The Peaceful Warrior

My beautiful friends of the mystical realms, this is Brother Thomas–your guide from the Seventh Ray. My heavenly home is host to the violet flame which increases the spiritual vibrations of all who call upon it. To call upon the light of God is to invite spiritual wisdom into your life. To call upon the violet flame is to bring the understanding of the Divine that slows, and then stops, the grinding wheels of karma that have been keeping you enslaved for countless lifetimes. The violet flame is one of the many tools of the peaceful warrior.

The peaceful warrior is one who reacts to negativity using the power of the violet flame. This power allows us to choose love and right action.

Peaceful Warrior: Enlightened or Enslaved

Karma, or the law of cause and effect, works to increase our vibratory state or to slow it down–according to your will and actions. The faster our vibrations, the more enlightened we become. The slower our vibrations, the more enslaved we remain. Most people on your planet have little or no idea that the rate of their vibrations is well within their control. The peaceful warrior chooses peace and thereby receives victory and freedom over karmic enslavement.

Two Choices Face the Peaceful Warrior

When something negative happens to us, there are always two decisions we may take in the mere seconds before our physical reaction. Our choices are 1) to take offense or let something go,  or 2) decide whether your next physical response will come from a state of love or power.

Whether you believe what we say or not, taking offense is a choice-based action. We accept that many of you have responded with negativity for so long that it has become an unconscious natural response to any perceived insult you receive. This is a pernicious form of karma that invades every aspect of human experience. To allow negative reactions to become your default response is to remain enslaved. The peaceful warrior calls upon the violet flame to break this cycle.

The Peaceful Warrior and the Violet Flame

The violet flame is our salvation against negative karmic programming. As we approach and call upon this violet light for help, we interrupt our tendency to do the wrong thing. We encourage you to ask the keepers of this beautiful flame to grant you a mindful response. Ask that your perception of time, in situations of trial, be slowed so that you might perceive your present situation more clearly and respond more lovingly! Ask the violet flame to raise your vibratory state. Let it lift you from adverse situations before they even occur. Begin using the violet flame and see for yourself the difference it makes. Remember,  high vibrations attract other people of high vibrations. This is a key for developing a peaceful life.

The Violet Flame Rids Us of Harmful Entities

You should know that there are many on the God-Continuum that benefit from humankind’s negative responses. Does this surprise you? As we have said in other lessons, all beings, including you and I, inhabit a unique position in the God-Continuum–whether high and low. Entities of low-frequency feed upon the energies of anger, drunkenness, rage, and hostility. Sadly, humankind has become a feeding ground for so many of these low-frequency entities.  They are parasites that encourage your entitlement and rage so that you might become a snack and lunch for their hunger! The violet flame rids us of those who would use us for prey for their negative energyfeeding.

Peaceful Warrior: Love versus Power

We also note that you have a choice about the kind of physical response you will choose. The options fall into two broad categories–love and power. Power choices are always about reinforcing one’s egoic nature and exerting control over others. If we perceive ourselves as victims, we face temptations of responding revengefully or with overwhelming force against our perceived attacker. This kind of response is not necessary at all. (It is certainly not the response your spirits and guides use to correct you when you do wrong!) It is always possible to choose loving responses to stop perceived mistreatment. Thoughtful responses seek the good of all–even those who would harm us.

Do not mistake our intentions here. We do not advocate passivity or claim that one must accept or allow others to inflict pain and abuse upon us. Not at all! We only point out that we all have choices about the responses we make next. Studying peace helps you learn about choices that you have not considered.

The Peaceful Warrior uses Peace to Overcome

It is time to study peace. The way of peace never requires us to accept punishment or mistreatment–only that we do not respond with anything less than loving actions. As peaceful warriors, we practice a spiritual and mystical form of Aikido! This martial art teaches students how to defend themselves while avoiding harm to their opponents. This is the way of peace. Peace does not mean that we avoid conflict, just the opposite. As mystics filled with the Light of the Divine, we are here to inject peace, light, and love into many situations of conflict. As peaceful warriors, we are likely to see more situations of conflict than less. But do not fear, the violet flame will show you how to overcome by using the way of the peaceful warrior.

Mystical Practices Keep Peaceful Warriors Safe

For those who walk the mystical path, there are many protective options available. There is the violet flame which we have discussed. As it raises our vibrations, the lower vibratory drama is not attracted to us as before. The violet flame lifts us away from much of the negative energy about us. We also may call upon our angels, spirits, and guides for protection. Using sage or other cleansing plants, we can “smudge” our spaces to eliminate negative energy from the places we reside. As we daily invoke white light protection, it becomes more difficult for negative spiritual and emotional powers to break through to us. We may also invoke the sacred protection of circles, Merkabah, and sacred symbols–such as the Seal of Solomon.  These are only a few of the many many mystical practices available to those who wish to be a peaceful warrior.


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