Postscript: A Christmas Story

Tunnel of Light
I found myself traveling from one destination to another.

My beautiful friends! This is Brother Thomas, your guide from the Seventh Ray. Death, or the transition of our Souls from a physical body to full non-physical existence, is something we have all done countless times. We are no stranger to death–yet each passing is memorable and something to cherish. Today, I want to share an ancient memory with you in the form of a Christmas story. I hope you enjoy it.

“Hello Child, do you know where you are?” 

I was looking into the face of this most beautiful…man, woman, child—I cannot say exactly who or what it was because it was all these things. It was glorious, loving, and warm.    I feel its love.  I can tell this person anything.

“You can call me ‘The Warmth,’ if you want to,” it said.

“Yes, ‘Warmth,’ okay, I said.”

I can’t really remember it all.  Right now, it all seems like a dream.  A very real dream—but as real as right here and now!

“That’s right child,” the Warmth said, “We know.  We’ve had the “something” happen to us too.”

“It’s all a jumble. I remember there was this big flash! Well, first there was darkness and then the flash!  I was sick—that can’t be, just look at me—and I was old, but there’s no time is there? Yes, I was sick, and I was old, and then things went dark. Then, there was this flash of blinding glorious white light. It was everywhere and blinding. I’m remembering,” I said.

“And do you remember the music?” the Warmth asked. 

“Yes… a big tunnel-like portal opened up. And there was music—like you have never heard! It was glorious and wondrous and fearsome and awesome and totally beyond anything I’ve ever seen or heard—I don’t know if anyone has ever heard or seen this before. 

“Yes, Child, we have.” the Warmth replied.

“And I was traveling very fast.  I don’t know how fast—it’s hard to say.  And then I felt myself slow down and sort of hang and then it was like I was slowly descending—and then it all faded to a place—like a big meeting hall where I was meeting with these people—and now I’m not exactly sure of who they all were—but at that moment I knew every one of them and loved so well and they loved me back. It was people I had spent time with—there’s that word time again.”

“Yes,” the Warmth replied. “Who did you see?”

“One was like a mother, and another a grandmother, and a father, and a granddad, and old friends—they were everywhere, and they welcomed me and hugged me and told me that they had been watching over me.  It was like we had these crazy intense feelings for one another–but now, all of that seems more like a dream. I must sound insane, but it was very real.” I said.

“Child,” the Warmth said, “You don’t sound crazy at all.  You did see those people and you’ll see them again.”

“I will?” I said in puzzled voice? 

“Yes,” the Warmth said and then asked, “Do you know who you are and where you are?”

“Yes, it’s like I really do—but no, not really,” I said. 

“I thought I was someone named Thomas…but that doesn’t seem right…”

“Child,” the Warmth said, “You were Thomas, but soon you will be given a new and more glorious name.  As for where you are, you are HOME.”

I looked around and saw the most wonderful place–full of light, flowers, and trees of every kind. I could see a beautiful and crystal sea in the distance.  I loved that sea and wanted so much to walk on that shore. And I saw glorious mountains, that stretched into the heavens.  And the air was pure and clean and felt like you were breathing the very Spirit of Goodness! And there was a river and a city.

“I noticed you were especially looking at the sea,” the Warmth said. “I’ve prepared you a place right on the shore.  It’s very beautiful and made just for you.”

Suddenly, through the fog of forgotten memories, I knew—as clearly as I’ve ever known anything—who I was talking to and I knew that this Thomas, that I had faded memories about, was not the least bit worthy of any of this.

I fell to my knees and my head fell forward of its own. “Warmth!” I cried, “I’m sorry, I don’t think I belong here. I’m not worthy.”

Then the Warmth extended its hand and touched me on my brow. And just like that—every pain and sorrow, every sad memory that I was carrying and couldn’t quite recall was gone. Every tear was gone from my eyes. It all still seemed like a dream, but I my memory was restored—but this time with no judgment on my part.  There was only acceptance of who I was, what I had done, and why I was here.  My emotions were still in place.  I could feel intensely. But they were all at a perfect set point and now guided by an inner wisdom I had never had.

“Thomas,” the Warmth said, “You are here because I first showed up on your planet long ago.  I took the form of a man because I loved every single thing about your earth.  I loved the people who had already lived and died, the people who were there and the people who were to come.  I loved the animals, the plants, the oceans, and the sky above.  I loved the valleys, the mountains, and the seas. I love the things that are so small that you could not see them—even with the tools that your kind built.  I loved the beings that watched over you when you were unaware.  I love it all.”

The Warmth continued. “The reason you are here is that after I showed up, some of those people began showing up as well.  They continued to heal the sick, to give hope to the poor and downtrodden.  To feed the hungry and to preach about the light. In an unbroken chain over the days, weeks, centuries, and millennia—People showed up.  Your very parents, as imperfect as they were, showed up—adopted you, raised you, fed you, and taught you.  And, here you are!”

“And Thomas,” the Warmth said, “There are others who are here already and more that will soon be here because You showed up.  The men you gave money to as you stopped at the light and quickly handed it out the window—didn’t change overnight—but combined with others, it moved them in a positive direction and got the help they needed to move forward so that I could reach them. Your children, the students you taught, the classes you held for the little ones at church, on and on—all helped move people heavenward, so I could reach them and bring them to glory.”

“But Warmth,” I asked, “I wasn’t always kind. I could be petty and unloving.  I was often caught in my own fears and drama.” 

“I know,” the Warmth said.  Then He continued. “My grace is sufficient for you.  Yes, you could be as you described—but I would send someone else who had shown up to meet and minister with those people you had hurt, even as I sent you many times to minister to those who had been hurt by their family and friends.  Thomas, I will not stop until every person, and all of creation, is glorified once more.”

And for emphasis he added, “I am Divine Love, and I have willed it.”

“Thank you, Warmth.” I said.  “Thank you for Loving me, for coming to earth to save me, for guiding me, extending your grace to me and now glorifying me!”  I said this with emotions that were as pure, and holy, and heartfelt, and full of understanding of so many things I had never known before.

“Warmth, what shall I call this new day you have brought me to?” I asked in utter amazement.

“Child, we could call it many things, but I have a favorite one that I shall use just for you. Let’s call it Christmas.  And as you watch over those you love who have not yet crossed over, remind them of the ‘Future Christmas that is Yet to be.’ Now let’s walk to the seaside.  I have a house to show you that you are going to love!”


Tunnel Picture used by permission of Creative Commons

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