Seal of Solomon Protection Ritual

Seal of Solomon

This mystical practice is designed to bring spiritual protection using the ancient symbol known as the Seal of Solomon. It was given to King Solomon by the Archangel Michael so that the king would have protection and dominion over evil spirits. To learn more about this symbol, we encourage you to read our post entitled: Use the Seal of Solomon for Protection.

Seal of Solomon: Esoteric Meanings

Notice that there are six points on the seal–as well as the space in the middle. These represent the traditional seven energy centers, or chakras, as well as the conventional seven rays of visible light. There are four distinct corners to the seal–representing the four directions of the earth and the traditional elementals of air, earth, water, and fire.  The seal may be used ritualistically in a variety of ways–both two- and three-dimensionally. The uses for the seal are beyond counting; however, for our purposes, we will only discuss using the seal as a form of protection.

A Seal of Solomon Ritual for Protection

It is easy to uses the Seal of Solomon for protection.  All you have to do is sit quietly with your hands in mudra position, close your eyes and call upon your spiritual imagination to visualize the Seal of Solomon with you sitting in the middle.

Mudra Position

We remind you that mudras encourage the energy currents of the body to flow in directions that enhance our spiritual work. This particular mudra symbolizes protection. As the pictures illustrate, fingers of both hands interlace in such a way that the middle two fingers of the dominant hand lay across the palm of the other hand. As the hands fold together, the middle two fingers remain cupped inside for protection.


Mudra 1Mudra 2
Mudra 3Mudra 4

Guided Meditation

  1. Imagine the room where you presently sit and meditate is empty except for you.
  2. Now, simply ask your angels, spirits, and guides to join you for this spiritual exercise.
  3. Using the power of your spiritual imagination, see a sizeable gleaming star, designed in the form of the Seal of Solomon, laying flat and stretching across the entire floor of your room.
  4. Notice that this seal is made of pure Divine light.
  5. Now notice that you are sitting right in the middle of this great Seal of Solomon.
  6. Recite, aloud–or in your mind–the following words (or words like them). “Angels, spirits, guides, I beseech thee for the same spiritual protection that was given unto King Solomon in his day as he called to the Divine for help. Let nothing but good come to me and all who are present in this circle with me. Please keep me, and those with me, from harm this day. May we enjoy the protection of Archangel Michael in all that we do.”
  7. Now notice that your Seal of Solomon has transformed from a two-dimensional star, sitting upon the floor, into a three-dimensional cloud of protection. You and the things you love are now inside of this amazing and protective star. Know that any thoughts or negative energies directed against you by others will never be allowed to penetrate this three-dimensional star. You are fully protected.
  8. Close this ritual by saying these words or words like them. “Angels, spirits, guides, and Archangel Michael, I thank you for the protection you are giving me. May all I think, say, and do today be as worthy of the love that you are showing me at this time. In the name of the Divine Spark within me and my higher-self, I offer you my thanks and say, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Amen.”
  9. Awaken to full consciousness and go about the rest of your day knowing you are protected. Use the same protection at night before you go to sleep.


Seal of Solomon Graphic used by permission of Creative Commons