A Surefire Way to Open the Heart Chakra

A Surefire way to Energize the Heart Chakra

A guaranteed way to open the heart chakra is to pause for a moment of gratitude and thanksgiving several times throughout the day. It works every time! Start giving gratitude and thanks for everything going on in your life–and we mean everything! The very nature of the Anahata–the heart chakra–is based upon the giving and receiving of thanksgiving and gratitude. Look around you and you will see that most of humankind are quick accept their blessings without much thought or comment; yet, they curse their perceived misfortunes each time it occurs. If we want to live peaceful lives, where our heart chakra is open and activated, it is important to train ourselves in the spiritual disciple of giving thanks and showing gratitude. And we must remember this, we must show our gratitude many times more than the times we show displeasure. Giving thanks is not an intuitive process, it is the result of a willingness to work hard on our spiritual path. Did you know that marriage research has shown that human relationships need an experience ratio of 15 good to 1 bad in order to feel happy and healthy? Did you also know that many couples will divorce when the ratio drops to 7/1–or seven good to one bad? The same is true in our spiritual lives. We must have a larger factor of positive energy than negative if we are to make spiritual progress.

What you do

  1. Get in the habit of wearing a wrist mala (a bracelet made of medium sized wooden beads or sacred stones).
  2. Hold the mala in your dominant hand, close your eyes, and as you take each breath, roll a bead between your finger and thumb (similar to a rosary).
  3. On the inhale, mentally say, “I am grateful for ___________.”
  4. On the exhale, mentally say, “Great Spirit (or whatever your name your would like to use for Divine Source), I give you thanks with the energy of my being.”
  5. Continue doing this until you have rolled each bead through your fingers.
  6. Vary the exercise by doing this with your eyes open in some public location–say when you are waiting in line at a store or sitting in some boring meeting!
  7. Do this spiritual exercise everyday until it becomes second nature and requires no physical action whatsoever on your part.

This heart opening exercise also works when you are anxious about some person, place, or thing. Just pause, and take a moment to roll the beads as you reflect about what good things in the stressful situation that you can find to be grateful for.