Metaphysical Foundations

Hello Friend!  I am Brother Thomas, a guide here to help you on your spiritual journey. I welcome all seekers who wish to deepen their ability to commune with the Divine by teaching you about the Mystical Path of Spiritus Lumine.

The purpose of this book and website is to help all souls that have been designated by the Lords of Karma as Candidates for Awakening find the teaching that they need. In this first course, Mystical Foundations, I will share the fundamentals of what you need to know to become an awakened and alert soul. Once this happens you will be allowed to complete the last things you need to do in order to escape the Boot Camp Earth Simulation and move on to the next steps of your training.

This hidden knowledge will help you better understand the life of a mystic and how to recognize and develop your very own language of Spirit communication. These lessons teach you about Source, the Lux Animae, the Spiritus Lumine, and some basic inner and outer forms that help you deepen your connections with Spirit and consciously travel within your light body.