The Lux Animae

What is Soul?

Hello you beautiful mystic seekers! This is Brother Thomas, your spiritual guide who works with St. Germain, an Ascended Master of the Seventh Ray. I write these lessons to help all who wish to learn more about who we are and our purpose in life via the Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine. I assure all, even those who feel they live the most mundane of existences, that we have been created by Source ITs self for a mighty purpose! The fact that you are reading this lesson is testimony enough, at least for the Guardians of Humanity, that you are either ready, or soon to be ready, for your ascension beyond this three-dimensional universe.  The lesson I share with you entitled, What is Soul, is created to help you better understand yourself.  When humans speak of soul, they mostly speak about it as though it were a single entity.  But that is like speaking of America as though it were a single object. For those traveling the mystic path, it is important that we gain a more precise language and expand our concepts of spiritual matters. In these studies, we encourage the student to refer to the soul as the Lux Animae, or soul complex, rather than think about it as a single unitary object.  The Lux Animae is vast and indescribable. It houses the very energy of Source that was given it upon creation. It is tasked with specific purposes and it houses the Akashic Records–the storehouse of experiences for each of the seven bodies as the soul moves from one lifetime to the next. It is an interdimensional machine that is able to shift its consciousness across time and space. It is powered by the Spiritus Lumine. The Lux Animae is also space that can be visited by human consciousness as it learns the secret knowledge.


[dropcap]Source[/dropcap] (God), or the vastness that encompasses all energetic and non-energetic things, is not some amorphous static blob, but a dynamic, conscious, and forward moving mass that is always in the process of creation.  IT creates an infinity of active forms by the redistribution and redesign of its infinite self. One of the numerous ways IT accomplishes this is through the creation of Souls. The soul is a body, a capsule if you will, that contains a unique form of energy given it by Source. The Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine calls this energy complex the Lux Animae. Lux Animae, literally means, Light of the Soul. Though the Lux Animae is not required to live in physical form, it often chooses to do so. Human bodies are created for the the Lux Animae as an adaptive bio-device so that it might experience three-dimensional space and time. Most human beings consider the physical body as the sum of their existence but this is not true. The real you is the Source Consciousness that has been placed within the Lux Animae. Like the movie Avatar, your human body is controlled by the Lux Animae.

The Lux Animae

As a specialized body of Source energy, the soul is subtle and extremely powerful. No human can exhaust all of the experiences or power available via the Lux Animae. This is because Source partitions its energy for a particular purpose–to grow, expand, and provide in the same image as Source. IT ensures each Soul will have a specialized and unique way of experiencing consciousness. While Source is eternal and infinite in power, the Lux Animae is only a subset of this power with a beginning and potential ending-point. While it is true that energy cannot be created or destroyed, souls exist at the goodwill and pleasure of Source–who alone decides how long each soul shall be sustained, what form it will exist, and what journey(s) it will allow. Even so, it pleases Source to create souls in ITs image and grant them the freedom to choose its direction as it explores the purpose given it upon creation. This freedom of choice is not absolute. In other lessons we will speak about the masters and guides who help us in our soul journey. They are responsible for ensuring that we use the power allocated to us responsibly.

Light, Soul, and Body

Each Lux Animae has a unique energetic signature and personality.  As a unique energy signature, souls attract energies differently based upon their symmetry and resonance features. Just as the fullness of Source cannot be contained in any one Soul, so the human body is unable to contain the amazing fullness of the Soul it hosts. Most of the Lux Animae is attached extra-dimensionally to the physical body.  It’s as if the physical body were wearing a backpack.

The physical body is a unique combination of energies and structures designed to host the soul–which serves as the seat of our consciousness.  It is proper that we use the power of the Lux Animae for enhancing our physical existence, provided it is done with loving intention.  But most have not awakened to this truth as yet. In the third dimension (our present home) most of humanity misuses the Light of the Soul to exclusively satisfy their physical lusts for amassing money, material goods, fortune, sexual experiences, and wielding power and control over others. Sadly, if many were aware of the powers of the Lux Animae, they would try and use it for personal power and gain. To limit the ability of the egoic consciousness, human existence has been given a rather short span of existence.  As the sould complex becomes more proficient at using the energy wisely, options become available for longer lifetimes and/or ascensions to higher dimensions that use entirely different bodies.

Using the Power Appropriately

It is easy to identify those who use the power for self-enhancement. They do not work for the greater good of all humanity. Instead, they serve themselves and their tribe–but mostly themselves.  They draw boundaries about who is deserving of their attention and energies and are quick to pass judgment over those who do not measure up to their standards or predetermined ideas of good, bad, right and wrong.  They have no clear sense about the unity of humankind. The third dimension is an especially effect school ground for the teaching and training of this kind of soul. After many incarnations, the energy within the soul complex learns a different way–serving others and acting with loving intention.

Acting with Loving Intention

At some point along the Soul Journey, we begin to understand that the most important reason we have chosen incarnation is to learn how to act with loving intention–regardless the situation. While it sounds easy enough to do, for most, it takes many lifetimes to get the hang of it. While our teachers and guides are not expecting us to be able to fulfill this perfectly each time, the progression of our soul experience will continue in its present form until we can show a sufficient development of nature where we habitually and intentionally use our portion of Lux Animae for the benefit of all. We don’t have to learn how to do this alone.  Fortunately for us, we have caring guides on the other side who are willing and able to help us develop this necessary character. Our guides are very patient and will keep giving us the lesson until we get the lesson!

Souls Have a Learning Curve

In other lessons we learned that a Source Consciousness dreams, it creates Souls to fulfill these dreams and places them in a Lux Animae. Each soul has a primary purpose driving it. These souls must go through a multitude of experiences as it grows and develops. It has a learning curve much like human babies that must learn to crawl and walk. Souls go through journeys of development and expansion as a result of lifetimes of experience in both physical and nonphysical planes. As with physical minds and bodies, souls also grow, mature, and develop in wisdom and knowledge.  It is pushed to do so because of the divine spark of its origin.  Souls are a wellspring of understanding, experience, and wisdom. Sadly, these qualities are often hidden from view once it inhabits the grosser physical bodies. In these times, its energy becomes so focused on material realities that it identifies more with the experiences in the bio-suit than its own vastness.

The Soul Wakes Up to Itself

At some point, soul wakes up to itself.  Instead of identifying itself as a physical body, it understands itself as an embodied entity and comes to a fuller understanding of the various subtle energies that exist above and below the material levels of experience. It learns that it isn’t a body that has a soul–it’s a soul that has a body. Later still, the soul comes to understand its greater fullness and develops increased skills and abilities to see, travel, and draw upon these powers in physical and extra-dimensional existence. This is the preparation needed for the exciting adventures and experiences ahead as one learns to use the Spiritus Lumine properly. For those traveling The Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine, you are awakening to these facts and becoming ready to travel to the higher spiritual realms.  You are about to graduate from a set of lessons that took lifetimes to accomplish. Soon you will ascend to your next live of soul development and training.