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life mastery

My dearest friends, we continue our discussions designed to lead you from sleep to awareness and from awareness to alertness. This alertness brings you the mastery of life. The mystical life is like receiving a backstage pass to one of the greatest shows in the universe. Instead of taking the standard tour, you go behind the scenes. You have the best seats in the house along with an invitation to stand backstage during certain portions of the live performance. Because you get to meet those who direct the show, you see the well-scripted program with a different set of eyes than the average person. You now understand that everything is happening as it should and is running according to schedule. The show we speak of is “Boot Camp Earth,” your planetary home that is now hosting your learning and development. It is preparing you in the proper use of your God-Powers. Let’s reflect on some of the backstage lessons of life mastery that you should know by now.

All earthly lessons have built-in success and life mastery pathways. Whatever situation arises, all of the tools you need are either in your possession or soon will be.

Life Mastery is not Accidental

My children, the events of your lives are not accidental. You are attending a well-designed show–complete with scripts and plans. The lessons happen precisely as planned. The timing is always perfect. The people, places, things, and events of your life are all components of your specially designed life-lesson. Does this mean that there is no free will? Not exactly.

Life Mastery Involves Free Will

The largest part of your free will component present in your life right now happened before you set foot on earth. Soul, working with your higher self, freely chose the experiences.  It is similar to buying a ticket for an exciting carnival ride. You are free to select whichever adventure you wish; however, once you choose, the ride does its thing until it concludes. You also experience free will as you decide how to respond to your experience. Just like the tests you take in school, your score is pretty much the result of how well you applied your free will. If you study and apply yourself to mastering the material, you will do well.

Life Mastery Requires a Proper Perspective

Spiritual friends, now that you know the higher truth of your existence, it is time to stop complaining about the events of your earthly lives. All is well. All is happening as it should. The question before you is whether or not you are applying your knowledge of spiritual truth and using your mystical gifts to solve the puzzles and lessons before you. Are you facing your experiences in blindness as before; or, do you relying on your spiritual gifting to find the surest path to success?

Mastery: Success Pathways

All earthly lessons have built-in success and mastery pathways. Surprisingly, you are not expected to master all of your experiences.  Just as medical doctors are fully trained in matters of the human body, none are expected to learn all of the subspecialties.  The same is true of earthly experiences. Before we progress on the God-Continuum, we must achieve overall success. Once done, we proceed to the appropriate subspecialty.

A good rule to remember is this, “Whatever situation arises, the tools you need either are in your possession or soon will be. The God-Continuum does not give surprise tests over subjects you don’t know anything about. Sometimes the tools you need for success is a willingness to work or use your mind to solve a problem. Other times, you must ask for help. Still other times, you must rely on your network of friends to find the help you need. When you face a difficult situation, always remember to call your angels, spirits, and guides for help. If you do not believe you have the tools you need, ask your guides to send them.

Life Mastery: Stop Complaining

Mystics should avoid complaining about so-called “no-win” outcomes. Just as some mathematical problems appear unsolvable, with time and training, we learn how to solve them. Even “no-win” lessons have built-in success and mastery components. Even so, it is crucial never to measure success in terms of human-physical or ego satisfaction. For those experiencing a life of deprivation, success has less to do with obtaining wealth and more to do with living a life of light and love in desperate conditions. If one is experiencing blindness, success is not regaining physical sight–it’s living a life of love and light despite the lessons blindness may bring.

Mastery Comes from Knowing the Truth

Knowing the truth about Boot Camp Earth allows us to relax. We leave you with one last thought. If you were to take tennis lessons, you would not expect to win every game just because you took lessons. It is reasonable to believe that with skill and practice, you will soon defeat most all opponents except for those with more experience on the tennis-continuum. The same is correct about Boot Camp Earth. No one fully masters this place; however, it is possible to become proficient and demonstrate an overall mastery. Your guides will teach you everything you need to know in preparation for your future mission.

Take your lessons seriously and know that the teachers on the God-Continuum are doing a great job in leading you toward success. In your meditation time, speak with your teachers each day. Reflect on the lessons set before you. Remember this. For every step towards mastery a human takes, your teachers on the God-Continuum take ten.

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