Practicing the Presence

Dear friends, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. I come with a brief but important message for you today. So many of you desire to live a life that remains in constant contact with the light within. This life is the goal of all genuine lightworkers. As we have said in our other posts, the Light within is the very Spark of the Divine that is uniquely set aside for your use alone. This portion of Light is your most powerful ally and friend. IT alone knows the direction and dreams that the Creator has in mind for you. IT knows the reasons for your existence which led to the creation of your Soul. The fact that the Divine should wish to partner exclusively with each of us should be a source of wonder and amazement.

The Flame Abides Within

We remind you that the Spark of the Divine–the eternal flame–always abides within. IT will never leave you nor can it be extinguished. It is impossible for you to be separated from God’s Divine Love that is uniquely yours. However, it is possible to cover up this God-flame. In fact, that is the typical state of the present human condition. The Divine power is in all–yet covered over to the point of being unrecognizable by most people. But do not despair! Great and wondrous changes are ahead. Even now they are taking place.

Candidates for Awakening

Through many lifetimes and experiences, the Soul regains the memory of how to remove the various cloaks that hide its light. Little by little, the developing Soul removes all of the things which hinder the light from fully shining until, one day, enough light shines forth to signal the Lords of Karma that another soul may receive the mark as a candidate for awakening.

If the Soul is willing to submit to the will of the guidance of the Divine Flame within, it will become fully awakened. At that point, spiritual and earthly helpers arrive to assist the Soul’s transition from sleep to full alertness–and from there, a practicing lightworker.

Challenges and Temptations will Come

Just because one has become awakened and alert does not mean the end of challenges and difficulties. Even as Jesus was led away into the desert to be tempted, so too, will the newly awakened initiate be tempted as well. This is to ensure that the initiate truly desires the blessings of the light instead of the power that could be theirs in the third dimension.

Contacting the Flame Within

In other posts, we have described a means for contacting this Light within. It is simple enough.

In meditation, go to the upper room located within the mansion prepared for you. In its courtyard you will find the flame of God Light within. You may merge with this flame by desiring to follow and be one with it. Though the meditation be simple in practice, it is powerful beyond measure.

Brother Thomas

It is important to keep the image of the merged flames ever before your consciousness. This is what is known as Practicing the Presence. The Practice of the Presence allows you to remain in a God surrendered state and to see the God-Flame within all people, places, and things–even the animals.

Practice the Presence

One practices the presence gently. One does not force it. It is only a matter of returning the memory of this Divine merging to your awareness. One should never feel guilty or sad if the thoughts go away. Just bring them to your mind once again as you remember them. Soon, it will be your constant presence.

As your Soul desires and holds the intention of keeping this Flame of the Divine ever before it, the Divine Light of your Soul (Lux Animae) becomes even brighter. This light signals your angels, spirits, and guides of your desire to ascend further along the God-Continuum–and it shall be done.

The Importance of Good Works

Remember, you must not only desire to remain merged with this Light, but you must also demonstrate by your daily good works and deeds that this is so. This is no mental game we play. One cannot receive the power and increased blessings of Spirit without attendant daily actions. Never worry. From the wellspring of your hear comes your actions. A heart united with God produces the actions we speak of.

The True Friend

Last, we remind you of the importance of developing True Friends. By this, we do not necessarily mean the people in your life. True friends, are people, habits, good deeds, disciplines, and devotions that you turn to with regularity that keep you devoted to the Flame within. The true friend helps you remained merged with the Divine Flame. False friends, cause you to turn away, ignore, and cover the light.

A Closing Blessing

Let us close with this blessing. May each day that you live be filled with True Friends, good deeds, devotions, and lasting memories of the truth of who you are–Soul Light merged with Divine Light. May this be so forever more.

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