The Wisdom of Perfectly Imperfect Experiences

Perfectly Imperfect

Lovers of the Light, this is Broth­er Thomas – your friend and guide from the vio­let ray. Today I want to speak with you about expe­ri­ences which are per­fect­ly imper­fect.

No one loves or desires peace more than we mys­tics. It is our nature to shun dra­ma, live peace­ful­ly, and encour­age oth­ers to do the same. We under­stand the great uni­ty of all things and feel most authen­tic as we live har­mo­nious lives. Our nature is to elim­i­nate point­less argu­ments and dra­ma from our lives. Mys­tics are about the busi­ness of love and accep­tance.  Yes, all of this is true, but it is also true that this is not the rea­son you came to this three-dimen­sion­al expe­ri­ence. I remind you that you are here because you want­ed to make a dif­fer­ence for good despite the anger and injus­tices of this world.

You chose to walk through a refin­ing fire so that, like pre­cious gold, your soul might become beau­ti­ful and bright. You have cho­sen the path of per­fect­ly imper­fect expe­ri­ences to do so.

Perfectly Imperfect Drama Finds us All

Is their tur­moil in your fam­i­ly? It’s good that you expe­ri­ence that. Do cru­el­ties and injus­tices stir out­rage with­in you? That’s okay, let it shake your soul – you want­ed that. Are you going through exceed­ing­ly hard times? All is as it should be. You did not take the easy way out. Instead, are in the line-of-fire for the bet­ter­ment of your soul! Have you done all you can do to make an unhap­py sit­u­a­tion bet­ter – only to dis­cov­er that things are get­ting worse? You are expe­ri­enc­ing first-hand the val­ue of learn­ing about no-win out­comes. Noth­ing is wrong. All of this is a part of the per­fect­ly imper­fect path of train­ing. With­out suf­fer­ing, no mys­tic is wor­thy of the name. It is one thing to walk spir­i­tu­al­ly in har­mo­nious times, yet anoth­er when oth­ers mis­treat and abuse us. Deep inside, you know all of this is true.

The Perfectly Imperfect Mission

So many cry and rail against Divine Source for the injus­tices they see.  They say, “How can you let this go on? What kind of God are you? Where are you?” From a cos­mic view – it’s almost humor­ous. Yet, we remain solemn. The per­fec­tion of the uni­verse at your present address is in its inten­tion­al imper­fect per­fect­ness.  Did you catch that? You live in an inten­tion­al­ly imper­fect uni­verse by agree­ment. Source, and you as a Spark of Source, intend this earth be exact­ly as you are expe­ri­enc­ing it. This includes all of the cru­el­ties, injus­tices, crimes against peo­ple and human­i­ty, and the full range of dark emo­tions! It is per­fect­ly imper­fect so that souls might bet­ter pre­pare to car­ry out their unique mis­sion.

The Perfectly Imperfect Boot Camp

The uni­verse and a vast array of expe­ri­ences await your soul. But, before you pro­ceed, your soul needs train­ing for the uncer­tain­ties ahead. You are now in a mil­i­tary boot camp – Camp Earth! Now that you know let us remind you that the expe­ri­ence of a recruit is very dif­fer­ent than the mil­i­tary lead­ers who do their best to pre­pare the young sol­diers for bat­tles to come. Recruits feel the sting of harsh treat­ment and assume the worst moti­va­tions. Their train­ers, on the oth­er hand, know they are mold­ing future lead­ers who must be able to do the right thing under con­di­tions of pres­sure and depri­va­tion. So it is with your earth­ly expe­ri­ence. As mys­tics, always remem­ber the impor­tance of expe­ri­enc­ing the per­fect­ly imper­fect. We are prepar­ing our­selves, and the souls about us, for adven­tures in uni­vers­es untold.

Perfectly Imperfect Living

Camp Earth will present you with harm and hard­ship. Nev­er assume the per­son who brings it is evil. They may well be one of your best friends from the oth­er side who has lov­ing cho­sen to be your drill instruc­tor. When trou­bles come, hum­ble your­selves. Do not assume that you know the whole sto­ry or ful­ly under­stand what is hap­pen­ing to you. Instead, come before the mas­ters in your time of med­i­ta­tion and ask for guid­ance. Train your­selves so that you might receive mes­sages from the guides all of the time. Live in the light as much as you are able. And most of all, do not assume that because you resist some evil, that you will pre­vail! This dimen­sion, quite inten­tion­al­ly, does not always allow vic­to­ry to the most deserv­ing! Resist, when it is the right thing to do, even know­ing your win­nings may be mar­gin­al – if at all.

Final­ly, do your best to car­ry your wound­ed broth­ers and sis­ters who face the pain and suf­fer­ing of Camp Earth. On the oth­er side of the veil, vic­to­ry is even sweet­er when all of you suc­cess­ful­ly fin­ish your tests togeth­er! Hold each oth­er up and cheer each oth­er on with encour­ag­ing words. Yes, har­mo­nious liv­ing is a most wor­thy goal; yet, it is our expe­ri­ences in the fires of tri­al and adver­si­ty that make us a fit soul. Let us face these tests know­ing our guides are ever near and ready to lend us imme­di­ate aid.

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