Spiritual Pings

Spiritual Pings

A Word from Brother Thomas

Spiritual Travelers, This is Brother Thomas, your fellow laborer in the God-Continuum and guide from the Seventh Ray.  As we, on this side, watch humankind, we are amazed that the average person has no idea of the many ways Source uses to reach out to them. Source tries very hard to get your attention; but, alas, remains all but invisible! Most believe that there is no God, or if there is a god, this god is indifferent or cares little about them. It is considered wise among you to be agnostic–neither believing or disbelieving in the Divine. This is nonsense!

The Divine is aware of every single soul on your planet. The God-Continuum carefully attends to each one. The fact that your five senses and limited awareness cannot see the beings that stand next to you each day is not our fault! It is just as well. We are not meant to be seen while you serve in incarnated form. We have been conveniently filtered from your sight. But we exist nonetheless! Each day, the Divine speaks directly with you. It is so subtle and transparent that most assume that all of the good ideas that come through their minds is of their doing–it is not.

We whisper in your ears the things you need to remember. We bring your awareness to things you would otherwise miss. We save you from destruction as you travel in your cars and vehicles. We bring signs and wonders before you through nature, plants, birds, songs, books that catch your eye, and thousands of other means. We watch over you as you sleep. Yes, we are walking by your side every step of the way.

Believe in us. Have a little faith. Commune with us–but also work with us! We are more than willing to develop a special language with you. Have you played the game Charades? The successful team will create quick little hand signs to let their team know whether a movie title is short or long–or whether something “sounds like” something familiar or not. These quick hand signs make the game so much more interesting and fun. The same is true for you. Use the power of your intention to tell us how we may best communicate with you. Choose a blackbird to mean one thing and a red bird to mean another. Ask for coins, feathers, and flowers to appear when you need an answer for something. Notice the numbers that flash on your digital clocks–ask us what they mean! Pay attention to the songs you spontaneously sing! Learn about synchronicity. Learn about the guides and ascended masters–each of them have unique ways of communicating! Ask those of us on this side to show you our unique signs.  We are here and we want to communicate with you. We promise you this, once you get started, you will find that the Universe never stops talking with you. You may ignore us–but we will still reach out to you.

One of the more interesting aspects of the mystical path is learning how to receive divine messages from our spirits and guides.  Once we get the hang of it, we become aware our extra-dimensional connections and their willingness to make themselves known constantly.

Spiritual Pings!

Computers ping other computers.  They do this to test the sureness of the connection between each computer.  If you are connected to the internet, you may open your command line console and enter a command similar to: ping google.com.  If you are connected, the Google computer will send you a signal back and tell you the amount of time it takes to send and receive a message.

Your Lux Animae is being pinged all of the time.  You are constantly receiving messages from your soul friends and guides.  Most of the time, this happens well below the surface of conscious awareness, and your body, mind and emotions adjust accordingly resulting in some action. It is possible, however, to become more aware of these pings and to bring them to the surface of conscious awareness.  This is the power of the mediums, channelers, and all of the clairs–such as the clairaudient and clairvoyant. By agreement with your conscious physical awareness, your Lux Animae is willing to work with you in developing this sensitivity and teach you how to become aware of your pings.

Symbolic Language

Mystics are people who have come to learn the importance of symbols and symbolic language. Mysticism is as much about divining spiritual meaning from symbols as anything else. For instance, the successful tarot reader is successful precisely because she learns how to interpret the symbols on the card placed before her by Spirit as she queries about some matter. Symbols are ordinary signs that remind us of other things. Though it may sound complicated, it really isn’t. Just remember that all words have both a literal and figurative meaning. For instance, the word dark can literally mean the absence of light, such as a dark room, or symbolically, it could represent evil, emptiness–or even transformation. The mystic develops their ability to think more abstractly about each of the signs that Spirit sends their way.  Everything we see, think, or hear can fit into its own symbolic language.  Spiritual Pings are based upon these symbolic languages.

Simple Illustration

Once you become aware of your pings, you can pause, reflect, and connect back with the sender. It is like receiving a spiritual text message. It can work something like this. You are driving your car and a license plate on the car ahead catches your eye.  It says BLUESTAR. At first, you think it unusual to see such a plate on a car. Maybe you wonder what the word means.  But then you remember that the master of the Blue Ray is El Morya. You have just been pinged by El Morya!  What you do next is up to you.  You might just say, “Hello Moyra, welcome to my car! So good to hear from you and to know you are thinking of me! I’m honored that you are with me today!”  And that exchange would be just fine.  Or you could deepen the conversation further. Using your spiritual imagination, you could invite a stronger link with this wonderful ascended master by imagining him sitting in the seat next to you as you drive the car.  You continue your conversation with El Morya–either aloud or in your head (whichever works best for you) and ask if there is a message for you today. You could also ask the ascended master a question about something that is on your mind to see what information you receive back. I have found the masters ping us a lot. They are working to develop our awareness and to remind us to use their special qualities in our mystical work.

Spiritual Pings and Numbers

One of the easier mystical skills to develop is the skill of number recognition. All it takes is learning some basic numerology and agreeing with your higher self to communicate with you as it sees fit with numbers. Though we will spend an entire lesson on simple numerology, here’s enough information to get you started.

A Quick Numerology Lesson

As a field of study, numerology is fascinating.  It is a subtle and mystical field all by itself.  Like all methods of spirit communication, it is based on an agreement with the student and their guides that certain numbers will mean certain things.  Once the agreement is made, your guides will begin using numbers as a language and form of personal communication.  All you really need to know, to get started, is: what the basic numbers mean, how to reduce numbers to basic numbers, how to treat repeating numbers.  That’s it!  We will show you how it is done.

Basic Number Meanings

We will quickly learn the means of the numbers one through ten. Make some flash cards and learn them quickly.

  • One – means a new beginning or “get started.”
  • Two – means that you should consider alternatives.
  • Three – means that some project is getting started or is at ground level–it represents planning.
  • Four – represents that a firm foundation has been created.
  • Five – represents change, or that changes are coming.
  • Six – represents peace, harmony, caring, and healing.
  • Seven – refers to matters of logic, reason, thinking, and spirituality.
  • Eight – means success is ahead.
  • Nine – means that a project, work, or stage of life is coming to a close.
  • Ten – means that one thing is soon ending and another will soon begin–endings and beginnings.
  • The master numbers 11, 22, and 33 – Eleven represents the master dreamer.  It is the number of higher consciousness and creativity.  Twenty-Two, or the doubling of 11, represents the master builder. It takes dreams and makes them a reality.  Thirty-three is the number of the master teacher.  It is the most influential number of all.

Reducing Large Numbers to Basic Numbers

Let’s say your eye is caught by the clock when it says 5:22.  Add all of the numbers together and you get nine–or a message about endings. This means your guides want you to be aware of something that is coming to an end–or think about ending something that has gone on long enough.

As another example, let’s say that your eye is caught by the number 629 on a license plate.  The addition of the three numbers equals 17.  We then reduce the number further by adding the 1 and the 7–or 8.  The universe is telling you that success is coming–or that something you’ve just done was successful.

While we reduce large numbers to smaller ones, we don’t reduce the master numbers 11, 22, or 33, the number 10 or repeating numbers.

Repeating Numbers

One has to develop a feel for repeating numbers–but with practice, it becomes an agreed upon language that feels natural between you and Source. Let’s say you look at the clock and see that it is 5:55. The repeating fives indicate big changes ahead!  But what do we do if we read the clock and it says 5:25?  It is true that there are two fives in the number–but since they aren’t repeating numbers we add them up to twelve and reduce them further to three.  We’d assume we have a three message about some work of ours on the ground floor.  Let’s say the clock as 5:52. What do we do here?  This is where you need to trust your intuition and see which interpretation feels the best.  It could be a message about changes ahead (the repeating fives) and the need to examine the alternatives (represented by the number two)!  Or you should also consider whether it should be a three message–once all numbers are reduced.  Consider what is happening in your life and go with the interpretation that feels the best!  Remember, the only rules that exist are those between you and Source. After a while, number communication becomes second nature. Remain flexible as you interpret.  For instance, if the clock says 5:56–I normally consider them as repeating fives–because it is one digit away from the number and it may have taken Spirit a minute to get my attention! Again, the rules of interpretation become what you and Source decide together.

Use Number Communication Throughout the Day

It’s so simple and easy to use number communication. Spirit often uses numbers to communicate with David. Throughout the day his attention will be drawn to numbers–especially digital clocks. David normally doesn’t look at clocks–but since he has a numerology agreement with Spirit–when his attention is drawn to a digital clock or watch, he pays special attention to the displayed numbers. One of the daily ways David relies upon numbers is his wake-up times.  Normally, David awakes several times each night.  He considers the numbers he sees on the clock at these times as a form of spiritual numerology–since he believes that Source awakens him for this purpose.  When David sees repeating numbers throughout the day, he especially feels that Spirit is near him. Usually, there is something in particular on David’s mind such as his job, relationship with another, or anticipation of a future event. When David’s attention is drawn to numbers, he usually considers the numbers related to whatever was in his mind at the time  Again; he relies upon his intuition and physical feelings to help in these determinations.

Spiritual Pings and Music

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head?  Have you ever been about your business and realized that a song, movie, or story has bubbled to the surface of your mind? Your masters and guides ping you with these things.

Sometimes the songs are sent to you as a means of lifting your vibration.  Music is a quick and easy way to change your vibratory state.  With practice, we can make playlists that help us achieve a desired mental and emotional frequency.  Other times, we are supposed to think more deeply about the words of a song. Whenever you hear a song in your head–that seems to come from nowhere–try to learn more about the song.  Look up the words, if you don’t know them well, and intentionally listen to the song.  But most important, acknowledge to your guides that “you’ve heard them!” Thank your guides for giving you a quick message through song. Before long, you can develop a music language between you and your guides.

Spiritual Pings and Repetitions

Life is full of repetitions.  It seems you get the lesson until you get the lesson.  Mystics are people who understand the importance of looking the repetition of life. This is accepted psychological practice as well. Clients are often asked to do a life review and to look for repeating themes–such as abusive relationships, getting into jobs that don’t work out or investing money in schemes that never work out. Examining one’s repetitive themes can be a great way to grow spiritually. It is a wonderful reflective practice that can be coupled with meditation to yield transformative results.  But repetitions can also occur over shorter periods of time.

Daily Reflection

It is a good daily practice to reflect back over one’s day at the end of a day.  Through spiritual contemplation (i.e. asking your guides to help you quickly focus upon a target of thought for a short period and offer advice) the careful student will notice that each day has a theme unto itself.  Often, there will be a run of days that have a similar theme attached to them.  This indicates that your guides are bringing you a specific series of lessons and experiences.  These mini-lessons often help to resolve past karmas and prepare us for larger lessons that are yet to come. With daily practice, an entire daily review can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.  This is a high leverage spiritual practice. A few minutes in focused contemplation can often yield significant insights. Finally, it’s important to notice the seemingly random repetitions of events that happen in relatively short periods of time.

Reject Randomness

Mystics reject randomness–not in a scientific way but the notion that coincidences carry no personal meaning. Let me explain it in this way. If David and his wife go to a restaurant with friends, his wife has a sign she makes with her hand to signal that the conversation should be changed. To the other couple, the motion appears ordinary or a random movement. In the same way, we mystics make agreements with our Spirits and Guides to communicate with us via seemingly random events. Thus, what may appear as a random event for some, carries significance for us.  For instance, maybe you’ve heard different people using the same phrase, in the same way, several days in a row.  That is a message from Source! Pay attention to those. Perhaps you’ve noticed a particular piece of jewelry on several different people–that is probably a message from spirit using something that is attractive to you.  By paying attention, you might notice that Source will let you know when you need to see the doctor–by sending you repetitive signals through your friends, billboards and such.  A final illustration concerns David. David is a generous man who will often pay for lunch or offer to help financially with things–such a buying a box of books for the leaders of his church. A few weeks later, a man offered to pay for half of those books.  At first, David refused the offer, but the man persisted.  It was then that David realized that Spirit was at work here.  It was near the end of the month, and David did not have much money left.  This was Spirit’s way of helping out!

Spiritual Pings and Colors

As with the earlier discussions, our guides and spirits can communicate with us through the colors that catch our attention.  Throughout the day as we carry thoughts in our minds and subconscious, the student is encouraged to pay attention to colors that suddenly appear before them. It could be a flash of color that we see as we close our eyes or a color that catches our attention as we look up from our thoughts. The point is, that once we make an agreement with Spirit about using colors to communicate with us, we will find our awareness of spiritual messages increasing.

Colors carry a unique vibration of energy that can be very helpful to those of us who journey on the mystical path. In other lessons within the Mystical Foundations Series, we will provide a fuller discourse about the colors of the Spiritual Rays and their importance. In this lesson, our focus is upon helping us to recognize that colors are a form of spiritual communication.  Like numerology, mentioned earlier, the study of colors in mysticism is a field unto itself. In this lesson, we are going to greatly simplify all of this by utilizing the basic colors found in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. We choose this system because it is easily learned and is part of the mystic corpus of knowledge which makes our journey easier.  As we do so, keep in mind that our use of colors is a personal agreement we make between ourselves and Source so that we might become more aware of Spirit communication in our lives. Source is willing to use any system of color communication that the student wishes. We choose this one because it is easy to learn. We encourage you to make a few flashcards and master these colors and meanings.

Colors and Meanings

In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the following colors and meanings are used.

  • Red – power, passion, sexual energy, and confidence.
  • Orange – courage, sociability, vitality, playful, fun
  • Yellow – matters related to mind, logic, brilliance, rationality
  • Green – Healing, growth, a fresh start, life-giving, wealth
  • Blue – communication, vast like sky and water, imagination, expansiveness, unconscious or subconscious
  • Indigo and Purple – Spiritual wisdom, royalty
  • White – purity, spiritual, heavenly, innocence, mystical
  • Gray – gloom, sadness, depression
  • Brown – grounded, earthy,
  • Black – despair, hidden, protection, endings, transformations

All of the colors have positive and negative connotations.  The student can determine the actual meaning of these colors by assuming a positive meaning unless they perceive some physical or emotional negativity in their body as they see the color. Let’s say that you are considering the alternatives of staying with your present job and taking another one.  As you think about the other job you notice the color green begins appearing on the clothing of people around you–or you notice a big green billboard. Or perhaps, you have five green lights in a row as you drive your car down a busy street.  All of these could be positive signs since green refers to new growth, money, and wealth.

The secret to using colors effectively is to gain the ability to make associations between the colors you see and the things that may be on your mind. As more skills are gained, the communication becomes more immediate. As the student learns to recognize auras, they can also ascertain the physical and emotional state of people around them. Finally, color meditation can be a powerful mystical tool for inviting healing, wealthy, raising our frequency and inviting spiritual masters to communicate with us.

Spiritual Pings and Animals

Our final discussion on Spiritual Pinging relates to the appearance of animals as a form of spirit communication. Birds, animals, and insects have long been recognized by shamans and mystics alike as omens of prophetic significance.  Without a doubt, animals have mystic qualities in an of themselves. They are a unique expression of Spirit and their ability to appear before us without warning add to their mysterious qualities. In everyday conversation, people will often refer to wildlife. If we pay attention and listen for those examples, we may well come to understand that Spirit is pinging us about a particular quality IT would like to see us develop.  Because of this, students on the mystical path often make agreements with Spirit to pay attention to those times when animals are spoken about or seen. This can be one more tool in our box to help us develop our personal spiritual language.

It is certainly beyond the scope of these lessons to fully discuss the animal kingdom, however, a few will be mentioned that are common to those of us living in suburban areas. City folks often see birds, insects, dogs, cats, and a variety of small wildlife including mice, rats, squirrels, raccoon, possum, rabbits and snakes. occasionally, one might see a deer, coyote, fox, or skunk.  Our interpretation of these forms of life are based upon several factors including, their behavior, how near or far they are from us, and rarity.  Behavior is important. If the animal seems to acknowledge us in some way, our message is different than if we seemingly are observing the animal unseen. When animals are observed up close and personal–such as being close enough to a butterfly to touch it–the message is more emphatic than we observe at a distance. Rarity has to do with the unusualness of seeing such an animal.  If a species of bird is rare for your area–the message associated is deemed to be more important and urgent than if you were to observe an ordinary bird.  Here are a few associations you might consider making with Spirit as you create a personal omen system.


Insects that fly can be assigned to represent friends who have passed.  For instance, David considers the Monarch Butterfly to represent his mother while a white moth represents his step-daughter. David made the agreements in a meditative conversation with each of them to make their presence known to him in this way.  Like many others, David considers Ladybugs as good luck signs. Think about the numerous bugs and insects in your area–and make agreements with what each of these shall mean.


Birds are wonderful ways for Spirit to ping us. Birds are free and colorful spirits that are easy to associate with signs and spiritual meanings.  Here are the signs David has assigned to birds common to his part of the country.

  • Blackbirds – A good luck omen. Rebirth and changes may be ahead. Endings and transformations.
  • Bluebirds – reminders of happiness and blessings.  Also, represents that a spiritual presence is nearby or trying to reach us.
  • Ducks and Geese – Reminds us to spend our time wisely. A reminder to think about whether our ideas will hold water or prepare us for the next step of our journey.
  • Hummingbirds – Their wings move in an infinity symbol and they drink nectar. These birds remind us of eternity and the sweetness of spiritual development (the nectar within).
  • Predator Birds – Even in the city, it isn’t uncommon to see eagles, hawks, owls, and the like.  These birds remind us of the watchfulness of our powerful guardians. They protect and help to rid our lives of the rodents (symbolic of those things that diminish or steal what is important from our lives).
  • Redbirds – passion, boldness, and relationships. Usually, they mean that relationships are going well.  For instance, if you are thinking about your children and their spouses and see redbirds, things are going well. But, redbirds could mean that relationships are needing attention.
  • Robins – new growth and renewal.  Robins remind us to live life fully.
  • Small Birds of All Kinds – The angels are reminding you that your angels, spirits, and guides are close by and watching over you.  Protection is nearby.


Mystics who live in the city won’t see the kind of wildlife like those who live near Yellowstone; however, coyotes, foxes, and an occasional deer have been seen in New York City! Here are some animals that are sometimes seen in the cities and some meanings associated with them.

  • Coyotes – often thought of as tricksters, jokers, and shape-shifters. They remind us to look within lest we fool ourselves with what we want to believe versus what may actually be true or good for us.
  • Mice – pay attention to the details. Don’t let yourself be robbed because you didn’t look closely at things that were right before your eyes.
  • Opossum– This creature is known for its strategy of playing dead. Its message for us is to think about those people and relationships in our life where we either need to move on or change the way we deal with them.
  • Rabbits –  Rabbits are energetic creatures who can move quickly, and see in the dark. They are also famous for multiplying quickly.  If you see this creature, it may be a sign that you may need to move quickly with something you are involved with or that a quick decision is needed. Or, it could mean that something you are working with is about to expand.
  • Rats – Though often despised, rats are resourceful creatures. Rats are intelligent and learn how to complete mazes. Rats are survivors who can focus upon essentials.  When you see a rat, it reminds us to focus more on our needs versus what we want. Rats remind us to be practical.
  • Skunks – This animal is a quiet solitary creature who isn’t afraid to raise a stink when bothered by an aggressive animal. They remind us to be quiet, confident and stand in our own power. It can be this way because its reputation precedes it.
  • Snakes – The snake has long been revered as a creature of mystical power and spiritual transformation. It is likened to the coiled energy at the base of the spine that, when activated, opens the other chakras for our growth. Snakes are in constant contact with the energy of mother earth and shed their skin each year. Snakes remind us of the power of following our spiritual path and the importance of making changes as we do so.
  • Squirrels – These creatures are playful, energetic, intelligent, energetic and resourceful as they forage for food to hide away for the winter.  When you see squirrels, be reminded of the importance of setting aside some of your resources now so that you might use them at a later time. As you do this, don’t forget to play and enjoy your life.


Finally, as any pet owner will tell you, our dogs and cats are constantly communicating with us.  They give us friendship and love.  And like our children, from time to time we may intuit that Spirit is using them to communicate a special message to us–especially when their behavior is different or unusual for them.  We should never take our pets for granted–they are in our lives for a reason. Spirit uses all of the elements in our lives to communicate with us–and that includes our pets.

Review and Conclusion

There is a deep and loving relationship between mystics and the source.  We are the original God lovers! It is wired into our DNA.  As mystics, we become increasingly aware each day of Spirit’s willingness to commune with us and we develop our language to help us. Developing this language is part of our spiritual work.  There are infinite ways of communing with Source, but some of the more fundamental approaches include noticing the numbers, colors, music, repetitions, and animals that Spirit brings before us. We call this Spiritual Pinging! Paying attention to these areas as we live each day helps us to better develop our outer-form communication.  Believing, listening, paying attention, and trusting the messages we receive in the outer forms is one of the fundamentals of pursuing the Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine.