Improve Physical Exercise with This Outer Form

A Helpful Outer Form for Physical Exercise

Those who love phys­i­cal exer­cise know that breath­ing is foun­da­tion­al to their work. In yoga, move­ments are con­duct­ed on the in and out breaths. In weight lift­ing, exhale as you are push­ing and inhale as you low­er the weight. Here is a help­ful out­er form that is handy for your exer­cise pro­gram. Try it and see if it doesn’t improve your abil­i­ty. The exer­cise is very sim­ple.

What you do

  1. On the in-breath, imag­ine you are bring­ing in the vital red ener­gy.  Just imag­ine a cloud and beam of red light sur­round­ing you and being absorbed by your in breath.  While you inhale, say the men­tal­ly say the word, LAM (pro­nounced lum as in umm).
  2. On the out breath, imag­ine you are filled with green heal­ing ener­gy and say the word YAM (pro­nounced yum).

That’s it! Try this easy out­er form rely­ing upon the pow­er of the cos­mic rays to help you in your exer­cise and notice the pow­er­ful results.