A Quick Numerology Lesson


One of the easier mystical skills to develop is that of numerology–number recognition. All it takes is learning some basic numerology and agreeing with your higher-self to communicate with you as it sees fit with numbers. Though we will spend an entire lesson on simple numerology, here’s enough information to get you started. As a field of study, numerology is fascinating. It is a subtle and mystical field all by itself. Like all methods of spirit communication, it is based on an agreement with the student and their guides that certain numbers will mean certain things. Once the agreement is made, your guides will begin using numbers as a language and form of personal communication. All you really need to know, to get started, is: what the basic numbers mean, how to reduce numbers to basic numbers, how to treat repeating numbers. That’s it! We will show you how it is done.

Basic Numerology Meanings

We will quickly learn the means of the numbers one through ten. Make some flash cards and learn them quickly.

  • One — means a new beginning or “get started.”
  • Two — means that you should consider alternatives.
  • Three — means that some project is getting started or is at ground level–it represents planning.
  • Four — represents that a firm foundation has been created.
  • Five — represents change, or that changes are coming.
  • Six — represents peace, harmony, caring, and healing.
  • Seven — refers to matters of logic, reason, thinking, and spirituality.
  • Eight — means success is ahead.
  • Nine — means that a project, work, or stage of life is coming to a close.
  • Ten — means that one thing is soon ending and another will soon begin–endings and beginnings.
  • The master numbers 11, 22, and 33 — Eleven represents the master dreamer. It is the number of higher consciousness and creativity. Twenty-Two, or the doubling of 11, represents the master builder. It takes dreams and makes them a reality. Thirty-three is the number of the master teacher. It is the most influential number of all.

Reduce Large Numbers to Basic Numbers

Let’s say your eye is caught by the clock when it says 5:22. Add all of the numbers together and you get nine–or a message about endings. This means your guides want you to be aware of something that is coming to an end–or think about ending something that has gone on long enough. As another example, let’s say that your eye is caught by the number 629 on a license plate. The addition of the three numbers equals 17. We then reduce the number further by adding the 1 and the 7–or 8. The universe is telling you that success is coming–or that something you’ve just done was successful. While we reduce large numbers to smaller ones, we don’t reduce the master numbers 11, 22, or 33, the number 10 or repeating numbers.

Watch for Repeating Numbers

Numerology requires the mystic to develop a feel about the meaning of repeating numbers.  With practice, it becomes an agreed upon language that feels natural between you and Source. Let’s say you look at the clock and see that it is 5:55. The repeating fives indicate big changes ahead! But what do we do if we read the clock and it says 5:25? It is true that there are two fives in the number–but since they aren’t repeating numbers we add them up to twelve and reduce them further to three. We’d assume we have a three message about some work of ours on the ground floor. Let’s say the clock as 5:52. What do we do here? This is where you need to trust your intuition and see which interpretation feels the best. It could be a message about changes ahead (the repeating fives) and the need to examine the alternatives (represented by the number two)! Or you should also consider whether it should be a three message–once all numbers are reduced. Consider what is happening in your life and go with the interpretation that feels the best! Remember, the only rules that exist are those between you and Source. After a while, number communication becomes second nature. Remain flexible as you interpret. For instance, if the clock says 5:56–I normally consider them as repeating fives–because it is one digit away from the number and it may have taken Spirit a minute to get my attention! Again, the rules of interpretation become what you and Source decide together.

Use Numerology Communication Throughout the Day

It’s so simple and easy to use numerology. Spirit often uses numbers to communicate with David. Throughout the day his attention will be drawn to numbers–especially digital clocks. David normally doesn’t look at clocks–but since he has a numerology agreement with Spirit–when his attention is drawn to a digital clock or watch, he pays special attention to the displayed numbers. One of the daily ways David relies upon numerology is his wake-up times. Normally, David awakes several times each night. He considers the numbers he sees on the clock at these times as a form of spiritual numerology–since he believes that Source awakens him for this purpose. When David sees repeating numbers throughout the day, he especially feels that Spirit is near him. Usually, there is something in particular on David’s mind such as his job, relationship with another, or anticipation of a future event. When David’s attention is drawn to numbers, he usually considers the numbers related to whatever was in his mind at the time Again; he relies upon his intuition and physical feelings to help in these determinations.


So, start wearing a digital watch, and sleep with a digital clock near your bed. Put numerology to work for you. Start noticing the numbers that call for your attention. Memorize the meanings of the numbers one through ten and begin to add more as you can. Soon, you will be seeing number messages throughout the day–and realizing that your angels, spirits, and guides are always nearby.

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  1. What about colors? I see particular colors that poimt out at me much like others see numbers. Do spirits use color to communicate?


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