Practice Standing in the Power

Do the Mystical Practice of Standing in the Light Each Day

Friends of the light, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. The power of Divine Source is everywhere about us. This is the same power that created the earth, moon, stars, galaxies and the universe. This is the same power that raises your vibration and brings healing–not only to your soul but those of others. Today we want to teach about an ancient mystical practice which we call, Standing in the Power.

Standing in the Power

We either channel light or darkness. The choice is up to us. Sadly, many people stand in darkness, not because the light is unavailable, but because the curtains within their minds are shut so that no light penetrates. One need never pray, “Lord, send me the light!” Pray this prayer instead. I now open to the light that is everywhere about me and cast away all thoughts that block its power! Yes, a powerful life of healing and spiritual gifting is available to all (not just the saints and mystics) the moment you open to the light and believe!

Standing in the Power is an ancient metaphysical practice and the foundation of mystical living. All that is required for you to access this power is to believe in the existence of the Spiritus Lumine–the Divine Light of God. Not only that, you must acknowledge your willingness for your mind and body to be ITs channel. In your perfected state you understand this perfectly. In your earthly vessel, many are just now coming to perceive the power of this blessing. It is among the first steps you may take to claim your rightful life as a mystic.

Standing in the Power: Surrender

If it sounds simple, that’s because it is! The Spiritus Lumine does not discriminate–all are welcome to be ITs channel. If you sincerely desire to use your earthly vessel as a channel for the Divine Light, the God-Continuum will soon teach you how. A teacher or lesson, such as this one, appears. Notice that there is a condition to what we have said: If you so desire! Desire or intention is what makes all of this happen. The earthly you (the little you based on ego) is not the source of the great power. We can only give permission to be a channel. Spiritus Lumine, or the universal power, flows like water throughout the world–seeking open channels in which to flow. Your will and desire opens the spigot allowing the flow. It is as simple as a heartfelt prayer to your God.

I declare myself and the vessel of my body as an open and clear channel for thy divine light. Show me what I must do to allow thy power to flow through me.

Okay, you stated your intention to be an open channel of the Spiritus Lumine. Now what? Realize that the power does not always behave as it does in Hollywood movies. You will probably not see a magical event with lightning, flashes of light, smoke, and thunder. It is more subtle than that. The intelligent power of the Spiritus Lumine will now flow through the channel of your vessel as IT is able and you allow. IT “heals as IT decides best.” We humans have little to no say about what the power shall do.

To the one who has, much more is given. To the one who has not, that which they have is taken away.


Until you think more deeply about it. The quote by Jesus seems unfair. Why give more power to someone who already has it and less to others? The same is true about all things in life. If you are a decent singer, you get even better the more you practice and perform. If you want more spiritual power, you must study and practice and learn how to Stand in the Power each day. That is how it works. If you are willing to practice the technique below each day, you will become a channel for divine flow. There is no begging that is needed. All who wish to participate are granted their wish. The only catch is this, you must practice. In the beginning, your ability to channel energy is small. It will take some time to clear away the debris which has accumulated over the years. But good news! Your channel grows stronger and wider each time you practice.

A Technique for Standing in the Power

Here is a simple mystical practice for learning how to Stand in the Power.

  1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for a period of time.
  2. Either sitting or standing, take four long and deep breaths to settle your body.
  3. Ground yourself to Mother Earth by imagining long roots extending from the bottom of each foot going deep into Mother Earth. Take a moment and offer a prayer of thanks to your Earth Mother.
  4. If possible at this time, stand, and place your right hand over your heart. Take your left hand and either hold it high above your head with your fingers together and your palm open. Or, if you choose, you may place the palm of your left hand against a wall as you slightly lean against it.
  5. Take another four very deep breaths. Take your time on the inhale, hold, and exhale. As you inhale, imagine a protective tube of white light totally surrounding you. Ask your angels, spirits, and guides to protect you as you continue your exercise and declare, Only good can enter in and only good shall enter out.
  6. Take a few more deep breaths and imagine a powerful energy coming up from Mother Earth that travels from the bottom of your feet, through your body, and exiting out through the crown of your head as it travels even further to the deepest of space.
  7. Take a moment to sincerely declare to your angels, spirits, guides, and Divine Source, that you desire to be an open channel of divine energy and power. Here is a small script that you might use–but feel free to say these words in your own way.
  8. I now open myself as a channel for the Divine light and energy of God. May the glorious Spiritus Lumine flow through me to accomplish ITs will. Please charge my aura and physical vessel with they divine healing light. May every cell in my physical and heavenly bodies be energized by thy light and power.
  9. If you want, you may continue to Stand in the Light–asking only for it to heal, bless, and increase your spiritual vibration. This in itself is a noble meditation that will bring your great benefit. All you must do is continue to breathe deeply as you allow the energy to pass through you and affirm its curative powers for you. However, you may find that another person will be introduced to mind that is in need of healing.
  10. If a person is brought to mind, we imagine a vigorous light emerging from our heart to the other person. We create a tunnel of golden-white light from our heart to theirs and proclaim with boldness, either out loud or in our mind, I ask that the Sacred Light, healing energies, and spiritual power of the Spiritus Lumine be directed to (use the person’s name) as instructed by my guides of the God-Continuum. May this healing light increase vibration, lesson any pain, and bless the one receiving it.
  11. Remember, we humans never specify the healing that is to take place. We should also remember that we are not praying for cures–only healing. It is up to the intelligence of the Spiritus Lumine to determine the amount and degree of healing that is to be given.
  12. Continue to imagine this strong light energy as being directed to your target person. As you do so, say words to this effect. I am a channel for the light and energy of Spiritus Lumine. I direct this healing energy in its behalf in order that (person) may be blessed. Please send as much energy as I and they are able to withstand.
  13. As you channel the light, you may receive an instruction from the Spiritus Lumine through a strong urging to place the hands of your heavenly body upon your subject (etheral hands, not physical). If you receive such instructions from Spirit, follow them. You may also be directed to send rays of colored light, pulses, and other things.
  14. Once the energy between you begins to lessen (remember, a little energy goes a long way), imagine a figure eight spiral of light descending between the two of you that increasingly grows and creates a barrier that stops the energetic connection.
  15. Once the connection is broken, affirm out loud, or in your mind, that the energetic session of Standing in the Light has ended. Thank your angels, spirits, guides, Divine Consciousness, and the Spiritus Lumine for allowing you to Stand in the Light and channel its blessings.
  16. Over time, you will be able to increase your ability to Stand in the Light–until such time as you spend the majority of your time “Standing.”

There are many variations of this exercise that Source may reveal to you. If this exercise is new to you, keep in mind that you should hold no expectations about what should happen or how you should feel. Some people have a feeling of profound connection and others report nothing at all. Some receivers report sensations of heat and vibration and other no visible reactions. The energy flows regardless.

Concluding Thoughts

In time, if you regularly practice this exercise, you will find that you are able to go into a deep connective trance state. As you stay longer in the power, you may come to experience the power leaving you. There is a story about our Brother Jesus who felt the power leaving him as a woman in a crowd touched the hem of his garment and received healing. Yes, the great masters develop a great sensitivity and ability to monitor the flow of energy which passes within them.

As we conclude, let us remind you that the purpose of standing in the power is to become a surrendered vessel for the power of Divine Spirit as it works on this earth plane. If we humbly surrender to this calling, many of our spiritual defects will naturally fall away–thus allowing us to channel even greater energetic flows.

Though this is not exactly the type of healing I practice, I think the video below is helpful for communicating the basic concepts I have been talking about. May peace and great joy attend all who dedicate their lives to serving as a channel for light and good.

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