Extra Dimensional Guidance

A Word from Brother Thomas

[dropcap]Welcome[/dropcap] truth-seek­ing mys­tics.  I am Broth­er Thomas, your spir­i­tu­al guide of the Sev­enth Ray. I have come to help you along The Mys­ti­cal Path of Spir­i­tus Lumine so that you might fur­ther your awak­en­ing and deep­en your spir­i­tu­al pow­er.  You are drawn to these stud­ies because you desire enlight­en­ment. You have self-select­ed your­self for growth and ascen­sion – and it shall be giv­en because all that seek shall find, and those that knock upon the door shall find that it opens unto them.

No Turning Back

Fol­low­ing the mys­ti­cal path is no small mat­ter. You will not be able to unsee the truths that you learn.  Once you learn what is true, there is no going back. Soon, if not already, you will hear your friends in ordi­nary con­ver­sa­tion dis­cussing spir­i­tu­al mat­ters – and you will real­ize just how blind they are and how blind­ed you once were. Blind­ness is the state of the human con­di­tion. Those who begin their mys­ti­cal stud­ies come to under­stand a new knowl­edge that is based on hid­den truths. Some of these truths are the ones that caused good men and women to be burned at the stake as heretics, dis­fel­low­shipped and spurned by their church­es, and con­demned to die at the Salem Witch Tri­als. These are only a few instances of harm that have been done to mys­tics.

Nothing but Source Consciousness

The hid­den knowl­edge of which we speak dares to declare that noth­ing exists but Source Con­scious­ness and that you are that very pow­er! The moment you grasp this truth, the world changes. The manip­u­la­tion of those who count upon your blind obe­di­ence becomes very obvi­ous. As you set your­self free, the author­i­ty of oth­ers becomes more and more of a choice that you con­scious­ly make as to whether you will sub­mit or not – and to what degree. But where does this hid­den knowl­edge come?  Mt. Sinai? The visions of a prophet? Sav­iors? The words of a guru? Sci­ence? Actu­al­ly, behind each of these is a more pro­found truth.

Source of Hidden Knowledge

Like you, the hid­den knowl­edge comes from Source Con­scious who dis­trib­utes it via the Spir­i­tus Lumine in a myr­i­ad of ways. Each of the world’s not­ed spir­i­tu­al mes­sen­gers received extra-dimen­sion­al help – the same help that is avail­able to you. When these mes­sages were first giv­en, they were life-giv­ing and earth chang­ing. But slow­ly over time, their mes­sages became cor­rupt­ed and co-opt­ed by those who wished to gain an advan­tage over their fol­low­ers. The job of a mys­tic is to learn how to receive all of its direc­tion from Source Con­scious­ness who is more than will­ing to make ITs wish­es known. As we learn how to con­tact Source for our­selves, we no longer need rely upon the inter­pre­ta­tions, man­dates and insti­tu­tions of humankind.  In the les­son I have pre­pared for you, we will dis­cuss the role of ascend­ed mas­ters and their desire to help shape your growth and advance­ment.

God More Precisely

[dropcap]In[/dropcap] present cul­ture, God is a bina­ry that we either believe in or not (we place agnos­tics in the not cat­e­go­ry because they can’t be sure that God can be known). For most, God is a uni­ver­sal term used to describe a being that cre­ates all things, knows all things, has author­i­ty over all things and is present every­where. Although tech­ni­cal­ly true – it’s some­what impre­cise. It’s like say­ing that humans are beings that eat, sleep, and poop – true, but not very dis­crim­i­nat­ing. When peo­ple say they are pray­ing to God, who are they pray­ing to exact­ly? When they say they want to please God, who exact­ly, are they talk­ing about? A few ques­tions will usu­al­ly reveal a belief in God that is as much an arti­fact of present cul­tur­al val­ues as any­thing else. Mys­tics have come to under­stand that like the human body, our knowl­edge of God can also be sub­di­vid­ed into var­i­ous parts that bet­ter help us under­stand the whole Source Con­scious­ness (God) exists along an infi­nite con­tin­u­um.

The Soul Complex

We begin with Source – the ulti­mate con­scious­ness and well­spring of all that is.  As we have not­ed in oth­er lessons, as dreams take place with­in Source Con­scious­ness, souls, or pieces of infi­nite Source Con­scious­ness, are cre­at­ed and placed with­in a Lux Ani­mae com­plex to go forth and explore the dream. As the souls go forth, they grow and advance in their skills, abil­i­ties, and knowl­edge of their pur­pose. This con­stant cre­ation, growth, and advance­ment of souls has led to the cre­ation of dif­fer­ent dimen­sions, worlds, races, beings of all kinds, and helpers who watch over us. Thus, there is a pro­gres­sion of Souls, all tied to the orig­i­nal Source via the Spir­i­tus Lumine, who range from least accom­plished to high­ly advanced. As human beings, we are not the least accom­plished – but cer­tain­ly not high­ly advanced.

Who Hears our Prayers?

When we pray – even the most hum­ble prayer – we may be speak­ing with our high­er self, loved ones passed, guardians who watch over us, angels, accom­plished spir­its who are help­ing us with our life pur­pose, oth­er mem­bers of our soul group, saints, deities, gurus, ascend­ed mas­ters, and so on.  Most peo­ple have nev­er con­sid­ered that all of these enti­ties are a part of the God con­tin­u­um.  All are con­nect­ed to Source via the Spir­i­tus Lumine. Some of these beings, such as loved ones passed, may have less spir­i­tu­al devel­op­ment than the one offer­ing the prayer – but they may be the best one to help us or answer our prayers!  But no mat­ter where an enti­ty resides on the Source con­tin­u­um, one is not nec­es­sar­i­ly bet­ter than anoth­er. They are just at dif­fer­ent stages of pro­gres­sion and tasked to do cer­tain things. Nev­er for­get that each of the ascend­ed mas­ter had to learn many lessons in their long jour­ney and soul pro­gres­sion. Even the Apos­tle Paul, before he saw the heav­en­ly light, was guilty of killing inno­cent peo­ple. Many of the extra-dimen­sion­al enti­ties which lend us help are cer­tain­ly more knowl­edge­able, pow­er­ful, and accom­plished than we are, but that is only the result of hard-earned and hard-learned expe­ri­ences that came their way. All souls have the poten­tial of becom­ing advanced and pow­er­ful.

The young child who prays, “Dear Heav­en­ly Father, thank you for this day, my food, and my clothes…” may believe that she is speak­ing with Source or Jesus – but it is just as like­ly that her sweet prayers are being heard and answered by her guardians who have been watch­ing over her each day of her life.  No mat­ter, all are con­nect­ed to Source via the Spir­i­tus Lumine.  You may be won­der­ing why we encour­age mys­tics to make these dis­tinc­tions of the God con­tin­u­um.  This is because dif­fer­ent mem­bers of the con­tin­u­um are present­ly tasked to do cer­tain things. Learn­ing more about these enti­ties not only gives us the wis­dom we need, but it also helps us to be a more adept mys­tic.

The Most Important Master

You are the ascend­ed mas­ter that you seek; but that does not mean you must not or can­not seek advice and help from those who are more expe­ri­enced in the jour­ney than you. Guides are every­where about us and they are will­ing to help when we ask with an open heart.

[dropcap]At[/dropcap] the begin­ning of a spir­i­tu­al jour­ney, it may seem like you are the only per­son want­i­ng to know more about spir­i­tu­al mat­ters. If you are like many, you have friends and fam­i­ly in church­es or oth­er groups who are spir­i­tu­al – up to a point. How­ev­er, once you encoun­tered their reli­gious bound­aries, you learned it is best to leave some things unsaid. Sad­ly, some beliefs and ques­tions are threat­en­ing to the psy­che of your friends. When this hap­pens, you may feel you are a  lone trav­el­er on the mys­ti­cal path – but noth­ing could be fur­ther from the truth. The real­i­ty is that you are being guid­ed by your high­er self and a mul­ti­tude of guides to ques­tion your beliefs so that your soul might grow and devel­op as it was meant to do. Lucky for us, none of God’s many cre­at­ed forms trav­els alone. Until we ful­ly return to Source, each of us are pro­vid­ed with extra-dimen­sion­al guides to watch over and encour­age our spir­i­tu­al devel­op­ment. These guides and teach­ers are every­where about us.

The Law of Spiritual Sovereignty

You, and you alone, are respon­si­ble for deter­min­ing what is right for you.

Before we dis­cuss guides and mas­ters in more detail, it is essen­tial to remind you of a most impor­tant spir­i­tu­al truth – the Law of Spir­i­tu­al Sov­er­eign­ty. You and you alone are respon­si­ble for choos­ing what you will believe and how you will act on those beliefs. When we first hear this, we may find our­selves feel­ing uncom­fort­able and in dis­agree­ment. Most of us were taught that humankind is respon­si­ble for con­form­ing to the teach­ings of the Bible or some oth­er holy book. We learned that we have no choice but to obey what a text says (or more accu­rate­ly, to do what some­one says or inter­prets the text to say) because God expects no less than full obe­di­ence of us all. This lat­ter belief places sov­er­eign­ty on the inter­pre­ta­tions of text – not with your soul. In the spir­i­tu­al world, all of us are respon­si­ble for all that we say and do. These respon­si­bil­i­ties are not less­ened just because we are fol­low­ing some reli­gious or spir­i­tu­al teach­ing.  We are respon­si­ble for how we apply any reli­gious instruc­tion. We can­not claim, “but I was only fol­low­ing orders!” The light of your soul (which is a gift from Source ITs self) always trumps text, teach­ings, and the inter­pre­ta­tion of these texts and teach­ings!

Avoid Blind Obedience.

Many evils have been per­pe­trat­ed against help­less peo­ple through­out the ages by peo­ple who believed that they had no choice but to do what some sacred text or author­i­ty said – even though it went against every­thing that is con­sid­ered right and good for human beings. Reli­gion has been used as the excuse to invade for­eign lands, tor­ture, behead and burn unbe­liev­ers at the stake, and to con­duct all kinds of hideous atroc­i­ties against peo­ple who could not defend them­selves. There is no good­ness in these sorts of actions – only an abdi­ca­tion of per­son­al respon­si­bil­i­ty, giv­en to all by Source, to behave as a Sov­er­eign in all things.The fact that you are a good Bap­tist, Methodist, Evan­gel­i­cal, or noth­ing at all, does not relieve you of your respon­si­bil­i­ty to deter­mine what is right in any giv­en sit­u­a­tion. You have been cre­at­ed in the like­ness of Source who is the ulti­mate Sov­er­eign! You, and you alone are respon­si­ble for your actions and deci­sions. If you belong to some group that believes in the lit­er­al inter­pre­ta­tion of a text, and then uses these texts to shame, humil­i­ate, pun­ish, or exclude those who do not believe as you do; you (and not Source), are respon­si­ble for all of the harm­ful con­se­quences (kar­ma) that will sure­ly fol­low.  The Cru­sades, Inqui­si­tion, and all forms of reli­gious evil that have occurred through­out the ages are not the respon­si­bil­i­ty of Source, but humankind’s will­ing­ness to allow oth­ers to tell them what to believe and then fol­low them blind­ly.

How to Know What is True

When some­thing is right, the body responds peace­ful­ly.

Peaceful Feelings

Until we gain greater spir­i­tu­al wis­dom, the fastest way to deter­mine what is right is to pay atten­tion to the mes­sages your body sends to your con­scious aware­ness.  When­ev­er our body sens­es some­thing is right and true, we will have a peace­ful feel­ing. That is the sign from Source we should be seek­ing. When there is no peace­ful feel­ing, we should refuse to act. Nev­er let our minds over­rule what we feel in our body. Peace and good feel­ings in our phys­i­cal body are signs that we are in align­ment with the Spir­i­tu­al path. Keep in mind it is pos­si­ble to be doing some­thing that makes log­i­cal and eth­i­cal sense; yet, does not bring about a feel­ing of peace. Per­haps we are think­ing about offer­ing our chil­dren some mon­ey or help­ing some per­son with a job or dif­fi­cul­ty. As we think about doing these things, we notice that we feel no peace in our body.  There­fore, when we feel no peace, we do not act. Lat­er, we will prob­a­bly learn that Spir­it had anoth­er plan for our chil­dren or friends. Our mot­to should be to nev­er do any­thing if it makes our phys­i­cal body feel less peace­ful or anx­ious. We can rein­force this deci­sion by mak­ing an agree­ment with Spir­it and say­ing out loud, “Angels, Spir­its, and Guides, from this day for­ward, please bring to my con­scious aware­ness feel­ings of peace when­ev­er you want me to agree or act upon some­thing I see or hear.  Please cre­ate a sense of phys­i­cal dis­com­fort and lack of ease when­ev­er I should not act upon some­thing.” Now trust that you have made a covenant with Source (because you have) and know that these feel­ings will inten­si­fy in the future as you hon­or the agree­ment. In time, you will have a fail­safe method for know­ing what to do.

Do No Harm

Anoth­er way to know what is right is to refuse to accept as valid, any teach­ing or inter­pre­ta­tion of a text that pro­claims you must harm anoth­er to be a devot­ed fol­low­er. These inter­pre­ta­tions are incor­rect and not from Source. No mat­ter how many peo­ple in soci­ety or a group you respect say it is okay to shame, emo­tion­al­ly abuse, or phys­i­cal­ly hurt anoth­er human being – it is not. This does not mean that you must reject an entire body of teach­ing because some peo­ple inter­pret the text in a way that could harm oth­ers – reject the inter­pre­ta­tion. Gen­er­al­ly speak­ing, these inter­pre­ta­tions are the result of read­ing text lit­er­al­ly or con­crete­ly when a metaphor­i­cal or inter­pre­tive approach would be more cor­rect. Whether we are Jew­ish, Chris­t­ian, Mus­lim, Hin­du, any of the thou­sands of reli­gions out there, or not reli­gious at all, we must reject as invalid any under­stand­ing of text that demeans instead of ele­vates human beings.

Love Versus Power

There is a final test we would like to men­tion. We should always ask whether an act is moti­vat­ed by love, pow­er, or self-inter­est. The high­est of actions are those that are moti­vat­ed by greater good for all con­cerned. These actions raise our vibra­tions. Activ­i­ties that are dri­ven by pow­er and self-inter­est can be prob­lem­at­ic. It is okay to change your bank account to an insti­tu­tion that pays high­er inter­est – even though this is moti­vat­ed by self-inter­est. It would not be okay to not pay your bills because of self-inter­est. The reliance on pow­er to get peo­ple to do what we want them to does not raise our vibra­tion – it keeps us chained to this dimen­sion. Those wish­ing to ascend and raise their vibra­to­ry state must learn how to grant oth­ers the free­doms they need to grow – even when we do not per­son­al­ly approve. We must always strive to per­fect our actions so that our ser­vice to oth­ers is moti­vat­ed more from love and less from self-inter­est or pow­er.

Ascended Guides

Every time you watch a movie, that last thing that you will see are the cred­its. Mod­ern day movies don’t just hap­pen, they are the result of hun­dreds of par­tic­i­pants behind the cam­era that make it pos­si­ble to tell a fan­tas­tic sto­ry. If you are like many peo­ple, you watch the movie and skip over the cred­its – only the most seri­ous movie buffs want to pay atten­tion to all of the names rolling before your eyes on the screen. The same is true about life. The aver­age per­son lives each day with­out much thought about all of the efforts going on behind the scenes. But life doesn’t just hap­pen, it is the result of hun­dreds of enti­ties behind the scenes that make it pos­si­ble for the sto­ry of your life to be told. These enti­ties are large­ly out of sight. They work with the air that you breath and the water that you drink. They help plants to grow, and enrich the soil. The acci­dent that you bare­ly avoid­ed as you trav­eled in your car was most like­ly avoid­ed because of the work of your guardian angels – or extra-dimen­sion­al enti­ties.  These beings are always at work for us – guid­ing our lives behind the scenes.

In an ear­li­er les­son, we described the Lux Ani­mae as a back­pack that car­ries the greater part of your Spir­i­tus Lumine – for only a small part of this sacred ener­gy is embod­ied in your human form. The rest resides in the Lux Ani­mae where it coor­di­nates with numer­ous extra-dimen­sion­al ener­gies and enti­ties nec­es­sary for your earth­ly expe­ri­ences.  Let’s quick­ly describe a few of these extra-dimen­sion­al helpers.

Your Higher Self

The first enti­ty we will men­tion is your high­er-self. This is the resid­ual ener­gy of the Spir­i­tus Lumine that remains in the Lux Ani­mae. This part of the God-con­scious­ness is very wise and has the accu­mu­lat­ed wis­dom of all of your exis­tences. It hous­es your Akashic records and remem­bers every­thing you have ever done, in every life­time, and each form of exis­tence you have ever assumed. Like the movie direc­tor in the illus­tra­tion above, the high­er-self coor­di­nates all aspects of your earth­ly expe­ri­ences with the exter­nal forces that work behind the scenes of this uni­verse of expe­ri­ences. The high­er self arranged your birth, knows about each of the poten­tial exit points where you might leave your earth­ly expe­ri­ences, and knows the par­tic­u­lars of your phys­i­cal demise (death). In med­i­ta­tion, the high­er self may be con­tact­ed by our con­scious aware­ness for wis­dom and guid­ance.

Your Soul Group

Your Lux Ani­mae is also part of a larg­er group of soul com­plex­es. We don’t trav­el alone. We work with oth­ers. Some are liv­ing, and some are not. Some in your group habit­u­al­ly inter­act with you as mem­bers of your fam­i­ly – even as you inter­act with them. They help you learn the lessons you need to learn to advance in your abil­i­ties to love uncon­di­tion­al­ly and grow spir­i­tu­al­ly. Oth­ers have agreed to be close friends or arch ene­mies! Anoth­er group remains dis­em­bod­ied. These include past loved ones and friends who have left this earth­ly exis­tence and mem­bers of your soul group who did not incar­nate with you this go-around on earth. All of us can con­tact both groups of peo­ple with­in the soul group – the liv­ing and the dead.

Each of us have any num­ber of friends that remain aware of our exis­tence. David’s father is always avail­able for help and com­fort; and even though he was adopt­ed, his bio­log­i­cal grand­fa­ther watch­es as well. You have loved ones sur­round­ing you. Through prayer and con­ver­sa­tion, all may com­mune with our depart­ed ances­tors. They are as near as our thoughts. Through the inner forms, we may prac­tice con­tact­ing the high­er selves of depart­ed our depart­ed fam­i­ly mem­bers as well as the friends and ene­mies who share our jour­ney. We may hold extra-dimen­sion­al con­fer­ences to help us gain clar­i­ty and under­stand­ing.

Your Guides

There are untold enti­ties, well advanced beyond this dimen­sion, who con­sid­er it part of their soul plan to help those of us who live on earth’s mate­r­i­al plane. Some are assigned to us for our entire lives, and some are avail­able to assist us as we have need for par­tic­u­lar realms of knowl­edge. When we are learn­ing new things, say a com­put­er lan­guage, we may use the inner forms to sum­mon a guide that is skilled in this man­ner to help us. Some refer to these guides as angels – and that is per­fect­ly fine. After all, an angel is a heav­en­ly mes­sen­ger that is sent to help us in our time of need (which is all the time!). Your guides want to com­mu­ni­cate with you – all you have to do is ask. They will come to you in dreams and nudge you with their thoughts through­out the day. Peo­ple who devel­op their intu­ition com­mune with these guides quite eas­i­ly. It is hard to per­suade humans of the exis­tence of these guides and even hard­er to devel­op the skills nec­es­sary to com­mu­ni­cate well. That is the pur­pose of the inner and out­er forms we teach in the Mys­ti­cal Path of Spir­i­tus Lumine. As indi­vid­ual cre­ate a com­mon lan­guage between the con­scious aware­ness and their guides – they soon learn that we can eas­i­ly com­mune with them as much as we wish.  They are here for us.


Your com­put­er has secu­ri­ty, your city has police offi­cers, the coun­try has an army, and you – dear mys­tic – have secu­ri­ty as well.  Wel­come your guardian angels! Just as in the phys­i­cal world, there are many lev­els of secu­ri­ty in the spir­i­tu­al world as well. Not all extra-dimen­sion­al enti­ties are friend­ly and many are seek­ing to neg­a­tive­ly influ­ence the human expe­ri­ence. In anoth­er series of lessons on hid­den knowl­edge, we will speak more of these neg­a­tive forces. But do not wor­ry! Each of us has extra-dimen­sion­al secu­ri­ty assigned to us as guardian angels. They cause your car to swerve at just the right time to avoid an acci­dent. These guardian angels give you a queasy feel­ing in your stom­ach to alert you when things aren’t right. They send you dreams of future acci­dents to warn you of impend­ing prob­lems. They will send help – often appear­ing them­selves if nec­es­sary – when things go wrong. They are always near us to pro­tect us from threat. Many of the things we humans call the “sixth sense” is direct­ly relat­ed to the work of our guardian angels work­ing with us.  This is to imply that you have a faulty guardian angel when you suf­fer some phys­i­cal tragedy. Angels are well able to keep any neg­a­tive event from hap­pen­ing to us. When phys­i­cal events do hap­pen to us – it is for anoth­er rea­son, and not because our guardians have failed at their task. We may always request their pro­tec­tion through prayer, con­ver­sa­tion, and med­i­ta­tion. They are always will­ing to give it. And by the way, don’t for­get to thank your guardian angels each day! They work hard for us. Learn to devel­op an aware­ness of those times when they stepped in to help you!

Ascended Masters

There are beings who have long since mas­tered the mate­r­i­al and high spir­i­tu­al planes. Their work includes over­see­ing entire plan­e­tary sys­tems, galax­ies, and uni­vers­es. They coor­di­nate the hier­ar­chies of spir­i­tu­al work­ers, angels, guides, and the mate­r­i­al con­struc­tion of new plan­ets and galax­ies. Their pow­er is unfath­omable to the human mind.  Even so, these mas­ters are fol­low­ing their soul plan just as we are. One day, fig­u­ra­tive­ly speak­ing, we will be as they. But when that day arrives, we can be assured that will have ascend­ed even fur­ther!

The mas­ters are spe­cial­ized accord­ing to their soul plan. Some are inter­est­ed in bio­log­i­cal cre­ations while oth­ers are inter­est­ed in geol­o­gy, astron­o­my, sen­tient and non­sen­tient life forms, tech­nol­o­gy and the like. Some are inter­est­ed in the soul devel­op­ment and progress of sen­tient crea­tures such as we humans. There are numer­ous ascend­ed mas­ters who over­see the spir­i­tu­al devel­op­ment and progress of human beings and human exis­tence over­all. The ones that most humans think about such as Jesus, Bud­dha, Moham­mad, Moses, Con­fu­cius, Zoroast­er, Lao Tzu and the like are only a frac­tion of the mas­ters that work with human­i­ty.  In lat­er lessons we will focus upon a few that are asso­ci­at­ed with the sev­en rays of the Great Cen­tral Sun. But for now, it is impor­tant to know that you are not an acci­dent. Source has ensured that your soul is being nur­tured, devel­oped, and equipped for the dream that Source has in mind for you.


What we human beings call God is real­ly a catch-all term for a very well-devel­oped God Con­tin­u­um con­sist­ing of many lay­ers and hier­ar­chies of advanced extra-dimen­sion­al beings.  All of us are a part of this God Con­tin­u­um. We humans are in our first stages of train­ing and devel­op­ment. All of this is nec­es­sary to build the tools, knowl­edge, char­ac­ter, and expe­ri­ence we will need as we fur­ther par­tic­i­pate in our soul plan. We should nev­er fol­low any teach­ing blind­ly or do any­thing that is not right and true for us. We must remem­ber that we have been giv­en spir­i­tu­al sov­er­eign­ty – blind obe­di­ence is nev­er demand­ed by Source. We have a built in guid­ance sys­tem to help us know right from wrong. We must also exer­cise our free will as we study and learn – for that too is part of our train­ing. When we hear new ideas, we must care­ful­ly weigh them, but also be care­ful of reject­ing things we do not yet under­stand. Shelv­ing, is a tool we can use to help us grow as we learn many new things.  Even though we are in the ear­ly stages of our devel­op­ment, we are being con­stant­ly watched and observed by lov­ing guides, guardians, angels, and loved ones. We are not alone.   Our future is more excit­ing and adven­tur­ous than we can imag­ine.