Mystical Practices


mystical practicesSpirit is more willing to talk with us than we have ever dreamed.  In a very real sense, the Source within the Lux Animae always resides just below the level of consciousness to communicate with us.  As we have learned in this Mystical Foundation Series, the more significant part of the Soul Complex is attached to our bodies extra-dimensionally and remains hidden from our ordinary consciousness. Through practice, we can train our conscious awareness to notice specific moments when Source – God – The Universe is speaking to us through our inner senses, external circumstances, and bodily feelings.  As we become more “tuned-in,” we learn that we are never alone, that help and advice for our path are always at hand. Using our effort with the divine imagination, we may greatly enhance our gifts of the spirit related to each of the clairs–clairvoyance. (clear seeing), claircognizance. (clear knowing), clairaudience. (clear hearing), clairempathy. (clear emotional feeling), clairgustance. (clear tasting),  clairsentience. (clear physical feeling) clairtangency. (clear touching), and clairsalience. (clear smelling). Normally, a person has a natural talent with one or more of these–though all can be developed through practice.  The purpose of these forms is to connect the Light of the Soul (Lux Animae) with the Spiritus Lumine.