Questions and Answers

Can you provide a short definition of Spiritus Lumine?

Spiritus Lumine is Latin for Light of the Spirit or Light of God. It refers to the great light of God that transmits the creator’s ineffable qualities such as consciousness, essence, intelligence, and impartial beingness–and distributes them across the infinite planes of existence.  As a name, it refers to the mystical path that connects people to the Light of the Spirit. Perhaps a more natural way to think of it is this; Spiritus Lumine is like God’s internet that soul may connect to at any time for questions and answers.

What is the overall purpose of the Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine?

The great purpose of this path is to find and bring to awakening all souls whom the Lords of Karma decide are candidates for awakening. Spiritus Lumine awakens all who are willing so that they might begin the great work Divine Consciousness has prepared it to do. Our job is to awaken the soul, bring it to full alertness through mystical practices and help it escape the Boot Camp Earth Simulation so that it might progress to its next stage of spiritual training and development in dimensions beyond earth.

Is there a short statement I might tell others about what I believe?

I am a spiritual being having a physical experience. I am a trinity composed of the Spark of the Divine, an everlasting soul, and a physical being. I come to this world in limited form to grow, learn, and partake of the beauties and wonders of space, time, and physical existence until I awaken and become alert. As I progress along the God-Continuum, Divine Forces surround and lead me to all good things in order to prepare me not only for this world–but also for the next and the next. The Universe intends only good for me. As a sign of good faith, IT extends me the rights of free will, spiritual sovereignty, and co-creation.

What is this Lux Animae you write about?

Lux Animae means “Light of the Soul.” Source Consciousness is all there is. Source imagines and dreams–and when it does, worlds come into existence. When Source dreams something of significance, IT will often send a part of ITs infinite awareness to explore the dream. So, when you ask how you became a soul, the answer is this: Source wished to create something of great importance, and you are the tool Source will use to accomplish this.

Source placed ITs energy (your soul) in a capsule called the Lux Animae so that you might have more freedom and independence to explore the universe, learn, and carry out Source’s dream. The Lux Animae not only houses the Divine Spark, but also the Akashic Records of all past lives, learning, wisdom, and experiences it has accumulated while carrying out the Divine’s wishes. These records form the basis of the soul–what some call the “higher self.”

Often, the Lux Animae will attach itself to a living form–such as a human body. When this occurs, the energy from the Lux Animae is fed through the Silver Cord and mixed with the planetary power of Gaia (Mother Earth) to the seven main chakras. During the earthly incarnation, only a small amount of energy is transmitted to the human form. The human form receives much information from the Lux Animae during sleep time and daydreams. Through the development of intuitive skills, the human form may learn to contact the higher-self and spiritual masters.

What is a mystic / mystical path?

We define mystics as those who are interested in matters of the spirit, declares themselves to be a spiritual sovereign, devotes themselves to the study of spiritual growth, and adopt a series of mystical practices they believe will enhance their spiritual abilities.  A mystical path is the specialized approach one uses to do this. Those who follow the mystical path of Spiritus Lumine practice inner and outer forms of connection with the  Light of Spirit.

Why should I follow a mystical path?

If you have been selected as a Candidate for Awakening by the Lords of Karma, the primary reason you should follow any path is so to awaken your soul, become alert, and become eligible for release from the Boot Camp Earth Simulation. Only you know if you possess this intense desire to use your gifts of free will, spiritual sovereignty, and co-creation to do these necessary steps. If you are ready, teachers from the God-Continuum are ready to help you. Other reasons are given below.

Spiritual seekers are always looking for new information, ideas, and answers to their endless questions. This seeking and searching is a sign of spiritual hunger. Spiritual hunger is just as real as physical hunger and just as crucial for the development of the soul. This hunger is a natural result of our Lux Animae seeking to reunite with the original Source Light.  It has been placed in each person by Source ITself.  So, on the one hand, we have hungry seekers, and on the other hand, information and teachers are plentiful.  This would seem to be a good match until one goes about trying to make sense of all that is out there. With thousands of teachers and millions of ideas and opinions, one can become confused to the point of giving up.  The Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine seeks to be a comprehensive path of study that organizes and arranges these myriad ideas so that they make sense and develop the soul.

Is Spiritus Lumine a Religion?

Not at all.  It is a spiritual path but not a religious one. While some may not see the difference, we do. We study the light and spirit that is found universally and in all of humankind. We explore how to unite our spark of the Divine with the greater Light of Spirit (Spiritus Lumine). Many of the things you learn in Spiritus Lumine are similar to those of your religious faith.  Having a religious faith can be helpful in understanding this path–but it is not a necessity.   In some cases, religious faith can be a hindrance–especially when it blocks one from spiritual growth and expansion beyond a present belief system.  Religions often claim exclusivity in religious matters (that only their way is correct).  We believe it is nonsense to make such a claim.

Do you believe in Jesus and the Bible?

Yes, we believe in Jesus, Buddha, and a host of other spiritual teachers as well. We respect any number of sacred texts as long as it helps one to awaken and become aware. We believe that Jesus was the master teacher of the Piscean age. Brother Thomas says that Jesus the Christ is an extremely important entity representing the highest consciousness and portion of the God-Continuum one may reach before merging back into the Divine Consciousness or the Ocean of All There Is. In other words, Jesus the Christ represents the dividing line between full God-Consciousness and the worlds and dimensions of matter.

What is a Spiritual Sovereign?

In this website, you will see the term Spiritual Sovereign used repeatedly. The Law of Spiritual Sovereignty States that, you, and you alone, are responsible for determining what is right for you. Spiritual Sovereigns decides for themselves what is right and correct in all matters–including religion. They are respectful of other’s opinions, the traditions of society, and prevailing religious views. However, sovereigns realize that they, and they alone, are responsible for their choices. Decisions should not made according to enlightened self-interest, but upon the leading of Divine Light–as best one understands it. To be a Spiritual Sovereign requires that one refuse to blindly obey any teaching, national law, or accepted religious commandment that brings obvious harm to another. Spiritual Sovereigns understand that they reap the laws of karma just as surely for following unjust laws and religious teachings as when they cause intentional harm to another person.

What is the God-Continuum?

Another term you will see on this website is God-Continuum. Spiritus Lumine claims that Source Consciousness (God) exists along an infinite continuum. One of the goals of Spiritus Lumine is to raise your vibration so that you advance on the God-Continuum. All things, including you and me, exist on this continuum. Some on the continuum are very advanced, and others are new to the journey. When we pray or ask for guidance, an appropriate entity on the Continuum will answer. The God-Continuum does not care what name you use or deity you invoke when you pray or meditate. Your intention and vibratory state are what is essential. Your requests are always appropriately considered and answered by the God-Continuum as IT sees fit. The young child who prays, “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day, my food, and my clothes…” is just as surely being cared for by the God-Continuum through her parents care as if an ascended master were doing this.

What is the Boot Camp Earth Simulation You Write About?

We believe that earth serves the God-Continuum as a school or training ground for Souls. Its purpose is to each soul develop, grow, and learn those lessons which are necessary to prepare the soul for the mission for which it is intended. Souls do not randomly come to earth. All who are here have deliberately choosen to be here. All of the good things as well as the trials of life were carefully planned in a pre-incarnational contract.

We liken this school experience to a Boot Camp that provides its students with a a wide variety of situations to learn and master. There is no defeating of the simulation–it may only be transcended. What we mean by this is that all simulations are strictly controlled by the Lords of Karma who enforce the specifications and training for each soul. Students learn at their own pace. There is no time limit or hurry for any of the lessons. There is no cheating or favoritism. Once a lesson is sufficiently master, the student is allowed to move forward until finally they become candidates for awakening.

For most incarnations, soul remains asleep and oblivious of its true purpose until the soul becomes a candidate for awakening. When the time is right, teachers from the God-Continuum appear to help awaken the soul and lead it to alertness.

What is a pre-incarnational contract?

Many spiritual paths teach its followers about karma–or the law of reaping and sowing. Karma is the law of cause and effect. While we believe in karma, we believe we are more heavily influenced by pre-incarnational contracts. Before incarnating in the worlds of matter, each soul chooses certain lessons and experiences in which it will participate. These are chosen to help the soul develop as quickly as possible. Many of these lessons are similar to all. Some lessons are uniquely designed for specific mission of a particular soul. Karma is often thought of as a form of Divine retribution. We believe it is more accurate to say that our earthly experiences are precisely those we choose ahead of time.

Since I’ve been studying Spiritus Lumine, should I participate in XYZ religion?

Once one begins studying a spiritual path, many religious claims fall by the wayside. For some, continued participation feels hypocritical. Others fear that their churches would be displeased if they only knew of their true beliefs. Many wonder just how deeply they ought to share with their church friends.

We all must do what we believe the Light of the Spirit leads us to do. Let’s keep several things in mind.  Spiritus Lumine never asks or requires anyone to make a decision about choosing a path over a person or a church. If there were such things as violations of Spiritual Law (and there are), this would indeed be such a matter. David, who channels these lessons, believes that all should freely participate in any organization that brings them happiness and pleasure. At the same time, Spiritus Lumine provides him with an inner fullness that he has not found in other paths.  It is neither dishonest or hypocritical for David to follow a way that brings added fullness or dimension to his life nor is it dishonest for him to withhold this information from those in his religious community who might misunderstand or shun him because of his beliefs.

Are you a cult or a bunch of kooks?

Short answer: No and yes.  No, we are not a cult.  There is no group to join, no place to meet up, no dues to pay, no spiritual leader to pay homage to and no required set of beliefs to adhere to. We certainly hope you like what you see here. If these practices help you to grow spiritually, all the better–that is why we are here. Are we kooks? To most people we probably are.  After all, few people care about their spiritual development and even fewer consider themselves a mystic.

Can I follow my religion and this spiritual path as well?

From our point of view–absolutely!  We are reasonably certain that some religious groups would be displeased to know you are studying these materials. Most religions believe they have the market cornered on matters of spirituality. We understand this. David, the channel used by Brother Thomas to write these messages, attends church each week. He’s relatively certain that, for most folk, discussions of spirituality that aren’t exclusively Christian are considered invalid.  Nevertheless,  he finds comfort and solace in being with his friends and participating in a faith tradition that has meant so much to his family over the years.

Here are two things to remember as you think about this question: first, many ministers know much more than they can speak about publicly. As ministers grow and hone their spiritual understanding, they learn to be careful about revealing their new understandings. As one minister told David, “I never preach my doubts.” Ministers soon learn that it is dangerous to share spiritual experiences that exceed most of their congregants. A smart pastor says what is acceptable to the flock and carefully shares other matters with only the most trusted of confidants–if at all. We think that is wise. Secondly, the more one focuses upon the spiritual teachings of any religion (not dogma or doctrine), the more similarities you will notice among the various groups. For instance, if you carefully study the writings of Catholic mystics, the Desert Fathers, Zen monks, Bodhisattvas, and the like, you’ll soon notice many similarities. The more people focus on spirituality, the less likely they are to focus upon partisan religious positions.

Why do you say this stuff is secret knowledge?  I find these concepts all over the internet and YouTube.

Yes! It is true that once you start your study of spirituality, mysticism, and metaphysics that you will find plenty of information on almost any subject. It has always been the information that is hidden in plain sight.  It is true that many of David’s friends know a lot about of these concepts. It is also true that more of his friends do not.  It is also true that each spiritual path has similarities with other paths while emphasizing some things as more important than others.  What is harder to find is an organized system of studying and parsing this information to render it more understandable.  We liken it to this: all the information one needs to know in order to earn an MBA, Juris Doctorate, or Ph. D. (in any subject) is widely available.  It is another matter entirely to create a curriculum of study that builds one set of concepts on top of another to produce a well-educated and experienced person worthy of the degree. This is our hope. We organize many of the things available for you into a more cohesive body of knowledge.  Along the way, we suspect you’ll learn any number of new things that you’ve never seen before–at least in this lifetime!

I’m studying XYZ path.  Can I study this too?

We think wise students should always look for new and interesting information. We certainly do!  At the same time, it can be confusing if the student studies too many paths to the point of confusion.  If that is you, we recommend that you select a path of study and remain with it until it seems time for you to move on.

I’m studying XYZ path. Everything they say is different than what you teach.  What do I do? Whom should I believe?

There’s a lot of confusion out there.  Some groups tell you to eat a vegetarian diet–while others don’t care.  Some insist upon sexual chastity while others encourage you to develop your sexual chi. We always say that you should do what you believe you are led by the Light of the Spirit to do.  The creator has given you freedom and made you a Spiritual Sovereign–use this power to decide wisely! If you are led to follow a particular path–who are we to say otherwise?  If you choose to study this mystical path, we will tell you what works for us, but it is your decision to determine what you think, believe, say and do.

Who is Brother Thomas?

Brother Thomas is a messenger from the Seventh Ray, who works through David to explain the mystical path of the Spiritus Lumine to all who are willing to learn. Brother Thomas said to David that he prefers to use this name because he encourages the skepticism of Doubting Thomas, the scientific creativity of Thomas Edison, and the careful thinking of Thomas Aquinas.  Brother Thomas tells David that he has lived many lifetimes on Earth–one of them as a Vatican official.  Though another trip to the planet is not ruled out, Brother Thomas enjoys his work as a messenger of the Seventh Ray–which includes helping the Chohans of the Rays bring about worldwide changes and assisting initiates with their awakening.

Who is David?

David is a mystic who channels Brother Thomas. As a media lightworker, David is doing what he can to bring the teachings of the Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine to as many people as possible around the world.

How can I get my husband, wife, family member, friend to join me on this mystical path?

The mystical path is only for those who are ready to make such a journey.  If you’re not feeling it–it isn’t for you!  Anyway, please do not worry or pressure yourself (or another) if you have no interest in this path. The journey we take as soul is a unique one. No one travels any path the same way. True, it’s always more fun to make the journey with friends and those you love–but we can still be with them even if they are not interested in the same things.

The most important thing to remember is not to be a boor!  No one enjoys listening to others going on and on about their religion, politics, spiritual paths, or anything else. Source does not require any of us to save the world! Let’s all enjoy our way of living and let others enjoy theirs. And remember this, regardless of what we study or think we know, none of us is better than anyone else.