Seal of Solomon Protection Ritual

Seal of Solomon

This mys­ti­cal prac­tice is designed to bring spir­i­tu­al pro­tec­tion using the ancient sym­bol known as the Seal of Solomon. It was giv­en to King Solomon by the Archangel Michael so that the king would have pro­tec­tion and domin­ion over evil spir­its. To learn more about this sym­bol, we encour­age you to read our post enti­tled: Use the Seal of Solomon for Pro­tec­tion.

Seal of Solomon: Esoteric Meanings

Notice that there are six points on the seal – as well as the space in the mid­dle. These rep­re­sent the tra­di­tion­al sev­en ener­gy cen­ters, or chakras, as well as the con­ven­tion­al sev­en rays of vis­i­ble light. There are four dis­tinct cor­ners to the seal – rep­re­sent­ing the four direc­tions of the earth and the tra­di­tion­al ele­men­tals of air, earth, water, and fire.  The seal may be used rit­u­al­is­ti­cal­ly in a vari­ety of ways – both two- and three-dimen­sion­al­ly. The uses for the seal are beyond count­ing; how­ev­er, for our pur­pos­es, we will only dis­cuss using the seal as a form of pro­tec­tion.

A Seal of Solomon Ritual for Protection

It is easy to uses the Seal of Solomon for pro­tec­tion.  All you have to do is sit qui­et­ly with your hands in mudra posi­tion, close your eyes and call upon your spir­i­tu­al imag­i­na­tion to visu­al­ize the Seal of Solomon with you sit­ting in the mid­dle.

Mudra Position

We remind you that mudras encour­age the ener­gy cur­rents of the body to flow in direc­tions that enhance our spir­i­tu­al work. This par­tic­u­lar mudra sym­bol­izes pro­tec­tion. As the pic­tures illus­trate, fin­gers of both hands inter­lace in such a way that the mid­dle two fin­gers of the dom­i­nant hand lay across the palm of the oth­er hand. As the hands fold togeth­er, the mid­dle two fin­gers remain cupped inside for pro­tec­tion.


Mudra 1Mudra 2
Mudra 3Mudra 4

Guided Meditation

  1. Imag­ine the room where you present­ly sit and med­i­tate is emp­ty except for you.
  2. Now, sim­ply ask your angels, spir­its, and guides to join you for this spir­i­tu­al exer­cise.
  3. Using the pow­er of your spir­i­tu­al imag­i­na­tion, see a size­able gleam­ing star, designed in the form of the Seal of Solomon, lay­ing flat and stretch­ing across the entire floor of your room.
  4. Notice that this seal is made of pure Divine light.
  5. Now notice that you are sit­ting right in the mid­dle of this great Seal of Solomon.
  6. Recite, aloud – or in your mind – the fol­low­ing words (or words like them). “Angels, spir­its, guides, I beseech thee for the same spir­i­tu­al pro­tec­tion that was giv­en unto King Solomon in his day as he called to the Divine for help. Let noth­ing but good come to me and all who are present in this cir­cle with me. Please keep me, and those with me, from harm this day. May we enjoy the pro­tec­tion of Archangel Michael in all that we do.”
  7. Now notice that your Seal of Solomon has trans­formed from a two-dimen­sion­al star, sit­ting upon the floor, into a three-dimen­sion­al cloud of pro­tec­tion. You and the things you love are now inside of this amaz­ing and pro­tec­tive star. Know that any thoughts or neg­a­tive ener­gies direct­ed against you by oth­ers will nev­er be allowed to pen­e­trate this three-dimen­sion­al star. You are ful­ly pro­tect­ed.
  8. Close this rit­u­al by say­ing these words or words like them. “Angels, spir­its, guides, and Archangel Michael, I thank you for the pro­tec­tion you are giv­ing me. May all I think, say, and do today be as wor­thy of the love that you are show­ing me at this time. In the name of the Divine Spark with­in me and my high­er-self, I offer you my thanks and say, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Amen.”
  9. Awak­en to full con­scious­ness and go about the rest of your day know­ing you are pro­tect­ed. Use the same pro­tec­tion at night before you go to sleep.


Seal of Solomon Graph­ic used by per­mis­sion of Cre­ative Com­mons