The Power of Sacred Threes


Sacred Threes

Mys­tics have long been fas­ci­nat­ed by the pow­er of sacred threes. The num­ber rep­re­sents com­plete­ness and serves as a use­ful ref­er­ence for the nat­ur­al cycles and rhythms of life – such as birth, death, and renew­al. Mys­tics also rec­og­nize the pow­er of sacred threes in geom­e­try. For instance, three lines form a tri­an­gle – the first closed object. The sacred threes are filled with pow­er.

Sacred Threes and the Triskelion

The Triske­lion, pic­tured above, is one of many artis­tic signs empow­ered with the pow­ers of three. Prob­a­bly no cul­ture revered the triske­lion more than the Celts. In Celtic lore, it rep­re­sent­ed the fol­low­ing qual­i­ties:

  • Birth-death-rebirth
  • Moth­er-father-child
  • Past, present, future
  • Cre­ation-preser­va­tion-destruc­tion
  • Spir­i­tu­al world-present world-celes­tial world

Other Objects with Sacred Threes

Oth­er sym­bols include the tri­an­gle, the Celtic Tri­que­tra, the Scan­di­na­vian Knot of Vala, the Bor­romean Rings, the three-point­ed star, the Ankh, and hun­dreds of oth­er objects that are paired in group­ings of three. It would appear that ancients and mod­erns alike have a fas­ci­na­tion for sym­bols such as these.

knot of valaKnot of Vala
borromean ringsBor­romean Rings
Three Pointed StarThree-Point­ed Star

Sacred Threes and Mysticism

We see the sacred threes In Chris­tian­i­ty as fol­lows,

  • Jesus arose from the dead on the third day.
  • Father, Son, and Holy Ghost com­prise the Trin­i­ty.
  • God has the three­fold qual­i­ties of omni­science, omnipres­ence, and omnipo­tence.
  • The Bible, speak­ing about rela­tion­ships, notes that A three­fold cord is not eas­i­ly bro­ken.

In numerol­o­gy, the num­ber 3 rep­re­sents these things.

  • A need to express one­self cre­ative­ly,
  • Charm, wit, and a sense of humor
  • A life path num­ber of 33 rep­re­sents one that is dri­ven by altru­ism and spir­i­tu­al moti­va­tion.

In tarot, we find the sacred threes as fol­lows.

  1. The three of cups rep­re­sents the joy of spend­ing time in rela­tion­ships
  2. The three of wands sug­gests that one is plan­ning for greater suc­cess
  3. The three of swords rep­re­sents betray­al and a bro­ken heart
  4. The three of Pen­ta­cles indi­cates that one is in the plan­ning stages of some­thing that could pay off.
  5. In the major arcana, the num­ber three card is the Empress. She rep­re­sents fer­til­i­ty, fruit­ful­ness and the birth of new things.
  6. Also imbued with three ener­gy are the Hanged Man (#12) and The World (#21). The hanged man rep­re­sents an abil­i­ty to man­age one’s life in cre­ative ways under pres­sure. The World rep­re­sents the com­ple­tion of some jour­ney as all forces come to a log­i­cal end­ing.
  7. In the study of syn­chronic­i­ty, if you hear some­thing three times, con­sid­er it a mes­sage from your spir­it guides. For instance, if you heard an unusu­al phrase uttered sev­er­al times over a short peri­od, most mys­tics would con­clude that the phrase holds a mes­sage of sig­nif­i­cance.  If a mys­tic were won­der­ing whether they were about to receive a new job and they kept see­ing the num­ber five appear in usu­al places, they would con­clude that changes were ahead (five is the num­ber that rep­re­sents change).

The Law of Three states that what­ev­er you put out, whether pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive, returns to you three-fold. Because of this, mys­tics know to mon­i­tor their vibra­to­ry states and watch what they say.

Sacred Threes bring Harmony

Home and office design­ers have long known about the pow­er of sacred threes. In feng shui, there’s a par­tic­u­lar way to arrange your envi­ron­ment called a “3-Har­monies Cure.” It takes into account three of the nine pos­si­ble parts of the feng shui map called the bagua in a way that, if you drew a line and con­nect­ed all three, a tri­an­gle would be cre­at­ed. The next time you dec­o­rate some place in your home, con­sid­er using the pow­er of sacred threes. For instance, if you buy can­dles– devel­op arrange­ments of three. If you dec­o­rate the top of your dress­er, arrange items in groups of threes. Threes make an envi­ron­ment more pleas­ing and har­mo­nious.

Use the Power of Sacred Threes

Deter­mine to learn more about the pow­er of sacred threes.

  • Notice the sym­bols of every­day life that uti­lize sacred threes. See if you can feel the ener­gy these sym­bols gen­er­ate.
  • Arrange objects in your home and office in groups threes. See if you notice more har­mo­ny in your envi­ron­ment.
  • Uti­lize mys­ti­cal sym­bols in your con­tem­pla­tions and med­i­ta­tions. For instance, you might try the med­i­ta­tion enti­tled, Bless­ings of the Ankh. It is includ­ed on this web­site and is very use­ful for those inter­est­ed in soul trav­el.
  • Pay atten­tion to any­thing that you hear at least three times dur­ing a short span of time. That is prob­a­bly the pow­er of syn­chronic­i­ty at work.
  • Learn all you can about the cycles of three – such as those list­ed above in this blog post. This knowl­edge adds wis­dom to your mys­ti­cal jour­ney.

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