The Lux Animae

What is Soul?

Hel­lo you beau­ti­ful mys­tic seek­ers! This is Broth­er Thomas, your spir­i­tu­al guide who works with St. Ger­main, an Ascend­ed Mas­ter of the Sev­enth Ray. I write these lessons to help all who wish to learn more about who we are and our pur­pose in life via the Mys­ti­cal Path of Spir­i­tus Lumine. I assure all, even those who feel they live the most mun­dane of exis­tences, that we have been cre­at­ed by Source ITs self for a mighty pur­pose! The fact that you are read­ing this les­son is tes­ti­mo­ny enough, at least for the Guardians of Human­i­ty, that you are either ready, or soon to be ready, for your ascen­sion beyond this three-dimen­sion­al uni­verse.  The les­son I share with you enti­tled, What is Soul, is cre­at­ed to help you bet­ter under­stand your­self.  When humans speak of soul, they most­ly speak about it as though it were a sin­gle enti­ty.  But that is like speak­ing of Amer­i­ca as though it were a sin­gle object. For those trav­el­ing the mys­tic path, it is impor­tant that we gain a more pre­cise lan­guage and expand our con­cepts of spir­i­tu­al mat­ters. In these stud­ies, we encour­age the stu­dent to refer to the soul as the Lux Ani­mae, or soul com­plex, rather than think about it as a sin­gle uni­tary object.  The Lux Ani­mae is vast and inde­scrib­able. It hous­es the very ener­gy of Source that was giv­en it upon cre­ation. It is tasked with spe­cif­ic pur­pos­es and it hous­es the Akashic Records – the store­house of expe­ri­ences for each of the sev­en bod­ies as the soul moves from one life­time to the next. It is an inter­di­men­sion­al machine that is able to shift its con­scious­ness across time and space. It is pow­ered by the Spir­i­tus Lumine. The Lux Ani­mae is also space that can be vis­it­ed by human con­scious­ness as it learns the secret knowl­edge.


[dropcap]Source[/dropcap] (God), or the vast­ness that encom­pass­es all ener­getic and non-ener­getic things, is not some amor­phous sta­t­ic blob, but a dynam­ic, con­scious, and for­ward mov­ing mass that is always in the process of cre­ation.  IT cre­ates an infin­i­ty of active forms by the redis­tri­b­u­tion and redesign of its infi­nite self. One of the numer­ous ways IT accom­plish­es this is through the cre­ation of Souls. The soul is a body, a cap­sule if you will, that con­tains a unique form of ener­gy giv­en it by Source. The Mys­ti­cal Path of Spir­i­tus Lumine calls this ener­gy com­plex the Lux Ani­mae. Lux Ani­mae, lit­er­al­ly means, Light of the Soul. Though the Lux Ani­mae is not required to live in phys­i­cal form, it often choos­es to do so. Human bod­ies are cre­at­ed for the the Lux Ani­mae as an adap­tive bio-device so that it might expe­ri­ence three-dimen­sion­al space and time. Most human beings con­sid­er the phys­i­cal body as the sum of their exis­tence but this is not true. The real you is the Source Con­scious­ness that has been placed with­in the Lux Ani­mae. Like the movie Avatar, your human body is con­trolled by the Lux Ani­mae.

The Lux Animae

As a spe­cial­ized body of Source ener­gy, the soul is sub­tle and extreme­ly pow­er­ful. No human can exhaust all of the expe­ri­ences or pow­er avail­able via the Lux Ani­mae. This is because Source par­ti­tions its ener­gy for a par­tic­u­lar pur­pose – to grow, expand, and pro­vide in the same image as Source. IT ensures each Soul will have a spe­cial­ized and unique way of expe­ri­enc­ing con­scious­ness. While Source is eter­nal and infi­nite in pow­er, the Lux Ani­mae is only a sub­set of this pow­er with a begin­ning and poten­tial end­ing-point. While it is true that ener­gy can­not be cre­at­ed or destroyed, souls exist at the good­will and plea­sure of Source – who alone decides how long each soul shall be sus­tained, what form it will exist, and what journey(s) it will allow. Even so, it pleas­es Source to cre­ate souls in ITs image and grant them the free­dom to choose its direc­tion as it explores the pur­pose giv­en it upon cre­ation. This free­dom of choice is not absolute. In oth­er lessons we will speak about the mas­ters and guides who help us in our soul jour­ney. They are respon­si­ble for ensur­ing that we use the pow­er allo­cat­ed to us respon­si­bly.

Light, Soul, and Body

Each Lux Ani­mae has a unique ener­getic sig­na­ture and per­son­al­i­ty.  As a unique ener­gy sig­na­ture, souls attract ener­gies dif­fer­ent­ly based upon their sym­me­try and res­o­nance fea­tures. Just as the full­ness of Source can­not be con­tained in any one Soul, so the human body is unable to con­tain the amaz­ing full­ness of the Soul it hosts. Most of the Lux Ani­mae is attached extra-dimen­sion­al­ly to the phys­i­cal body.  It’s as if the phys­i­cal body were wear­ing a back­pack.

The phys­i­cal body is a unique com­bi­na­tion of ener­gies and struc­tures designed to host the soul – which serves as the seat of our con­scious­ness.  It is prop­er that we use the pow­er of the Lux Ani­mae for enhanc­ing our phys­i­cal exis­tence, pro­vid­ed it is done with lov­ing inten­tion.  But most have not awak­ened to this truth as yet. In the third dimen­sion (our present home) most of human­i­ty mis­us­es the Light of the Soul to exclu­sive­ly sat­is­fy their phys­i­cal lusts for amass­ing mon­ey, mate­r­i­al goods, for­tune, sex­u­al expe­ri­ences, and wield­ing pow­er and con­trol over oth­ers. Sad­ly, if many were aware of the pow­ers of the Lux Ani­mae, they would try and use it for per­son­al pow­er and gain. To lim­it the abil­i­ty of the egoic con­scious­ness, human exis­tence has been giv­en a rather short span of exis­tence.  As the sould com­plex becomes more pro­fi­cient at using the ener­gy wise­ly, options become avail­able for longer life­times and/or ascen­sions to high­er dimen­sions that use entire­ly dif­fer­ent bod­ies.

Using the Power Appropriately

It is easy to iden­ti­fy those who use the pow­er for self-enhance­ment. They do not work for the greater good of all human­i­ty. Instead, they serve them­selves and their tribe – but most­ly them­selves.  They draw bound­aries about who is deserv­ing of their atten­tion and ener­gies and are quick to pass judg­ment over those who do not mea­sure up to their stan­dards or pre­de­ter­mined ideas of good, bad, right and wrong.  They have no clear sense about the uni­ty of humankind. The third dimen­sion is an espe­cial­ly effect school ground for the teach­ing and train­ing of this kind of soul. After many incar­na­tions, the ener­gy with­in the soul com­plex learns a dif­fer­ent way – serv­ing oth­ers and act­ing with lov­ing inten­tion.

Acting with Loving Intention

At some point along the Soul Jour­ney, we begin to under­stand that the most impor­tant rea­son we have cho­sen incar­na­tion is to learn how to act with lov­ing inten­tion – regard­less the sit­u­a­tion. While it sounds easy enough to do, for most, it takes many life­times to get the hang of it. While our teach­ers and guides are not expect­ing us to be able to ful­fill this per­fect­ly each time, the pro­gres­sion of our soul expe­ri­ence will con­tin­ue in its present form until we can show a suf­fi­cient devel­op­ment of nature where we habit­u­al­ly and inten­tion­al­ly use our por­tion of Lux Ani­mae for the ben­e­fit of all. We don’t have to learn how to do this alone.  For­tu­nate­ly for us, we have car­ing guides on the oth­er side who are will­ing and able to help us devel­op this nec­es­sary char­ac­ter. Our guides are very patient and will keep giv­ing us the les­son until we get the les­son!

Souls Have a Learning Curve

In oth­er lessons we learned that a Source Con­scious­ness dreams, it cre­ates Souls to ful­fill these dreams and places them in a Lux Ani­mae. Each soul has a pri­ma­ry pur­pose dri­ving it. These souls must go through a mul­ti­tude of expe­ri­ences as it grows and devel­ops. It has a learn­ing curve much like human babies that must learn to crawl and walk. Souls go through jour­neys of devel­op­ment and expan­sion as a result of life­times of expe­ri­ence in both phys­i­cal and non­phys­i­cal planes. As with phys­i­cal minds and bod­ies, souls also grow, mature, and devel­op in wis­dom and knowl­edge.  It is pushed to do so because of the divine spark of its ori­gin.  Souls are a well­spring of under­stand­ing, expe­ri­ence, and wis­dom. Sad­ly, these qual­i­ties are often hid­den from view once it inhab­its the gross­er phys­i­cal bod­ies. In these times, its ener­gy becomes so focused on mate­r­i­al real­i­ties that it iden­ti­fies more with the expe­ri­ences in the bio-suit than its own vast­ness.

The Soul Wakes Up to Itself

At some point, soul wakes up to itself.  Instead of iden­ti­fy­ing itself as a phys­i­cal body, it under­stands itself as an embod­ied enti­ty and comes to a fuller under­stand­ing of the var­i­ous sub­tle ener­gies that exist above and below the mate­r­i­al lev­els of expe­ri­ence. It learns that it isn’t a body that has a soul – it’s a soul that has a body. Lat­er still, the soul comes to under­stand its greater full­ness and devel­ops increased skills and abil­i­ties to see, trav­el, and draw upon these pow­ers in phys­i­cal and extra-dimen­sion­al exis­tence. This is the prepa­ra­tion need­ed for the excit­ing adven­tures and expe­ri­ences ahead as one learns to use the Spir­i­tus Lumine prop­er­ly. For those trav­el­ing The Mys­ti­cal Path of Spir­i­tus Lumine, you are awak­en­ing to these facts and becom­ing ready to trav­el to the high­er spir­i­tu­al realms.  You are about to grad­u­ate from a set of lessons that took life­times to accom­plish. Soon you will ascend to your next live of soul devel­op­ment and train­ing.