Journey to the Great Central Sun

The Great Central Sun is the center of all things. It exists on all of the spiritual and physical planes. It is the location of Source Consciousness.  It emits a bright divine light known as the Spiritus Lumine. This light distributes the infinite and ineffable nature of God to all known dimensions, beings, and things. Within the Central Sun is a divine temple—where nothing but light and vastness exists. To come to this temple is to come home—the very place where source willed that you should exist. As Source Consciousness dreamed, IT decided to take a part of ITs infinite divine self and send it upon a mission to explore the dream—which is now the divine purpose and mission of your soul. This divine light of source was placed in a Lux Animae, a vehicle that stores your divine light, and all of the experiences you will have as you carry out your mission of exploration. This exercise is a visit to the Great Central Sun, the home of the Spiritus Lumine—the divine light of God—where you will refresh and renew your Lux Animae, increase your spiritual vibration, and receive spiritual wisdom.

Read the following steps below to get a sense of what you will be doing. These steps do not have to be precisely followed–they are general guidelines that are very helpful and beneficial. Do not overly stress yourself if you do not perfectly perform the steps. You will get better as you practice this form–and you will also discover methods that are better suited for your personal spiritual practice.

  1. Find a place where you may sit comfortably and be alone.
  2. Conduct the GCPA exercise.
  3. Take a big inhale. Remember, it isn’t just air you are breathing but prana! Prana is energy—so inhale deeply and slowly exhale. Do this for five times.
  4. Place your attention on your breath. Breath naturally. Don’t try and control it. Just be an objective observer of the breath.
  5. As you continue to observe the breath, make certain that you fully relax the belly.
  6. Allow your body to relax all over. Release the tension as you mentally command yourself to “fully relax, I am fully relaxed.”
  7. Just allow yourself to feel the peace that immediately comes to the body through a slow rhythmic breathing and as you give the mental commands to “Relax deeply, I relax deeply.”
  8. Now mentally say the following dialogue, “I now connect with the Spiritus Lumine, the divine light of God. My Lux (light of my soul) fully merges with Spiritus Lumine. I am one with the divine light.
  9. Now, as you continue your relaxed breathing, mentally say “Spiritus”, as you draw the breath in, and “Lux” as you slowly let the breath out. Do this for a period of time that seems right to you.
  10. As you continue repeating the words Spiritus and Lux on your in and out breaths, imagine a beautiful divine light, of any color of your choosing pervading your entire being both physical and spiritual.
  11. As you continue with your mental chanting and drawing down of the divine light, allow your minds eye (aka the 3rd eye) to look upward towards the Great Central Sun. Don’t over think this, just imagine you are freely in the darkness of space and your attention is drawn to the brilliant divine light of the Great Central Sun.
  12. Allow your spiritual body to be drawn towards the beautiful light of the Great Central Sun (You are traveling in your Lux Animae.). Continue to mentally chant, “Spiritus” and “Lux” as you fly towards the Great Central Sun.
  13. Allow yourself to be drawn into the very center of the sun. In your mind, slowly repeat, “I am filled with the divine light of the sun.” Do this over and over until it seems exercise is finished.

While you are in the Great Central Sun, you may feel the presence of the Spiritus Lumine, or of an ascended master or guide—or you may be taken out of the body altogether to travel to another place.  Whatever happens or doesn’t happen is perfectly fine.