culturally established church, temple, synagogue, or mosque. So it is with the Spiritus Lumine. It is not a religion. Though for all who love and study the Divine Light, it appears to function as one. Even though no two mystics are alike, they quickly find people like them with similar beliefs. Perhaps one day the organized beliefs of Spiritus Lumine might draw its own like-minded individuals together. If and when that time should arrive, it will loudly proclaim the Spiritual Sovereignty of all and point all to the Divine Light and Consciousness of God!

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