The Spiritus Lumine

Friends of the Light, I am Brother Thomas your humble servant from the Seventh Ray in the God-Collective. Dear friends, we hear your prayers! So many of you pray so fervently! We want you to know, no human has ever prayed a single word that has not been heard by the appropriate guide in the God-Collective. This is a bold claim to be sure!

But so many of your kind would say, “What about my prayer for my mother, world peace, the end of suffering and the like”–what about those prayers? We tell you, we hear and answer them all according to the contracts you each have to fulfill your destiny. Appearances can be so deceiving–especially for those who take their spirituality so seriously. After all, so many of you have been fighting the good fight as lightworkers for so long that you have come to believe your will and observations about what is needed is the right view. We understand this–for we endured these same trials as well when we lived as you.

Never forget that the world you inhabit exists for a purpose–which it perfectly carries out! The purpose of this place is not perfection as so many assume. Our job as mystics and lovers of the light is not to transform this world–but to transform ourselves by the power of love and therefore ascend this world once our lessons are done. Much like a military boot camp, your earth has been intentionally created to teach and test you. Believe it or not, you are attending one of the best universities of its kind. Maximize your learning.

It is okay to feel weary. Hard work and study naturally produce this. Just know that graduation is near! In the meantime, keep on working. We believe (we actually know) that if you look carefully at those drill instructors, you will see that some of them will actually wink at you as they pretend to work you to the bone. Never forget, those that try you the most are members of the God-Continuum–just like you. Their work is to make you ready. You will thank us for it later.

What is Spiritus Lumine?

Spiritus Lumine is the loving and organizing intelligence that takes the infinite and ineffable qualities of God, such as consciousness, essence, intelligence, and impartial beingness–and distributes them across the infinite planes of existence. Shorter still, the Spiritus Lumine is a Divine internet, provided by Source, to help us grow in our mystical journey.

Spiritus Lumine is Latin for Light of the Spirit. It refers to the great light of God that transmits the creator’s qualities into all things, space, dimensions, and time. This is the same light that is described in the Holy Bible when it says that God is light and in him, there is no darkness at all. It is also written that God is a Spirit, and those that worship him must do so in spirit and truth. Obviously, there is more to God than spirit and light, but these two clues are very helpful for those desiring to travel the mystical path. Since God describes his/her/itself as spirit and light, we should too.  After all, we are created in God’s image.

Even though Spiritus Lumine is the Light of the Spirit, it should not be confused or equated as being the same thing as God; rather, it refers to those essential qualities that make Source what It is–and more specifically, the distribution of these qualities to all of creation. Spiritus Lumine exists because The Creator has distributed Its infinite self across a limitless universe.

Though we will speak about the Unified Universe in another lesson, for now, it is important to understand that the precise reason for the existence of Spiritus Lumine in the first place is because God chooses to exist in an infinity of forms and therefore must have the means of distributing Its infinite qualities as well. Thus, we have an unending number of universes, solar systems, planets, inhabitants, humans, angels, archangels, avatars, and so on infinitum–all overseen by the Divine Light of Spiritus Lumine.

This loving light of God is the organizing principle from which all order is created. It is that which holds all things and the universe in its proper place. This Great Source Light is also the quality that reminds all aspects of creation that it is but a part of something greater than itself.

A Few Simple Illustrations

To help you better understand the concept of Spiritus Lumine, we use illustrations based on carrier waves and light beacons.

Carrier waves are used to transmit programs over radio and television.  Without getting overly scientific, radio transmitters have a base frequency used for broadcasting. When radio announcers say you are listening to 89.9 FM, they are referring to their station’s carrier frequency.  Information, such as news, weather, sports, and music are all modulated (added to) with the carrier frequency.  When we tune our radio receivers to a particular radio frequency, we can enjoy all of the programs the station provides.  Spiritus Lumine is a lot like that.  Think of Spiritus Lumine as the carrier wave that broadcasts God’s ineffable qualities to us as we learn to tune in to the various frequencies.

Another way of understanding Spiritus Lumine is to compare it to a giant light beacon. This “God Light” beacon shines throughout the infinite universe and illumines it all.  Beacons show airplanes where they need to go and warn the ships at sea about dangers along the shore.  So too, we humans get the beacon’s benefit directly through each of the Seven Rays–which we will discuss in later lessons.  But for now, imagine that we focus the beacon’s light (which we compare to Spiritus Lumine) through a prism–resulting in a rainbow effect of colors.  Similarly, the Seven Rays are likened to that rainbow effect–each color providing us with unusual potentials for spiritual growth.

It’s important to remember that no metaphor or illustration can entirely capture the concept of Spiritus Lumine, for in many ways it escapes definition. The longer we travel the path, the more we learn.  At some point, all of us will learn of its additional benefits beyond the dimensions of time and space. Fortunately, it is not necessary for us to fully understand all there is to know to receive its benefits.  The humble bean crop grows in the sun without understanding any of the physics related to radiant solar energy and our computers will run, even if we don’t comprehend Ohm’s Law, as long as they are plugged into the electrical socket.  To quote a popular new age figure of the day, all that is necessary is to be “tuned in, tapped in, and turned on!”

The Illumination We Have Been Seeking

The ordinary person doesn’t think much about light other than the illumination it provides. However, the Great Light is more than a utilitarian flashlight we shine on a dark forest trail to keep from stubbing our toes. As our soul connects with Spiritus Lumine, we receive those qualities of God essence, intelligence, and impartial beingness in greater amounts. This is the illumination we have been waiting for–that which awakens, transforms, and enlightens the human soul! This is the illumination that erases karma, transforms our existence, and moves us from one plane of experience to the next.

Spiritus Lumine Belongs to no Religious Group

The Spiritus Lumine is holy and sacred and should be described with reverence and respect. However, even though we have quoted from the Holy Bible, Spiritus Lumine is not the property of any religious group. In truth, many of its aspects are described in nearly all the major religions. Additionally, the Light of the Spirit is not bound by any concepts, dogmas or creeds created by humans or those given to them by the beings of light on the other side of the veil. This Light of the Spirit is as much the inspiration of atheists, philosophers, and humanists as it is Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, or other religious groups. Spiritus Lumine existed long before religions were created and will exist long after they have been forgotten. Religious or not, the Spiritus Lumine impartially gives its benefits to all without thought or judgment.

Inner and Outer Forms

To this point, we have seen that the Spiritus Lumine is the Holy Light of God used to distribute God’s ineffable qualities to all planes of existence. As far as we humans are concerned, we can observe this in two ways–the inner and the outer forms.

The Inner Forms

Some inner forms of the Spiritus Lumine include dreams, visions, sudden realizations, automatic writing, intuitions, messages received in meditation, and the like.  There will be many lessons on this website teaching you how to connect with the Light of the Spirit using a specified inner form.  In these lessons, a key point will center on teaching the student how to unite their Lesser light, also known as the Lux Animae or Light of the Soul, with the Spiritus Lumine.

The Outer Forms

The Great Soul Light also connects with us daily through outer forms such as these online lessons and discussions, chance meetings with someone who delivers a specially needed message, books, DVDs, YouTube videos, synchronistic events, omens, and the like. The key here is to train the student to recognize the presence of the Spiritus Lumine and to develop personal forms of communication with it. Again, this website will provide helpful discussions on identifying the outer forms of Spiritus Lumine.

Review and Concluding Remarks

Spiritus Lumine is the method used by the Creator to transmit Its ineffable qualities to all creation. The Light of the Spirit is sacred and holy. One’s work with Spiritus Lumine should always be conducted with humbleness and respect. Care must be taken not to confuse Spiritus Lumine with other religious teachings of which we may be familiar. Though there are similarities, they are not the same. We can learn how to intentionally contact this Light of the Spirit as we learn to master the inner and outer forms. As we do this, we open ourselves to receiving the wisdom we need for personal transformation and spiritual power.

May I share a concluding remark before we end this lesson? All beings, whether they know it or not are in contact with the Spiritus Lumine. The difference primarily is whether they are receiving its sustaining power or accessing its transformative power. The God Light is hidden in plain sight and is the attracting force that causes people to question their lives and see if there is something more to it than what they have. Not all are ready to begin this search. The Spiritus Lumine is infinitely patient and never coerces a person who is not prepared to start this work.  Neither should we. Those who follow this mystic path are no better than those who do not. At best we are better informed and more methodical about our spiritual path than those about us. There is nothing we can do to make God love us more or less. As we follow this path, we must be willing to go where the Light of the Spirit leads and allow others this same freedom.