Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a BottleOne day you will know who you real­ly are and the pain, mis­ery, and anx­i­ety in your life will fall into place and dis­ap­pear! Why not today? You are not the per­son with all the appar­ent prob­lems and dra­ma – the one who believes their expe­ri­ence would be vast­ly dif­fer­ent if they could but release the spir­it bot­tled up inside. That hid­den long­ing is none oth­er than the Divine try­ing to let you know that the Light­ning in a Bot­tle–is your true iden­ti­ty!  Your body is a ves­sel for the Divine Light so that it may car­ry out ITs mis­sion. YOU, not the human you – but the Light of God YOU – are king­ly, queen­ly, knight­ly. Noth­ing is beyond you. You are Source-Con­scious­ness ITself! Have you awak­ened to this fact? The only dif­fer­ence between an awak­ened and unawak­ened per­son is this – the awak­ened per­son knows who they are and acts upon it. They believe it so much that it impacts every­thing in their life.

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An Easy Mystical Practice using the Names of God

names of god

Dear Ones, to focus on the names of God is to invite Source ener­gy into your life. Yes, it is that sim­ple! We often make it too com­pli­cat­ed! If you cry out with this fer­vent prayer, “Lord, please help me!,” you may rest assured that the Lord you call upon hears your pleas and responds imme­di­ate­ly!

If you want to increase your ener­getic force (prana), recite the names of God!

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Angels, Spirits, and Guides

Angels, Spirits, and Guides

Dear Friends, nev­er for­get that you are nev­er alone – ever! In your hour of great­est need, as well as your great­est suc­cess, we angels, spir­its, and guides of the God-Con­tin­u­um are as close to you as your breath. You don’t have to see us to know that we are here. We lead you to posts such as these and web­sites to help you. We bring you books, friends, and teach­ers. Unless you devel­op a strong spir­i­tu­al sen­si­tiv­i­ty, our actions remain most­ly trans­par­ent to you. We are very inven­tive in nudg­ing you in just the right direc­tion – and mak­ing you believe you thought of it all by your­self!

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Practical Mysticism — Doing Shows Who You Really Are

Practical Mysticism

[dropcap]My [/dropcap]dear mys­tics. This is Broth­er Thomas, your friend and guide from the Sev­enth Ray.  Isn’t it excit­ing to be awake once more? Are you begin­ning to feel the ener­gy cur­rents just out­side of your per­cep­tion? Do you notice the pres­ence of your angels, spir­its, and guides moe and more? Soon, if not already, you will see the pow­er of the Spir­i­tus Lumine every­where you go. Just as it takes a lit­tle time for you to awak­en each morn­ing, it is the same way spir­i­tu­al­ly. You have been asleep for so long that it seemed you would nev­er awak­en. But here you are! Every day, your eyes, are becom­ing more wide open and your mind more alert! You final­ly real­ize that you are a part of some­thing so much more than the dai­ly life you once lived.

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A Quick Numerology Lesson


One of the eas­i­er mys­ti­cal skills to devel­op is that of numerol­o­gy – num­ber recog­ni­tion. All it takes is learn­ing some basic numerol­o­gy and agree­ing with your high­er-self to com­mu­ni­cate with you as it sees fit with num­bers. Though we will spend an entire les­son on sim­ple numerol­o­gy, here’s enough infor­ma­tion to get you start­ed. As a field of study, numerol­o­gy is fas­ci­nat­ing. It is a sub­tle and mys­ti­cal field all by itself. Like all meth­ods of spir­it com­mu­ni­ca­tion, it is based on an agree­ment with the stu­dent and their guides that cer­tain num­bers will mean cer­tain things. Once the agree­ment is made, your guides will begin using num­bers as a lan­guage and form of per­son­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion. All you real­ly need to know, to get start­ed, is: what the basic num­bers mean, how to reduce num­bers to basic num­bers, how to treat repeat­ing num­bers. That’s it! We will show you how it is done.

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The Mystical Vibratory Circuit

Vibratory Circuit
You are a 100-watt transmitter/receiver.

The phys­i­cal body is filled with micro­crys­talline struc­tures vibrat­ing at var­i­ous fre­quen­cies. We acti­vate them as we com­plete the vibra­to­ry cir­cuit through ground­ing, med­i­ta­tion and mys­ti­cal prac­tices.

The Spiritual Vibratory Circuit

Our human sci­en­tists state that the body at rest pro­duces about 100 watts of pow­er. Through ground­ing and med­i­ta­tion, the mys­tic cre­ates a vibra­to­ry cir­cuit that allows us to use the human body much like a radio trans­mit­ter. Think of it this way. The ener­gy sup­plied, via the sil­ver cord to the human body, acti­vates the micro­crys­talline ele­ments. Through ground­ing and mys­ti­cal prac­tices, we can close the cir­cuit and acti­vate the trans­mit­ter. Spir­i­tus Lumine serves as the uni­ver­sal anten­na for the Lux Ani­mae – the trans­mis­sion device. Depend­ing upon which mys­ti­cal prac­tice is employed, mes­sages are sent to our angels, spir­its, and guides.

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Spirituality and The Empowerment Dynamic

The Empowerment Dynamic

Strug­gles with your fel­low­man is the same as strug­gling with the Divine. The peo­ple you hate are just as sure­ly divine as you. If you want to grow spir­i­tu­al­ly, stop the dra­ma and stop it now.

The Empowerment Dynamic

The Empow­er­ment Dynam­ic (TED*) is an orga­nized way of study­ing human inter­per­son­al con­flict orga­nized by David Emer­ald and Don­na Zajonc. Its con­cep­tu­al frame­work is sim­ple and includes a cre­ator, a chal­lenger, and a coach. These roles are a more pos­i­tive way of study­ing the vic­tim,  per­se­cu­tor, and res­cuer con­cepts first put for­ward by Stephen Karp­man in his con­cep­tu­al frame­work of the Dread­ed Dra­ma Tri­an­gle (DDT). If all of this sounds a lit­tle too dif­fi­cult – it isn’t.  Here is an easy way to remem­ber this dynam­ic.

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Be a Spiritual Sovereign

Spiritual Sovereign
Being a Spir­i­tu­al Sov­er­eign requires that you break the chains that hold you back.

The most impor­tant change for good that any of us can make is to declare – then fol­low through – that we are a Spir­i­tu­al Sover­eign. This is the key to awak­en­ing.


A spir­i­tu­al sov­er­eign is that rare per­son who decides for them­selves what is right and true in all mat­ters. They are respect­ful of other’s opin­ions, the tra­di­tions of soci­ety, and pre­vail­ing reli­gious views. How­ev­er, they real­ize that they, and they alone, are respon­si­ble for the choic­es they make. Their deci­sions are not made accord­ing to enlight­ened self-inter­est but upon the lead­ing of Divine Light – as best they under­stand it.

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