Ankh Meditation for Spiritual Travel


The Ankh and Mysticism

For the mys­tic, the Ankh is a mys­ti­cal sym­bol that brings great bless­ings. It is an ancient tal­is­man found in many Mesopotami­an cul­tures – most notably Egypt. It is a potent sym­bol that ref­er­ences the pow­er of cre­ation and eter­nal wis­dom. It may be used by the spir­i­tu­al imag­i­na­tion as a key, or means of trav­el, to one of the many Gold­en Tem­ples of Light. At these tem­ples, one may meet with wis­dom guides who pro­vide the mys­tic with instruc­tion, ini­ti­a­tions, and an oppor­tu­ni­ty to re-ener­gize the spir­i­tu­al and auric fields of the Lux Ani­ma and phys­i­cal bod­ies. Con­tem­plat­ing the Ankh helps the mys­tic devel­op their clair­voy­ant abil­i­ties of see­ing beyond the phys­i­cal realm.

Meaning of the Ankh

The Ankh, some­times called an Egypt­ian cross, sym­bol­izes eter­nal life, wis­dom, insight, and fer­til­i­ty. The Ankh is read­i­ly found in Egypt­ian paint­ings and lit­er­a­ture. As a fer­til­i­ty sym­bol, the loop rep­re­sents the female vagi­na joined by the male penis in the line below. The crossed line below the loop rep­re­sents the out­stretched arms of fam­i­ly. The loop also rep­re­sents the eter­nal soul. The fig­ure has been in Egypt­ian tombs and on mum­mies as a sym­bol of life after death. Meta­phys­i­cal­ly, the Ankh rep­re­sents the pow­er of clair­voy­ance – the abil­i­ty to see to the worlds beyond.

A Mystical Practice Using the Ankh

Many mys­ti­cal prac­tices draw upon the pow­er of the Ankh for wis­dom and cre­ativ­i­ty. We offer the fol­low­ing med­i­ta­tion for your use in those times where you need clar­i­ty, under­stand­ing, and guid­ance. This prac­tice will remind you of your true nature and rea­son for being.

  1. Relax, cen­ter, and pro­tect your­self using the med­i­ta­tive prac­tices out­lined in those lessons found in the Mys­ti­cal Prac­tices.
  2. Using the pow­er of your spir­i­tu­al imag­i­na­tion, bring before the screen of your inner eye a large gold­en Ankh. It is float­ing freely in a dark space and radi­ates gold­en rays in all direc­tions.
  3. Allow your­self to trav­el in your spir­i­tu­al body towards the cen­ter of the loop locat­ed at the top of the gold­en Ankh. As you approach and enter the loop, you notice that you have crossed into a tun­nel of bright and hazy gold­en-white light. Notice that it is like you are trav­el­ing and float­ing upon a celes­tial road that extends an infi­nite dis­tance.
  4. As you trav­el this celes­tial tun­nel of gold­en-white light, you are bathed in ener­getic light and lumi­nes­cence. This light per­fects your light body as you con­tin­ue to trav­el with­in the celes­tial space. All dark places and tears in your ener­getic field are quick­ly absorbed and replaced with vibrant and pearles­cent white light.
  5. There is now a large sphere of radi­ant light around you extend­ing a con­sid­er­able dis­tance from your body. This sphere is large and pow­er­ful. You are the cen­ter and source of this light.
  6. As your trav­el con­tin­ues, you begin to notice a size­able tem­ple-like struc­ture ahead. This is one of the many Gold­en Tem­ples of Light and Wis­dom that you often vis­it in your sleep­ing state. Yet, now, as you trav­el in your astral body, you are ful­ly awake and aware.
  7. This tem­ple is a mas­sive build­ing – much more exten­sive than any earth­ly cap­i­tal build­ing. It is made of gleam­ing white mar­ble and has an exten­sive­ly long and wide ramp extend­ing from the ground-lev­el to the mid-lev­el court­yard locat­ed in the front and mid­dle of this build­ing.
  8. At the top of the ramp, you see sev­en mas­sive columns that front the mid­dle of the tem­ple court­yard com­plex. Behind these columns is the tem­ple court­yard.
  9. Behind this court­yard is anoth­er great ramp lead­ing to the next lev­el of the tem­ple.
  10. Your eyes now notice that across the top of these columns, in large gold let­ter­ing, are the words of a long-for­got­ten lan­guage. It says, “Tem­ple of the Eter­nal Gold­en Light.” Beneath this, in small­er let­ters, are writ­ten ten-thou­sand names of God. Every few sec­onds these names fade and are replaced with ten-thou­sand addi­tion­al names.
  11. At the top of the ramp in the mid­dle-lev­el court­yard. You see two wise and radi­ant beings of light – a man and a woman. They are draped in white tunics with out­er gar­ments of red. As you approach, both extend their hands towards you. The priest­ly man holds your left with both of his hands, and the wise woman holds your right with both of her hands.
  12. Both wel­come you to the Tem­ple of Eter­nal Gold­en Light and remind you that, like you, they once lived upon earth-like planes.
  13. The priest­ess hangs a gold­en neck­lace around your neck. Dan­gling at the bot­tom is a gold­en Ankh. She tells you this key allows you to enter the Sanc­tu­ary of Gold­en Light, which is reserved and ready for you.
  14. The three of you walk the length of the sec­ond ramp to the sec­ond court­yard. You walk beyond the pil­lars to the inside of an open court­yard with a high ceil­ing. In the mid­dle of this space is a float­ing sphere that radi­ates translu­cent gold­en light. You are told that this is a por­tal to the Great Cen­tral Sun ITself.
  15. As you walk towards the sphere, you note a spa­cious ramp that begins its descent direct­ly below the temple’s gigan­tic sphere.
  16. As you descend, You see many hall­ways with gleam­ing gold­en walls lead­ing in all dif­fer­ent direc­tions. These walk­ways are lined with doors on either side.
  17. Your guides lead you down one of the spa­cious hall­ways and stops before a large pan­eled door. On the door is a sign which says “Souls of the Peo­ple of Earth.”
  18. Your guides say that your key alone opens the door – and that even they may not enter this room. Your guides hug and give you a short bless­ing, “May the wis­dom of Source and the Great Cen­tral Sun bless you this day with words that enliv­en your soul and bless all peo­ples of the earth.”
  19. You slip the Ankh into the door and watch it dis­ap­pear. Sud­den­ly, you find your­self trans­port­ed into what seems a dark­ened space where you are hov­er­ing above the very earth itself.
  20. As you place your atten­tion upon the earth, you find that you are sud­den­ly stand­ing in that very place. In this place, you may see all his­to­ry and dimen­sions of the earth. You may see any per­son alive or dead. Wher­ev­er you pass upon the earth, your light shines.
  21. A voice comes to you clear­ly in your inner hear­ing. There is no doubt of your under­stand­ing. It says, Before Earth and all that is, I was. From my pow­er and imag­i­na­tion, the Earth and all that is came into being. You are none oth­er than myself, a part of me that I sent upon a jour­ney long ago. And though you have jour­neyed, we have nev­er been apart. There has nev­er been a time when YOU were not ME, and I was not YOU.  Now tell me what you will and desire for the yet to be awak­ened peo­ple of the Earth and let us bless it togeth­er.
  22. Take a few moments now to bless the earth with your love, light, and words. As you do so, hear the words of Source and you togeth­er say­ing, “May it all be as we have said.”
  23. When the tim­ing seems ful­filled, please return to your earth­ly con­scious­ness.

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