Ground Yourself to Mother Earth

grounding to mother earth

Grounding to Mother Earth allows us to channel the energies of this planet so that we might more effectively communicate with our angels, spirits, and guides. Mother Earth always stands ready to assist any in her creation who wish to ascend to the higher earthly frequencies.

Why Grounding is Important

Grounding is an important mystical practice. To effectively develop our ability to travel the spiritual realms consciously, we must learn how to close the energetic loops between the Spiritus Lumine, the Lux Animae, and our Higher-Self. While our Lux Animae is always in contact with Source Consciousness via the Spiritus Lumine–the Higher-Self sometimes is not. Just as no current can flow in an electrical circuit if there is a break in the wire, the same is true about soul communication. It must be grounded to “close the energetic loop.”

Why Ground to Mother Earth?

Many people are unaware that Mother Earth is a living and breathing organism with sentience as sophisticated as you or me. They think of themselves as being the smart thinking one and mother earth as little more than leftover spewed inert matter from the big bang.  This is not the case at all! Mother Earth is a part of the material cosmos, and she is in communication with all of the other planets and galaxies. She has been tasked by Source Consciousness to serve as the creator of all living beings–including all human bodies born on this planet and be their host while they live here. Additionally, mother other stores the memories of all inhabitants–including us–in her crystalline structure. The frequencies of Mother Earth are designed to resonate with our own. When we ground our conscious physical awareness (tap into) Mother Earth consciousness, we can borrow (or piggyback) with her amazing energies and abilities to commune with the cosmos.

How To Ground to Mother Earth

Grounding to Mother Earth is natural and easy. She is always willing to visit with any person who calls out to her.  In fact, any time you have felt connected to the earth–such as admiring the beauty of a beach, ocean, mountain range, and the like, you were grounding to Mother Earth. Grounding to Mother Earth to help bring inner peace, raise our vibration of love, and to transfer energy from Mother Earth to our energetic bodies. Even though this inner-form is a simple exercise mystical practice, it is profound. Never forget that simple experiences are no less real than complex ones. Your goal in this exercise to commune with Mother Earth until you feel a stable connection. A solid connection is that moment when you feel as though you both feel each other.

  1. You should be in a quiet place, dark if possible, and not be concerned that these moments you have set aside will be interrupted. You will probably spend between 20 and 40 minutes in this exercise. Sit in a chair or comfortable position on the floor. Keep your back straight and your feet touching the floor if possible. If you are sitting on the floor, cross your legs comfortably.
  2. Close your eyes, and begin a deep breath. Inhale slowly and hold it as long as you can–then slowly let it out for as long as you can. See if you can take twenty such breaths. As you take these breaths, remind yourself that you are not just breathing air-you are building prana–life force energy! As you hold the breaths, prana energy travels the whole body bringing healing and energizing power everywhere. As you exhale the breath, command that all of your non-positive energies be returned to the light. Imagine this as you break in and out.
  3. Now, with your eyes closed, we will now ground to Mother Earth. The easy way to do this is to speak to Mother Earth as you would a friend. Tell her how much you love her. Count on each of your fingers the things you love about Mother Earth. See if you can count twenty separate things about her beauty and energies that you live.
  4. Express your love for her waters, her animals, the mountains, the plants, the sky, and as many things as you can think of. Do this will all of your heart.
  5. As you express your love and devotion, you will soon feel a sense of mutual love between you and the Mother. That is how you will know you have made your Spiritual connection. At this point, ask Mother Earth to ground you by accepting a beam of light from your Lux Animae (light body) and anchor it to her crystal core. Ask her to send you powerful energies from her core and into your Lux Animae.
  6. Feel the energy of Mother Earth rising and falling within you as you take each breath.
  7. Now, with your energies centered and grounded, ask that your angels, spirits, and guides come and join you and shed heavenly light all around you for protection. If you have a high spiritual guide such as Jesus or another, call upon them as well. Ask the guardian angels to surround you–and thank all for being with you each day. As you do this, please understand that you are actually communing with your angels, spirits, and guides. Just because it happens in your spiritual imagination makes it no less real.
  8. If you wish, you may now ask Mother Earth to reveal a picture of her form to you–or to give you a special message to remember.
  9. If you should find that your awareness stops, or sort of blanks out, this is perfectly normal and fine.  Just allow whatever experience you have to unfold as it will. In this state, it may well be that Mother Earth will show you past experiences from your store in the Akashic Soul Records. Or, it may be that you spend time moments of quiet time in energetic renewal.  Sometimes you may awaken with little or no remembrance of anything in conscious memory. Whatever the result, rest assured, that you made contact with Mother Earth–even if you are not able to remember it consciously. This grounding exercise is a valuable mystical practice in and of itself.  You may also use this mystical practice, or a variation thereof, as the first part of a your meditation as you prepare to contact spiritual guides and travel to remote dimensions.
  10. At some point, you will feel the connection weaken and your consciousness returning.  Be certain to thank your angels, spirits, and guides–as well as Mother Earth–for spending time with you.