Extra Dimensional Guidance

A Word from Brother Thomas

Welcome truth-seeking mystics.  I am Brother Thomas, your spiritual guide of the Seventh Ray. I have come to help you along The Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine so that you might further your awakening and deepen your spiritual power.  You are drawn to these studies because you desire enlightenment. You have self-selected yourself for growth and ascension–and it shall be given because all that seek shall find, and those that knock upon the door shall find that it opens unto them.

No Turning Back

Following the mystical path is no small matter. You will not be able to unsee the truths that you learn.  Once you learn what is true, there is no going back. Soon, if not already, you will hear your friends in ordinary conversation discussing spiritual matters–and you will realize just how blind they are and how blinded you once were. Blindness is the state of the human condition. Those who begin their mystical studies come to understand a new knowledge that is based on hidden truths. Some of these truths are the ones that caused good men and women to be burned at the stake as heretics, dis-fellowshipped and spurned by their churches, and condemned to die at the Salem Witch Trials. These are only a few instances of harm that have been done to mystics.

Nothing but Source Consciousness

The hidden knowledge of which we speak dares to declare that nothing exists but Source Consciousness and that you are that very power! The moment you grasp this truth, the world changes. The manipulation of those who count upon your blind obedience becomes very obvious. As you set yourself free, the authority of others becomes more and more of a choice that you consciously make as to whether you will submit or not–and to what degree. But where does this hidden knowledge come?  Mt. Sinai? The visions of a prophet? Saviors? The words of a guru? Science? Actually, behind each of these is a more profound truth.

Source of Hidden Knowledge

Like you, the hidden knowledge comes from Source Conscious who distributes it via the Spiritus Lumine in a myriad of ways. Each of the world’s noted spiritual messengers received extra-dimensional help–the same help that is available to you. When these messages were first given, they were life-giving and earth changing. But slowly over time, their messages became corrupted and co-opted by those who wished to gain an advantage over their followers. The job of a mystic is to learn how to receive all of its direction from Source Consciousness who is more than willing to make ITs wishes known. As we learn how to contact Source for ourselves, we no longer need rely upon the interpretations, mandates and institutions of humankind.  In the lesson I have prepared for you, we will discuss the role of ascended masters and their desire to help shape your growth and advancement.

God More Precisely

In present culture, God is a binary that we either believe in or not (we place agnostics in the not category because they can’t be sure that God can be known). For most, God is a universal term used to describe a being that creates all things, knows all things, has authority over all things and is present everywhere. Although technically true–it’s somewhat imprecise. It’s like saying that humans are beings that eat, sleep, and poop–true, but not very discriminating. When people say they are praying to God, who are they praying to exactly? When they say they want to please God, who exactly, are they talking about? A few questions will usually reveal a belief in God that is as much an artifact of present cultural values as anything else. Mystics have come to understand that like the human body, our knowledge of God can also be subdivided into various parts that better help us understand the whole Source Consciousness (God) exists along an infinite continuum.

The Soul Complex

We begin with Source–the ultimate consciousness and wellspring of all that is.  As we have noted in other lessons, as dreams take place within Source Consciousness, souls, or pieces of infinite Source Consciousness, are created and placed within a Lux Animae complex to go forth and explore the dream. As the souls go forth, they grow and advance in their skills, abilities, and knowledge of their purpose. This constant creation, growth, and advancement of souls has led to the creation of different dimensions, worlds, races, beings of all kinds, and helpers who watch over us. Thus, there is a progression of Souls, all tied to the original Source via the Spiritus Lumine, who range from least accomplished to highly advanced. As human beings, we are not the least accomplished–but certainly not highly advanced.

Who Hears our Prayers?

When we pray–even the most humble prayer–we may be speaking with our higher self, loved ones passed, guardians who watch over us, angels, accomplished spirits who are helping us with our life purpose, other members of our soul group, saints, deities, gurus, ascended masters, and so on.  Most people have never considered that all of these entities are a part of the God continuum.  All are connected to Source via the Spiritus Lumine. Some of these beings, such as loved ones passed, may have less spiritual development than the one offering the prayer–but they may be the best one to help us or answer our prayers!  But no matter where an entity resides on the Source continuum, one is not necessarily better than another. They are just at different stages of progression and tasked to do certain things.

Never forget that each of the ascended master had to learn many lessons in their long journey and soul progression. Even the Apostle Paul, before he saw the heavenly light, was guilty of killing innocent people. Many of the extra-dimensional entities which lend us help are certainly more knowledgeable, powerful, and accomplished than we are, but that is only the result of hard-earned and hard-learned experiences that came their way. All souls have the potential of becoming advanced and powerful.

The young child who prays, “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day, my food, and my clothes…” may believe that she is speaking with Source or Jesus–but it is just as likely that her sweet prayers are being heard and answered by her guardians who have been watching over her each day of her life.  No matter, all are connected to Source via the Spiritus Lumine.  You may be wondering why we encourage mystics to make these distinctions of the God continuum.  This is because different members of the continuum are presently tasked to do certain things. Learning more about these entities not only gives us the wisdom we need, but it also helps us to be a more adept mystic.

The Most Important Master

You are the ascended master that you seek; but that does not mean you must not or cannot seek advice and help from those who are more experienced in the journey than you. Guides are everywhere about us and they are willing to help when we ask with an open heart.

At the beginning of a spiritual journey, it may seem like you are the only person wanting to know more about spiritual matters. If you are like many, you have friends and family in churches or other groups who are spiritual–up to a point. However, once you encountered their religious boundaries, you learned it is best to leave some things unsaid. Sadly, some beliefs and questions are threatening to the psyche of your friends. When this happens, you may feel you are a  lone traveler on the mystical path–but nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that you are being guided by your higher self and a multitude of guides to question your beliefs so that your soul might grow and develop as it was meant to do. Lucky for us, none of God’s many created forms travels alone. Until we fully return to Source, each of us are provided with extra-dimensional guides to watch over and encourage our spiritual development. These guides and teachers are everywhere about us.

The Law of Spiritual Sovereignty

You, and you alone, are responsible for determining what is right for you.

Before we discuss guides and masters in more detail, it is essential to remind you of a most important spiritual truth–the Law of Spiritual Sovereignty. You and you alone are responsible for choosing what you will believe and how you will act on those beliefs. When we first hear this, we may find ourselves feeling uncomfortable and in disagreement. Most of us were taught that humankind is responsible for conforming to the teachings of the Bible or some other holy book. We learned that we have no choice but to obey what a text says (or more accurately, to do what someone says or interprets the text to say) because God expects no less than full obedience of us all. This latter belief places sovereignty on the interpretations of text–not with your soul. In the spiritual world, all of us are responsible for all that we say and do. These responsibilities are not lessened just because we are following some religious or spiritual teaching.  We are responsible for how we apply any religious instruction. We cannot claim, “but I was only following orders!” The light of your soul (which is a gift from Source ITs self) always trumps text, teachings, and the interpretation of these texts and teachings!

Avoid Blind Obedience.

Many evils have been perpetrated against helpless people throughout the ages by people who believed that they had no choice but to do what some sacred text or authority said–even though it went against everything that is considered right and good for human beings. Religion has been used as the excuse to invade foreign lands, torture, behead and burn unbelievers at the stake, and to conduct all kinds of hideous atrocities against people who could not defend themselves. There is no goodness in these sorts of actions–only an abdication of personal responsibility, given to all by Source, to behave as a Sovereign in all things.

The fact that you are a good Baptist, Methodist, Evangelical, or nothing at all, does not relieve you of your responsibility to determine what is right in any given situation. You have been created in the likeness of Source who is the ultimate Sovereign! You, and you alone are responsible for your actions and decisions. If you belong to some group that believes in the literal interpretation of a text, and then uses these texts to shame, humiliate, punish, or exclude those who do not believe as you do; you (and not Source), are responsible for all of the harmful consequences (karma) that will surely follow.  The Crusades, Inquisition, and all forms of religious evil that have occurred throughout the ages are not the responsibility of Source, but humankind’s willingness to allow others to tell them what to believe and then follow them blindly.

How to Know What is True

When something is right, the body responds peacefully.

Peaceful Feelings

Until we gain greater spiritual wisdom, the fastest way to determine what is right is to pay attention to the messages your body sends to your conscious awareness.  Whenever our body senses something is right and true, we will have a peaceful feeling. That is the sign from Source we should be seeking. When there is no peaceful feeling, we should refuse to act. Never let our minds overrule what we feel in our body. Peace and good feelings in our physical body are signs that we are in alignment with the spiritual path. Keep in mind it is possible to be doing something that makes logical and ethical sense; yet, it does not bring about a feeling of peace. Perhaps we are thinking about offering our children some money or helping some person with a job or difficulty. As we think about doing these things, we notice that we feel no peace in our body.  Therefore, when we feel no peace, we do not act. Later, we will probably learn that Spirit had another plan for our children or friends.

Our motto should be to never do anything if it makes our physical body feel less peaceful or anxious. We can reinforce this decision by making an agreement with Spirit and saying out loud, “Angels, Spirits, and Guides, from this day forward, please bring to my conscious awareness feelings of peace whenever you want me to agree or act upon something I see or hear.  Please create a sense of physical discomfort and lack of ease whenever I should not act upon something.” Now trust that you have made a covenant with Source (because you have) and know that these feelings will intensify in the future as you honor the agreement. In time, you will have a failsafe method for knowing what to do.

Do No Harm

Another way to know what is right is to refuse to accept as valid, any teaching or interpretation of a text that proclaims you must harm another to be a devoted follower. These interpretations are incorrect and not from Source. No matter how many people in society or a group you respect say it is okay to shame, emotionally abuse, or physically hurt another human being–it is not. This does not mean that you must reject an entire body of teaching because some people interpret the text in a way that could harm others–reject the interpretation. Generally speaking, these interpretations are the result of reading text literally or concretely when a metaphorical or interpretive approach would be more correct. Whether we are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, any of the thousands of religions out there, or not religious at all, we must reject as invalid any understanding of text that demeans instead of elevates human beings.

Love Versus Power

There is a final test we would like to mention. We should always ask whether an act is motivated by love, power, or self-interest. The highest of actions are those that are motivated by greater good for all concerned. These actions raise our vibrations. Activities that are driven by power and self-interest can be problematic. It is okay to change your bank account to an institution that pays higher interest–even though this is motivated by self-interest. It would not be okay to not pay your bills because of self-interest. The reliance on power to get people to do what we want them to does not raise our vibration–it keeps us chained to this dimension. Those wishing to ascend and raise their vibratory state must learn how to grant others the freedoms they need to grow–even when we do not personally approve. We must always strive to perfect our actions so that our service to others is motivated more from love and less from self-interest or power.

Ascended Guides

Every time you watch a movie, that last thing that you will see are the credits. Modern-day movies don’t just happen, they are the result of hundreds of participants behind the camera that make it possible to tell a fantastic story. If you are like many people, you watch the movie and skip over the credits–only the most serious movie buffs want to pay attention to all of the names rolling before your eyes on the screen. The same is true about life. The average person lives each day without much thought about all of the efforts going on behind the scenes. But life doesn’t just happen, it is the result of hundreds of entities behind the scenes that make it possible for the story of your life to be told. These entities are largely out of sight. They work with the air that you breathe and the water that you drink. They help plants to grow and enrich the soil. The accident that you barely avoided as you traveled in your car was most likely avoided because of the work of your guardian angels–or extra-dimensional entities.  These beings are always at work for us–guiding our lives behind the scenes.

In an earlier lesson, we described the Lux Animae as a backpack that carries the greater part of your Spiritus Lumine–for only a small part of this sacred energy is embodied in your human form. The rest resides in the Lux Animae where it coordinates with numerous extra-dimensional energies and entities necessary for your earthly experiences.  Let’s quickly describe a few of these extra-dimensional helpers.

Your Higher Self

The first entity we will mention is your higher-self. This is the residual energy of the Spiritus Lumine that remains in the Lux Animae. This part of the God-consciousness is very wise and has the accumulated wisdom of all of your past lives. It houses your Akashic records and remembers everything you have ever done, in every lifetime, and each form of existence you have ever assumed. Like the movie director in the illustration above, the higher-self coordinates all aspects of your earthly experiences with the external forces that work behind the scenes of this universe of experiences. The higher self-arranged your birth knows about each of the potential exit points where you might leave your earthly experiences and knows the particulars of your physical demise (death). In meditation, the higher self may be contacted by our conscious awareness for wisdom and guidance.

Your Soul Group

Your Lux Animae is also part of a larger group of soul complexes. We don’t travel alone. We work with others. Some are living, and some are not. Some in your group habitually interact with you as members of your family–even as you interact with them. They help you learn the lessons you need to learn to advance in your abilities to love unconditionally and grow spiritually. Others have agreed to be close friends or arch enemies! Another group remains disembodied. These include past loved ones and friends who have left this earthly existence and members of your soul group who did not incarnate with you this go-around on earth. All of us can contact both groups of people within the soul group–the living and the dead.

Each of us have any number of friends that remain aware of our existence. David’s father is always available for help and comfort; and even though he was adopted, his biological grandfather watches as well. You have loved ones surrounding you. Through prayer and conversation, all may commune with our departed ancestors. They are as near as our thoughts. Through the inner forms, we may practice contacting the higher selves of departed our departed family members as well as the friends and enemies who share our journey. We may hold extra-dimensional conferences to help us gain clarity and understanding.

Your Guides

There are untold entities, well advanced beyond this dimension, who consider it part of their soul plan to help those of us who live on earth’s material plane. Some are assigned to us for our entire lives, and some are available to assist us as we have need for particular realms of knowledge. When we are learning new things, say a computer language, we may use the inner forms to summon a guide that is skilled in this manner to help us. Some refer to these guides as angels–and that is perfectly fine. After all, an angel is a heavenly messenger that is sent to help us in our time of need (which is all the time!). Your guides want to communicate with you–all you have to do is ask.

They will come to you in dreams and nudge you with their thoughts throughout the day. People who develop their intuition commune with these guides quite easily. It is hard to persuade humans of the existence of these guides and even harder to develop the skills necessary to communicate well. That is the purpose of the inner and outer forms we teach in the Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine. As individual create a common language between the conscious awareness and their guides–they soon learn that we can easily commune with them as much as we wish.  They are here for us.


Your computer has security, your city has police officers, the country has an army, and you–dear mystic–have security as well.  Welcome your guardian angels! Just as in the physical world, there are many levels of security in the spiritual world as well. Not all extra-dimensional entities are friendly and many are seeking to negatively influence the human experience. In another series of lessons on hidden knowledge, we will speak more of these negative forces. But do not worry! Each of us has extra-dimensional security assigned to us as guardian angels. They cause your car to swerve at just the right time to avoid an accident. These guardian angels give you a queasy feeling in your stomach to alert you when things aren’t right. They send you dreams of future accidents to warn you of impending problems. They will send help–often appearing themselves if necessary–when things go wrong. They are always near us to protect us from threat.

Many of the things we humans call the “sixth sense” is directly related to the work of our guardian angels working with us.  This is to imply that you have a faulty guardian angel when you suffer some physical tragedy. Angels are well able to keep any negative event from happening to us. When physical events do happen to us–it is for another reason, and not because our guardians have failed at their task. We may always request their protection through prayer, conversation, and meditation. They are always willing to give it. And by the way, don’t forget to thank your guardian angels each day! They work hard for us. Learn to develop an awareness of those times when they stepped in to help you!

Ascended Masters

There are beings who have long since mastered the material and high spiritual planes. Their work includes overseeing entire planetary systems, galaxies, and universes. They coordinate the hierarchies of spiritual workers, angels, guides, and the material construction of new planets and galaxies. Their power is unfathomable to the human mind.  Even so, these masters are following their soul plan just as we are. One day, figuratively speaking, we will be as they. But when that day arrives, we can be assured that will have ascended even further!

The masters are specialized according to their soul plan. Some are interested in biological creations while others are interested in geology, astronomy, sentient and nonsentient life forms, technology and the like. Some are interested in the soul development and progress of sentient creatures such as we humans. There are numerous ascended masters who oversee the spiritual development and progress of human beings and human existence overall. The ones that most humans think about such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Moses, Confucius, Zoroaster, Lao Tzu and the like are only a fraction of the masters that work with humanity.  In later lessons we will focus upon a few that are associated with the seven rays of the Great Central Sun. But for now, it is important to know that you are not an accident. Source has ensured that your soul is being nurtured, developed, and equipped for the dream that Source has in mind for you.


What we human beings call God is really a catch-all term for a very well-developed God Continuum consisting of many layers and hierarchies of advanced extra-dimensional beings.  All of us are a part of this God Continuum. We humans are in our first stages of training and development. All of this is necessary to build the tools, knowledge, character, and experience we will need as we further participate in our soul plan.

We should never follow any teaching blindly or do anything that is not right and true for us. We must remember that we have been given spiritual sovereignty–blind obedience is never demanded by Source. We have a built-in guidance system to help us know right from wrong. We must also exercise our free will as we study and learn–for that too is part of our training. When we hear new ideas, we must carefully weigh them, but also be careful of rejecting things we do not yet understand.

Shelving, is a tool we can use to help us grow as we learn many new things.  Even though we are in the early stages of our development, we are being constantly watched and observed by loving guides, guardians, angels, and loved ones. We are not alone.   Our future is more exciting and adventurous than we can imagine.