A Surefire Way to Open the Heart Chakra

A Surefire way to Energize the Heart Chakra

A guar­an­teed way to open the heart chakra is to pause for a moment of grat­i­tude and thanks­giv­ing sev­er­al times through­out the day. It works every time! Start giv­ing grat­i­tude and thanks for every­thing going on in your life – and we mean every­thing! The very nature of the Ana­ha­ta – the heart chakra – is based upon the giv­ing and receiv­ing of thanks­giv­ing and grat­i­tude. Look around you and you will see that most of humankind are quick accept their bless­ings with­out much thought or com­ment; yet, they curse their per­ceived mis­for­tunes each time it occurs. If we want to live peace­ful lives, where our heart chakra is open and acti­vat­ed, it is impor­tant to train our­selves in the spir­i­tu­al dis­ci­ple of giv­ing thanks and show­ing grat­i­tude. And we must remem­ber this, we must show our grat­i­tude many times more than the times we show dis­plea­sure. Giv­ing thanks is not an intu­itive process, it is the result of a will­ing­ness to work hard on our spir­i­tu­al path. Did you know that mar­riage research has shown that human rela­tion­ships need an expe­ri­ence ratio of 15 good to 1 bad in order to feel hap­py and healthy? Did you also know that many cou­ples will divorce when the ratio drops to 71 – or sev­en good to one bad? The same is true in our spir­i­tu­al lives. We must have a larg­er fac­tor of pos­i­tive ener­gy than neg­a­tive if we are to make spir­i­tu­al progress.

What you do

  1. Get in the habit of wear­ing a wrist mala (a bracelet made of medi­um sized wood­en beads or sacred stones).
  2. Hold the mala in your dom­i­nant hand, close your eyes, and as you take each breath, roll a bead between your fin­ger and thumb (sim­i­lar to a rosary).
  3. On the inhale, men­tal­ly say, “I am grate­ful for ___________.”
  4. On the exhale, men­tal­ly say, “Great Spir­it (or what­ev­er your name your would like to use for Divine Source), I give you thanks with the ener­gy of my being.”
  5. Con­tin­ue doing this until you have rolled each bead through your fin­gers.
  6. Vary the exer­cise by doing this with your eyes open in some pub­lic loca­tion – say when you are wait­ing in line at a store or sit­ting in some bor­ing meet­ing!
  7. Do this spir­i­tu­al exer­cise every­day until it becomes sec­ond nature and requires no phys­i­cal action what­so­ev­er on your part.

This heart open­ing exer­cise also works when you are anx­ious about some per­son, place, or thing. Just pause, and take a moment to roll the beads as you reflect about what good things in the stress­ful sit­u­a­tion that you can find to be grate­ful for.