The Secret That Changes Everything

Learn the secret and your world will change.

I want to tell you a secret.  No, you aren’t the first person to learn about this–and you won’t be the last. But truthfully, I don’t talk about this to most people because I’ve learned that most don’t know what to do with it–and sometimes it’s better not to know. But since you are reading this, I’ll tell you. If this changes your life, today will be a memorable day, and it will be your responsibility to determine whether or not to share this secret going forward.

Today, I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you who’s behind it. Before I do this, I want to say that you can refuse to believe what I’m about to tell you and remain locked in your present state of awareness, for another lifetime or two or be open and start your journey down the most fantastical rabbit hole that ever was.  I also want to warn you that it may take you some time to fully grasp what I’m about to say. Hearing the secret is not the same as understanding it.  Understanding the mystery is not the same as receiving the clarity that goes it.  But I promise that if you carefully read, consider, and meditate upon what I tell you, a profound shift will begin to occur, clarity will come soon enough, and your life will be different–so here goes!

The Secret

There is only one thing going on–Source consciousness. Nothing else exists except as a holographic outpicturing of consciousness, light, energy, and matter.

Brother Thomas

Don’t skip over this statement because it is worthy of your meditation and full understanding. When you get it, you will know that you have been awakened–and that’s the first initiation.  Once you understand the meaning of this statement, it matters little, other than curiosity, if you learn anything more–it’s that profound and that important.

Say what?

A hologram is only a three-dimensional display that is created by light.  There is no you, no me, no them, no others–only one conscious mind exists–the mind of Source! The things we think, say, do, and believe have physical existence is just a hologram. Only Source consciousness exists–and nothing else. We do not live apart from God.  We are not separate from God.  I repeat, everything we think exists is only a holographic creation from the one conscious Source mind.

But you may be saying, “Nonsense, I exist, you exist, the world exists!”  No, I don’t exist, you don’t exist, and the world doesn’t exist.  Source alone exists.  The IT consciousness is the only thing around–and is all there is. The thing you call self–isn’t separate from IT.  The one reading this lesson isn’t separate from Source.  IT is reading this lesson!  The person you supposedly talk with, are married to, consider your best friend or worst enemy is IT also. IT is talking with IT.  At the core essence, there are no separate beings because nothing can exist apart from IT.

Thoughts, Time, and Space

All thoughts are ITs thoughts–even the ones we think ignorant and deplorable. There is no separate thinking. There is only one source of thought–IT’s thoughts.  Source does not think apart from you.  You have no thoughts apart from Source–though it may appear the opposite is so. No thought arises that isn’t ITs thoughts–and you are IT.

Another implication has to do with the concept of time.  In truth, there is no such thing as time. Source is eternal and exists outside of what we humans call time. Consider this. Once we humans leave the earth for space, we immediately realize that the notion of days is an arbitrary one. In space there is no night or day–only the night of space. In space, there is no unit of time such as days, years and the like. What we call time is only the burning and decay of the stars. Time is an arbitrary construct to describe the decay of atomic matter–such as suns in a solar system or cells in our bodies. But actually, there is no time–only a consciously constructed concept of time stemming from the human egoic mind.

Though we talk about multiple universes, only IT exists.  The IT consciousness is the universe. I’ll repeat it; Source consciousness is the universe–that’s all there is. Our talk about multiple dimensions of time and space is only a construct we have constructed for our convenience. Just the Source universe (singular) exists–everything else is a holographic out-picturing of this singularity.  At the core essence, there is only universal consciousness–a holographic construct of IT’s consciousness. Therefore, it is more correct to speak of the phenomena we perceive as matter as an aspect from the progression of Source.  Matter comes from energy. Energy comes from light. Light comes from consciousness. Consciousness is Source.

If there is no time or space, what is there? There is only consciousness. When we speak of travel in space, we are talking about shifting our consciousness from one place to another and that is all.

What about “You” and “Me?”

If there is nothing but Source, why do I perceive a “you” and “me?” And why do I perceive people, places, and things as “good, bad, right and wrong?” At the core essence, there is no good, bad, right, or wrong.  Because nothing exists but Source. In the ultimate sense, no one has ever been wronged or harmed in any way–except in the consciousness out-picturing of Source.  Since Source is all there is, all acts of loving kindness or ruthless brutality are just holographic productions from Source mind. Both Hitler and Mother Teresa are matter out-picturings from ITs consciousness. In a very real sense, Mother Teresa never healed anyone, and Hitler never killed anyone. They only existed as a part of the infinity of out-picturings that Source creates from ITs conscious mind. There is no life, existence, or matter apart from Source.

Who is Behind the Curtain?

And now it is time to look behind the curtain.  When we pull the curtain back, we see (drumroll) YOU!  You are God.  I am God talking to God.  You are God, reading a message sent and composed by God.  You are IT.  You are the one thing going on! You have created an infinity of aspects of yourself–many of them have been asleep for a very long time.  You have been on a long journey.  Now, God is waking its Godself in the form of you!  YOU wanted a conscious journey apart from YOUR wholeness.  God is now awaking God in the aspect of You.

There is a God, Your Ego Isn’t It but You Are!

You may be tempted to say, “I am INH (insert name here) and I am not God!” That is certainly what we have been taught–and I was too!  I was told that God created me (true) and that I existed apart from him (not true) and that I had to live a life that pleased him (not true).  If I did a great job I’d go to heaven–and if I were a screw-up, I’d go to hell (not true).  But most of that is messed up nonsense.

Now is as good a time as any to tell you, there is no INH either!  My INH is David.  And guess what? This INH is only a mental construct that exists in the Source’s matter body which is named David.  The ‘David’ reacts to events based on trial and error experiences in his human body. The truth of it is, David’s body was created by Source to host the Lux Animae.  INH is nothing but a phantom projection of physical, mental consciousness–otherwise known as the ego. The real You is so much more than INH! Or to state it another way, your core essence isn’t the artifact of consciousness arising from the human body.  Your core essence is Unified Consciousness manifesting as light, energy, and matter into countless forms.  The INH will have a hard time accepting this–mine did–but your Lux Animae is very clear about this and will certainly reveal this truth to you if you meditate on it.  But for now, if your INH won’t let you believe this, don’t worry. There is great progress to be made as long as you stay on the path of Spiritus Lumine. Before long,  layers of human programming that have been holding you back will fall away of its own accord.

You Out-pictured Your Life and This Universe

Everything you see and experience is happening within your infinite mind. You are everything and everything is you. You are Source and you have created all that is. You created the infinity of expressions you have been experiencing. You have created this universe you are experiencing right now. It is within your power to change anything you wish.

Remember all those years when you were blaming God for first one thing and another? Well, the joke is on you! You have only yourself to blame. If you are like most people, when you hear this, you want to say, “This cannot be.” But it is so–and your Godself is now awakened in this entity of expression.  What will you do? Will you deny it and remain asleep (Sleep feels good by the way.) or accept the responsibilities of your Sourceness in this physical expression?


Tunnel Picture used by Creative Commons Permission