Polarity: The Quality of Giving and Receiving Energy

Right hand rule for polarity of a solenoid

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas, your guide from the Seventh Ray. As is true of where you live, this ray of the God-Continuum is empowered by Source-Consciousness to bring messages of comfort, knowledge, wisdom, and ascension for those who find us. Our worlds differ in the level of vibratory accomplishment, but it is the same Spiritus Lumine that feeds us all. Today we wish to speak with you about masculine and feminine polarities. So many of your kind believe we are talking about sexual identity or gender when we speak like this–but it is more than that. We are describing the energy of the manifest worlds which contain both centrifugal and centripetal forces. To say it another way, as energy pushes outward, an equal power, similar to gravity, pulls the energy inward. There are spiritual lessons to be learned about these masculine and feminine polarities.

The Masculine Polarity

Spiritually speaking, masculine energies are forward motion energies. They push outward. It is the masculine polarity that causes a spiritual seeker to knock on the door of truth and to search relentlessly for knowledge and power. The ascended masters use these same energies to transmit their wisdom and learning to their students.

This website, Spiritus Lumine, exists to transmit mystical knowledge and wisdom to seekers around the world. Thus this website participates in a positive polarity. The very Light of God, which we call the Spiritus Lumine, has a positive polarity. As we teach in other lessons, Source-Consciousness uses the Lumine to distribute ITs infinite and ineffable qualities to all matter manifested worlds across the dimensions of space and time. The positive polarity forces of Source transmits knowledge, truth, wisdom, and power as an act of love to all of ITs creation.

Downsides: The Masculine Polarity

Interestingly, the positive polarity can be used in ways that are less than beneficial. Humankind mostly uses the positive polarity as a means for gaining fame, fortune, power, and innumerable physical experiences. This often leads to physical success, but it does not lead to liberation or provide the Soul with positive benefits. When humans define their worth in terms of personal profit, gain, ownership of material goods, or personal accomplishments, they subvert the positive polarity. There can be a positive outcome to all of this. If humankind will use the same techniques for seeking spiritual benefit as they do for personal gain, they may quickly discover that Source provides for both needs.

The Feminine Polarity

And now we want to speak about the feminine polarity–the ability to receive energy. We may describe this energy to waves of the ocean which first comes to the beach and then returns to the sea. Similarly, the egg within a female awaits the energy that will activate it and create life. So it is spiritually.

In metaphysical terms, as we open ourselves to receiving knowledge, wisdom, and truth from our spiritual guides, as in study or meditation, we are activating the feminine or negative polarity. My mystical friends pay close attention to the development of your feminine polarity.  Spiritual growth does not occur unless one places themselves in a receptive mode. The willingness to wait expectantly is vitally important. Just as important, one must learn to cultivate a desire of gratefully receiving all wisdom given them.

Polarity: A Cyclical Process

Finally, we want to emphasize that the masculine and feminine polarities of giving and receiving are a cyclical process. No doubt, each person has a preferred polarity. Some teachers enjoy the masculine polarity, but they should be careful to nurture their ability to receive new learning and wisdom. Too much giving can lead one to the temptation of arrogance and reliance upon the ego. Others, who prefer to receive energy, should remember that it is equally important to give back and cultivate masculine energy as well. Energy becomes stagnant if it is not refreshed continuously. The task of a mystic is to learn the importance of trusting and surrendering to source for help in balancing these polarities.

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