Spiritual Pings

Spiritual Pings

A Word from Brother Thomas

[dropcap]Spiritual[/dropcap] Trav­el­ers, This is Broth­er Thomas, your fel­low labor­er in the God-Con­tin­u­um and guide from the Sev­enth Ray.  As we, on this side, watch humankind, we are amazed that the aver­age per­son has no idea of the many ways Source uses to reach out to them. Source tries very hard to get your atten­tion; but, alas, remains all but invis­i­ble! Most believe that there is no God, or if there is a god, this god is indif­fer­ent or cares lit­tle about them. It is con­sid­ered wise among you to be agnos­tic – nei­ther believ­ing or dis­be­liev­ing in the Divine. This is non­sense!

The Divine is aware of every sin­gle soul on your plan­et. The God-Con­tin­u­um care­ful­ly attends to each one. The fact that your five sens­es and lim­it­ed aware­ness can­not see the beings that stand next to you each day is not our fault! It is just as well. We are not meant to be seen while you serve in incar­nat­ed form. We have been con­ve­nient­ly fil­tered from your sight. But we exist nonethe­less! Each day, the Divine speaks direct­ly with you. It is so sub­tle and trans­par­ent that most assume that all of the good ideas that come through their minds is of their doing – it is not.

We whis­per in your ears the things you need to remem­ber. We bring your aware­ness to things you would oth­er­wise miss. We save you from destruc­tion as you trav­el in your cars and vehi­cles. We bring signs and won­ders before you through nature, plants, birds, songs, books that catch your eye, and thou­sands of oth­er means. We watch over you as you sleep. Yes, we are walk­ing by your side every step of the way.

Believe in us. Have a lit­tle faith. Com­mune with us – but also work with us! We are more than will­ing to devel­op a spe­cial lan­guage with you. Have you played the game Cha­rades? The suc­cess­ful team will cre­ate quick lit­tle hand signs to let their team know whether a movie title is short or long – or whether some­thing “sounds like” some­thing famil­iar or not. These quick hand signs make the game so much more inter­est­ing and fun. The same is true for you. Use the pow­er of your inten­tion to tell us how we may best com­mu­ni­cate with you. Choose a black­bird to mean one thing and a red bird to mean anoth­er. Ask for coins, feath­ers, and flow­ers to appear when you need an answer for some­thing. Notice the num­bers that flash on your dig­i­tal clocks – ask us what they mean! Pay atten­tion to the songs you spon­ta­neous­ly sing! Learn about syn­chronic­i­ty. Learn about the guides and ascend­ed mas­ters – each of them have unique ways of com­mu­ni­cat­ing! Ask those of us on this side to show you our unique signs.  We are here and we want to com­mu­ni­cate with you. We promise you this, once you get start­ed, you will find that the Uni­verse nev­er stops talk­ing with you. You may ignore us – but we will still reach out to you.

One of the more inter­est­ing aspects of the mys­ti­cal path is learn­ing how to receive divine mes­sages from our spir­its and guides.  Once we get the hang of it, we become aware our extra-dimen­sion­al con­nec­tions and their will­ing­ness to make them­selves known con­stant­ly.

Spiritual Pings!

Com­put­ers ping oth­er com­put­ers.  They do this to test the sure­ness of the con­nec­tion between each com­put­er.  If you are con­nect­ed to the inter­net, you may open your com­mand line con­sole and enter a com­mand sim­i­lar to: ping google​.com.  If you are con­nect­ed, the Google com­put­er will send you a sig­nal back and tell you the amount of time it takes to send and receive a mes­sage.

Your Lux Ani­mae is being pinged all of the time.  You are con­stant­ly receiv­ing mes­sages from your soul friends and guides.  Most of the time, this hap­pens well below the sur­face of con­scious aware­ness, and your body, mind and emo­tions adjust accord­ing­ly result­ing in some action. It is pos­si­ble, how­ev­er, to become more aware of these pings and to bring them to the sur­face of con­scious aware­ness.  This is the pow­er of the medi­ums, chan­nel­ers, and all of the clairs – such as the clairau­di­ent and clair­voy­ant. By agree­ment with your con­scious phys­i­cal aware­ness, your Lux Ani­mae is will­ing to work with you in devel­op­ing this sen­si­tiv­i­ty and teach you how to become aware of your pings.

Symbolic Language

Mys­tics are peo­ple who have come to learn the impor­tance of sym­bols and sym­bol­ic lan­guage. Mys­ti­cism is as much about divin­ing spir­i­tu­al mean­ing from sym­bols as any­thing else. For instance, the suc­cess­ful tarot read­er is suc­cess­ful pre­cise­ly because she learns how to inter­pret the sym­bols on the card placed before her by Spir­it as she queries about some mat­ter. Sym­bols are ordi­nary signs that remind us of oth­er things. Though it may sound com­pli­cat­ed, it real­ly isn’t. Just remem­ber that all words have both a lit­er­al and fig­u­ra­tive mean­ing. For instance, the word dark can lit­er­al­ly mean the absence of light, such as a dark room, or sym­bol­i­cal­ly, it could rep­re­sent evil, empti­ness – or even trans­for­ma­tion. The mys­tic devel­ops their abil­i­ty to think more abstract­ly about each of the signs that Spir­it sends their way.  Every­thing we see, think, or hear can fit into its own sym­bol­ic lan­guage.  Spir­i­tu­al Pings are based upon these sym­bol­ic lan­guages.

Simple Illustration

Once you become aware of your pings, you can pause, reflect, and con­nect back with the sender. It is like receiv­ing a spir­i­tu­al text mes­sage. It can work some­thing like this. You are dri­ving your car and a license plate on the car ahead catch­es your eye.  It says BLUESTAR. At first, you think it unusu­al to see such a plate on a car. Maybe you won­der what the word means.  But then you remem­ber that the mas­ter of the Blue Ray is El Morya. You have just been pinged by El Morya!  What you do next is up to you.  You might just say, “Hel­lo Moyra, wel­come to my car! So good to hear from you and to know you are think­ing of me! I’m hon­ored that you are with me today!”  And that exchange would be just fine.  Or you could deep­en the con­ver­sa­tion fur­ther. Using your spir­i­tu­al imag­i­na­tion, you could invite a stronger link with this won­der­ful ascend­ed mas­ter by imag­in­ing him sit­ting in the seat next to you as you dri­ve the car.  You con­tin­ue your con­ver­sa­tion with El Morya – either aloud or in your head (whichev­er works best for you) and ask if there is a mes­sage for you today. You could also ask the ascend­ed mas­ter a ques­tion about some­thing that is on your mind to see what infor­ma­tion you receive back. I have found the mas­ters ping us a lot. They are work­ing to devel­op our aware­ness and to remind us to use their spe­cial qual­i­ties in our mys­ti­cal work.

Spiritual Pings and Numbers

One of the eas­i­er mys­ti­cal skills to devel­op is the skill of num­ber recog­ni­tion. All it takes is learn­ing some basic numerol­o­gy and agree­ing with your high­er self to com­mu­ni­cate with you as it sees fit with num­bers. Though we will spend an entire les­son on sim­ple numerol­o­gy, here’s enough infor­ma­tion to get you start­ed.

A Quick Numerology Lesson

As a field of study, numerol­o­gy is fas­ci­nat­ing.  It is a sub­tle and mys­ti­cal field all by itself.  Like all meth­ods of spir­it com­mu­ni­ca­tion, it is based on an agree­ment with the stu­dent and their guides that cer­tain num­bers will mean cer­tain things.  Once the agree­ment is made, your guides will begin using num­bers as a lan­guage and form of per­son­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion.  All you real­ly need to know, to get start­ed, is: what the basic num­bers mean, how to reduce num­bers to basic num­bers, how to treat repeat­ing num­bers.  That’s it!  We will show you how it is done.

Basic Number Meanings

We will quick­ly learn the means of the num­bers one through ten. Make some flash cards and learn them quick­ly.

  • One — means a new begin­ning or “get start­ed.”
  • Two — means that you should con­sid­er alter­na­tives.
  • Three — means that some project is get­ting start­ed or is at ground lev­el – it rep­re­sents plan­ning.
  • Four — rep­re­sents that a firm foun­da­tion has been cre­at­ed.
  • Five — rep­re­sents change, or that changes are com­ing.
  • Six — rep­re­sents peace, har­mo­ny, car­ing, and heal­ing.
  • Sev­en — refers to mat­ters of log­ic, rea­son, think­ing, and spir­i­tu­al­i­ty.
  • Eight — means suc­cess is ahead.
  • Nine — means that a project, work, or stage of life is com­ing to a close.
  • Ten — means that one thing is soon end­ing and anoth­er will soon begin – end­ings and begin­nings.
  • The mas­ter num­bers 11, 22, and 33 — Eleven rep­re­sents the mas­ter dream­er.  It is the num­ber of high­er con­scious­ness and cre­ativ­i­ty.  Twen­ty-Two, or the dou­bling of 11, rep­re­sents the mas­ter builder. It takes dreams and makes them a real­i­ty.  Thir­ty-three is the num­ber of the mas­ter teacher.  It is the most influ­en­tial num­ber of all.

Reducing Large Numbers to Basic Numbers

Let’s say your eye is caught by the clock when it says 5:22.  Add all of the num­bers togeth­er and you get nine – or a mes­sage about end­ings. This means your guides want you to be aware of some­thing that is com­ing to an end – or think about end­ing some­thing that has gone on long enough.

As anoth­er exam­ple, let’s say that your eye is caught by the num­ber 629 on a license plate.  The addi­tion of the three num­bers equals 17.  We then reduce the num­ber fur­ther by adding the 1 and the 7 – or 8.  The uni­verse is telling you that suc­cess is com­ing – or that some­thing you’ve just done was suc­cess­ful.

While we reduce large num­bers to small­er ones, we don’t reduce the mas­ter num­bers 11, 22, or 33, the num­ber 10 or repeat­ing num­bers.

Repeating Numbers

One has to devel­op a feel for repeat­ing num­bers – but with prac­tice, it becomes an agreed upon lan­guage that feels nat­ur­al between you and Source. Let’s say you look at the clock and see that it is 5:55. The repeat­ing fives indi­cate big changes ahead!  But what do we do if we read the clock and it says 5:25?  It is true that there are two fives in the num­ber – but since they aren’t repeat­ing num­bers we add them up to twelve and reduce them fur­ther to three.  We’d assume we have a three mes­sage about some work of ours on the ground floor.  Let’s say the clock as 5:52. What do we do here?  This is where you need to trust your intu­ition and see which inter­pre­ta­tion feels the best.  It could be a mes­sage about changes ahead (the repeat­ing fives) and the need to exam­ine the alter­na­tives (rep­re­sent­ed by the num­ber two)!  Or you should also con­sid­er whether it should be a three mes­sage – once all num­bers are reduced.  Con­sid­er what is hap­pen­ing in your life and go with the inter­pre­ta­tion that feels the best!  Remem­ber, the only rules that exist are those between you and Source. After a while, num­ber com­mu­ni­ca­tion becomes sec­ond nature. Remain flex­i­ble as you inter­pret.  For instance, if the clock says 5:56 – I nor­mal­ly con­sid­er them as repeat­ing fives – because it is one dig­it away from the num­ber and it may have tak­en Spir­it a minute to get my atten­tion! Again, the rules of inter­pre­ta­tion become what you and Source decide togeth­er.

Use Number Communication Throughout the Day

It’s so sim­ple and easy to use num­ber com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Spir­it often uses num­bers to com­mu­ni­cate with David. Through­out the day his atten­tion will be drawn to num­bers – espe­cial­ly dig­i­tal clocks. David nor­mal­ly doesn’t look at clocks – but since he has a numerol­o­gy agree­ment with Spir­it – when his atten­tion is drawn to a dig­i­tal clock or watch, he pays spe­cial atten­tion to the dis­played num­bers. One of the dai­ly ways David relies upon num­bers is his wake-up times.  Nor­mal­ly, David awakes sev­er­al times each night.  He con­sid­ers the num­bers he sees on the clock at these times as a form of spir­i­tu­al numerol­o­gy – since he believes that Source awak­ens him for this pur­pose.  When David sees repeat­ing num­bers through­out the day, he espe­cial­ly feels that Spir­it is near him. Usu­al­ly, there is some­thing in par­tic­u­lar on David’s mind such as his job, rela­tion­ship with anoth­er, or antic­i­pa­tion of a future event. When David’s atten­tion is drawn to num­bers, he usu­al­ly con­sid­ers the num­bers relat­ed to what­ev­er was in his mind at the time  Again; he relies upon his intu­ition and phys­i­cal feel­ings to help in these deter­mi­na­tions.

Spiritual Pings and Music

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head?  Have you ever been about your busi­ness and real­ized that a song, movie, or sto­ry has bub­bled to the sur­face of your mind? Your mas­ters and guides ping you with these things.

Some­times the songs are sent to you as a means of lift­ing your vibra­tion.  Music is a quick and easy way to change your vibra­to­ry state.  With prac­tice, we can make playlists that help us achieve a desired men­tal and emo­tion­al fre­quen­cy.  Oth­er times, we are sup­posed to think more deeply about the words of a song. When­ev­er you hear a song in your head – that seems to come from nowhere – try to learn more about the song.  Look up the words, if you don’t know them well, and inten­tion­al­ly lis­ten to the song.  But most impor­tant, acknowl­edge to your guides that “you’ve heard them!” Thank your guides for giv­ing you a quick mes­sage through song. Before long, you can devel­op a music lan­guage between you and your guides.

Spiritual Pings and Repetitions

Life is full of rep­e­ti­tions.  It seems you get the les­son until you get the les­son.  Mys­tics are peo­ple who under­stand the impor­tance of look­ing the rep­e­ti­tion of life. This is accept­ed psy­cho­log­i­cal prac­tice as well. Clients are often asked to do a life review and to look for repeat­ing themes – such as abu­sive rela­tion­ships, get­ting into jobs that don’t work out or invest­ing mon­ey in schemes that nev­er work out. Exam­in­ing one’s repet­i­tive themes can be a great way to grow spir­i­tu­al­ly. It is a won­der­ful reflec­tive prac­tice that can be cou­pled with med­i­ta­tion to yield trans­for­ma­tive results.  But rep­e­ti­tions can also occur over short­er peri­ods of time.

Daily Reflection

It is a good dai­ly prac­tice to reflect back over one’s day at the end of a day.  Through spir­i­tu­al con­tem­pla­tion (i.e. ask­ing your guides to help you quick­ly focus upon a tar­get of thought for a short peri­od and offer advice) the care­ful stu­dent will notice that each day has a theme unto itself.  Often, there will be a run of days that have a sim­i­lar theme attached to them.  This indi­cates that your guides are bring­ing you a spe­cif­ic series of lessons and expe­ri­ences.  These mini-lessons often help to resolve past kar­mas and pre­pare us for larg­er lessons that are yet to come. With dai­ly prac­tice, an entire dai­ly review can be accom­plished in a mat­ter of min­utes.  This is a high lever­age spir­i­tu­al prac­tice. A few min­utes in focused con­tem­pla­tion can often yield sig­nif­i­cant insights. Final­ly, it’s impor­tant to notice the seem­ing­ly ran­dom rep­e­ti­tions of events that hap­pen in rel­a­tive­ly short peri­ods of time.

Reject Randomness

Mys­tics reject ran­dom­ness – not in a sci­en­tif­ic way but the notion that coin­ci­dences car­ry no per­son­al mean­ing. Let me explain it in this way. If David and his wife go to a restau­rant with friends, his wife has a sign she makes with her hand to sig­nal that the con­ver­sa­tion should be changed. To the oth­er cou­ple, the motion appears ordi­nary or a ran­dom move­ment. In the same way, we mys­tics make agree­ments with our Spir­its and Guides to com­mu­ni­cate with us via seem­ing­ly ran­dom events. Thus, what may appear as a ran­dom event for some, car­ries sig­nif­i­cance for us.  For instance, maybe you’ve heard dif­fer­ent peo­ple using the same phrase, in the same way, sev­er­al days in a row.  That is a mes­sage from Source! Pay atten­tion to those. Per­haps you’ve noticed a par­tic­u­lar piece of jew­el­ry on sev­er­al dif­fer­ent peo­ple – that is prob­a­bly a mes­sage from spir­it using some­thing that is attrac­tive to you.  By pay­ing atten­tion, you might notice that Source will let you know when you need to see the doc­tor – by send­ing you repet­i­tive sig­nals through your friends, bill­boards and such.  A final illus­tra­tion con­cerns David. David is a gen­er­ous man who will often pay for lunch or offer to help finan­cial­ly with things – such a buy­ing a box of books for the lead­ers of his church. A few weeks lat­er, a man offered to pay for half of those books.  At first, David refused the offer, but the man per­sist­ed.  It was then that David real­ized that Spir­it was at work here.  It was near the end of the month, and David did not have much mon­ey left.  This was Spirit’s way of help­ing out!

Spiritual Pings and Colors

As with the ear­li­er dis­cus­sions, our guides and spir­its can com­mu­ni­cate with us through the col­ors that catch our atten­tion.  Through­out the day as we car­ry thoughts in our minds and sub­con­scious, the stu­dent is encour­aged to pay atten­tion to col­ors that sud­den­ly appear before them. It could be a flash of col­or that we see as we close our eyes or a col­or that catch­es our atten­tion as we look up from our thoughts. The point is, that once we make an agree­ment with Spir­it about using col­ors to com­mu­ni­cate with us, we will find our aware­ness of spir­i­tu­al mes­sages increas­ing.

Col­ors car­ry a unique vibra­tion of ener­gy that can be very help­ful to those of us who jour­ney on the mys­ti­cal path. In oth­er lessons with­in the Mys­ti­cal Foun­da­tions Series, we will pro­vide a fuller dis­course about the col­ors of the Spir­i­tu­al Rays and their impor­tance. In this les­son, our focus is upon help­ing us to rec­og­nize that col­ors are a form of spir­i­tu­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion.  Like numerol­o­gy, men­tioned ear­li­er, the study of col­ors in mys­ti­cism is a field unto itself. In this les­son, we are going to great­ly sim­pli­fy all of this by uti­liz­ing the basic col­ors found in the Rid­er-Waite Tarot deck. We choose this sys­tem because it is eas­i­ly learned and is part of the mys­tic cor­pus of knowl­edge which makes our jour­ney eas­i­er.  As we do so, keep in mind that our use of col­ors is a per­son­al agree­ment we make between our­selves and Source so that we might become more aware of Spir­it com­mu­ni­ca­tion in our lives. Source is will­ing to use any sys­tem of col­or com­mu­ni­ca­tion that the stu­dent wish­es. We choose this one because it is easy to learn. We encour­age you to make a few flash­cards and mas­ter these col­ors and mean­ings.

Colors and Meanings

In the Rid­er-Waite Tarot deck, the fol­low­ing col­ors and mean­ings are used.

  • Red — pow­er, pas­sion, sex­u­al ener­gy, and con­fi­dence.
  • Orange — courage, socia­bil­i­ty, vital­i­ty, play­ful, fun
  • Yel­low — mat­ters relat­ed to mind, log­ic, bril­liance, ratio­nal­i­ty
  • Green — Heal­ing, growth, a fresh start, life-giv­ing, wealth
  • Blue — com­mu­ni­ca­tion, vast like sky and water, imag­i­na­tion, expan­sive­ness, uncon­scious or sub­con­scious
  • Indi­go and Pur­ple — Spir­i­tu­al wis­dom, roy­al­ty
  • White — puri­ty, spir­i­tu­al, heav­en­ly, inno­cence, mys­ti­cal
  • Gray — gloom, sad­ness, depres­sion
  • Brown — ground­ed, earthy,
  • Black — despair, hid­den, pro­tec­tion, end­ings, trans­for­ma­tions

All of the col­ors have pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive con­no­ta­tions.  The stu­dent can deter­mine the actu­al mean­ing of these col­ors by assum­ing a pos­i­tive mean­ing unless they per­ceive some phys­i­cal or emo­tion­al neg­a­tiv­i­ty in their body as they see the col­or. Let’s say that you are con­sid­er­ing the alter­na­tives of stay­ing with your present job and tak­ing anoth­er one.  As you think about the oth­er job you notice the col­or green begins appear­ing on the cloth­ing of peo­ple around you – or you notice a big green bill­board. Or per­haps, you have five green lights in a row as you dri­ve your car down a busy street.  All of these could be pos­i­tive signs since green refers to new growth, mon­ey, and wealth.

The secret to using col­ors effec­tive­ly is to gain the abil­i­ty to make asso­ci­a­tions between the col­ors you see and the things that may be on your mind. As more skills are gained, the com­mu­ni­ca­tion becomes more imme­di­ate. As the stu­dent learns to rec­og­nize auras, they can also ascer­tain the phys­i­cal and emo­tion­al state of peo­ple around them. Final­ly, col­or med­i­ta­tion can be a pow­er­ful mys­ti­cal tool for invit­ing heal­ing, wealthy, rais­ing our fre­quen­cy and invit­ing spir­i­tu­al mas­ters to com­mu­ni­cate with us.

Spiritual Pings and Animals

Our final dis­cus­sion on Spir­i­tu­al Ping­ing relates to the appear­ance of ani­mals as a form of spir­it com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Birds, ani­mals, and insects have long been rec­og­nized by shamans and mys­tics alike as omens of prophet­ic sig­nif­i­cance.  With­out a doubt, ani­mals have mys­tic qual­i­ties in an of them­selves. They are a unique expres­sion of Spir­it and their abil­i­ty to appear before us with­out warn­ing add to their mys­te­ri­ous qual­i­ties. In every­day con­ver­sa­tion, peo­ple will often refer to wildlife. If we pay atten­tion and lis­ten for those exam­ples, we may well come to under­stand that Spir­it is ping­ing us about a par­tic­u­lar qual­i­ty IT would like to see us devel­op.  Because of this, stu­dents on the mys­ti­cal path often make agree­ments with Spir­it to pay atten­tion to those times when ani­mals are spo­ken about or seen. This can be one more tool in our box to help us devel­op our per­son­al spir­i­tu­al lan­guage.

It is cer­tain­ly beyond the scope of these lessons to ful­ly dis­cuss the ani­mal king­dom, how­ev­er, a few will be men­tioned that are com­mon to those of us liv­ing in sub­ur­ban areas. City folks often see birds, insects, dogs, cats, and a vari­ety of small wildlife includ­ing mice, rats, squir­rels, rac­coon, pos­sum, rab­bits and snakes. occa­sion­al­ly, one might see a deer, coy­ote, fox, or skunk.  Our inter­pre­ta­tion of these forms of life are based upon sev­er­al fac­tors includ­ing, their behav­ior, how near or far they are from us, and rar­i­ty.  Behav­ior is impor­tant. If the ani­mal seems to acknowl­edge us in some way, our mes­sage is dif­fer­ent than if we seem­ing­ly are observ­ing the ani­mal unseen. When ani­mals are observed up close and per­son­al – such as being close enough to a but­ter­fly to touch it – the mes­sage is more emphat­ic than we observe at a dis­tance. Rar­i­ty has to do with the unusu­al­ness of see­ing such an ani­mal.  If a species of bird is rare for your area – the mes­sage asso­ci­at­ed is deemed to be more impor­tant and urgent than if you were to observe an ordi­nary bird.  Here are a few asso­ci­a­tions you might con­sid­er mak­ing with Spir­it as you cre­ate a per­son­al omen sys­tem.


Insects that fly can be assigned to rep­re­sent friends who have passed.  For instance, David con­sid­ers the Monarch But­ter­fly to rep­re­sent his moth­er while a white moth rep­re­sents his step-daugh­ter. David made the agree­ments in a med­i­ta­tive con­ver­sa­tion with each of them to make their pres­ence known to him in this way.  Like many oth­ers, David con­sid­ers Lady­bugs as good luck signs. Think about the numer­ous bugs and insects in your area – and make agree­ments with what each of these shall mean.


Birds are won­der­ful ways for Spir­it to ping us. Birds are free and col­or­ful spir­its that are easy to asso­ciate with signs and spir­i­tu­al mean­ings.  Here are the signs David has assigned to birds com­mon to his part of the coun­try.

  • Black­birds — A good luck omen. Rebirth and changes may be ahead. End­ings and trans­for­ma­tions.
  • Blue­birds — reminders of hap­pi­ness and bless­ings.  Also, rep­re­sents that a spir­i­tu­al pres­ence is near­by or try­ing to reach us.
  • Ducks and Geese — Reminds us to spend our time wise­ly. A reminder to think about whether our ideas will hold water or pre­pare us for the next step of our jour­ney.
  • Hum­ming­birds — Their wings move in an infin­i­ty sym­bol and they drink nec­tar. These birds remind us of eter­ni­ty and the sweet­ness of spir­i­tu­al devel­op­ment (the nec­tar with­in).
  • Preda­tor Birds — Even in the city, it isn’t uncom­mon to see eagles, hawks, owls, and the like.  These birds remind us of the watch­ful­ness of our pow­er­ful guardians. They pro­tect and help to rid our lives of the rodents (sym­bol­ic of those things that dimin­ish or steal what is impor­tant from our lives).
  • Red­birds — pas­sion, bold­ness, and rela­tion­ships. Usu­al­ly, they mean that rela­tion­ships are going well.  For instance, if you are think­ing about your chil­dren and their spous­es and see red­birds, things are going well. But, red­birds could mean that rela­tion­ships are need­ing atten­tion.
  • Robins — new growth and renew­al.  Robins remind us to live life ful­ly.
  • Small Birds of All Kinds — The angels are remind­ing you that your angels, spir­its, and guides are close by and watch­ing over you.  Pro­tec­tion is near­by.


Mys­tics who live in the city won’t see the kind of wildlife like those who live near Yel­low­stone; how­ev­er, coy­otes, fox­es, and an occa­sion­al deer have been seen in New York City! Here are some ani­mals that are some­times seen in the cities and some mean­ings asso­ci­at­ed with them.

  • Coy­otes — often thought of as trick­sters, jok­ers, and shape-shifters. They remind us to look with­in lest we fool our­selves with what we want to believe ver­sus what may actu­al­ly be true or good for us.
  • Mice — pay atten­tion to the details. Don’t let your­self be robbed because you didn’t look close­ly at things that were right before your eyes.
  • Opos­sum- This crea­ture is known for its strat­e­gy of play­ing dead. Its mes­sage for us is to think about those peo­ple and rela­tion­ships in our life where we either need to move on or change the way we deal with them.
  • Rab­bits —  Rab­bits are ener­getic crea­tures who can move quick­ly, and see in the dark. They are also famous for mul­ti­ply­ing quick­ly.  If you see this crea­ture, it may be a sign that you may need to move quick­ly with some­thing you are involved with or that a quick deci­sion is need­ed. Or, it could mean that some­thing you are work­ing with is about to expand.
  • Rats — Though often despised, rats are resource­ful crea­tures. Rats are intel­li­gent and learn how to com­plete mazes. Rats are sur­vivors who can focus upon essen­tials.  When you see a rat, it reminds us to focus more on our needs ver­sus what we want. Rats remind us to be prac­ti­cal.
  • Skunks — This ani­mal is a qui­et soli­tary crea­ture who isn’t afraid to raise a stink when both­ered by an aggres­sive ani­mal. They remind us to be qui­et, con­fi­dent and stand in our own pow­er. It can be this way because its rep­u­ta­tion pre­cedes it.
  • Snakes — The snake has long been revered as a crea­ture of mys­ti­cal pow­er and spir­i­tu­al trans­for­ma­tion. It is likened to the coiled ener­gy at the base of the spine that, when acti­vat­ed, opens the oth­er chakras for our growth. Snakes are in con­stant con­tact with the ener­gy of moth­er earth and shed their skin each year. Snakes remind us of the pow­er of fol­low­ing our spir­i­tu­al path and the impor­tance of mak­ing changes as we do so.
  • Squir­rels — These crea­tures are play­ful, ener­getic, intel­li­gent, ener­getic and resource­ful as they for­age for food to hide away for the win­ter.  When you see squir­rels, be remind­ed of the impor­tance of set­ting aside some of your resources now so that you might use them at a lat­er time. As you do this, don’t for­get to play and enjoy your life.


Final­ly, as any pet own­er will tell you, our dogs and cats are con­stant­ly com­mu­ni­cat­ing with us.  They give us friend­ship and love.  And like our chil­dren, from time to time we may intu­it that Spir­it is using them to com­mu­ni­cate a spe­cial mes­sage to us – espe­cial­ly when their behav­ior is dif­fer­ent or unusu­al for them.  We should nev­er take our pets for grant­ed – they are in our lives for a rea­son. Spir­it uses all of the ele­ments in our lives to com­mu­ni­cate with us – and that includes our pets.

Review and Conclusion

There is a deep and lov­ing rela­tion­ship between mys­tics and the source.  We are the orig­i­nal God lovers! It is wired into our DNA.  As mys­tics, we become increas­ing­ly aware each day of Spirit’s will­ing­ness to com­mune with us and we devel­op our lan­guage to help us. Devel­op­ing this lan­guage is part of our spir­i­tu­al work.  There are infi­nite ways of com­muning with Source, but some of the more fun­da­men­tal approach­es include notic­ing the num­bers, col­ors, music, rep­e­ti­tions, and ani­mals that Spir­it brings before us. We call this Spir­i­tu­al Ping­ing! Pay­ing atten­tion to these areas as we live each day helps us to bet­ter devel­op our out­er-form com­mu­ni­ca­tion.  Believ­ing, lis­ten­ing, pay­ing atten­tion, and trust­ing the mes­sages we receive in the out­er forms is one of the fun­da­men­tals of pur­su­ing the Mys­ti­cal Path of Spir­i­tus Lumine.