What am I?

Hello mystical traveler! This is Brother Thomas, your spiritual guide, assigned to help you along the Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine. The three questions most people want to know are: Who am I?, What am I doing here?, and Where am I going after this? In the lesson I have created for you, we will think deeply about the first question and answer it from a metaphysical viewpoint. The quick and easy explanation is that you are a Source creation that has been made in ITs very image.  As the Universal Consciousness dreams, IT becomes interested in exploring and having specialized experiences about those dreams. To this end, Source creates Souls by partitioning part of ITs infinite energy into a specially created soul complex called the Lux Animae.  Our hunger to know what we are here for is seeded by Source’s very own desire to explore and grow. Lifetime after lifetime, you have learned more about your purpose. Even when our lives do not appear to make logical sense, we can be assured that each of our lifetimes is part of a greater Overlife that is exploring ITs purpose.  At this point in your soul development, your unique conscious awareness is housed in a Lux Animae and wearing a specially adapted bio-suit (human body) to explore, reflect, grow, and learn more about your overall purpose. And now, you are here–reading a lesson provided by the Spiritus Lumine–to gain even more clues as you travel along the path for this lifetime.


[dropcap]Ask [/dropcap]most people about themselves, they’ll respond with their name, what they do as an occupation, what kind of work they’ve done in the past, or they’ll tell you that they are a husband, wife, son, daughter and the like. They may answer you by telling you their religious, philosophical, or political affiliations. But none of these get at what you are, and in the end, these answers are unsatisfying.


You are more than a human body. You are Source consciousness expressing ITs self as a multi-dimensional being of light. You live in a soul complex that connects directly back to Source and is currently tethered in a human body. In a very real sense, you are the imagination of Source as it experiences ITs infinite self across all time and space.

Your Physical Form

From a metaphysical point of view, you are many things!  Let’s work backward shall we?  The body and all its characteristics are only a small part of who you really are. It’s easy for us to identify with it. We name it, dress it up with clothes, style the hair, tat it up with tattoos, and do all sorts of things to make it unique and easily identifiable. But, the body is only an amazing meat-suit that we wear to host to our consciousness. In many ways, the physical body isn’t much different from the clothes in your drawer or closet–it’s only an outward covering.  When the body fails and dies, our consciousness survives. The real you wanted to experience life in this dimension and could not do it in the way it wished without this special adaptive device. Your body is a fantastic adaptive piece of hardware–but there is more to you than your physical form.

Your Energetic Soul Form

If you could see the real you–your Lux Animae, it would look more like an egg-shaped orb of energy. The real you can be seen by those with a developed clairvoyant sight as an extra-dimensional energetic field surrounding the human body. We often refer to this as the human aura. The aura is a fantastic energy complex that feeds and energizes the physical human body. It is the body’s power station. It is true enough that the physical body powers itself through food, water, air, and sunlight–but none of this would be enough for the body to operate with consciousness were it not for the connection of this energetic source. Energy attaches to the body via the silver cord. The silver cord is many things, but for now, it has three primary functions. The first is to serve as an energetic extension cord from the soul to the human body. The second function is to split the Lux Animae (soul light energy) coming from this extension cord into seven specific frequencies that energize various organs in the human form. The third function is to serve as a data-multiplexer which interprets our human experiences to the soul and vice-versa. As we travel the various dimensions of light (we will learn more as we study the ROY-G-BIV Highway), the understanding of what we see and do is translated into physical human consciousness and meaning via the silver cord.

Your Seven Bodies

Your Lux Animae is not one body but many encapsulated into a single form.  Besides our physical body, we have the health, emotional, mental, astral, etheric, causal, and spiritual bodies. Each of these subtle bodies has unique functions. Though we speak of them individually, they work together as one. It is like our physical form which has systems of endocrine, digestive, nervous, muscular, skeletal, and the like. All have special functions, yet all work as one. Different metaphysical systems vary on the number and descriptions of these bodies. Some systems like to associate each body with a particular chakra and color as well. It is important to keep in mind that these are only road maps to help us better understand our spiritual makeup.

Health Body

The Health body is often seen as a sort of electric or greyish white cloud that is extremely close to the physical body. It is sometimes referred to as the etheric body. With a little practice and concentration, this body can be easily seen by most people–if a light-colored wall is behind a person and they allow their eyes to softly focus on the body.  A crisp and electric look indicates a healthy body, while a dingy or muddy color suggests a less healthy one.  This body corresponds to the root chakra, whose color is red.  The health body is used for communicating passion, communing with nature and mother earth, and interacting with those who manage and keep the earth along with its plants and animals. If we are attentive, we will notice that our guides often call us to notice and connect with nature. It could be as simple as seeing flowers in a garden or the beauty of a field as we drive by in our cars. Mother Earth (Gaia) continually reaches out for interaction with us. A great outer form is to walk in bare feet over the earth and notice grass, plants, trees, and flowers.  As we do so, we commune with the nature spirits who care for them.

Emotional Body

Like it sounds, the emotional body manages the energetic forces related to our feelings and emotions.  It corresponds to the sacral area of the body and its color is orange. As we learn to rely on how our bodies feel, we learn that the emotional body can be a sure guide to whether something is good for us or not. For instance, when we have feelings of peace and goodness in our body, we can be confident that whatever is receiving our attention at the moment is worthy of us. The emotional body is also useful for detecting energetic forces from crystals, minerals, and plants.Through muscle testing, this body can also provide feedback about the usefulness of foods, supplements, and many other questions we may have under consideration. Through meditation, we can learn to communicate with our emotional body to determine why we may be feeling stress in certain parts of our body. We will provide several of these meditations in our series of lessons on the inner forms. As we learn to be more attentive, we will notice that our guides will sometimes speak to us by injecting feelings into our bodies. David has an agreement to allow a shiver to travel up his spine as he hears spiritual information Spirit wants him to know about. We can make other contracts that serve as ways for Spirit to communicate with us as well. Finally, we should be aware of our emotional states and be vigilant when we are picking up the emotions of others. This subtle body can become resonant with the emotions of other people.  The next time you feel yourself getting anxious or worked up about something, ask yourself if these are your emotions or the emotions of someone around you. We can even pick up emotions from a distance as we “tune-in” to someone in thought.

Mental Body

The mental body is reserved for the energies of logic, reasoning, learning, and all varieties of knowledge.Though you might think this energetic body would connect at the level of the physical brain, it does not; rather, it connects through the solar plexus. Its color is yellow. We travel daily to this level of consciousness though it might not have occurred to us that we are doing so.  When we get lost in thought or meditation about a particular subject of interest, we are traveling in the mental body. Sometimes we are in the flow–a state that seems timeless and effortless–while we are actively engaged in a subject of interest. This too represents a movement of energetic soul travel on the mental plane of existence. We often attend classes on the mental plane while we are asleep at night. At this time, we may visit museums, libraries, and classes held all over the universe via our light bodies. Here, we may learn about any subject–both past, present, and future. It is said that Thomas Edison would often take short naps during the day while he was working on numerous inventions. No doubt, Edison visited many of these places of learning on the mental plane as he napped. As we travel the mystical path, we soon learn that our Guides often inject thoughts into our mind. These thoughts sort of “pop” into our heads. I could be an idea about a person, place, or thing, that we hadn’t been thinking about or some answer to a question that has been bothering us. If we are willing, Source is more than willing to communicate with us through our mental processes.

Astral Body

The astral body is located at the physical heart center. Its color is green. It is a harmonizing body that links the lower, more physical chakras, with the upper, more spiritual energetic forces. This is the body that teaches us compassion. It is the body that is used to bring about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. This access this body as we work to better understand others in our daily relationships. This is the body that desires peace, calm and compassion.  Many people who work in the helping services utilize this body on a daily basis such as physicians, nurses, healers, social workers, teachers and the like. All who see their work as service to others may access this body.

This is also the body that many metaphysicians refer to as the first of our spiritual soul travel bodies. It is often referenced in books about astral travel, lucid dreaming, and the like. Some believe the astral body is the only body used to travel to extra-dimensionally (soul travel). While this is somewhat true, and we see nothing wrong with it, we believe it is just as accurate to state that we are able to travel in the other bodies that we have mentioned as well. In a larger sense, all extra-dimensional travel is astral travel. It depends on what we want to do.  But technically, the astral body is considered a fourth-dimensional body, that mimics the physical third-dimensional body. Once we travel exclusively in our light bodies (fifth dimension and above), we use a different energetic light body that is more refined.

The astral body has become a popular vessel of discussion because it is usually one of the first places on the metaphysical path where we encounter spirit communication with loved ones that have passed and visit earth like locations extra-dimensionally. Often, this occurs in our dream state; but we can learn how to travel in our astral body through guided meditation and training the spiritual imagination of the Lux Animae.

When we learn how to pay attention, the astral body is a useful and accessible way for us to communicate with our higher-self, solve problems with the higher-selves of those we are earthly related, seek messages from loved ones who have passed and maintain connections with our angels and guides.  We also may learn to how to interpret the promptings we receive from this body into our conscious minds so that we may help heal ourselves and others.

Etheric Body

The etheric body is often referred to in metaphysical literature as the Etheric Template Body. It is located at the throat chakra, and its color is blue. As we think of it, this is the body that allows us to give physical expression to our spiritual thoughts. As a template, it stores the perfect blueprint for each of our lower bodies. But it is also the conduit whereby we discern what spiritual matters we should pass along to the three-dimensional plane where we reside. When we travel in our Lux Animae, we often wish to remember what we have seen. With this body, we channel what is seen by the third-eye, and crown chakras so that we might give physical expression to these concepts. This is the body that we often use for channeling messages from the ascended masters such as Jesus, St. Germaine, El Morya, Lady Nada and others. The lessons Brother Thomas gives to David finds its expression through David’s etheric template body. Brother Thomas is a worker for St. Germain of the Seventh Ray. David is a channel of this spiritual information.

Causal Body

Every soul has a plan for its growth that is stored in the causal body. This body carries the memories of our previous lifetimes and the karma that accompanies it. When it is time for the soul to incarnate once again, the next part of the plan proceeds which includes delivering the soul to its planned location in time and space which includes time of birth, country, the city of birth, parents, siblings, marriage partners, and children. These plans also include the significant events that are waiting in store for us such as careers, major successes and failures, and the significant people we will come into contact–including our roles with them and their roles with us. It also includes a series of potential exit points where we may choose to leave our earthly existence if we wish.

The plan is a continuation of our personal karma–or the law of cause and effect–in which we have agreed to participate. Some of the karma is designed to give us an opportunity to settle past situations from previous lives. Other karma is designed to improve our abilities at managing our light body energies in ways that advance our souls and those about us. We can be assured that the plan stored in our causal body will be carried out in everyday life. It provides us with constant testing to see whether we will choose to serve ourselves over others and whether we will choose the path of love over power. The tests are thorough, comprehensive, and includes every conceivable circumstance that one living in the third-dimension will face.

The causal body is also the place we come into contact with our part of the Akashic records. These records store the memories and complete details of our previous lives.The vastness of all records, including our own, are stored in crystalline libraries across the galaxies and are sometimes made available for our examination by the guardians of these records. Very often at night, while the body is at rest, the Lux Animae reviews some of these records and permits the memories to come forward to the conscious mind. Careful students on the mystical path will recognize these dream fragments as past life episodes and use them for better understanding their present lives and accelerating their spiritual growth.

Spiritual Body

The last subtle body we will discuss is the spiritual body–sometimes called the celestial body. This body has many names and is the home of the ascended state of consciousness achieved by Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu and many other masters like them who have lived throughout space and time. While this state of consciousness may seem like the end state of our development–it is only because we exist in the third dimension. There are many dimensions beyond this. Once we ascend beyond our present state, we will learn that the path is considerably longer than is often discussed by earthly metaphysicians! Though it may seem like this celestial body is beyond our attainment it is not. Strictly speaking, in the quantum universe, we are already there. But in the continuum we find ourselves abiding now, we are allowed to visit our ascended masters at their invitation–though they often extended them to those whose hearts are pure and known to belong to them. Meditating and thinking upon these ascended masters is one way we may go about inviting them to work more closely with us. It is natural for humans to relate more with one master than another. In many cases, we have been under a specific master’s direct influence for multiple lifetimes. Different masters carry out their work in different ways. Students of the mystical path should learn about these masters and pick one or several to study and commune. As one establishes an energetic connection to an ascended master, the more spiritual information the student will be given and the more likely the student will be introduced to private teachings designed to help them grow.

Spiritus Lumine and Source

So far we have discussed your physical and energetic soul forms. The last part of what makes you who you are is the Spiritus Lumine–or light of the soul–and Source. This series has an entire lesson dedicated to explaining the Spiritus Lumine which we hope you will read and study.  But for now, we will only mention a few key points about the light body.

We define Spiritus Lumine as the loving and organizing intelligence that takes the infinite and ineffable qualities of God, such as consciousness, essence, knowledge, and impartial beingness–and distributes them across the infinite planes of existence. It is the great light of God that transmits the creator’s qualities into all things, space, dimensions, and time.

This is the same light that is described in the Holy Bible when it says that God is light and in him, there is no darkness at all. Even though Spiritus Lumine is the Light of the Spirit, it should not be confused or equated as being the same thing as God; instead, it refers to those essential qualities that make Source what It is–and more specifically, the distribution of these qualities to all of creation. Spiritus Lumine exists because The Creator has distributed Its infinite self across a limitless universe. In another lesson we hope you’ll read entitled, The Secret that Changes Everything, we define Source as absolute consciousness and the only thing going on. We state that Source consciousness is the only thing in existence and that everything else exists only as a holographic outpicturing of consciousness, light, energy, and matter!

So, if you wanted to bottom-line all of this, You are Source! Or more accurately, Your consciousness is but one part of an infinity of Source aspects that Source sent from ITself to experience ITself.

Your Multidimensional Existences

Because we have attached our consciousness to a physical form, we tend to think of ourselves as a single entity existing in a physical form. We perceive our existence as a singular event. But it is more accurate to describe ourselves as a plurality. As we have seen from the discussions above, our soul has multiple energetic bodies (health, emotional, mental, astral, etheric, causal, and spiritual) and we are also able to experience numerous existences through parallel lives and alternate quantum physical realities.

Concurrent Lives

The energy you are made of is vast and beyond comprehension. In the third dimension, no one physical form receives all the energy available to it from the Lux Animae (soul). No physical form can withstand this quantity of power. In the Holy Bible, the story of Moses receiving the law upon the mountain describes that he could not gaze upon the face of God lest he should die. And later, after receiving the commandments, Moses’s appearance was so bright that he was asked to place a veil around his face for the comfort of those needing to speak with him. Just to be near to this type of energy is taxing to the physical form. Therefore, the human body receives a stepped down version of the energy and not the full amount. By practicing yoga, and other energetic practices, the human body can be trained to receive more energy–but never the full amount. Because of the amount of energy available to Soul, it has the option of splitting its energy into multiple physical existences–not all on the same earthly plane of existence or even in the same periods which we call time. Most people are blissfully unaware of their multiple existences–though some are.

Quantum Existences

Many religions teach that once we die, we are judged over the life we lived–and it is true that all of us will experience the life review. What is not commonly known is that our life review is based on our quantum existence.  At every instance, we have choices that we could have made–and did make–in alternate quantum existences. For instance, a person may have chosen to marry a different partner in a different quantum life. The person may have remained married, instead of divorcing, or the person may have chosen not to marry at all.

In David’s existence, he once attended a conference in Chicago where he was nearly run over by a large truck.  Had a nearby friend not pulled on his collar, dragging him to the safety of the curb, he surely would have died or been severely injured.  The truth is, that point in time was one of the first exit points that David could have selected to leave his three-dimensional earthly experience–and he chose not to leave. However, in another quantum existence, David was hit by the truck and died soon after. We have untold thousands of versions of our present existence running at the same time. Our life review takes all of those into effect as we learn more about the true nature of our soul growth.  In other words, what we call this physical existence is a version of many physical existences occurring at the same time.

Finally, as we travel the mystical path, we grow in wisdom and spiritual power and learn how to tap into these various existences.  For instance, the problems we face in one existence may have been easily solved in another. We often receive dreams that relate to these other existences. In those dreams, we notice similar people and events that we have experienced in the waking state–but there is usually some small difference and outcome that occurs. A study of these differences can be most helpful to us as we grow on the mystical path. For the advanced mystic, it is possible to not only visit these alternative quantum existences but to select them as our primary experience–as David was allowed to do in Chicago. Though in David’s case, this was not a conscious decision, but one made by his Oversoul.


You are more than your physical form, your thoughts or your emotions. You are more than what you think to say or do. You are Source consciousness.  More precisely, you are but one of an infinity of Source aspects that God has spread across the universe to experience itself. You are a physical body that is has been specially created to host a soul complex. The body will one day perish, but the soul complex continues on. This Soul complex is called the Lux Animae and is composed of seven energetic bodies–each having specific duties, abilities, and powers. The Lux Animae is connected to Source via the Spiritus Lumine–or that which distributes God’s ineffable qualities into all things, space, dimensions, and time. As an energetic aspect of God, we live multiple versions of the same life as well as multiple concurrent life experiences.