Source Consciousness: Say Hello to Yourself

say hello to yourself
Every­one is you and you are every­one!

Dear Gen­tle and Intu­itive Souls, This is Broth­er Thomas, your spir­i­tu­al helper and guide from the Sev­enth Ray. How I wish you could see in your­self those things we here on this side see in you.  And what is it that we see? We see Source-Con­scious­ness! We see a bril­liant and beau­ti­ful shim­mer of light that is dif­fer­ent from all of the oth­er lights about it. Because we exist out­side of time as you under­stand it, we see your future ascend­ed state where the cares of the earth are long for­got­ten. We see the tra­jec­to­ry of your future spir­i­tu­al growth and can already see foun­da­tions being laid for the work you were spe­cial­ly cre­at­ed to do. This work is glo­ri­ous – and none can do it but you, because Source has willed it so!

We also see you in your present state – full of anx­i­eties and con­fu­sion brought about by life­times of pro­gram­ming and false­hoods that were taught you by well-mean­ing par­ents, earth­ly guides, and author­i­ta­tive sources who seek to make you suc­cess­ful in this three-dimen­sion­al world – and that you have been. But suc­cess in this world only means that you have earned the right to stay here. Stay­ing here is okay – but once we get a whiff that there could be some­thing bet­ter, this world gets old! Are you ready for the new? It will take more than earth­ly suc­cess to grow spir­i­tu­al­ly. But, good news!

There is a new earth, one fore­told by your own prophets, that we wish you to ascend towards. It is grander than you can imag­ine giv­en the lim­i­ta­tions of your phys­i­cal body. And even though you can­not see this place, it is call­ing you. That is why many notice a grow­ing sense of dis­com­fort with the present state of the world. This is the call of Source alert­ing you that some­thing bet­ter awaits!

Your job now is to study, learn, and grow! Just as a big world awaits the ele­men­tary school chil­dren of today, so the grander new world, of which we speak, awaits for you – once you have passed your tests and are ready.  Don’t wor­ry; we do not expect per­fec­tion as some say. Like your earth­ly teach­ers, we pro­mote you as we see that you are pre­pared enough! That day is approach­ing for you – so rejoice!  But between now and then, there is work yet to be done in your life. Spend this time wise­ly. Once you learn your true iden­ti­ty and feel it down to the core of your phys­i­cal being, no force in any dimen­sion that can hold you back. Let’s con­tin­ue with our stud­ies.

The Fiction of Self

We are a uni­verse unto our­selves – Source-Con­scious­ness per­ceiv­ing its infi­nite Self.

Broth­er Thomas

An awak­ened per­son has come to real­ize that this world is a fab­ri­ca­tion of Source’s aware­ness and that noth­ing actu­al­ly exists apart from IT. When the bible says that we have been cre­at­ed in the image of God, it means that You and I are one; and, at the same time, one of ITs infi­nite points of ref­er­ence that is used to per­ceive ITS aware­ness.

That which is called “You and I” is a con­ve­nient fic­tion known as the Ego. This semi-aware struc­ture draws ener­gy from the men­tal body but is a func­tion of the human brain and not that intel­li­gence which resides in the Lux Ani­mae. The ego is lit­tle more than the amal­ga­mat­ed con­di­tioned respons­es that come into being as we encounter stim­uli in the phys­i­cal world. So many in your world believe the ego is their self — but you are so much more. That which is called you and me is actu­al­ly Source-Con­scious­ness which has been placed in the for Lux Ani­mae. The Lux is nest­ed in a still high­er Source-Con­scious­ness through the pow­er of the Spir­i­tus Lumine.

When we per­ceive that we are a uni­verse unto our­selves, it is pre­cise­ly because we are Source-Con­scious­ness per­ceiv­ing its infi­nite self. Before we awak­en, the ego mis­tak­en­ly believes that it is all there is. This caus­es it to seek world­ly grandios­i­ty and ele­va­tion. Upon awak­en­ing, the hid­den true-self emerges and sub­li­mates the egoic mind to its prop­er place. It now enjoys its job of being one uni­verse among an infin­i­ty that reflects back the glo­ry of Source.

Source, self, body, mat­ter, and all things are each a part of the many forms of Source-Aware­ness. That which you call the high­er-self is an aware­ness inter­face tool, locat­ed with­in the Lux Ani­mae and cre­at­ed by Source, to specif­i­cal­ly inter­act with bod­i­ly phys­i­cal aware­ness. Soul bridges the gap between Source and the phys­i­cal world through the pow­er of the Spir­i­tus Lumine.

Even though sep­a­rate­ness is illu­so­ry, Source enjoys the cha­rade. Source-Con­scious­ness does not reject the phys­i­cal egoic-self — it embraces and enjoys it. Like a cos­tume ball, Source wears the self for the fun and expe­ri­ence of it. Just as when we watch a movie we agree to sus­pend our dis­be­lief while we are drawn into a fic­ti­tious sto­ry, so too, Source allows itself to be drawn into a human nar­ra­tive of its own cre­at­ing. Even though the nar­ra­tives of plays and movies are not real — they are actu­al­ly real­er than real as they reveal truths in ways that only poems, sto­ries, and movies can. So it is with our lives. These nar­ra­tive fic­tions are truer than true and real­er than real — as Source expands in it’s aware­ness and real­i­ty.

Source Consciousness: Say Hello to Yourself

One of these days you are going to real­ize some­thing pro­found. You are all there is. That’s right! You’re it! There isn’t any­one else in the whole wide world, or the entire uni­verse but you. There is only you and noth­ing but you. There nev­er was any­thing but you and there nev­er will be any­thing but you. There is only one sin­gu­lar pro­noun — you!

You are the way, the truth and the life. How could it be any oth­er way?

You are the past, future and present moment.

You are illu­sion and real­i­ty.

Every­one you meet… is you.

Every­thing you see… that’s you too.

Every­thing that’s made… is made of you!

When you die, the per­son that meets you is going to be… you!

The per­son you are mar­ried to — is you!

Your son, your daugh­ter, your moth­er and your father…are noth­ing but you liv­ing with you.

You are young, old, red, yel­low, black, brown and white.

You are tall, short, skin­ny and wide.

You are the wise sage and the young fool.

You are a saint, a right­eous zealot, and a uni-bomber.

You are a sci­en­tist, a bum and an artist.

You are the friend who offers wise advice and the ene­my who hates and betrays you!

You are the wil­low, the elm and the oak.

You are the snake the seal and the spi­der.

You are ice, water and steam, ani­mal, veg­etable and min­er­al — It’s all you.

You are the aware­ness of every­thing and the empti­ness of noth­ing.

You are the full­ness of the ocean and the empti­ness of space.

You are light, dark, shades of grey and every col­or in between.

You are light, wave, ana­logue and dig­i­tal.

You are the hap­py sto­ry and the trag­ic end­ing.

You are the, “They lived hap­pi­ly ever after” and the “Ships that passed in the night.”

There is noth­ing and no one that is not you.

Say hel­lo to your­self.

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