The Power of Sacred Threes


Sacred Threes

Mystics have long been fascinated by the power of sacred threes. The number represents completeness and serves as a useful reference for the natural cycles and rhythms of life–such as birth, death, and renewal. Mystics also recognize the power of sacred threes in geometry. For instance, three lines form a triangle–the first closed object. The sacred threes are filled with power.

Sacred Threes and the Triskelion

The Triskelion, pictured above, is one of many artistic signs empowered with the powers of three. Probably no culture revered the triskelion more than the Celts. In Celtic lore, it represented the following qualities:

  • Birth-death-rebirth
  • Mother-father-child
  • Past, present, future
  • Creation-preservation-destruction
  • Spiritual world-present world-celestial world

Other Objects with Sacred Threes

Other symbols include the triangle, the Celtic Triquetra, the Scandinavian Knot of Vala, the Borromean Rings, the three-pointed star, the Ankh, and hundreds of other objects that are paired in groupings of three. It would appear that ancients and moderns alike have a fascination for symbols such as these.

knot of valaKnot of Vala
borromean ringsBorromean Rings
Three Pointed StarThree-Pointed Star

Sacred Threes and Mysticism

We see the sacred threes In Christianity as follows,

  • Jesus arose from the dead on the third day.
  • Father, Son, and Holy Ghost comprise the Trinity.
  • God has the threefold qualities of omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence.
  • The Bible, speaking about relationships, notes that A threefold cord is not easily broken.

In numerology, the number 3 represents these things.

  • A need to express oneself creatively,
  • Charm, wit, and a sense of humor
  • A life path number of 33 represents one that is driven by altruism and spiritual motivation.

In tarot, we find the sacred threes as follows.

  1. The three of cups represents the joy of spending time in relationships
  2. The three of wands suggests that one is planning for greater success
  3. The three of swords represents betrayal and a broken heart
  4. The three of Pentacles indicates that one is in the planning stages of something that could pay off.
  5. In the major arcana, the number three card is the Empress. She represents fertility, fruitfulness and the birth of new things.
  6. Also imbued with three energy are the Hanged Man (#12) and The World (#21). The hanged man represents an ability to manage one’s life in creative ways under pressure. The World represents the completion of some journey as all forces come to a logical ending.
  7. In the study of synchronicity, if you hear something three times, consider it a message from your spirit guides. For instance, if you heard an unusual phrase uttered several times over a short period, most mystics would conclude that the phrase holds a message of significance.  If a mystic were wondering whether they were about to receive a new job and they kept seeing the number five appear in usual places, they would conclude that changes were ahead (five is the number that represents change).

The Law of Three states that whatever you put out, whether positive or negative, returns to you three-fold. Because of this, mystics know to monitor their vibratory states and watch what they say.

Sacred Threes bring Harmony

Home and office designers have long known about the power of sacred threes. In feng shui, there’s a particular way to arrange your environment called a “3-Harmonies Cure.” It takes into account three of the nine possible parts of the feng shui map called the bagua in a way that, if you drew a line and connected all three, a triangle would be created. The next time you decorate some place in your home, consider using the power of sacred threes. For instance, if you buy candles– develop arrangements of three. If you decorate the top of your dresser, arrange items in groups of threes. Threes make an environment more pleasing and harmonious.

Use the Power of Sacred Threes

Determine to learn more about the power of sacred threes.

  • Notice the symbols of everyday life that utilize sacred threes. See if you can feel the energy these symbols generate.
  • Arrange objects in your home and office in groups threes. See if you notice more harmony in your environment.
  • Utilize mystical symbols in your contemplations and meditations. For instance, you might try the meditation entitled, Blessings of the Ankh. It is included on this website and is very useful for those interested in soul travel.
  • Pay attention to anything that you hear at least three times during a short span of time. That is probably the power of synchronicity at work.
  • Learn all you can about the cycles of three–such as those listed above in this blog post. This knowledge adds wisdom to your mystical journey.

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