Polarity: The Quality of Giving and Receiving Energy

Right hand rule for polarity of a solenoid

My dear friends, this is Broth­er Thomas, your guide from the Sev­enth Ray. As is true of where you live, this ray of the God-Con­tin­u­um is empow­ered by Source-Con­scious­ness to bring mes­sages of com­fort, knowl­edge, wis­dom, and ascen­sion for those who find us. Our worlds dif­fer in the lev­el of vibra­to­ry accom­plish­ment, but it is the same Spir­i­tus Lumine that feeds us all. Today we wish to speak with you about mas­cu­line and fem­i­nine polar­i­ties. So many of your kind believe we are talk­ing about sex­u­al iden­ti­ty or gen­der when we speak like this – but it is more than that. We are describ­ing the ener­gy of the man­i­fest worlds which con­tain both cen­trifu­gal and cen­tripetal forces. To say it anoth­er way, as ener­gy push­es out­ward, an equal pow­er, sim­i­lar to grav­i­ty, pulls the ener­gy inward. There are spir­i­tu­al lessons to be learned about these mas­cu­line and fem­i­nine polar­i­ties.

The Masculine Polarity

Spir­i­tu­al­ly speak­ing, mas­cu­line ener­gies are for­ward motion ener­gies. They push out­ward. It is the mas­cu­line polar­i­ty that caus­es a spir­i­tu­al seek­er to knock on the door of truth and to search relent­less­ly for knowl­edge and pow­er. The ascend­ed mas­ters use these same ener­gies to trans­mit their wis­dom and learn­ing to their stu­dents.

This web­site, Spir­i­tus Lumine, exists to trans­mit mys­ti­cal knowl­edge and wis­dom to seek­ers around the world. Thus this web­site par­tic­i­pates in a pos­i­tive polar­i­ty. The very Light of God, which we call the Spir­i­tus Lumine, has a pos­i­tive polar­i­ty. As we teach in oth­er lessons, Source-Con­scious­ness uses the Lumine to dis­trib­ute ITs infi­nite and inef­fa­ble qual­i­ties to all mat­ter man­i­fest­ed worlds across the dimen­sions of space and time. The pos­i­tive polar­i­ty forces of Source trans­mits knowl­edge, truth, wis­dom, and pow­er as an act of love to all of ITs cre­ation.

Downsides: The Masculine Polarity

Inter­est­ing­ly, the pos­i­tive polar­i­ty can be used in ways that are less than ben­e­fi­cial. Humankind most­ly uses the pos­i­tive polar­i­ty as a means for gain­ing fame, for­tune, pow­er, and innu­mer­able phys­i­cal expe­ri­ences. This often leads to phys­i­cal suc­cess, but it does not lead to lib­er­a­tion or pro­vide the Soul with pos­i­tive ben­e­fits. When humans define their worth in terms of per­son­al prof­it, gain, own­er­ship of mate­r­i­al goods, or per­son­al accom­plish­ments, they sub­vert the pos­i­tive polar­i­ty. There can be a pos­i­tive out­come to all of this. If humankind will use the same tech­niques for seek­ing spir­i­tu­al ben­e­fit as they do for per­son­al gain, they may quick­ly dis­cov­er that Source pro­vides for both needs.

The Feminine Polarity

And now we want to speak about the fem­i­nine polar­i­ty – the abil­i­ty to receive ener­gy. We may describe this ener­gy to waves of the ocean which first comes to the beach and then returns to the sea. Sim­i­lar­ly, the egg with­in a female awaits the ener­gy that will acti­vate it and cre­ate life. So it is spir­i­tu­al­ly.

In meta­phys­i­cal terms, as we open our­selves to receiv­ing knowl­edge, wis­dom, and truth from our spir­i­tu­al guides, as in study or med­i­ta­tion, we are acti­vat­ing the fem­i­nine or neg­a­tive polar­i­ty. My mys­ti­cal friends pay close atten­tion to the devel­op­ment of your fem­i­nine polar­i­ty.  Spir­i­tu­al growth does not occur unless one places them­selves in a recep­tive mode. The will­ing­ness to wait expec­tant­ly is vital­ly impor­tant. Just as impor­tant, one must learn to cul­ti­vate a desire of grate­ful­ly receiv­ing all wis­dom giv­en them.

Polarity: A Cyclical Process

Final­ly, we want to empha­size that the mas­cu­line and fem­i­nine polar­i­ties of giv­ing and receiv­ing are a cycli­cal process. No doubt, each per­son has a pre­ferred polar­i­ty. Some teach­ers enjoy the mas­cu­line polar­i­ty, but they should be care­ful to nur­ture their abil­i­ty to receive new learn­ing and wis­dom. Too much giv­ing can lead one to the temp­ta­tion of arro­gance and reliance upon the ego. Oth­ers, who pre­fer to receive ener­gy, should remem­ber that it is equal­ly impor­tant to give back and cul­ti­vate mas­cu­line ener­gy as well. Ener­gy becomes stag­nant if it is not refreshed con­tin­u­ous­ly. The task of a mys­tic is to learn the impor­tance of trust­ing and sur­ren­der­ing to source for help in bal­anc­ing these polar­i­ties.

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