Pay Attention to Angel Feathers!

angel feathers

What are Angel Feathers?

Angel Feathers are signs from the beings in your God-Continuum that you have the care and attention of your angels. What are angel feathers? It’s any “random” feather that gets your attention. Sometimes they seem to float right in front of you. Other times, you look down–and there they are!

The God continuum always wishes to deepen its communication with us. There are many paths available, and the angels are very skilled. Most of the time angels do their jobs so well that we hardly notice.  As mystics, we want to change that. We very much desire to see our guides at work! The fun begins as we become willing communication partners!

In the beginning, angels send us objects such as coins, feathers, butterflies, birds, as well as lost and forgotten objects, to get our attention. We may say, “What a coincidence! This is the third feather this week that I’ve seen.” But mystics know that there are no coincidences when these things happen. It’s your guides giving you a loving tap.

What do Angel Feathers Mean?

Angel feathers mean three things–we (the angels) are here with you, you have our care and attention, and we wish to communicate with you. It is always a good thing to be reminded that our spiritual guides and protectors are with us! More importantly, it is a big step in our mystical growth to develop the habit of daily angel communication. There are several ways to determine what angel feathers mean. First, we may conclude that the angels want us to know that walk with us as we make important decisions. So, whatever is taking up most of your mind at the time you find the feather is probably what the communication is all about. However, we may intentionally deepen this communication.

Define what your Angel Feathers Mean

As spiritual sovereigns, our gift of free will allows us to create a unique shared-meaning system with our angels, spirits, and guides. We decide for ourselves what the angel feather omens mean–both now and in the future. Then, we ask our guides to use this sign as they work with us from this point forward.

For instance, we might decide that a white feather means our guardian angels of protection are nearby. We might conclude that nonwhite feathers represent requests that we consult with our angels about whatever is on our mind that day. Tiny feathers might mean a departed loved one is nearby. Larger feathers might say that we should act boldly throughout the day–knowing the angels are lending help and support.  For those who are exceptionally knowledgeable about nature, you might decide that a feather from one bird means something different than a feather from another bird.

The important thing is, we intentionally decide and make spiritual agreements with the angels about the meanings our angel feathers have for us.

Make Angel Feathers a Part of Your Communication

Our guides are always near. Anytime we speak intentionally to the Divine, whether in full consciousness or deep meditation, we may know that our guides hear us. Speak to them as you would with friends–and start paying close attention to the angel feathers that magically appear in your life.


Pixelbay Feather Picture used by permission of Creative Commons

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  1. I woke up with a feather in my hair this morning. I was like wow. It was little and white so this was very helpful to me. I pray daily and I know the lord for myself.

  2. I believe in angels, They are my daily guards.One day i found one brown feather on my bed. That was the sweetest scented feather i ever smelled my whole life.Thanks, for visiting me,my angel dear.


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