Are you ready for your next steps of spiritual growth?

Next Steps

My dear mystic followers, this is Brother Thomas of the Seventh Ray. I come to you today to answer a question that many of you have been asking lately, What are the next steps  I should take for my spiritual growth? We hear your prayers and we know of your desire to move ever onward; but, do you know how to do that? Do you know the secret that moves you forward on the God-Continuum? Let us give you words that appear to be in contradiction–but they are not. After all, the ingredients of most mysteries are apparently wrapped in contradictions. We say to you that all spiritual growth is a result of your faith and our grace. Here is the contradiction. If you do not work, you will not receive the grace of which we speak. Yet, your grace is given to you regardless of your work! Let’s talk about this.

Your Next Steps Require Grace

Some of you come from religious traditions that speak about these terms of faith and grace. We wish to take you further.

Next steps require our grace and your faith. No spiritual growth occurs unless one steps forward in simple trust that grace will be given.

Grace Defined

Let us speak of grace. When we speak of grace, we speak of granting you spiritual realizations that you cannot receive from your human intellect alone. We are also speaking about gifts of spiritual power. Spiritual power is the ability to utilize giftings beyond your five senses for personal spiritual growth and to do a specific task the Divine wishes you to perform. Though many of these gifts are latent in humankind, it is the God-Continuum who activates them as a gift of grace.

We want you to know that many gifts are given to humans each day without regard to whether one is worthy or deserving. Think of the sunshine and rain. These physical gifts are given to all–the righteous as well as the unrighteous. The same is true spiritually. All who have the Spark of the Divine receive Divine grace–but some are destined to receive more because of their faith–more about that later.

Next Steps: The First Gifts of Grace

The first gift of grace given you was at that very moment of cosmic history when Source-Almighty set aside some ITs infinite vastness to explore a concept of which IT had been thinking. This essence became the foundation of your Soul and was placed in a capsule we call the Lux Animae. Besides the essence that IT set aside for your creation, two very specific gifts were given to you.

The Gift of Your Name

The first gift was gracing you with a name. This name is more than a word. It is the very spoken power of the Creator–the same power that brought all things into being. The name assigned to you by the Almighty’s angel is unique. No other entity has or may possess the powers of your name. Your name, spoken in the angelic tongue, possesses Divine powers that not only describe who you are–but your Divine mission as well as all of the Cosmic powers and dominions you shall one day fully possess.

The Gift of Free Will

Source also gives free will. IT decided that ITs Spark of the Divine would be able to wander the universe with the full powers of Source-Consciousness at Soul’s disposal so that IT might carry out the charge given by the angel. As Soul, you possess the extraordinary gifts of autonomy and independence which you will use to carry out your purpose.

Your Next Steps Involve Knowledge and Power

And now we have something very important for you to consider. It relates to the very words at the top of this website. We describe Spiritus Lumine as The Mystical Path of Secret Knowledge and Spiritual Power. Though Source gave humankind the gifts of which we spoke, most have no conception about their true nature, or why they have been given free will in the first place.

The purpose of your free will is to allow you to learn more about your God-given powers and how to activate them. God intends for you to be fully powerful; but, this power belongs only to those who understand them and demonstrate that they will use these powers responsibly.

Your Next Steps Require Faith

Let us talk of faith.  If grace is what the Divine does for you, faith is your way, as a Soul in training, to demonstrate your readiness to receive more power and responsibility. God’s tremendous love for you aside, Source only bestows power upon those who seriously step forward and consistently apply themselves to teaching and application.

When the mystic steps forward with an intention for study and application, and really means it, the God-Continuum will send a message to them about their next steps.

Next Steps: Don’t Doubt the Signs

It is very common for new mystics to doubt the signs sent by the God-Continuum. This too determines a mystic’s readiness. There is a knack to all of this. “Next step” messages are intentionally subtle so that the mystic develops an ability to see the work of the God-Continuum everywhere about them. Yes, the Continuum could provide a blinding light or mystical vision to anyone they choose. This is usually not their way. Instead, they want you to notice your everyday surroundings and develop an ability to see them at work behind the scenes in your affairs. If you remain alert, you will receive messages that appear to be from friends, loved ones, or random phrases that catch your eye and the like. These are Spiritual Pings sent to you from the God-Continuum. They are next step messages that point you in the right direction. Don’t over think them. If you can see the spiritual value, do not hesitate to follow them.

Next Steps Require Trust

Next steps require you to trust your angels, spirits, and guides. When you travel across the country, you must drive with your eyes on the road immediately before you rather than seeing the whole trip at once. The spiritual journey is like that.

Take the next step that seems most right to you.

Perhaps you will study Tarot or learn more about sacred Geometry. Be adventurous and walk the path, even if it is misty and all you can see are a few steps ahead. Have faith that the God-Continuum will use all that you learn to your advantage. Nothing is ever wasted. Let’s say that you learn something about Tarot–then decide you wish to go no further. Never worry, the God-Continuum can use that information to help you and will soon direct you towards your next series of steps.

Next Steps Require Actions

Next steps require decisions and actions. In the beginning, it is common for new students to feel a reluctance to commit to a path of study. Just keep in mind, that no path of study need be a life-long commitment. You are a Spiritual Sovereign. It is your right to decide what you study and how long you will study. The important thing is that you intentionally signal the God-Continuum of your readiness by committing to do something!

Next Steps Require Commitment

The final thing we wish to tell you is this. It is your willingness to step forward and make a commitment that signals the God-Continuum of your readiness to grow. Your talk will not be enough. You must commit to doing something–even when you are not fully certain about it. That is where faith comes into it all! Your work as a mystic is not about becoming worthy of a gift of grace. It is your way of demonstrating to the God-Continuum of your present availability to grow and learn new things about the powers promised you!  When you step forward, grace will appear. You will learn new things that only Source can tell you. You will receive spiritual power that source alone can give.

Are you ready for your next steps?

So, we encourage you on this day to take a step of faith. Even a small step will make a significant difference. Perhaps you might locate and join a group of likeminded people. Maybe you should join an online internet class. You might become more consistent in your meditation. The ways you demonstrate readiness are endless.  Know this, your guides know you as well as you know yourself, for that is one of their special gifts! When you are ready, they will appear. One day, you will be as we are–using your God-Powers to accomplish a mighty end. But for now, let us continue your daily training so that we might prepare you for this eventuality.

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