The Muladhara Red Root Chakra

The Mulad­hara Red Root Chakra


A Word from Brother Thomas

[dropcap]Sweet[/dropcap] broth­ers and sis­ters of the mys­ti­cal path, the Spir­i­tus Lumine, Light of God, is every­where about us. It is the sweet com­fort we need when times are hard, it is the way, truth, and life spo­ken to us by the mas­ter teach­ers. The Light of God is plant­ed in each per­son and is as near as your next thought or breath. Why is it that so many do not know of this? Is it because we live in a cul­ture of con­trol that would become very fear­ful if humankind were able to attune to this holy vibra­tion with­out the go-between of law, gov­ern­ment, reli­gion, edu­ca­tion, cul­tur­al tra­di­tions and the like? We cer­tain­ly think so! One of the pur­pos­es of the third-dimen­sion­al expe­ri­ence – aka as life on plan­et earth – is to clear­ly teach you that the Spir­i­tus Lumine is all you need to live a hap­py, suc­cess­ful, and moral life. Its wis­dom is per­fect­ly attuned to your vibra­tion, and its lessons are cus­tom tai­lored to bring you from one ascen­sion to the next.

Those who rely upon the inner lead­ing of the light with­in, will soon notice the oppres­sive forms of pro­gram­ming every­where about them that are coun­ter­feits of God’s holy light.

The reliance upon the fam­i­ly, min­is­ters, priests, rab­bis, gurus, sacred texts, fam­i­ly, friends, law, phi­los­o­phy, and so on infini­tum, is but a poor sub­sti­tute for the train­ing and wis­dom avail­able to all via the Spir­i­tus Lumine. They are but train­ing wheels for the real thing! Human rules, laws, tra­di­tions, and so on are designed to keep order and lead to earth­ly suc­cess – which can be a good thing. The wis­dom avail­able to all via the Spir­i­tus Lumine pre­pares one not only for earth – but lays the ground­work for each soul’s spir­i­tu­al ascen­dance!

Now that you know the rea­sons why we, your guides on the oth­er side of aware­ness, want you to under­stand these ener­gies, let us begin teach­ing you the lessons each chakra affords. Be care­ful that you do not allow past knowl­edge of these sub­jects to puff you up or taint your respect for the infor­ma­tion we pro­vide. No chakra can be mas­tered entire­ly or under­stood. All have a depth of knowl­edge and pow­er that exceeds any­thing a human could ever pos­si­bly con­ceive. Read with hum­ble­ness and with a desire to ful­ly incor­po­rate the lessons and teach­ings.  Let us begin!

Basic Information

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] Mulad­hara chakra is locat­ed at the tail­bone – between the gen­i­tals and the anus. Its name means root or sup­port. This is the foun­da­tion­al chakra of life and liv­ing. Its col­or is red. While there is anoth­er more spe­cial­ized chakra that grounds the phys­i­cal form to the earth, this is the more gen­er­al ener­gy cen­ter used by mil­lions to focus upon the ener­gies of moth­er earth. When we have con­cerns about phys­i­cal safe­ty, well-being, pro­tec­tion, and the like, this is the chakra we con­cen­trate on using the inner and out­er forms. When we face anx­i­eties and can­not seem to set­tle our minds, this is a help­ful place to focus upon.

This is also the chakra of pri­mal pas­sion and cre­ativ­i­ty. When­ev­er we feel the fight or flight syn­drome – you can be cer­tain that you have con­tact­ed this ener­gy cen­ter. In its most pri­mal form, the root chakra acti­vates our lim­bic mem­o­ry – the amyg­dalae – to pre­pare us for dan­ger. They are small cher­ry-like organs locat­ed on either side of the brain that acti­vates when­ev­er dan­ger is sensed. When we see or sense dan­ger, the amyg­dalae bypass the log­i­cal and ratio­nal brain process­es and cre­ate a notice­able sense of dis-ease or dis­tur­bance. More pos­i­tive­ly, this is the chakra that allows us to feel great pas­sion towards peo­ple, places – run­ning deep­er than log­ic would sug­gest. For instance, the love we feel for our chil­dren and loved ones is deep and pas­sion­ate and beyond expla­na­tion. We may feel a pas­sion for the work we do. For instance, artists often report feel­ing a deep tran­scend­ing con­nec­tion with the cre­ative process­es asso­ci­at­ed with their work. The root chakra is often derid­ed as being a less­er chakra – but this is not so. The love of Source and our search for all things spir­i­tu­al receives its ener­getic impe­tus from this chakra. Indeed, our desire to fol­low the mys­ti­cal path is sub­stan­tial­ly moti­vat­ed by the red root chakra.

The Lesson of the Muladhara Red Chakra

The study of the Mulad­hara Red Root Chakra teach­es us the impor­tance of ground­ing! This les­son alone could change many lives for the bet­ter! With­out ground­ing, there can be no clear con­nec­tion to the high­er worlds. This fact alone makes it wor­thy of study.

A ground­ed per­son lives a life that based upon respect for self, oth­ers and the earth. They accom­plish this by liv­ing in har­mo­ny with the spir­i­tu­al ener­getic cir­cle which flows freely through them.

The Spiritual Energetic Circle

Like elec­tri­cal cir­cuits, cur­rent can­not flow when there is a break in the elec­tri­cal con­nec­tion or if there is high resis­tance imped­ing cur­rent flow in the cir­cuit. The same is true for us spir­i­tu­al­ly. For the sake of illus­tra­tion, think of our Lux Ani­mae (our soul com­plex) as being in the mid­dle of an elec­tri­cal cir­cuit.  Below is elec­tri­cal ground – which is the uni­ver­sal ground of Source Con­scious­ness. Above us is a switch that we may open or close, as we wish, to con­nect with the pos­i­tive ener­gy of Source. You may ask, “Why don’t we keep the cir­cuit closed all of the time and remain in con­stant con­tact with source?” The answer is two-fold. First, the spir­it-com­plex Lux Ani­mae always remains con­nect­ed to source. You may relax know­ing your high­er self is always con­nect­ed. At the same time, the part of us that resides in phys­i­cal form must con­scious­ly decide how much ener­gy will flow in this spir­i­tu­al cir­cuit. When we reside in bod­i­ly form, we also have the abil­i­ty to adjust the lev­el of vibra­tion we emit – which in kind, deter­mines the vibra­to­ry state we attract from oth­ers. Return­ing to the ques­tion about why peo­ple don’t keep this divine cir­cuit closed; the answer is that after hun­dreds of phys­i­cal incar­na­tions we have cho­sen to for­get how to do so. Our lack of mem­o­ry keeps us enslaved to the pat­terns of the third dimen­sion. Once our soul re-awak­ens – such as when we trav­el the mys­ti­cal path – we regain this impor­tant hid­den knowl­edge and ascend as we were meant to do.  Ascen­sion always begins with being a firm­ly ground­ed spir­i­tu­al per­son. Being firm­ly ground­ed is based less in the depth of reli­gious knowl­edge we may pos­sess and more about the abil­i­ty to allow the divine light cur­rent to flow with­in.

What it means to be Grounded

There is a direct rela­tion­ship between being spir­i­tu­al­ly ground­ing in the red Mula­hadra chakra and the qual­i­ty of ground­ing that can be seen by the peo­ple that know you best. No mat­ter what lev­el of spir­i­tu­al­i­ty a per­son claims to pos­sess, the truth is always observ­able in the atti­tudes and ways one treats their fel­low­man. A verse in the Holy Bible says it best. “If any­one says, ‘I love God’ yet hates his broth­er or sis­ter, that man is a liar!” The same is true for us.  Here are a few phys­i­cal and emo­tion­al qual­i­ties we observe in those who are spir­i­tu­al­ly ground­ed.

Comfortable with Self

Ground­ed peo­ple have learned how to be com­fort­able in their own skin. They accept them­selves as they are – faults and all. Though they strive to improve, they do not let their imper­fec­tion keep them from accept­ing them­selves. Ground­ed peo­ple under­stand that they are a work in progress and allow oth­ers that space to grow in as well. These peo­ple see the per­fec­tion in imper­fec­tion and know that some­times, it is the imper­fec­tion in a musi­cal instru­ment that lends it a unique sound. Ground­ed peo­ple are com­fort­able and they have a sense of how to fit in with dif­fer­ent peo­ple, places, and things. A ground­ed per­son will let you know what they do well and, just as quick­ly, will let you know when some­thing is not their strong suit.


Rela­tion­ships are impor­tant to ground­ed indi­vid­u­als. One of the hall­marks of a well-ground­ed indi­vid­ual is the respect they show for them­selves, oth­ers, fam­i­ly, friends, their com­mu­ni­ties, and the earth. The well-ground­ed per­son does not look down upon peo­ple of less­er accom­plish­ment nor feel infe­ri­or to those who have done greater things. They hap­pi­ly praise the accom­plish­ments of oth­ers while lend­ing help to those who need it. A ground­ed per­son will let oth­ers have their moment in the sun – even if it involves some­thing they have done before, per­haps even bet­ter! They know the impor­tance of allow­ing each per­son those moments of feel­ing good and telling oth­ers about their accom­plish­ments.  Ground­ed peo­ple under­stand that none of us are self-made – that every­thing we do is built upon the ear­li­er accom­plish­ments of oth­ers. They per­ceive that life is an inte­grat­ed web and that we must all work togeth­er if we are to make progress in our friend­ships, fam­i­lies, and com­mu­ni­ties.

Respects the Views of Others

Ground­ed peo­ple don’t force their per­son­al opin­ions upon oth­ers. They are com­fort­able in their own beliefs and will­ing to let you fol­low what seems right to you – as long as it does not vio­late their rights. This does not mean that a ground­ed per­son won’t offer a dif­fer­ing point of view or stand up for what they believe is right – they do – but a ground­ed per­son does not cre­ate a scene when they meet some­one whose view is very dif­fer­ent.  Ground­ed peo­ple know that the beliefs they hold and cher­ish today most like­ly will change over time. When meet­ing with some­one of a dif­fer­ent view, they seek to under­stand the per­son more than to agree with their view.

Relat­ed to respect­ing oth­ers is a term we call “self-mon­i­tor­ing.” Ground­ed peo­ple are care­ful about express­ing opin­ions in a force­ful man­ner when they know that oth­ers around them may feel very dif­fer­ent about the mat­ter.  They try and be sen­si­tive to those around them and nev­er seek to inten­tion­al­ly offend. This does not mean that they refuse to speak their point of view if they must – they just try and remain aware that oth­ers about them may hold com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent view. For instance, even though a ground­ed per­son may hold a polit­i­cal view­point, they would be cau­tious about speak­ing it except to those whom they know and trust. They under­stand the impor­tance of car­ing for the feel­ings of oth­ers.

Live Authentically

Ground­ed peo­ple are con­sis­tent peo­ple. What they believe on the inside is what they express in their actions. They don’t say one thing and do anoth­er. They know that not every­one will agree with their think­ing or like them per­son­al­ly. And while ground­ed peo­ple care deeply for rela­tion­ships, they nev­er com­pro­mise at the cost of per­son­al integri­ty. There are many peo­ple who must live lives where impor­tant per­son­al beliefs must remain hid­den.  There is a dif­fer­ence between keep­ing one’s views pri­vate ver­sus not liv­ing what one believes. Some­times it is very impor­tant to not reveal the truths you learn on the mys­ti­cal path. Our ground­ed beliefs do not require us to reveal all that we know or to reveal the hid­den full­ness we have come upon. We must how­ev­er, live our lives with authen­tic­i­ty. So even if you must remain silent about many things, let your life show what truths you real­ly believe.

A Profound Respect for Mother Earth

Though entire books and doc­u­men­taries have been writ­ten about this amaz­ing plan­et and its spir­i­tu­al qual­i­ties – that is not our intent here. What we do want to say how­ev­er is that a ground­ed per­son wor­ships and adores the earth we live upon. There is noth­ing that we enjoy in this phys­i­cal life that did not come from our Moth­er. The air, water, mate­ri­als we use for shel­ter, plants, ani­mals, and our very lives come direct­ly from this beau­ti­ful plan­et. Just as we should respect our own par­ents, so too, we respect the pro­found intel­li­gence that cre­at­ed us. Earth is not a thing that is sep­a­rate from us – it is a part of us and we are a part of it. Moth­er Earth is an intel­li­gence just as sure­ly as you and me. She car­ries out her own unique sacred mis­sion envi­sioned by Source – which also includes help­ing us to ascend to new lev­els of spir­i­tu­al­i­ty in oth­er dimen­sions where the earth resides.

A mys­tic is one who stud­ies the earth to learn of its pow­er and lessons. In time, they come to under­stand that there is a whole range of spir­i­tu­al beings on the God-con­tin­u­um that have been spe­cial­ly cre­at­ed for the care of this plan­et. There are ele­men­tal spir­its that care for the earth and plants. There are ascend­ed mas­ters who cre­ate all mat­ters of sci­ence includ­ing geo­log­ic for­ma­tions, oceans, ani­mals, and ecosys­tems. There are ener­gies sto­ried in earth’s crys­talline struc­tures that serve as Akashic libraries for the solar sys­tem. We could go on. The earth is far more com­plex and com­pli­cat­ed than most peo­ple know. It has a wis­dom that is yet to be revealed to the pub­lic at large.

Low Drama

Ground­ed peo­ple do their best to stay away from anger and dra­ma. We all know dra­ma kings and queens who con­stant­ly express angry thoughts about peo­ple, places, and things.  One day they they are angry with a cowork­er. The next day they are enraged about some­thing else. When some­thing hap­pens to them, they react over-the-top emo­tion­al­ly. Peo­ple of dra­ma are always judg­ing and crit­i­ciz­ing oth­ers, and some­times them­selves, for nev­er mea­sur­ing up to some stan­dard known only to the angry per­son. Ground­ed peo­ple avoid these behav­iors. They seek peace and tran­quil­i­ty. They work hard to let neg­a­tive ener­gies go. They seek to resolve their dif­fer­ences as quick­ly as pos­si­ble. They keep short accounts – that is, they ask for and grant for­give­ness quick­ly. Most of all, a well-ground­ed per­son keeps a steady dis­po­si­tion know­ing that both the good and the bad pass away before long. They don’t allow them­selves to become over­whelmed when trou­ble comes or act sur­prised when good luck comes to an end.

How to Access This Chakra

Access the ener­gy of this chakra by prac­tic­ing inner and out­er forms which focus upon:

  • The col­or red (both phys­i­cal­ly and with the spir­i­tu­al imag­i­na­tion),
  • Lis­ten­ing to har­mon­ics of the musi­cal note C (32.7, 65.4, 130.8, and 261.6 Hz),
  • Chant­i­ng, or lis­ten­ing to chants, of the seed mantra LAM (pro­nounced lum),
  • Plac­ing your atten­tion upon the sacred geom­e­try of the cube – rep­re­sen­ta­tive of your per­son­al sacred space and the four car­di­nal direc­tions,
  • Car­ry­ing or hold­ing gem­stones of Blood­stone, Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, Fire Agate, Black Tour­ma­line,
  • A com­bi­na­tion of any or all of the meth­ods above.


The red root chakra is impor­tant to main­tain because it keeps us ground­ed. Ground­ing is impor­tant because it clos­es the spir­i­tu­al ener­getic cir­cuit and allows the Spir­i­tus Lumine to trav­el freely through our bod­ies. This is the chakra that man­ages the ener­gies of pas­sion, cre­ativ­i­ty, as well as our more pri­mal, ani­mal like, qual­i­ties. When the chakra is man­aged effec­tive­ly, we feel com­fort­able in our own skin, live authen­ti­cal­ly, respect our­selves and oth­ers, and feel a pro­found con­nec­tion with Moth­er Earth.

Other Material

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2. Here is a guid­ed med­i­ta­tion video that focus­es upon the red root chakra.