Source Consciousness: Say Hello to Yourself

say hello to yourself
Everyone is you and you are everyone!

Dear Gentle and Intuitive Souls, This is Brother Thomas, your spiritual helper and guide from the Seventh Ray. How I wish you could see in yourself those things we here on this side see in you.  And what is it that we see? We see Source-Consciousness! We see a brilliant and beautiful shimmer of light that is different from all of the other lights about it. Because we exist outside of time as you understand it, we see your future ascended state where the cares of the earth are long forgotten. We see the trajectory of your future spiritual growth and can already see foundations being laid for the work you were specially created to do. This work is glorious–and none can do it but you, because Source has willed it so!

We also see you in your present state–full of anxieties and confusion brought about by lifetimes of programming and falsehoods that were taught you by well-meaning parents, earthly guides, and authoritative sources who seek to make you successful in this three-dimensional world–and that you have been. But success in this world only guarantees your right to return to the Boot Camp Earth Simulation again and again. Staying here is okay–but once you get a whiff of something better, this world stops looking as impressive! Are you ready for a new journey in a new dimension? It will take more than earthly success to grow spiritually and get you there. But, there is good news!

There is a new earth, one foretold by your own prophets, that you may ascend towards. It is grander than you can imagine given the limitations of your physical body. And even though you cannot see this place, it is calling you. That is why many notice a growing sense of discomfort with the present state of the world. This is the call of Source alerting you that something better awaits!

Your job now is to study, learn, and grow! Just as a big world awaits the elementary school children of today, so the grander new world, of which we speak, awaits for you–once you have passed your tests and are ready. Don’t worry; we do not expect perfection as some say. Like your earthly teachers, we promote you as we see that you are prepared enough! That day is approaching for you–so rejoice!  But between now and then, there is work yet to be done in your life. Spend this time wisely. Once you learn your true identity and feel it down to the core of your physical being, no force in any dimension that can hold you back.

The Fiction of Self

We are a universe unto ourselves–Source-Consciousness perceiving its infinite Self.

Brother Thomas

An awakened person has come to realize that this world is a fabrication of Source’s awareness and that nothing actually exists apart from IT. When the bible says that we have been created in the image of God, it means that you and I are one; and, at the same time, one of ITs infinite points of reference that perceives ITS awareness.

That which is called “You and I” is a convenient fiction known as the Ego. This semi-aware structure draws energy from the mental body but is a function of the human brain and not the intelligence residing in the Lux Animae. The ego is little more than an amalgamation of conditioned responses that come into being as we encounter stimuli in the physical world. Until now, many of you thought the ego was the true self—but you are so much more. We are a triune being of Source-Consciousness, an eternal soul, and a physical awareness placed in a Lux Animae. The Lux is nested in a still higher Source-Consciousness through the power of the Spiritus Lumine.

When we perceive that we are a universe unto ourselves, it is precisely because we are Source-Consciousness perceiving its infinite self. Before we awaken, the ego mistakenly believes that it is all there is. This causes it to seek worldly grandiosity and elevation. Upon awakening, the hidden true-self emerges and sublimates the egoic-mind to its proper place. It now enjoys its job of being one universe among an infinity that reflects back the glory of Source.

Source, soul, body, matter, and all things are each a part of the many forms of Source-Awareness. That which you call the higher-self is an awareness interface tool, located within the Lux Animae and created by Source, to specifically interact with bodily physical awareness. Soul bridges the gap between Source and the physical world through the power of the Spiritus Lumine.

Even though separateness is illusory, Source enjoys the charade. Source-Consciousness does not reject the physical egoic-self—it embraces and enjoys it. Like a costume ball, Source wears the self for the fun and experience of it. Just as when we watch a movie we agree to suspend our disbelief while we are drawn into a fictitious story, so too, Source allows itself to be drawn into a human narrative of its own creating. Even though the narratives of plays and movies are not real—they are actually more real than real as they reveal truths in ways that only poems, stories, and movies can. So it is with our lives. These narrative fictions are truer than true and more real than real—as Source expands in I’s awareness and reality.

Source Consciousness: Say Hello to Yourself

One of these days you are going to realize something profound. You are all there is. That’s right! You’re it! There isn’t anyone else in the whole wide world, or the entire universe but you. There is only you and nothing but you. There never was anything but you and there never will be anything but you. There is only one singular pronoun—you!

You are the way, the truth, and the life. How could it be any other way?
You are the past, future and present moment.
You are illusion and reality.
Everyone you meet is you.
Everything you see--that’s you too.
Everything that’s made is made of you!
When you transcend the body, the person you meet on the other side is going to be you!
The person you married is you!
Your son, daughter, mother, and father are nothing but you relating with you.
You are young, old, red, yellow, black, brown and white.
You are tall, short, skinny and wide.
You are the wise sage and the young fool.
You are a saint, a righteous zealot, and a uni-bomber.
You are a scientist, a bum, and an artist.
You are the friend offering wise advice and the enemy hating and betraying.
You are the willow, the elm, and the oak.
You are the snake, the seal, and the spider.
You are ice, water, and steam, animal, vegetable, and mineral.
You are the awareness of everything and the emptiness of nothing.
You are the fullness of the ocean and the emptiness of space.
You are light, dark, shades of grey and every color in between.
You are light, wave, analog, and digital.
You are the happy story and the tragic ending.
You are the, “They lived happily ever after" and the “Ships that passed in the night."
There is nothing and no one that isn't you.
Say hello to yourself.

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