How You Became a Soul

Fel­low trav­el­ers, I am Broth­er Thomas, your friend, and mes­sen­ger from the Sev­enth Ray. I am here to help you on your jour­ney of knowl­edge and pow­er. Have you ever won­dered how you became a soul? Did you know that you have not always been one? To be a soul is a great respon­si­bil­i­ty – far greater than many in the heav­en­ly host! Your poten­tial as a soul exceeds even the angels! It is good that you are here and we are talk­ing with each oth­er. It is not fate that has brought us togeth­er; rather, we are keep­ing an appoint­ment made before your earth­ly assign­ment when it was deter­mined that you would be remind­ed once again of your rea­sons for com­ing here! This series of lessons, enti­tled Mys­ti­cal Foun­da­tions, will remind you of the truths you once knew so very long ago in your earth­ly sojourns. This knowl­edge has been hid­den for a very long time. You have been asleep, but are now awak­en­ing. Now, let us move to the next step from awak­en­ing to aware­ness so that you may take the next impor­tant step on your spir­i­tu­al path. As we begin to raise your lev­el of aware­ness, let’s us begin by remind­ing you of some long for­got­ten truths.

You are Eternal

So many of you have for­got­ten this impor­tant truth – you are eter­nal.  Don’t believe the false pro­gram­ming of well-mean­ing reli­gious guides who say that your cre­ation began at phys­i­cal birth. That is true only for this life­time! You exist­ed as soul long before you were born in a human body! In your present incar­na­tion, you have inten­tion­al­ly cho­sen not to con­scious­ly remem­ber all that is avail­able in your Lux Ani­mae so that you might have an excit­ing time upon the earth. This “not know­ing” frees us to make new and dif­fer­ent choic­es that maybe we wouldn’t do if we had a more com­plete sto­ry! And as those who are fur­ther along in life will attest, there are many mem­o­ries that we would just as soon for­get.

But there is a type of for­get­ting that is not good for us – the for­get­ting of the Spir­i­tus Lumine. The lumine is the great source of spir­i­tu­al pow­er that gives us the help and guid­ance we need to move beyond the pro­gram­ming instilled by the cul­ture. This knowl­edge of how to man­age our spir­i­tu­al ener­gies and com­mune with the Divine is some­thing we do not want to ever for­get again.  But great joy! We are here once more and will regain the knowl­edge that was lost. Stay with these lessons and let’s learn how you became a soul.

How You Became a Soul

Source Con­scious­ness is all there is. Source imag­ines and dreams – and when it does so, worlds come into exis­tence. When Source dreams some­thing of sig­nif­i­cance, IT will often send a part of ITs infi­nite aware­ness to explore the dream. So, when you ask how you became a soul, the answer is this, Source wished to cre­ate some­thing of great impor­tance and you are the tool Source will use to accom­plish this end. This Source ener­gy (your soul) has been placed in a cap­sule called the Lux Ani­mae so that you might have more free­dom and inde­pen­dence to explore the uni­verse, learn, and car­ry out this dream from Source. New souls have a learn­ing curve. Even though you are very old, in the scheme of eter­ni­ty you are a very young soul. There is much to learn before you, as Soul, can car­ry out its pur­pose in earnest. This includes mas­tery­ing a vari­ety of expe­ri­ences in the mate­r­i­al worlds such as this one. Once we have mas­tered these, we ascend to the next series of lessons in store for us. Now that you know how you became a soul, let us learn more about your true nature.

You are Light

You are the Light of the Spir­it, Spir­i­tus Lumine, and Light of the Soul, Lux Ani­mae. But most of all, you are a unique being of light with a fre­quen­cy address that belongs to no one else but you in the God con­tin­u­um. With a lit­tle help from guides like me, you have all that is nec­es­sary for you to jour­ney out­side of your phys­i­cal body and do amaz­ing things such as: meet with your high­er self and ascend­ed mas­ters, exam­ine the Akashic records, vis­it peo­ple liv­ing and passed, and jour­ney to oth­er plan­ets, places and times. You will learn how to do this in your light body which is inde­struc­tible, pow­er­ful, and able to do things beyond com­pre­hen­sion. It is the rea­son you are here and read­ing these mes­sages right now.

Mystics are Students of the Soul

You may have heard the terms mys­tic, mys­ti­cal, and mys­ti­cism over and again. The very words con­jure images of saints, spir­i­tu­al pow­er, secret knowl­edge and the abil­i­ty to do things beyond the kin of most peo­ple. In fact, mys­tics are ordi­nary peo­ple who are learn­ing how to unite their soul light with Source light. The rea­son these mys­tics seem unusu­al is that most peo­ple have not acquaint­ed them­selves, much less prac­ticed the spir­i­tu­al exer­cis­es which grant us these abil­i­ties. It is like a per­son who sees bas­ket­ball for the first time and stares in amaze­ment. It is knowl­edge and train­ing. These lessons tell what it means to be a mys­tic and fol­low a mys­ti­cal path. Take the time to read these lessons care­ful­ly, for most of you have been heav­i­ly pro­grammed by well-mean­ing peo­ple. The first knowl­edge your receive may sound sim­i­lar to things you have learned on your own or through reli­gious teach­ing. Even though they are sim­i­lar, there are impor­tant dif­fer­ences. Remem­ber, if one clings to the things they already know – or think they know – they remain cul­tur­al­ly pro­grammed designed for suc­cess in the mate­r­i­al worlds. The things Source wants you to know will free you from past indoc­tri­na­tion and allow you to ascend towards your next impor­tant step.

The Mystical Path

Next, you will learn specifics about The Mys­ti­cal Path of Spir­i­tus Lumine. This path is dif­fer­ent from the his­tor­i­cal reli­gious mys­tics – though there are great sim­i­lar­i­ties as well. Reli­gious mys­tics inter­pret most of their expe­ri­ences with­in the con­fines of their reli­gious tra­di­tions. There is noth­ing wrong with this per se., Spir­i­tus Lumine is more encom­pass­ing. While it respects all reli­gious her­itages, it places you (not the saints), and your will­ing­ness to work at con­nect­ing with Source, at the clear cen­ter of the mys­ti­cal path. We care­ful­ly explain the rela­tion­ship between Source, Soul, Spir­i­tus Lumine, and the Lux Ani­mae to give you a prac­ti­cal under­stand­ing of your true nature.

The Seven Rays

Final­ly, we will teach you about the impor­tance of the sev­en rays. If you don’t know much about them, they are sev­en fun­da­men­tal fre­quen­cies of light, from an infin­i­ty of fre­quen­cies deliv­ered by the Spir­i­tus Lumine, that have been split off by the Lux Ani­mae, and deliv­ered to the human body via the sil­ver cord. These are the train­ing wheels that Source has giv­en souls in this dimen­sion that allow us to learn the fun­da­men­tals of heal­ing, soul trav­el, and spir­i­tu­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion. A basic under­stand­ing of rays, when com­bined with fun­da­men­tal knowl­edge of inner and out­er forms, bridges the phys­i­cal and spir­i­tu­al worlds and allows souls par­tic­i­pat­ing in the mate­r­i­al worlds to trav­el the dimen­sions of time and space.

Things to Help You Grow

Let us say from the begin­ning that Source under­stands that you are not entire­ly spir­i­tu­al­ly igno­rant. Source nev­er wants you to for­get the things that you have already learned. At the same time, when learn­ing about some­thing new, or at least some­thing dif­fer­ent, it is vital that one approach all sub­jects with an open heart of learn­ing. In the begin­ning, it is impor­tant nev­er to assume that your pre­vi­ous knowl­edge and expe­ri­ences are the same as those you see in these lessons. Remem­ber, your goal is to build and expand upon what you already know and to add new wis­dom and expe­ri­ences as well. Your ascen­sion to the next lev­el of spir­i­tu­al devel­op­ment is direct­ly relat­ed to your abil­i­ty to learn and apply new prin­ci­ples. So, try not to remain stuck in old ideas or argue with prin­ci­ples that seem dif­fer­ent from your present under­stand­ing. Source is very patient and nev­er judges you. It will allow you to remain in your cur­rent state as long as you wish. It will also let you to grow and ascend as quick­ly as you learn the lessons placed before you. It will always be your choice as to how fast you accept the next les­son. As you learn, here are some oth­er things, for your con­sid­er­a­tion, that helps you grow.

The Principle of Shelving

At some point, all of us will hear things that are hard for us to accept. They may seem con­tra­dic­to­ry to what we have been taught or make no intu­itive sense to us at the time. Ideas and con­cepts are often like over­sized clothes we buy for our chil­dren – know­ing that they will grow into them lat­er. Some­times, Source plants a seed with­in you that ben­e­fits you at some lat­er point along the way. When we hear of these inno­va­tions, our nat­ur­al ten­den­cy is to refuse or reject them out­right. We often argue or find fault with the new con­cept. We would like to offer a dif­fer­ent point of view which we call shelv­ing. Shelv­ing means that we don’t accept or reject any­thing that is brought before us in the moment. Instead, we think about it. If we are not sure about some­thing, we set the notion aside with the idea that we’ll adopt it lat­er on if, and when, it makes sense to us. Here is an illus­tra­tion.

Let’s say the sto­ry of Jon­ah and the Whale pre­sent­ed in the Holy Bible makes no sense to you. You rea­son that the sto­ry can­not be true in any way.  You ques­tion whether there could be fish that could swal­low a human being in that part of the world. You won­der whether a human could live inside of a fish for three days. You doubt the whole sto­ry.  But rather than reject­ing the sto­ry out­right, you shelve it for anoth­er day.  Time pass­es, and one day you learn about arche­types and the prin­ci­ples of metaphor­i­cal inter­pre­ta­tion. You imme­di­ate­ly think of this sto­ry. Sud­den­ly, it occurs to you that the sto­ry was nev­er meant to be tak­en lit­er­al­ly at all. In fact, it’s a very humor­ous sto­ry with a pow­er­ful mes­sage. With these new tools, you find a rich under­stand­ing of a sto­ry that you might have reject­ed. The same is true for many of con­cepts you will dis­cov­er upon the mys­ti­cal path.

Stu­dents will hear many con­cepts that strain creduli­ty or con­tra­dict their present beliefs. Terms like Source Con­scious­ness, light, mul­ti­ple lives, extra-dimen­sion­al enti­ties, Lux Ani­mae, and so on may require more of the stu­dent than they are ready to accept at the moment. We under­stand this. We encour­age you to shelve – not reject – any ideas that you find threat­en­ing, chal­leng­ing to under­stand, con­tra­dic­to­ry, and so on.  Just keep in mind that Source has intro­duced these con­cepts you in per­fect tim­ing know­ing that you will make the best use of them at the right time. For now, con­sid­er your study of such terms much like you would an aca­d­e­m­ic course.  Look at the ideas objec­tive­ly and try and under­stand how they relate to the study at hand. Lat­er on, you will have an oppor­tu­ni­ty to uti­lize these con­cepts in a way that is best for you. Remem­ber, Source is very effi­cient at what it does. It knows when to give you a con­cept as well as when you will need the idea.

Soulfully Listen

Anoth­er help­ful tip is, lis­ten soul­ful­ly. For a hun­dred or so past lives, we have been allow­ing the phys­i­cal ego-mind com­plex to make sense of our expe­ri­ences. For most of us, this has meant that we have seen our­selves as a phys­i­cal being rather than a spir­i­tu­al one. The dis­tinc­tion is impor­tant. When we learn to lis­ten from our hearts, instead of the egoic mind, we will often make dif­fer­ent deci­sions when pre­sent­ed with the same set of facts. Fol­low­ing our hearts is not always easy to do. As we do so, it is only nat­ur­al to ask ques­tions like, “What will oth­ers think? How will this impact my job, fam­i­ly, life,etc.?”  We may ask, “What if I’m all wrong?” This is when we must learn the impor­tance of lis­ten­ing soul­ful­ly. A soul­ful lis­ten­er under­stands that fol­low­ing our hearts may not always be pop­u­lar with our fam­i­ly and friends. This type of lis­ten­ing requires us to set aside our nat­ur­al human fears of rejec­tion by God, fam­i­ly, friends, and the like as we make deci­sions that are best for our spir­i­tu­al growth. To grow spir­i­tu­al­ly, we often have to take a leap of faith as we set aside old ideas for the new.

Religion v Spiritual

Anoth­er tip for growth requires us to be more dis­crim­i­nat­ing between reli­gious mat­ters and spir­i­tu­al growth. Source, not reli­gions, owns the domain of spir­i­tu­al growth! As we learn to fol­low Source, we become more spir­i­tu­al­ly aware. This is not to say that reli­gion isn’t nec­es­sary – it is. Whether we believe in them or not, all are impact­ed by the sheer num­bers of reli­gious fol­low­ers through­out the world. The mes­sages of major reli­gious founders have shaped our laws, his­to­ry, cul­ture, and per­son­al lives. To put a fin­er point on the mat­ter, it is Source Con­scious­ness who sends avatars, saints, and sav­iors for every age. These bea­cons of light help to guide the wan­der­ing soul need help to find the path to God. At their best, reli­gions are sign­posts that point the way toward Source. At their worst, they become like any oth­er cor­po­rate enti­ty who seeks to gain finan­cial pow­er, rich­es, and polit­i­cal con­trol. Over time, it is the nature of orga­ni­za­tions – even reli­gious ones – to lose the ide­al­ism of their founders and to focus more upon the prag­mat­ics of keep­ing an orga­ni­za­tion run­ning and set­ting bound­aries that deter­mine who may and who may not become a mem­ber of said orga­ni­za­tion.

Being a mem­ber of a reli­gious orga­ni­za­tion is okay. They point us to God, give us a sense of tribe and belong­ing, and sup­port val­ues which feel com­fort­ing to us. At the same time, they can be author­i­ta­tive sources of pro­gram­ming and brain­wash­ing as they inte­grate with the cul­ture at large. Many large evan­gel­i­cal orga­ni­za­tions in Amer­i­ca are very well-inte­grat­ed with cur­rent sys­tems of eco­nom­ic and polit­i­cal thought. They have made a three-fold braid of their faith, pol­i­tics, and present eco­nom­ic sys­tem. To crit­i­cize one is to crit­i­cize all! Whether admit­ted or not, these orga­ni­za­tions have become lit­tle more than the lat­est ver­sion of a nation­al­ist reli­gion. Lest you think I am crit­i­ciz­ing these reli­gions, I am not. They are well suit­ed for keep­ing peo­ple tied to this mate­r­i­al world of exis­tence. They are a nat­ur­al part of our devel­op­ment – until Source push­es us onward.

Spir­i­tu­al devel­op­ment is dif­fer­ent. Its first alle­giance is to find Source and com­mune with IT. Through the inner and out­er forms, the mys­tic learns how to make this con­nec­tion strong and secure. Spir­i­tu­al devel­op­ment is very hap­py for seek­ers to prac­tice and enjoy their reli­gions as long as the tra­di­tions to not hin­der per­son­al spir­i­tu­al growth and devel­op­ment. For those who prac­tice a reli­gious path in addi­tion to the Mys­ti­cal Path of Spir­i­tus Lumine, you may find it con­ve­nient to think of this path as a hid­den full­ness to your reli­gious teach­ings. Noth­ing you learn here will ever ask you to give up your reli­gion or the faith of your fathers. Instead, you will be shown ways to use what you have learned from reli­gion to spring­board into a more pro­found spir­i­tu­al­i­ty than you have known before.


Per­haps one of the hard­est lessons to learn on the path of spir­i­tu­al growth is that of silence! When we learn some­thing impor­tant, we find our­selves want­i­ng to share it with every­one we know. We want to share our expe­ri­ences and excite­ment.  This is only nor­mal – but it can also be harm­ful. Peo­ple who are not ready to receive these teach­ings may inter­pret them very neg­a­tive­ly. Some will accuse you of fol­low­ing the dev­il or worse! You may find that your friends can­not respect your new beliefs and treat you dif­fer­ent­ly (there is a rea­son why these teach­ings remain hid­den from pub­lic view!). To with­hold infor­ma­tion from those who would mis­un­der­stand or harm you is not deceit­ful. No spir­i­tu­al law requires you to injure your­self by reveal­ing all you know! Quite the oppo­site. Some­times, the high­est form of respect is to with­hold infor­ma­tion that would “shake the ant farm” of anoth­er. Let’s say that you have a friend who shares with you that they were bap­tized last Sun­day to wash all their sins away – and now they are jus­ti­fied before God. Per­haps a part of you wants to say, “God cre­at­ed you and sent you on your way to learn how to grow and learn. God nev­er con­demned you for the mis­takes you have made as you were grow­ing and learn­ing. You did not need sav­ing because you were nev­er lost!”  Don’t say any of that! Instead, con­grat­u­late your friend for mak­ing such an impor­tant deci­sion. Encour­age them to keep grow­ing on their path. In oth­er words, trust that Source has intro­duced them to the truth that will help them grow clos­er to their next impor­tant step!  To con­clude, be slow and delib­er­ate about what you share.  Being a bit mys­te­ri­ous is okay. Shar­ing with some­one who is not ready is what the Bible calls, “Cast­ing pearls before swine!”

Slow Versus Speedy

For many, there has been a spir­i­tu­al hunger that has been build­ing over the life­times. When indi­vid­u­als are intro­duced to the eso­teric teach­ings, they are amazed at how curi­ous they are. As dif­fi­cult as it may be, we rec­om­mend that you go slow.  There is such a thing as spir­i­tu­al glut­tony! That’s when you can’t stop read­ing one thing after anoth­er. The prob­lem is, that when you build some­thing quick­ly, it comes apart just as quick­ly. The best build­ings require time to build cor­rect­ly. Speed is not a spir­i­tu­al virtue. Learn some­thing, then think and reflect upon it.  Don’t rush. Learn a lit­tle each day.  If you took the time to learn one new idea each day, you would learn 365 new ideas in a year – and that might be enough to help you ascend to your next lev­el of growth. There is no such thing as rush­ing spir­i­tu­al growth – but there is such a thing as being a flash in the pan! Take your time. Study. Reflect. Ques­tion. One year from now, if not soon­er, those you know and love will notice a remark­able dif­fer­ence in you if you go slow.

Do Your Homework

In many of your Mys­ti­cal Foun­da­tion lessons, you will be intro­duced to an inner or out­er form of work for you to try out. Take the time to do them – mul­ti­ple times. These lessons are easy to under­stand but not nec­es­sar­i­ly easy to mas­ter the first time.  Like biofeed­back, the con­cepts are easy to learn, but more dif­fi­cult to become pro­fi­cient – such as con­trol­ling your blood pres­sure. So it is with the inner and out­er-forms. As the man once asked the cab dri­ver, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? The answer was, “Prac­tice! Prac­tice! Prac­tice!” So it is with the inner and out­er-forms.


You are embark­ing upon an excit­ing jour­ney as you trav­el The Mys­ti­cal Path of Spir­i­tus Lumine. You will learn many hid­den teach­ings that help you bridge the gap between your phys­i­cal and spir­i­tu­al exis­tence. Keep­ing an open mind and learn­ing to lis­ten with the heart are your great­est allies. Don’t hur­ry through the lessons. Take time to savor them. Reflect on them. Don’t be dis­cour­aged if you don’t under­stand every­thing or if you find some­thing dis­agree­able. Prac­tice the prin­ci­ple of shelv­ing and trust that Source is guid­ing your teach­ing. In the mean­time, Just read the lessons and do what they say. Results hap­pen as you obey the spir­i­tu­al laws with­in the Spir­i­tus Lumine.


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