Increase Energy by Reciting the Names of God

names of god

Dear Ones, to focus on the names of God is to invite Source ener­gy into your life. Yes, it is that sim­ple! We often make it too com­pli­cat­ed! If you cry out with this fer­vent prayer, “Lord, please help me!,” you may rest assured that the Lord you call upon hears your pleas and responds imme­di­ate­ly!

If you want to increase your ener­getic force (prana), recite the names of God!

Recit­ing the Names of God is prob­a­bly the most under­es­ti­mat­ed of the mys­ti­cal prac­tices for cul­ti­vat­ing spir­i­tu­al ener­gy; yet, it is one of the eas­i­est to per­form. We want you to know – recit­ing the names of God is just as effec­tive as any breath­work (pranaya­ma) you may learn to con­trol the prana in your body! Each are impor­tant and we encour­age you to do both – but if you had to choose, pick recit­ing the names of God. This is some­thing you can do any­time and any­where. You may sim­ply chant a sin­gle name for God over and over again, or you may call upon many dif­fer­ent names in a row. It does not mat­ter.

The Names of God Activates Your Energetic Forces

Whether you know it or not, deep with­in each of your cells, the Spir­i­tus Lumine, the uni­verse of dis­trib­uted Source-Ener­gy, is avail­able for acti­va­tion as you inten­tion­al­ly recite the names of God. This acti­va­tion aids you in con­nect­ing your Lux Ani­mae with Source-Con­scious­ness, trav­el to oth­er dimen­sions, or speak­ing with your angels, spir­its, and guides. It is an easy way to raise your vibra­to­ry state. And if you think about it, what more noble thoughts could one have or place in their ener­getic field than the names for Source-Con­scious­ness?

If you devel­op a dai­ly prac­tice of recit­ing the names of God, before long, these names will recite them­selves auto­mat­i­cal­ly and uncon­scious­ly in the back­ground of your uncon­scious mind as you con­duct the nor­mal affairs of your life. This lends even greater pow­er to your dai­ly affairs.

What Names of God Should I use?

It does not mat­ter what names of God your recite – pro­vid­ed these names have mean­ing to you. Yes, we know, many reli­gious groups will tell you oth­er­wise – but Source-Con­scious­ness is well aware of ITs names and responds to them all! As you devel­op your mys­ti­cal prac­tice, you should con­sid­er expand­ing your vocab­u­lary of the Divine. Cre­ate names of God that call upon the Divine Heal­er, Blessed Giv­er, Wise Leader, Patient Mother/Father, and so on. Again, you may select from tra­di­tion­al names or cre­ate your own. Con­sis­ten­cy is the key! As you learn more about these char­ac­ter­is­tics of Source – you will find your­self call­ing upon them instinc­tu­al­ly as you have a need for them in your life.

An Easy Mystical Practice Using the Names of God

  1. Sit com­fort­ably, close your eyes, keep your back rea­son­ably straight, and arrange your legs in a com­fort­able posi­tion.
  2. Take a num­ber of deep breaths by inhal­ing slow­ly for five counts and exhal­ing for anoth­er five counts. Try to take ten of these.
  3. When you begin to feel relaxed, begin the exer­cise by tak­ing a slow inhale while you men­tal­ly say­ing a name of your choos­ing for God. Hold your inhale for at least two counts.(Here are some exam­ples: Source, All-there-is, Uni­verse, Eter­nal One, Great Spir­it, Father, Moth­er, Spir­it, All-Lov­ing One, Heav­en­ly Lord, Holy Light, Light Eter­nal, Spir­i­tus Lumine, I am that I am.)
  4. On the exhale, men­tal­ly say, “I love you and invite you into my life.”
  5. See if you can state twen­ty dif­fer­ent names for God. As you do this,
    notice how calm and peace­ful you feel. The names of God help cen­ter a per­son and instill inner peace.
  6. Some peo­ple find it help­ful to use a mala, rosary, or large bead­ed bracelet as they roll beads between the thumb and fore­fin­ger to keep count or com­plete a cycle.