How You Became a Soul

Fellow travelers, I am Brother Thomas, your friend, and messenger from the Seventh Ray. I am here to help you on your journey of knowledge and power. Have you ever wondered how you became a soul? Did you know that you have not always been one? To be a soul is a great responsibility–far greater than many in the heavenly host! Your potential as a soul exceeds even the angels! It is good that you are here and we are talking with each other. It is not fate that has brought us together; rather, we are keeping an appointment made before your earthly assignment when it was determined that you would be reminded once again of your reasons for coming here! This series of lessons, entitled Mystical Foundations, will remind you of the truths you once knew so very long ago in your earthly sojourns. This knowledge has been hidden for a very long time. You have been asleep, but are now awakening. Now, let us move to the next step from awakening to awareness so that you may take the next important step on your spiritual path. As we begin to raise your level of awareness, let’s us begin by reminding you of some long forgotten truths.

You are Eternal

So many of you have forgotten this important truth–you are eternal.  Don’t believe the false programming of well-meaning religious guides who say that your creation began at physical birth. That is true only for this lifetime! You existed as soul long before you were born in a human body! In your present incarnation, you have intentionally chosen not to consciously remember all that is available in your Lux Animae so that you might have an exciting time upon the earth. This “not knowing” frees us to make new and different choices that maybe we wouldn’t do if we had a more complete story! And as those who are further along in life will attest, there are many memories that we would just as soon forget.

But there is a type of forgetting that is not good for us–the forgetting of the Spiritus Lumine. The lumine is the great source of spiritual power that gives us the help and guidance we need to move beyond the programming instilled by the culture. This knowledge of how to manage our spiritual energies and commune with the Divine is something we do not want to ever forget again.  But great joy! We are here once more and will regain the knowledge that was lost. Stay with these lessons and let’s learn how you became a soul.

How You Became a Soul

Source Consciousness is all there is. Source imagines and dreams–and when it does so, worlds come into existence. When Source dreams something of significance, IT will often send a part of ITs infinite awareness to explore the dream. So, when you ask how you became a soul, the answer is this, Source wished to create something of great importance and you are the tool Source will use to accomplish this end. This Source energy (your soul) has been placed in a capsule called the Lux Animae so that you might have more freedom and independence to explore the universe, learn, and carry out this dream from Source. New souls have a learning curve. Even though you are very old, in the scheme of eternity you are very young as soul. There is much to learn before you, as Soul, can carry out its purpose in earnest. This includes mastering a variety of experiences in the material worlds such as this one. Once we do this, we ascend to the next series of lessons prepared for us. Now that you know how you became a soul, let us learn more about your true nature.

You are Light

As Soul, you have both the Light of the Spirit, Spiritus Lumine, and Light of the Soul, Lux Animae. But most of all, you are a unique being of light with a frequency address that belongs to no one else but you in the God continuum. With a little help from guides like me, you have all that is necessary for you to journey outside of your physical body and do amazing things such as: meet with your higher self and ascended masters, examine the Akashic records, visit people living and passed, and journey to other planets, places and times. You will learn how to do this in your light body which is indestructible, powerful, and able to do things beyond comprehension. It is the reason you are here and reading these messages right now.

Mystics are Students of the Soul

You may have heard the terms mystic, mystical, and mysticism over and again. The very words conjure images of saints, spiritual power, secret knowledge and the ability to do things beyond the kin of most people. In fact, mystics are ordinary people who are learning how to unite their soul light with Source light. The reason these mystics seem unusual is that most people have not acquainted themselves, much less practiced the spiritual exercises which grant us these abilities. It is like a person who sees basketball for the first time and stares in amazement. It is knowledge and training.

These lessons tell what it means to be a mystic and follow a mystical path. Take the time to read these lessons carefully, for most of you have been heavily programmed by well-meaning people. The first knowledge you receive may sound similar to things you have learned on your own or through religious teaching. Similar though they may be, there are important differences. Remember, if you cling to what you already know–or think you know–you will remain in your cultural programming which is designed for success in the material worlds. The things Source wants you to know will free you from past indoctrination and allow you to ascend towards your next important step.

The Mystical Path

Next, you will learn specifics about The Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine. This path is different from the historical religious mystics–though there are great similarities as well. Religious mystics interpret most of their experiences within the confines of their religious teachers adn traditions. There is nothing wrong with this per se., Spiritus Lumine is more encompassing. While it respects all religious heritages, it places you (not the saints and gurus), and your willingness to work at connecting with Source, at the clear center of the mystical path. We carefully explain the relationship between Source, Soul, Spiritus Lumine, and the Lux Animae to give you a practical understanding of your true nature.

The Seven Rays

Finally, we will teach you about the importance of the seven rays. If you don’t know much about them, they are seven fundamental frequencies of light, from an infinity of frequencies delivered by the Spiritus Lumine, that have been split off by the Lux Animae, and delivered to the human body via the silver cord. These are the training wheels that Source has given souls in this dimension that allow us to learn the fundamentals of healing, soul travel, and spiritual communication. A basic understanding of rays, when combined with fundamental knowledge of inner and outer forms, bridges the physical and spiritual worlds and allows souls participating in the material worlds to travel the dimensions of time and space.

Things to Help You Grow

Let us say from the beginning that Source understands that you are not entirely spiritually ignorant. Source never wants you to forget the things that you have already learned. At the same time, when learning about something new, or at least something different, it is vital that one approach all subjects with an open heart of learning. In the beginning, it is important never to assume that your previous knowledge and experiences are the same as those you see in these lessons. Remember, your goal is to build and expand upon what you already know and to add new wisdom and experiences as well.

Your ascension to the next level of spiritual development is directly related to your ability to learn and apply new principles. So, try not to remain stuck in old ideas or argue with principles that seem different from your present understanding. Source is very patient and never judges you. It will allow you to remain in your current state as long as you wish. It will also let you grow and ascend as quickly as you learn the lessons placed before you. It is always your choice to determine how fast you proceed. As you learn, here are some things we think you should consider.

The Principle of Shelving

At some point, all of us will hear things that are difficult to believe or hard to accept. It may be a principle that seems contradictory to what we have been taught or makes no intuitive sense to us at the time. Ideas and concepts are often like oversized clothes we buy for our children–knowing that they will grow into them later. Sometimes, Source plants a seed within that benefits you at some later point along the way. When we hear about new notions, our natural tendency is often to refuse or reject them outright. Sometimes we argue and find fault with the new concept. We would like to offer a different point of view which we call shelving. Shelving means that we don’t accept or reject anything that is brought before us in the moment. Instead, we think about it; and, if we are not sure, we set the notion aside with the idea that we’ll adopt it later on if, and when, it makes sense to us. Here is an illustration.

Let’s say the story of Jonah and the Whale presented in the Holy Bible makes no sense to you. You reason that there is no way the story could be true. You feel certain that no fish could swallow a human. And even if it could, how could a human live inside of a fish for three days? You doubt the whole story.  But rather than rejecting the story outright, you shelve it for another day.  Time passes, and one day you learn about archetypes and the principles of metaphorical interpretation. You immediately think of this story. Suddenly, it occurs to you that the story was never meant to be taken literally at all. In fact, it’s a very humorous story with a powerful message. With these new tools, you find a rich understanding of a story that you might have rejected. The same is true for many of concepts you will discover upon the mystical path.

Students will hear many concepts that strain credulity or contradict their present beliefs. Terms like Source Consciousness, light, multiple lives, extra-dimensional entities, Lux Animae, and so on may require more of the student than they are ready to accept at the moment. We understand this. We encourage you to shelve–not reject–any ideas that you find threatening, challenging to understand, contradictory, and so on.  Just keep in mind that Source has introduced these concepts you in perfect timing knowing that you will make the best use of them at the right time. For now, consider your study of such terms much like you would an academic course.  Look at the ideas objectively and try and understand how they relate to the study at hand. Later, you will have an opportunity to utilize these concepts in a way that is best for you. Remember, Source is very efficient at what it does. It knows when to give you a concept as well as when you will need the idea.

Soulfully Listen

Another helpful tip is, listen soulfully. For a hundred or so past lives, we have been allowing the physical ego-mind complex to make sense of our experiences. For most of us, this has meant that we have seen ourselves as a physical being rather than a spiritual one. The distinction is important. When we learn to listen from our hearts, instead of the egoic mind, we will often make different decisions when presented with the same set of facts. Following our hearts is not always easy to do. It is only natural to ask questions like, “What will others think? How will this impact my job, family, life,etc.?” We may ask, “What if I’m all wrong?” This is when we must learn the importance of listening soulfully. A soulful listener understands that following our hearts may not always be popular with our family and friends. This type of listening requires us to set aside our natural human fears of rejection by God, family, friends, and the like as we make decisions that are best for our spiritual growth. This is what it means to be a spiritual sovereign. To grow spiritually, we often must take a leap of faith and set aside old ideas as we make way for the new.

Religion v Spiritual

Another tip for growth requires us to be more discriminating between religious matters and spiritual growth. Source, not religions, owns the domain of spiritual growth! As we learn to follow Source, we become more spiritually aware. This is not to say that religion isn’t necessary–it is. Whether we believe in them or not, all are impacted by the sheer numbers of religious followers throughout the world. The messages of major religious founders have shaped our laws, history, culture, and personal lives. To put a finer point on the matter, it is Source Consciousness who sends avatars, saints, and saviors for every age. These beacons of light help to guide the wandering soul need help to find the path to God. At their best, religions are signposts that point the way toward Source. At their worst, they become like any other corporate entity who seeks to gain financial power, riches, and political control. Over time, it is the nature of organizations–even religious ones–to lose the idealism of their founders and to focus more upon the pragmatics of keeping an organization running and setting boundaries that determine who may and who may not become a member of said organization.

Being a member of a religious organization is okay. They point us to God, give us a sense of tribe and belonging, and support values which feel comforting to us. At the same time, they can be authoritative sources of programming and brainwashing as they integrate with the culture at large. Many large evangelical organizations in America are very well-integrated with current systems of economic and political thought. They have made a three-fold braid of their faith, politics, and present economic system. To criticize one is to criticize all! Whether admitted or not, these organizations have become little more than the latest version of a nationalist religion. Lest you think I am criticizing these religions, I am not. They are well suited for keeping people tied to this material world of existence. They are a natural part of our development–until Source pushes us onward towards awakening.

Spiritual development is different. Its first allegiance is to find Source and commune with IT. Through the inner and outer forms, the mystic learns how to make this connection strong and secure. Spiritual development is very happy for seekers to practice and enjoy their religions as long as the traditions do not hinder personal spiritual growth and development. For those who practice a religious path in addition to the Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine, you may find it convenient to think of this path as a hidden fullness to your religious teachings. Nothing you learn here will ever ask you to give up your religion or the faith of your fathers. Instead, you will be shown ways to use what you have learned from your religion as a springboard into a more profound spirituality than you have known before.


Perhaps one of the hardest lessons to learn on the path of spiritual growth is that of silence! When we learn something important, we find ourselves wanting to share it with everyone we know. We want to share our experiences and excitement.  This is only normal–but it can also be harmful. People who are not ready to receive these teachings may interpret them very negatively. Some will accuse you of following the devil or worse! You may find that your friends cannot respect your new beliefs and treat you differently (there is a reason why these teachings remain hidden from public view!). To withhold information from those who would misunderstand or harm you is not deceitful. No spiritual law requires you to injure yourself by revealing all you know! Quite the opposite. Sometimes, the highest form of respect is to withhold information that would “shake the ant farm” of another.

Let’s say that you have a friend who shares with you that they were baptized last Sunday to wash away all of their sins and claim that they are now justified before God. Perhaps a part of you wants to say, “God created you and sent you on your way to learn how to grow and learn. God never condemned you for the mistakes you have made as you were growing and learning. You did not need saving because you were never lost!”  We say, don’t say any of that! Instead, congratulate your friend for making such an important decision. Encourage them to keep growing on their path. In other words, trust that Source has introduced them to the truth that will help them grow closer to their next important step just as IT has for you!  To conclude, be slow and deliberate about what you share.  Being a bit mysterious is okay. Sharing with someone who is not ready is what the Bible calls, “Casting pearls before swine!”

Slow Versus Speedy

For many, there has been a spiritual hunger that has been building over the lifetimes. When individuals are introduced to the esoteric teachings, they are amazed at how curious they are. As difficult as it may be, we recommend that you go slow.  There is such a thing as spiritual gluttony! That’s when you can’t stop reading one thing after another. The problem is, that when you build something quickly, it comes apart just as quickly. The best buildings require time to build correctly. Speed is not a spiritual virtue. Learn something, then think and reflect upon it.  Don’t rush. Learn a little each day.  If you took the time to learn one new idea each day, you would learn 365 new ideas in a year–and that might be enough to help you ascend to your next level of growth. There is no such thing as rushing spiritual growth–but there is such a thing as being a flash in the pan! Take your time. Study. Reflect. Question. One year from now, if not sooner, those you know and love will notice a remarkable difference for the better in you provided you go slow and steady.

Do Your Homework

In many of your Mystical Foundation lessons, you will be introduced to an inner or outer form of work for you to try out. Take the time to do them–multiple times. These lessons are easy to understand but not necessarily easy to master the first time.  Like biofeedback, the concepts are easy to learn, but more difficult to become proficient–such as controlling your blood pressure. So it is with the inner and outer-forms. As the man once asked the cab driver, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall? The answer was, “Practice! Practice! Practice!” So it is with the inner and outer-forms.


You are embarking upon an exciting journey as you travel The Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine. You will learn many hidden teachings that help you bridge the gap between your physical and spiritual existence. Keeping an open mind and learning to listen with the heart are your greatest allies. Don’t hurry through the lessons. Take time to savor them. Reflect on them. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t understand everything or if you find something disagreeable. Practice the principle of shelving and trust that Source is guiding your teaching. In the meantime, Just read the lessons and do what they say. Results happen as you obey the spiritual laws within the Spiritus Lumine.


  • Columns picture used by permission of creative commons