The Ouroboros Contemplation

The Ouroboros The Ouroboros, the snake which eats its tail, is one the most ancient of mystical symbols. There is evidence of its existence for 1600 years before the time of Christ–especially in Egyptian culture. The name “Ouroboros” comes from the Greek and means “tail eater.” Since we don’t live in these early cultures, the … Read more

Escape the Matrix: Mystics and the 3rd-Eye

the matrix

The Matrix movie series is certainly one of the more popular sets of films in American cinematic history. Many do not realize the enormity of the gift given to us from Source-Consciousness to assist in our awakening. For many, it represents the first time of seriously considering the notion of an illusory holographic universe controlled by forces outside of ourselves. These movies helped to foster a split in the cultural psyche as people began to realize how every aspect of our daily living is rarely as it appears to be. For many of us, it was the first time to perceive a deeper subtler reality existing alongside the one we think is ours. The awareness and understanding of these multiple realities are what it means for the third-eye to open.

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Religion and Mysticism are not the Same

Religion and Mysticism

Religion and mysticism–many people believe they are the same.  It is understandable that this is so because history records many famous mystics among the ranks of the religious. Mystics may add to the confusion when they refer to “their practice,” as a form of religion. However that may be, we hold that religion and mysticism are not the same. Here is an easy breakdown.

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Reject Fear-Based Consciousness

fear-based consciousness

Dear Ones, this is Brother Thomas, a lightworker from the beautiful violet flame of the Seventh Ray. I bring you greetings so that you may know that we, on this side of the veil of reality, watch and care for you. If you are reading this post, we lovingly watch your progress and know who you are. Please remember to reject fear-based consciousness and call upon us in your hours of need for blessings.

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Blessings of the Ankh: a Mystical Practice


The Ankh and Mysticism

For the mystic, the Ankh is a mystical symbol that brings great blessings. It is an ancient talisman found in many Mesopotamian cultures–most notably Egypt. It is a potent symbol that references the power of creation and eternal wisdom. It may be used by the spiritual imagination as a key, or means of travel, to one of the many Golden Temples of Light. At these temples, one may meet with wisdom guides who provide the mystic with instruction, initiations, and an opportunity to re-energize the spiritual and auric fields of the Lux Anima and physical bodies. Contemplating the Ankh helps the mystic develop their clairvoyant abilities of seeing beyond the physical realm.

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