Mystical Holiness

My dear friends, this is Thomas, a mystic who wants to help you discover your true nature by living a mystical lifestyle. Today I want to write about a deeply misunderstood concept central to a mystic’s way of life. We are speaking about mystical holiness. It is time we reclaim this helpful practice from the religious zealotry of our day that has little or no understanding of the meaning of this beautiful concept and its rightful place in mysticism. Holiness is not what you’ve been taught.

What is mystical holiness?

There is a lot of confusion about the meaning of holy and holiness. I think it is safe to say when most people hear the term, they associate it with historical, spiritual leaders like Jesus, Moses, Buddha, and Mohommad, or perhaps apostles, disciples, clerics, and priests, or very caring people such as Mother Theresa. In other words, we think of saintly beings who did saintly things. Many of us have been taught that holiness is defined by what you think, say, and do that cause you to follow, believe, and obey; whatever sacred text you were taught was holy and true.

For the religious among you, what we have to say may seem shocking. We assure you that we do not wish to offend or belittle the role or importance of religion. What we are trying to do is explain and clarify this very important term. What we have to say is beneficial not only for lightworkers and those following a mystical path but also for religious people.

Mystical Holiness describes your true nature.

Mystical holiness is not what we think, say, or do–though those things are important–it is a description of each person’s true nature that is pure and untainted. Your very essence can never be harmed, touched, or tainted. As a soul, you are a part of All That Is, the Divine, the Source, etc. As we wear these human bodies, we also have a heart and mind that seeks coherence with this purity within. Thus, mystical holiness is the state of purity, wholeness, and righteousness found in our true nature. Once the mind gets a glimpse of this pure nature, it seeks ways of drawing near. Though this process differs from person to person, as one becomes more successful at drawing near, they develop a distinctive style of living that is observable to all. We call these people mystics or lightworkers.

Mystical holiness helps us soar.

Think of those times when you have seen a hawk or eagle. Weren’t you amazed by their ability to soar high above the earth? Often they fly in large circles while barely flapping their wings. Their secret is finding one of nature’s thermals where warmer air rapidly rises to the cool sky. Once they find the thermal, they soar for hours with minimal effort. We can learn important lessons from these birds.

Mystical holiness is like a thermal that allows us to ascend, soar, and connect with our Divine nature. The Divine provides the lift our hearts and minds need to make the connection. When this happens, our hearts open for receiving wisdom, and our minds open for receiving teaching and Divine knowledge. The Soul continuously creates thermals, or circumstances, that allows the mind to perceive its true nature. Thus mystical holiness is not so much what we humans do as it is hitching a ride on the Divine currents.

Were you raised with hijacked holiness?

I want to relate a little about my past evangelical Christian upbringing if you indulge me. As a student of the mystical path, I have learned that most of what my well-meaning friends, family, and church thought was holiness was misguided. Now I know these people loved me and were doing what they believed was right, true, and best by saving me from what they thought would be eternal suffering imposed on me by an angry, wrathful God if I did not follow their understanding of his teachings. I can love them for that. But regardless of their intentions, their interpretations of the Divine were deeply rooted in fear of eternal punishment than helping me discover my true nature and who I was created to be. Perhaps you, too, identify with what I call hijacked holiness.

You don’t have to be religious to practice mystical holiness.

Regardless of what some people think, holiness is not the exclusive domain of religion. You aren’t holy because you belong to a religious group or follow a spiritual path. We agree that some very well-recognized mystics of old were religious figures and that many religious people seek holiness. But one doesn’t have to be a member of a church, be a cleric, or believe in God in any traditional sense to be holy or practice mystical holiness. This is because holiness has more to do with how one manages their spiritual relationship with the Divine than maintaining their standing in some religious order. Mystical holiness is not about upholding religious traditions and interpretations of who is saved, who is spiritual, or what some text says or means. Instead, it is a lifestyle of learning how to draw near to the Divine so one is led by their true nature instead of the deceptions of their mind.

Mystical Holiness builds on the past and doesn’t throw it out the window.

If you are among the billions who were raised religiously, you may struggle with the idea of adopting a mystic lifestyle because many of the things you hear about mysticism may sound similar to religious teachings implanted within you long ago. But talking about God is not the same as hearing the Divine voice, which is what mystics do. Mystics know that we can build on our religious past rather than throw it all away. Thus we build on the foundations of previous experiences and allow the Divine to refine them as we discover our true nature.

Does holiness require you to believe 12 impossible things before breakfast?

As a young boy, I was raised to believe that the bible was the inspired word of God. If I wanted to go to heaven, and I did, I must accept everything written on its pages as factually accurate and follow its teachings to the letter. For instance, if the bible said the earth was created in seven days, I had to believe it even if logic and science said otherwise. If the bible said that all the animals of the earth were stored on Noah’s Ark to escape a flood, I was told it must have been so. There were many things I was expected to believe about the bible, including the superiority of men over women, the superiority of certain races of people, and the justification for the utter destruction of people and nations God found displeasing. These ideas were presented as proper and true, and only a rebellious person would dare to question the validity of such things.

Mystical holiness is not the exclusive domain of sacred texts.

There are many recognized sacred texts such as the Bible, Hebrew Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, Toa te Ching, Book of Mormon, and the like. But claims of holiness does not make it so. We don’t deny these beautiful texts contain stories, ideas, and inspirational messages that help many people lead better lives, perhaps even to mysticism and discovering their true nature. But generally speaking, these texts do not to lead one to discover their true essence. Instead, people have employed literal and legalistic interpretations of what is contained in these texts, without attention to linguistic and historical context, and often been them as a pretense or justification for hurting and harming people who can’t, don’t, or won’t agree with them. Mystical holiness never harms others and never imposes on the rights of others to choose what is best for themselves.

Mystical holiness is about a relationship with the Divine.

Mystics know that holiness has nothing to do with belonging to a preferred group of people, a religion, or unquestioning acceptance of what is written in some text. Mystical holiness is about cultivating a relationship with the Divine so that one may know their true nature as a Soul. This pure and whole nature we speak of existed before we came to earth in a fleshly body, and will continue after we physically leave the planet. Our knowledge of this essence grows more profound as we do those things which create a coherence between our hearts, minds, and souls. Mystical holiness is about learning to listen to the Divine voice within and becoming an impeccable Spiritual Sovereign that follows the wisdom it reveals.

Is mystical holiness believing and following a set of rules?

Besides the bible, there were leaders in my life explaining how people should live. There were many rules to follow them if I wanted to be in good standing with God and the Church. Following these rules would keep me pure and holy. These included no smoking, no drinking of alcohol, and absolutely no drugs (even pain killers should be avoided). One should not listen to rock music, have long hair (if you were a man), say swear words, play cards, or wear shorts (if you were a girl). Men and women were not permitted to swim together at a lake or pool, dance together, or have sexual experiences outside of marriage. There were many other do’s, and don’ts, too numerous to mention here, that we were taught displeased God. According to them, a holy person must believe and accept the church’s teachings and avoid these things. As I understood it, going to heaven was going to be hard even if I avoided all these things. I was taught it was most likely impossible for anyone else to make it to heaven if they did not have the good fortune to be raised as I was. Perhaps many of you can identify with these experiences.

As a student of the mystical path I have learned that most of what my well meaning friends, family, and church taught me about holiness is very misguided. Regardless of their intentions, acceptance of teachings such as these caused me and others to live in fear and hold very misinformed views about the Divine, our true nature, and who we were created to be.


Mystical holiness isn’t about following religious teachings.

People aren’t holy because they believe and follow literal or legalistic interpretations of rules and commandments, behavioral piety, coercive traditions, or set ways of living imposed on people by institutions, cultures, religious orders, and clerics. Mystical holiness isn’t about whether you laugh at a crude joke, swear occasionally, eat meat, drink alcohol, follow some purity culture’s idea of sexual expression, or dress the way people say you should. When rules are imposed on people under the threat of expulsion, physical harm, or even death, its not holiness we’re speaking of but, slavery, control, and manipulation.

Mystical Holiness isn’t making rules to live by

Now I don’t want to run down anyone’s ideas about living a good clean life. In a world where most people have yet to connect to their Soul’s wisdom, rules are very important, and we wouldn’t want to be without them. Many of the things I was taught back in the day are great ideas that I still follow. It’s not that these ideas in and of themselves are wrong; it’s that they presume the mind is what makes you holy instead of the wisdom and guidance your Soul happily supplies. It’s good to have guidelines, but there are very few absolutes in the world. For every rule someone makes, life will show you that an exception is needed. While many rules start off well-intentioned, over time, they are usually manipulated by people in power to oppress and control others to achieve their ends.

What we say about rule making applies to spiritual leaders as well. In their zealousness to help people discover their true nature, many leaders make demands of their disciples to do one thing or another such as meditating for days, restricting one’s diet, endlessly chanting specific mantras, and a host of other things. And while these things, depending on the person, can be beneficial, they may or may not help one discover their true nature.

How shall I find this mystical holiness you describe?

So, how should one find this coherence with mystical holiness? As a spiritual path, mysticism is a way of gaining knowledge and discovering practices that will help one experience their true nature. All wishing to experience their true essence must possess dedication and earnestness. Though mystical holiness is your natural state, finding it is different for each person. This is because each Soul is a unique manifestation of Divine Oneness and there is no one size fits all approach. Even so, there are practices mystics have used throughout the ages to connect with the Divine.

Try some of these ideas below.

For the mystic, connecting with one’s true nature is an adventure that quickly becomes a way of life. Each day, we learn new ways of riding that thermal current we described earlier. By remaining mindful, we find that our Soul introduces us to countless ways of uniting with our heart and mind. For now, let us offer ten well documented techniques you can learn more about books and on the internet. But more importantly, as you try them let your Soul teach you creative ways of using these techniques. Remember, your Soul is your teacher and it will introduce you to books, people, and websites such as this one. But as it does all of this, listen to the wisdom of your Soul as it explains what we say. Then, have the courage to follow this guidance.

  • Meditation and Contemplation – set aside some time each day to quiet your mind and contemplate something true and noble. Allow your inner wisdom to teach you. There are hundreds of techniques out there, but don’t slavishly follow any of them. Let your Soul help you find and modify something that works best for you. In time, meditation and contemplation will do its work of pointing you to your True Nature, and living a mystic lifestyle.
  • Speak to your guides – Talk with your guides who no longer live in the physical form. Though they do not live here on earth, they are aware of you and willing to speak with you. Don’t worry about the approach you use. Keep it simple. Just find the time when you can be alone and carry a conversation with them either verbally or in your mind. In time, you will develop clairaudience and hear internally from your spiritual guides. Never forget that spiritual guides have one goal for you–to discover your True Essence and how to express it during your lifetime.
  • Speak with your departed loved ones. As discussed above, find a quiet place where you can be alone and hold a private conversation with your departed loved ones. You may do this either verbally or in your mind. One helpful way to do this is to use an Oracle card deck. Ask a question, and draw three cards at random, and trust the answers given to you. Remember, your loved ones are now in a place where they more fully comprehend their Divine Nature and they want you to discover yours.
  • Prayer – Prayer is a form of a two-way conversation between you and the Divine. Discuss whatever is on your heart and mind and release it to a power greater than yourself. Remember, spiritual law says that all prayers are answered–so remain on the lookout for your answer. While the Divine is always looking out for our best interest, we highly encourage asking the Universe for what you think you need. As you do so, hold open the possibility that your prayer might be answered in ways different than you might imagine. This two-way conversation is at the very heart of discovering the depth of our True Nature.
  • Eliminate sources of stress – Stress makes it possible to achieve that coherence we need. While we cannot eliminate all stress, nor would it benefit us spiritually to do so, we need to keep in mind that much of the stress in our life is self-inflicted. For instance, if the news or your social media stresses you out, reduce or eliminate it. Teach yourself ways of living more peacefully with those around you. Make the choice to remove needless and pointless stressors in your life. As our lives become more carefree, we will find that we connect easily with our Divine Nature.
  • Simplify your life – Every belief, every person in your life, and everything you own, however small, represents an attachment in your life. Attachments come with hidden costs. For instance, everything thing you own must be maintained and requires some of your time, energy, or money. You can eliminate some of your attachments by getting rid of things you don’t need or want. If something doesn’t add value to your life, eliminate it if you can. Learn to live a curated life where everything that surrounds you adds positive energy and blesses you. In the end, only one attachment is important. This pearl of great price is your True Nature.
  • Simplify your speech. – Speech is a blessing, but it is also a source of trouble. To maximize the energy of the throat chakra, we can learn to simplify what we say. Save your words for things that uplift, encourage, and show compassion. Resist angry speech, blaming, shaming, accusing, hurtful, and self-justifying. As we speak the truth of the Divine, we become a vocal channel for it and soon find that our voices are expressing our Divine Nature.
  • Set your mind’s attention – As we become mindful and observant of our thoughts, we can learn to put our them on noble and worthy things. We can learn to contemplate beauty and notice the Divine’s work about us. As we grow more observant of how the Divine communicates to us via synchronicity, we find ourselves quickly drawn to our True Nature.
  • Service – Though discovering our true nature is an important life goal and accomplishment; we do so because we want to be of service to others. Mystics receive Divine energy so that we may share it with others. Our recognition of this giving and receiving helps us connect with our true nature. Mystics do not come to be served but serve others by what we think, say, and do. Every day, the Soul will provide us with numerous opportunities to do something for someone else. It may be as simple as writing an encouraging email or calling someone and inquiring about how they are doing.
  • Enjoy nature – We exist in physical bodies so that we might enjoy them and the beauty of this world. The sky, seas, hills, trees, mountains, grasses, flowers, animals, and all living things provide quick and easy access to our true nature if we will but contemplate them.


We hope this discussion about mystical holiness has been helpful to you. There is holiness in everyone, but not everyone discovers this birthright of the Soul. May your life be filled with all good things as you remove the bonds of slavery our cultural institutions have forced upon us and you find your True Essence of All That Is.

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