The Mystical Path

mystical pathThere is a path that once seen cannot be unseen.┬áIt often comes when life stops working as it used to do. Answers that were provided you by religion, education, achievement, political views, or financial advantage suddenly seem shallow and worthless once they let you down. The mystical path awakens one from a long winter’s slumber. It causes you to notice things never seen before–even though they were in plain sight! Never fear, good things are underway! Things always happen for a reason. Source, your best friend, along with your Higher-Self, have come to break the spell of a nasty dream that has been holding you captive. The mystical path is an old forgotten road you once knew very well before enchantments put you to sleep. The mystical path sets you apart from those you love and respect as you become the Spiritual Sovereign you were created to be. You become more fully aware and new guides–once well hidden in the background–come forward to teach you the ancient truths of long ago. You are making your own way now as you follow the Divine Light of the Spiritus Lumine.