A Quick Numerology Lesson


One of the eas­i­er mys­ti­cal skills to devel­op is that of numerol­o­gy – num­ber recog­ni­tion. All it takes is learn­ing some basic numerol­o­gy and agree­ing with your high­er-self to com­mu­ni­cate with you as it sees fit with num­bers. Though we will spend an entire les­son on sim­ple numerol­o­gy, here’s enough infor­ma­tion to get you start­ed. As a field of study, numerol­o­gy is fas­ci­nat­ing. It is a sub­tle and mys­ti­cal field all by itself. Like all meth­ods of spir­it com­mu­ni­ca­tion, it is based on an agree­ment with the stu­dent and their guides that cer­tain num­bers will mean cer­tain things. Once the agree­ment is made, your guides will begin using num­bers as a lan­guage and form of per­son­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion. All you real­ly need to know, to get start­ed, is: what the basic num­bers mean, how to reduce num­bers to basic num­bers, how to treat repeat­ing num­bers. That’s it! We will show you how it is done.

Basic Numerology Meanings

We will quick­ly learn the means of the num­bers one through ten. Make some flash cards and learn them quick­ly.

  • One — means a new begin­ning or “get start­ed.”
  • Two — means that you should con­sid­er alter­na­tives.
  • Three — means that some project is get­ting start­ed or is at ground lev­el – it rep­re­sents plan­ning.
  • Four — rep­re­sents that a firm foun­da­tion has been cre­at­ed.
  • Five — rep­re­sents change, or that changes are com­ing.
  • Six — rep­re­sents peace, har­mo­ny, car­ing, and heal­ing.
  • Sev­en — refers to mat­ters of log­ic, rea­son, think­ing, and spir­i­tu­al­i­ty.
  • Eight — means suc­cess is ahead.
  • Nine — means that a project, work, or stage of life is com­ing to a close.
  • Ten — means that one thing is soon end­ing and anoth­er will soon begin – end­ings and begin­nings.
  • The mas­ter num­bers 11, 22, and 33 — Eleven rep­re­sents the mas­ter dream­er. It is the num­ber of high­er con­scious­ness and cre­ativ­i­ty. Twen­ty-Two, or the dou­bling of 11, rep­re­sents the mas­ter builder. It takes dreams and makes them a real­i­ty. Thir­ty-three is the num­ber of the mas­ter teacher. It is the most influ­en­tial num­ber of all.

Reduce Large Numbers to Basic Numbers

Let’s say your eye is caught by the clock when it says 5:22. Add all of the num­bers togeth­er and you get nine – or a mes­sage about end­ings. This means your guides want you to be aware of some­thing that is com­ing to an end – or think about end­ing some­thing that has gone on long enough. As anoth­er exam­ple, let’s say that your eye is caught by the num­ber 629 on a license plate. The addi­tion of the three num­bers equals 17. We then reduce the num­ber fur­ther by adding the 1 and the 7 – or 8. The uni­verse is telling you that suc­cess is com­ing – or that some­thing you’ve just done was suc­cess­ful. While we reduce large num­bers to small­er ones, we don’t reduce the mas­ter num­bers 11, 22, or 33, the num­ber 10 or repeat­ing num­bers.

Watch for Repeating Numbers

Numerol­o­gy requires the mys­tic to devel­op a feel about the mean­ing of repeat­ing num­bers.  With prac­tice, it becomes an agreed upon lan­guage that feels nat­ur­al between you and Source. Let’s say you look at the clock and see that it is 5:55. The repeat­ing fives indi­cate big changes ahead! But what do we do if we read the clock and it says 5:25? It is true that there are two fives in the num­ber – but since they aren’t repeat­ing num­bers we add them up to twelve and reduce them fur­ther to three. We’d assume we have a three mes­sage about some work of ours on the ground floor. Let’s say the clock as 5:52. What do we do here? This is where you need to trust your intu­ition and see which inter­pre­ta­tion feels the best. It could be a mes­sage about changes ahead (the repeat­ing fives) and the need to exam­ine the alter­na­tives (rep­re­sent­ed by the num­ber two)! Or you should also con­sid­er whether it should be a three mes­sage – once all num­bers are reduced. Con­sid­er what is hap­pen­ing in your life and go with the inter­pre­ta­tion that feels the best! Remem­ber, the only rules that exist are those between you and Source. After a while, num­ber com­mu­ni­ca­tion becomes sec­ond nature. Remain flex­i­ble as you inter­pret. For instance, if the clock says 5:56 – I nor­mal­ly con­sid­er them as repeat­ing fives – because it is one dig­it away from the num­ber and it may have tak­en Spir­it a minute to get my atten­tion! Again, the rules of inter­pre­ta­tion become what you and Source decide togeth­er.

Use Numerology Communication Throughout the Day

It’s so sim­ple and easy to use numerol­o­gy. Spir­it often uses num­bers to com­mu­ni­cate with David. Through­out the day his atten­tion will be drawn to num­bers – espe­cial­ly dig­i­tal clocks. David nor­mal­ly doesn’t look at clocks – but since he has a numerol­o­gy agree­ment with Spir­it – when his atten­tion is drawn to a dig­i­tal clock or watch, he pays spe­cial atten­tion to the dis­played num­bers. One of the dai­ly ways David relies upon numerol­o­gy is his wake-up times. Nor­mal­ly, David awakes sev­er­al times each night. He con­sid­ers the num­bers he sees on the clock at these times as a form of spir­i­tu­al numerol­o­gy – since he believes that Source awak­ens him for this pur­pose. When David sees repeat­ing num­bers through­out the day, he espe­cial­ly feels that Spir­it is near him. Usu­al­ly, there is some­thing in par­tic­u­lar on David’s mind such as his job, rela­tion­ship with anoth­er, or antic­i­pa­tion of a future event. When David’s atten­tion is drawn to num­bers, he usu­al­ly con­sid­ers the num­bers relat­ed to what­ev­er was in his mind at the time Again; he relies upon his intu­ition and phys­i­cal feel­ings to help in these deter­mi­na­tions.


So, start wear­ing a dig­i­tal watch, and sleep with a dig­i­tal clock near your bed. Put numerol­o­gy to work for you. Start notic­ing the num­bers that call for your atten­tion. Mem­o­rize the mean­ings of the num­bers one through ten and begin to add more as you can. Soon, you will be see­ing num­ber mes­sages through­out the day – and real­iz­ing that your angels, spir­its, and guides are always near­by.

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