The Peaceful Warrior

My beau­ti­ful friends of the mys­ti­cal realms, this is Broth­er Thomas – your guide from the Sev­enth Ray. My heav­en­ly home is host to the vio­let flame which increas­es the spir­i­tu­al vibra­tions of all who call upon it. To call upon the light of God is to invite spir­i­tu­al wis­dom into your life. To call upon the vio­let flame is to bring the under­stand­ing of the Divine that slows, and then stops, the grind­ing wheels of kar­ma that have been keep­ing you enslaved for count­less life­times. The vio­let flame is one of the many tools of the peace­ful war­rior.

The peace­ful war­rior is one who reacts to neg­a­tiv­i­ty using the pow­er of the vio­let flame. This pow­er allows us to choose love and right action.

Peaceful Warrior: Enlightened or Enslaved

Kar­ma, or the law of cause and effect, works to increase our vibra­to­ry state or to slow it down – accord­ing to your will and actions. The faster our vibra­tions, the more enlight­ened we become. The slow­er our vibra­tions, the more enslaved we remain. Most peo­ple on your plan­et have lit­tle or no idea that the rate of their vibra­tions is well with­in their con­trol. The peace­ful war­rior choos­es peace and there­by receives vic­to­ry and free­dom over karmic enslave­ment.

Two Choices Face the Peaceful Warrior

When some­thing neg­a­tive hap­pens to us, there are always two deci­sions we may take in the mere sec­onds before our phys­i­cal reac­tion. Our choic­es are 1) to take offense or let some­thing go,  or 2) decide whether your next phys­i­cal response will come from a state of love or pow­er.

Whether you believe what we say or not, tak­ing offense is a choice-based action. We accept that many of you have respond­ed with neg­a­tiv­i­ty for so long that it has become an uncon­scious nat­ur­al response to any per­ceived insult you receive. This is a per­ni­cious form of kar­ma that invades every aspect of human expe­ri­ence. To allow neg­a­tive reac­tions to become your default response is to remain enslaved. The peace­ful war­rior calls upon the vio­let flame to break this cycle.

The Peaceful Warrior and the Violet Flame

The vio­let flame is our sal­va­tion against neg­a­tive karmic pro­gram­ming. As we approach and call upon this vio­let light for help, we inter­rupt our ten­den­cy to do the wrong thing. We encour­age you to ask the keep­ers of this beau­ti­ful flame to grant you a mind­ful response. Ask that your per­cep­tion of time, in sit­u­a­tions of tri­al, be slowed so that you might per­ceive your present sit­u­a­tion more clear­ly and respond more lov­ing­ly! Ask the vio­let flame to raise your vibra­to­ry state. Let it lift you from adverse sit­u­a­tions before they even occur. Begin using the vio­let flame and see for your­self the dif­fer­ence it makes. Remem­ber,  high vibra­tions attract oth­er peo­ple of high vibra­tions. This is a key for devel­op­ing a peace­ful life.

The Violet Flame Rids Us of Harmful Entities

You should know that there are many on the God-Con­tin­u­um that ben­e­fit from humankind’s neg­a­tive respons­es. Does this sur­prise you? As we have said in oth­er lessons, all beings, includ­ing you and I, inhab­it a unique posi­tion in the God-Con­tin­u­um – whether high and low. Enti­ties of low-fre­quen­cy feed upon the ener­gies of anger, drunk­en­ness, rage, and hos­til­i­ty. Sad­ly, humankind has become a feed­ing ground for so many of these low-fre­quen­cy enti­ties.  They are par­a­sites that encour­age your enti­tle­ment and rage so that you might become a snack and lunch for their hunger! The vio­let flame rids us of those who would use us for prey for their neg­a­tive ener­gyfeed­ing.

Peaceful Warrior: Love versus Power

We also note that you have a choice about the kind of phys­i­cal response you will choose. The options fall into two broad cat­e­gories – love and pow­er. Pow­er choic­es are always about rein­forc­ing one’s egoic nature and exert­ing con­trol over oth­ers. If we per­ceive our­selves as vic­tims, we face temp­ta­tions of respond­ing revenge­ful­ly or with over­whelm­ing force against our per­ceived attack­er. This kind of response is not nec­es­sary at all. (It is cer­tain­ly not the response your spir­its and guides use to cor­rect you when you do wrong!) It is always pos­si­ble to choose lov­ing respons­es to stop per­ceived mis­treat­ment. Thought­ful respons­es seek the good of all – even those who would harm us.

Do not mis­take our inten­tions here. We do not advo­cate pas­siv­i­ty or claim that one must accept or allow oth­ers to inflict pain and abuse upon us. Not at all! We only point out that we all have choic­es about the respons­es we make next. Study­ing peace helps you learn about choic­es that you have not con­sid­ered.

The Peaceful Warrior uses Peace to Overcome

It is time to study peace. The way of peace nev­er requires us to accept pun­ish­ment or mis­treat­ment – only that we do not respond with any­thing less than lov­ing actions. As peace­ful war­riors, we prac­tice a spir­i­tu­al and mys­ti­cal form of Aiki­do! This mar­tial art teach­es stu­dents how to defend them­selves while avoid­ing harm to their oppo­nents. This is the way of peace. Peace does not mean that we avoid con­flict, just the oppo­site. As mys­tics filled with the Light of the Divine, we are here to inject peace, light, and love into many sit­u­a­tions of con­flict. As peace­ful war­riors, we are like­ly to see more sit­u­a­tions of con­flict than less. But do not fear, the vio­let flame will show you how to over­come by using the way of the peace­ful war­rior.

Mystical Practices Keep Peaceful Warriors Safe

For those who walk the mys­ti­cal path, there are many pro­tec­tive options avail­able. There is the vio­let flame which we have dis­cussed. As it rais­es our vibra­tions, the low­er vibra­to­ry dra­ma is not attract­ed to us as before. The vio­let flame lifts us away from much of the neg­a­tive ener­gy about us. We also may call upon our angels, spir­its, and guides for pro­tec­tion. Using sage or oth­er cleans­ing plants, we can “smudge” our spaces to elim­i­nate neg­a­tive ener­gy from the places we reside. As we dai­ly invoke white light pro­tec­tion, it becomes more dif­fi­cult for neg­a­tive spir­i­tu­al and emo­tion­al pow­ers to break through to us. We may also invoke the sacred pro­tec­tion of cir­cles, Merk­abah, and sacred sym­bols – such as the Seal of Solomon.  These are only a few of the many many mys­ti­cal prac­tices avail­able to those who wish to be a peace­ful war­rior.


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