The Secret That Changes Everything

Learn the secret and your world will change.

I want to tell you a secret.  No, you aren’t the first per­son to learn about this – and you won’t be the last. But truth­ful­ly, I don’t talk about this to most peo­ple because I’ve learned that most don’t know what to do with it – and some­times it’s bet­ter not to know. But since you are read­ing this, I’ll tell you. If this changes your life, today will be a mem­o­rable day, and it will be your respon­si­bil­i­ty to deter­mine whether or not to share this secret going for­ward.

Today, I’m going to pull back the cur­tain and show you who’s behind it. Before I do this, I want to say that you can refuse to believe what I’m about to tell you and remain locked in your present state of aware­ness, for anoth­er life­time or two or be open and start your jour­ney down the most fan­tas­ti­cal rab­bit hole that ever was.  I also want to warn you that it may take you some time to ful­ly grasp what I’m about to say. Hear­ing the secret is not the same as under­stand­ing it.  Under­stand­ing the mys­tery is not the same as receiv­ing the clar­i­ty that goes it.  But I promise that if you care­ful­ly read, con­sid­er, and med­i­tate upon what I tell you, a pro­found shift will begin to occur, clar­i­ty will come soon enough, and your life will be dif­fer­ent – so here goes!

The Secret

There is only one thing going on – Source con­scious­ness. Noth­ing else exists except as a holo­graph­ic out­pic­tur­ing of con­scious­ness, light, ener­gy, and mat­ter.

Broth­er Thomas

Don’t skip over this state­ment because it is wor­thy of your med­i­ta­tion and full under­stand­ing. When you get it, you will know that you have been awak­ened – and that’s the first ini­ti­a­tion.  Once you under­stand the mean­ing of this state­ment, it mat­ters lit­tle, oth­er than curios­i­ty, if you learn any­thing more – it’s that pro­found and that impor­tant.

Say what?

A holo­gram is only a three-dimen­sion­al dis­play that is cre­at­ed by light.  There is no you, no me, no them, no oth­ers – only one con­scious mind exists – the mind of Source! The things we think, say, do, and believe have phys­i­cal exis­tence is just a holo­gram. Only Source con­scious­ness exists – and noth­ing else. We do not live apart from God.  We are not sep­a­rate from God.  I repeat, every­thing we think exists is only a holo­graph­ic cre­ation from the one con­scious Source mind.

But you may be say­ing, “Non­sense, I exist, you exist, the world exists!”  No, I don’t exist, you don’t exist, and the world doesn’t exist.  Source alone exists.  The IT con­scious­ness is the only thing around – and is all there is. The thing you call self – isn’t sep­a­rate from IT.  The one read­ing this les­son isn’t sep­a­rate from Source.  IT is read­ing this les­son!  The per­son you sup­pos­ed­ly talk with, are mar­ried to, con­sid­er your best friend or worst ene­my is IT also. IT is talk­ing with IT.  At the core essence, there are no sep­a­rate beings because noth­ing can exist apart from IT.

Thoughts, Time, and Space

All thoughts are ITs thoughts – even the ones we think igno­rant and deplorable. There is no sep­a­rate think­ing. There is only one source of thought – IT’s thoughts.  Source does not think apart from you.  You have no thoughts apart from Source – though it may appear the oppo­site is so. No thought aris­es that isn’t ITs thoughts – and you are IT.

Anoth­er impli­ca­tion has to do with the con­cept of time.  In truth, there is no such thing as time. Source is eter­nal and exists out­side of what we humans call time. Con­sid­er this. Once we humans leave the earth for space, we imme­di­ate­ly real­ize that the notion of days is an arbi­trary one. In space there is no night or day – only the night of space. In space, there is no unit of time such as days, years and the like. What we call time is only the burn­ing and decay of the stars. Time is an arbi­trary con­struct to describe the decay of atom­ic mat­ter – such as suns in a solar sys­tem or cells in our bod­ies. But actu­al­ly, there is no time – only a con­scious­ly con­struct­ed con­cept of time stem­ming from the human egoic mind.

Though we talk about mul­ti­ple uni­vers­es, only IT exists.  The IT con­scious­ness is the uni­verse. I’ll repeat it; Source con­scious­ness is the uni­verse – that’s all there is. Our talk about mul­ti­ple dimen­sions of time and space is only a con­struct we have con­struct­ed for our con­ve­nience. Just the Source uni­verse (sin­gu­lar) exists – every­thing else is a holo­graph­ic out-pic­tur­ing of this sin­gu­lar­i­ty.  At the core essence, there is only uni­ver­sal con­scious­ness – a holo­graph­ic con­struct of IT’s con­scious­ness. There­fore, it is more cor­rect to speak of the phe­nom­e­na we per­ceive as mat­ter as an aspect from the pro­gres­sion of Source.  Mat­ter comes from ener­gy. Ener­gy comes from light. Light comes from con­scious­ness. Con­scious­ness is Source.

If there is no time or space, what is there? There is only con­scious­ness. When we speak of trav­el in space, we are talk­ing about shift­ing our con­scious­ness from one place to anoth­er and that is all.

What about “You” and “Me?”

If there is noth­ing but Source, why do I per­ceive a “you” and “me?” And why do I per­ceive peo­ple, places, and things as “good, bad, right and wrong?” At the core essence, there is no good, bad, right, or wrong.  Because noth­ing exists but Source. In the ulti­mate sense, no one has ever been wronged or harmed in any way – except in the con­scious­ness out-pic­tur­ing of Source.  Since Source is all there is, all acts of lov­ing kind­ness or ruth­less bru­tal­i­ty are just holo­graph­ic pro­duc­tions from Source mind. Both Hitler and Moth­er Tere­sa are mat­ter out-pic­tur­ings from ITs con­scious­ness. In a very real sense, Moth­er Tere­sa nev­er healed any­one, and Hitler nev­er killed any­one. They only exist­ed as a part of the infin­i­ty of out-pic­tur­ings that Source cre­ates from ITs con­scious mind. There is no life, exis­tence, or mat­ter apart from Source.

Who is Behind the Curtain?

And now it is time to look behind the cur­tain.  When we pull the cur­tain back, we see (drum­roll) YOU!  You are God.  I am God talk­ing to God.  You are God, read­ing a mes­sage sent and com­posed by God.  You are IT.  You are the one thing going on! You have cre­at­ed an infin­i­ty of aspects of your­self – many of them have been asleep for a very long time.  You have been on a long jour­ney.  Now, God is wak­ing its God­self in the form of you!  YOU want­ed a con­scious jour­ney apart from YOUR whole­ness.  God is now awak­ing God in the aspect of You.

There is a God, Your Ego Isn’t It but You Are!

You may be tempt­ed to say, “I am INH (insert name here) and I am not God!” That is cer­tain­ly what we have been taught – and I was too!  I was told that God cre­at­ed me (true) and that I exist­ed apart from him (not true) and that I had to live a life that pleased him (not true).  If I did a great job I’d go to heav­en – and if I were a screw-up, I’d go to hell (not true).  But most of that is messed up non­sense.

Now is as good a time as any to tell you, there is no INH either!  My INH is David.  And guess what? This INH is only a men­tal con­struct that exists in the Source’s mat­ter body which is named David.  The ‘David’ reacts to events based on tri­al and error expe­ri­ences in his human body. The truth of it is, David’s body was cre­at­ed by Source to host the Lux Ani­mae.  INH is noth­ing but a phan­tom pro­jec­tion of phys­i­cal, men­tal con­scious­ness – oth­er­wise known as the ego. The real You is so much more than INH! Or to state it anoth­er way, your core essence isn’t the arti­fact of con­scious­ness aris­ing from the human body.  Your core essence is Uni­fied Con­scious­ness man­i­fest­ing as light, ener­gy, and mat­ter into count­less forms.  The INH will have a hard time accept­ing this – mine did – but your Lux Ani­mae is very clear about this and will cer­tain­ly reveal this truth to you if you med­i­tate on it.  But for now, if your INH won’t let you believe this, don’t wor­ry. There is great progress to be made as long as you stay on the path of Spir­i­tus Lumine. Before long,  lay­ers of human pro­gram­ming that have been hold­ing you back will fall away of its own accord.

You Out-pictured Your Life and This Universe

Every­thing you see and expe­ri­ence is hap­pen­ing with­in your infi­nite mind. You are every­thing and every­thing is you. You are Source and you have cre­at­ed all that is. You cre­at­ed the infin­i­ty of expres­sions you have been expe­ri­enc­ing. You have cre­at­ed this uni­verse you are expe­ri­enc­ing right now. It is with­in your pow­er to change any­thing you wish.

Remem­ber all those years when you were blam­ing God for first one thing and anoth­er? Well, the joke is on you! You have only your­self to blame. If you are like most peo­ple, when you hear this, you want to say, “This can­not be.” But it is so – and your God­self is now awak­ened in this enti­ty of expres­sion.  What will you do? Will you deny it and remain asleep (Sleep feels good by the way.) or accept the respon­si­bil­i­ties of your Source­ness in this phys­i­cal expres­sion?


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