Practical Mysticism – Doing Shows Who You Really Are

Practical Mysticism

[dropcap]My [/dropcap]dear mystics. This is Brother Thomas, your friend and guide from the Seventh Ray.  Isn’t it exciting to be awake once more? Are you beginning to feel the energy currents just outside of your perception? Do you notice the presence of your angels, spirits, and guides moe and more? Soon, if not already, you will see the power of the Spiritus Lumine everywhere you go. Just as it takes a little time for you to awaken each morning, it is the same way spiritually. You have been asleep for so long that it seemed you would never awaken. But here you are! Every day, your eyes, are becoming more wide open and your mind more alert! You finally realize that you are a part of something so much more than the daily life you once lived.

As you become more fully awake, remember that you are here upon this earth for a reason. Even though you are learning the hidden wisdom, make sure your mysticism is a Practical Mysticism!  See the washer and dryer in the picture?  What could be more practical than the care of your clothes? If what you think to say and do does not connect with those about you, you are missing the point of all of your mystical studies! Your mystical studies are not meant just for you only–they are intended to awaken you so that you may awaken others!  When we speak of connecting with others, we do not mean that the esoteric concepts and meanings you are learning should connect with everyone–they probably won’t. That is part of your awakening!

But, if you are doing your mysticism correctly, your life, who you are, and how you treat others should be getting better by the day!

We are like musical or artistic virtuosos! When we hear such a musician play, there is a deep longing and wish that “we could play music like that!” This is what resonance is all about–the creating of a desire in others to have what you have! The is true spirituality. As we go about our daily living, our goal should be to allow Source-Consciousness an opportunity to resonate with those about us. Let others resonate with your peace, sense of personal mission, desire to follow Divine Love, and gentle, loving spirit.  To that end, please these commit these very short thoughts to your mind as you follow your Practical Mysticism. Take some time to meditate upon all of these.

Practical Mysticism

  1. Mystics are not better than other people–we are just more awake. Practical Mysticism helps to awaken those about us who are counting on us. Whether you remember it or not, you made a deal with those in your spirit group before you incarnated that went something like this. “If I wake-up before you do, I will do my best to help you wake-up too!”  Keep your bargain.
  2. A Practical Mystic accepts that we live in a material body for a reason. If we keep our focus and attention in the spiritual worlds all the time, we are not fulfilling our incarnational goals or helping anyone. We are here to have a physical experience, not to deny the fact that we exist physically while pining and mooning away about spiritual matters to the detriment of being a full player in life.  It is good to be aware of the spiritual realms–but Practical Mysticism understands that we incarnated for a reason. Live your earthly life with gusto–and live it better with full spiritual awareness.
  3. Practical Mystics understand that sex is a good thing. In fact, we work hard to rid ourselves of pointless taboos and restrictions that have been placed upon all by those who seek control over our lives. Practical Mysticism understands that you are not a better mystic if you avoid sexual experiences or do not participate fully as a sexual human being. Sex is sacred–not dirty or evil. Work hard to be a good sexual partner if you have one. The only rules for sex are these:
    • All sexual actions must always be consensual and fully desired by all parties. People who are too young to consent cannot be sexual partners. Neither can people whose minds are in an incapacitated state.
    • Sexual activities must not break existing contracts between people. If you have agreed to be monogamous with another–that is a contract you must honor or renegotiate. If a monogamous contract binds the person you are interested in, it is not okay to participate in sexual activities with them until their contract changes.
    • Sex must be practiced responsibly–birth control, a healthy body and all of that.
    • The meanings of your sexual activity should be clearly understood by all. Never promise more than you mean. If you wish to have sex for the sake of physical pleasure alone–you should never lead a partner to believe there is more to your relationship. If you require love to be present for sex, this should be clearly stated and honored. Each partner should be in full agreement about what sexual participation mutually means.
    • Other than these, there are no other rules that should worry a mystic who desires to do what is best for all concerned.
  4. This planet is made for the health, wealth, and well-being of all people. It is not okay to support laws or encourage ways of living that advantage one group of people over another politically or economically, or due to one’s country of origin, race, color, creed, sexual orientation, or any distinguishing characteristic. Practical Mysticism understands that this world was created for living beings–not laws, regulations, and restrictions.
  5. Your mystical beliefs are for you and you alone. If someone does not want to hear what you want to say–stop sharing. And do not look down upon any person who is not interested in the same things as you. Practical Mysticism understands that Source gives others the same rights as you to be the sovereign of their life. We respect people–even if we do not fully respect the beliefs.
  6. From this day forward, whenever you are in a disagreement with someone, you are bound to this rule–the responsibility for making things better belongs to the person with the higher consciousness. That, most likely, is going to be you! Practical Mysticism understands that this can be a sucky law sometimes. As an awakened person, you are not allowed to behave like the people who are asleep around you. You are held to a higher standard. Apologize as you must. Always make amends for what you have done. Be the first to forgive. It may not be possible to live at peace with all people–but you must surely make efforts to try–even if others do not.
  7. Practical Mysticism requires that you stop doing things that promote drama between you and others.
    • Stop correcting others when they get minor details wrong-dates, places, times, events in a story etc.
    • Unless you are raising a small child, see a life is in danger, or believe you have a contractual responsibility, stop correcting others for what they think, say, or do. Let them make mistakes or be imperfect.
    • Stop talking about politics, religion, or any hot-button topic that stirs people up. Yes, you probably have many opinions, but your job as a mystic is to bring healing–not drama and argumentation.
    • Refuse to be drawn into arguments or fighting. Just smile and do what you intend to do.
    • Stop being the morality police. Do what you think is right and allow others the same rights.
    • If your children are grown, stop giving advice. Tell them they are grown and can make decisions for themselves.
  8. Be impeccable with your word.  Do what you say you will do–unless you discover what you thought you would do is harmful or unkind to another. If you owe debts–pay up. If you are supposed to arrive to work at 8:00 am, arrive on time every day. If you make a promise–keep it.
  9. If you discover that you have been dishonest with someone–correct it. If you do not live by this rule, you will never become careful with your words or develop a strict honesty. It is only by making things right that you stop doing things that are not right. Hold yourself accountable.
  10. When you meet someone who is telling you about something you already know, do not interrupt or one-up them. Listen and show interest. Practical Mysticism understands that everybody deserves to have their moment in the attention sunlight.
  11. If you are an extrovert, stop trying to be the center of everyone’s attention. Regardless of whether you are an extrovert or introvert, start making others the center of your attention. Practical Mysticism understands that our job is to seek love, attention, and affection from Source–not others. Our job is to give appropriate, love, attention, and affection to all–even those we think may not deserve it.
  12. If you are estranged from any person, your job is to do your best to bring the relationship to the very best state possible. This may mean that you stop speaking negatively about other people, places, or things–even if you have nothing to do with them anymore. If apologies need to be made, make them. If acts of kindness can be made, make them.

A Practical Mysticism will do more to awaken other people than all of the sharing of personal esoteric experiences combined. In the end, if you do not walk your talk, you are misguided about the level of your growth as a practicing mystic. Yes, we are blessed to know what we know and to have energetic powers available for our development, but love and respect we show others each day best demonstrate the proof of our growth.

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