Passengers on a Spiritual Cruise

Spiritual Cruise
You are passengers on a spiritual cruise.

My dear brothers and sisters of the heavenly light, this is Brother Thomas, your guide from the Seventh Ray. I am here to help you better understand what it means to be a mystical believer in this time of earthly tempest and change. In my many sojourns upon the Earth, I spent many lifetimes in the wilderness–as it were.  I wondered how to integrate the teachings of the blessed light into my life. It was as though there were two distinct universes. There were the riches of my spirit and the drudgery of my daily existence.  What a joy it was to unite the two!  And that is why I am here for you!  If you are reading this post, it is time for you to join your two worlds (actually, there are many more than two, but we will get to that at another time!). You are passengers on a spiritual cruise.

Preparation before Your Spiritual Cruise

In those lifetimes when we were unaware of our spiritual nature, we lived according to the Earthly laws of biodiversity. The strong survive and overcome the weak. In this kind of existence, we fight for everything that we get. This “kill or be killed” life requires we live by our cunning. We do only what is in our best interest as long as it feels good to us physically and emotionally. We act as a law unto ourselves, until a bigger and more powerful law subjects us to its will. Once we cross back into spiritual existence, we review the benefits and shortcomings of such a life. The benefits are that we learn of our power to create and bring about our wishes upon the planet–with varying degrees of success of course! The downside is that our creations were devoid of spiritual imagination. That is, our creations did not serve a higher purpose than ourselves.

Follow the Sage Spiritual Cruise

The metaphor of a cruise ship can describe many of our earthly existences. Imagine if you will, a large cruise ship that is visiting various ports of call and interesting islands. Let’s look in on several passengers, shall we?

Here is Eric–a very famous teacher on the law of attraction. He has reserved part of the cruise ship for his many fans. They come from all over the world and hang on every word that he says. Eric tells each of his followers how to enjoy the cruise. He has a well-crafted plan of what everyone will do each day. If Eric loves something, his followers love it as well. If he hates something, his followers hate it as well. Erics fans enjoy the cruise and spend their time talking to other Eric fans. The fans are most willing to invite any other cruise members on board to join them–as long as they love Eric and are eager to do what he thinks best.

“Life has no Meaning” Spiritual Cruise

Doris is also on the cruise ship. She doesn’t understand the Eric fans. Matter of fact, she’s disappointed to be on the cruise. Nothing meets her approval. She tries many of the things suggested by the cruise company–but she doesn’t like it. They are either too dull, too dangerous, or requires her to associate with people she doesn’t know or care about. She doesn’t enjoy the food. There are complaints about her cabin.  She finds nothing to recommend about her cruise experience.

Living Under the Thumb Spiritual Cruise

Brandon is also on the cruise ship. He came with his wife and family. There are a lot of things he wants to experience. That’s not going to happen! His wife has a detailed schedule expects everyone to follow it. It isn’t that her itinerary isn’t a good or reasonable one, it’s just that there is no room for his likes and desires. He would like to soar on a parasail, snorkel among the exotic fish, hang glide from the top of an extinct volcano and dance in the tiki lounge until early in the morning hours. His wife will have none of that. She expects him to be by her side each day of the trip and to bring her whatever she wants when she wants it. He loves his wife–but it would be nice to enjoy this trip on his terms. Maybe next cruise!

The Surrendered Spiritual Cruise

Two sets of couples, the Smiths and Jones are also on board. It is plain that these two couples are friendly, caring, and loving. When they came, they had a few small plans–but mostly they left things open. They knew that the ship would stop at various destinations and they were comfortable deciding what they would do upon arrival at each destination. If one or more of them wanted to do something that the others didn’t, there was no problem. All were free to explore and experience the trip as they wished. Sometimes they all left the cruise ship for the daily island with no plan at all–except to have fun and a great time.

Those moments of unexpected discovery were some of the best times. Each evening the couples Smith and Jones would compare notes and share experiences, pictures, and souveniers. With each passing day, all grew closer. It was sad when the cruise ended, but they each held precious memories of experiences and times together. They began to plan for the next year. It would be even better because of what they learned from this trip.

My friend, can you find yourself in one of these passengers? Are you living your precious life according to the popular teachings of some well-respected sage in your day and age? Are you jaded about life? Has it lost all meaning and value to the point where every day is an endurance?  Are you allowing other people to tell you what to do and how to live your precious life? Do you have ideas that you never express–because you feel the cost is too high? May none of these things be so! Life is precious and meant to be filled with rich experiences.

Spiritual Cruise Ports of Call

Like the cruise ship that makes daily island stops, so too your life has built-in stops and experiences ahead for you. You planned these before you set foot upon the planet! Now, it is up to you to decide how you will face them. The mystic lives a life of surrender. This does not mean that we just let things come to us with no plan. What it does mean is this–instead of trying to control the ports of call and experiences–we seek to be an active co-participant in all that takes place. We channel the light of Spiritus Lumine to picture what we wish to co-create in the experience Spirit brings before us. Having said this, let us provide an example or two.

Bad Job Port of Call

Are you in a job you do not like? Our cruise ship often stops on this island. At first, it may not be your favorite. However, since you must visit here, why not begin using your creative and spiritual imagination to make this job the best it can be? Could you do your job more creatively? Maybe you could bring positive energetic objects, like crystals, to work with you. What would your present situation be like if you brought the beautiful light of God into it? Could you send healing light to all who work there? Could the love you bring begin to change and enrich the culture to something much better? You are not helpless, and Spirit does not expect you to give in to negative onslaughts. Instead, consult with your guides on how to bring Divine Consciousness to your present situation.

Controlling Partner Port of Call

Are you with people who try and control what you think, say, and do? That is one of the common ports of call for our cruise ship! Can you spend your time on this island to learn how to become a Spiritual Sovereign? (Spoiler alert, that’s the whole point of visiting this island!) If you call upon your angels, spirits, and guides they will help you achieve this vital goal that sets the stage for your spiritual liberation! And once freedom happens, this island, that you once didn’t like, will become one that you remember with fondness forever!

Port of Call: Island of Drama

Another very popular port of call is the Island of Drama. On this island, there is constant bickering and fighting. Nobody particularly gets along–and when they do, it doesn’t last long. Anger is common and incidents are commonly blown up out of proportion. Does this sound like a destination you know? I have good news! Spiritus Lumine, the Divine Light of God, knows how to make all of that drama go away. The Lumine will change you. As the drama leaves, suprisingly, it also departs from most of the people you know as well. Once you become skilled at handling drama and do not become a willing participant, you will find that God’s peace is abiding in you. It is true that God’s order may not abide in all those people you know, but you will find a way to allow them to let them be as your vibratory state increases.

The Lightworker’s Spiritual Cruise

Finally my dear mystic. We here on this side of the God-Continuum have chosen many of you to be our light bearers upon this planet. Great changes are ahead. We need lightworkers! We need way-showers! Could this be you? Of course, it can! Spend time here at this Spiritus Lumine website learning what we are teaching you! Notice how your vibration rises as you learn these lessons. Your vibration rises even higher as you live the lessons!

The time is not long when we shall see many of you face-to-face as it were. Today we live in the heart of your conscious awareness. Because you love the light, we are able to share our message of light and love with humankind. We thank you.

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