Life and Death are one Thread

Dearest Friends, The most heart wrenching and painful feelings that humans can endure is the loss of a beloved family member or friend–as well as the dread of one’s own demise. Except for your greatest poets, the emotional pain and suffering of death exceed expression. We watch those of you who fear for your impending death, and we hear your prayers of pain and sorrow for those you have lost. For most, death is a specter to be feared. Thoughts of it are quickly brushed away! Your best scientist spends untold billions in time, energy, and money to stay the hand of death.

But what if we were to tell you that there is no death? What if we were to tell you that death is just as much an illusion as life? What if we were to tell you that death is only an awakening from this holographic experience–and a welcome one at that? What if we were to tell you that you have set aside untold numbers of material bodies before this one–and that you rejoiced each time you did so? What if we told you that you, along with your trusted and beloved guardians, decided, before your earthly incarnation, the exact circumstances of your death–and allowed some early exit points if you so desired? What if we told you that your precious loved ones on the other side of awareness know when you think of them and that they will immediately come to your side–even though you may not perceive them? What if you could really believe all of this? Would it make a difference?

All of these rhetorical questions are true! Life and death are illusions–mind play from Source-Consciousness as ITs souls travel from one place to another fulfilling the missions that Source itself willed! Human life is precious, we don’t mean to diminish any of it; but, from our place in the God-Continuum, material lives are one of the many tools available for spiritual growth. It is a resource, a tool, a means to an end–and that is all. Your physical body is an adapted tool for your Lux Animae soul complex. It allows you to narrowly focus your soul energies to accomplish a purpose for a brief period of time. You are Source placed in a Lux Animae. You cannot die. You are eternal.

Many say, “I don’t fear death, I fear dying!” We understand, life’s lessons continue until the final breath. Just know that when the time comes, you are in good hands. Your return to full awareness is carefully arranged and will be managed better than any four-star resort on earth! When you awaken, your previous time upon the earth will seem no more than the dream it was.  In the meantime, live! Live fully and boldly! Be the sovereign you imagined before your ascent into the earthly hologram. Your earthly life matters–live it fully!

Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides. Lao Tzu

Life and Death are One Thread

A conversation between Brother Thomas and David.

My body is aging and is not as nimble or quick as it once was. It is like ripening fruit that will one day fall from the tree. But I am not afraid. There is still life in the tree as well as the seed and the soil in which the tree is planted. And even if the fruit withers and returns to the soil, its energy has only been transformed. Life continues. There is no death.

Life as conscious vibratory energy cannot be created or destroyed. It has always been alive—though in many forms. True, there is the arising and disappearing of physical bodies, but there is no death. Separation from the body does not mean the ending of life—only that life has moved on to a new form of expression.

When physical existence ends, our nonphysical rejoins with the same energy from whence it came. Consciousness, thinking, and experience all continue—nothing of significance really changes except we are no longer burdened with an apparent illusory separateness projected by the ego personality.

It is compelling to experience life in physical form, and at some point, our unique form of expression will emerge once more to enjoy a new physical body. We will again grow, expand, and enjoy new experiences as Source in a new time, place, and space.