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Understanding These Truths

My beautiful friends and co-creators, this is Brother Thomas from the Seventh Ray. The three great blessings given to humankind are free will, spiritual sovereignty, and the right of co-creating and manifesting. Those who learn how to properly manage these three precious gifts are set free from the clutches of the Boot Camp Earth simulation. Even though it sounds simple (and it is once you fully understand), it takes many lifetimes to learn the lessons which unlock the formula for your enlightenment and freedom. We believe the time has come, for all who are willing, to master the art of manifesting. This God-given gift is a normal and natural process that we may use to bring what is needed into our lives. In these next few lessons, let us teach you a four-fold process that is based upon proper alignment, useful techniques, persistence, and gratitude.

Manifesting is Normal and Natural

We manifest every day and it is normal and natural to do so. If you earn a paycheck and use the money to buy food for yourself and your family–you are manifesting. Yes, that may seem rather mundane, but it is a form of manifesting. Using your resources to obtain something that you want is just as surely a form of manifesting as using the power of your psychic imagination to will that something come to you. In fact, the most natural way of manifesting is to begin with whatever resources you have available. Remember, the goal is to bring something from the realm of thought to the world of matter.

Do you like your life? We manifest the world about us. There is nothing in this world that you presently experience that you did not co-create.

Brother Thomas

Many of the challenges you face are the result of pre-incarnational contracts. This means that you signed up for a life-lesson that you felt would be necessary for your Soul’s growth. Sometimes when we face hardship, it is difficult to accept that we live in a world of our creation–but it is true nonetheless. There is good news. If you don’t like what you see in your world, you have the power to change it–provided you are willing to use your free will.

Free Will

Let’s say that because you are unhappy with your present job that you’d like a new one. Your willingness to manifest may well depend upon your willingness to exercise your free will. Are you willing to change your field of work? Would you move to a new town or school district were it to disrupt your children’s education? Could you be okay with starting a new career in a different location if it meant your spouse would have to make changes to their career? We ask these questions because oftentimes the Universe brings opportunities that we refuse to accept because we feel chained to present circumstances.

Sometimes it takes courage to exercise free will and at other times even more courage to admit that we might have to temporarily set aside our wishes for what we perceive is a greater good.

Brother Thomas

Having said all of this, we encourage you to be bold and brave. Don’t be afraid to try and change your present life circumstances to make them more to your liking. Remember, co-creation is one of the three amazing gifts the Creator gives to us.

Magic versus Manifesting

Magic, as we use the term, is expecting all of your wants and desires to be fulfilled without any effort on your part. We want to remind you of something we stress from time to time. Your Soul has been intentionally placed in the Boot Camp Earth simulation (BCE). This means it will not be possible to manifest unless you are willing to actively participate. In the BCE, manifesting is a co-creative activity requiring clarity of mind, intention, focus, active participation, and a personal willingness to contribute whatever emotional, mental, and physical energies.

Imagine that you have just given your child an allowance of five dollars. Then imagine you are in a store where your child sees something that it wants. If you are like most parents, you’ll encourage them to use their resources to obtain the item rather than getting it for them. This is because you know the importance of teaching young people how to manage their financial resources. The same is true for us. We must be willing to use whatever resources we have to begin the manifesting process. Now it is very possible that the Universe might find some way to “gift” you something that you want–but most of the time you’ll be required to have some skin in the game.

Before we move on to the next topic, we want to say that everything we have is a gift from the Universe. Even so, we should use our resources wisely.

Sometimes, we will need more resources than we have available and it is perfectly fine for us to ask the Universe for help–as long as we are willing to use the little we have to obtain what we want as well.

Brother Thomas

The Law of Spiritual Aid

One of the most common techniques for manifesting is simple prayer–or calls for help. We want you to know that all prayers and requests for help are answered by the God-Continuum. The answers may not be what we want or expect, but all prayers are answered.

Here is an interesting thing to keep in mind. We are all part of the God-Continuum. If your child wishes to receive a toy for their birthday, do not be surprised if you are the one who allows the manifesting to become reality! Yes, you, or perhaps a grandparent, will most likely obtain the toy for your child. Manifesting is often like that. But we are God’s children too! Our prayers are heard as well.

At the same time, it may be necessary to ask for help from those that know and love you. They too are part of the God-Continuum and sometimes we need to approach others to help us obtain what we need. This is to say that we should always go to others to ask for money. Sometimes we need to ask for ideas, information, tools, or other things to help us on our way.

While you are at it, do not forget the Law of Self-Sufficiency. This law states that the God-Continuum will make certain you have all the tools you need to either succeed or master your present circumstances. The Universe is certainly willing to help you manifest what you need in order to develop your soul.

The Law of Sufficiency

Some people mistakenly believe that they have no resources to meet the problems they face. This is not true. No matter the problem, the Universe provides pathways for success and potential mastery.

As hard as this may be to accept, Source never presents us with problems that have no solution.

Brother Thomas

Often times we may not have the will to solve our problem. For instance, we may have to cut back on our spending so that we might pay our bills. Even though Sources has provided the resources, sometimes we don’t like the success path before us. Again, no matter how difficult a test may seem to our outer consciousness, you will always have what you need to meet the challenges before you. This leads us to another interesting concept that relates to manifesting.

No Pop Quizzes

No one receives a pop quiz over material for which they are unprepared. In every test the means for your success will be available (as long as you remember that metaphysical success is not always the same as worldly-earthly success).

Before your incarnation, your Soul cared very little about those things which mostly relates to earthly success. Its one concern was to choose situations and circumstances which would help it grow and move further along the God-Continuum. Remember, from the viewpoint of Soul, it is very possible that many people who face serious difficulties are considered as outstanding successes!

There is No Lack!

Related to the spiritual Law of Answered Prayer and the Law of Sufficiency, is this metaphysical principle.

There is no such thing as lack, only misunderstandings of abundance. It is impossible to manifest something from nothing. Fortunately for us, there is no such thing as lack.

Brother Thomas

The universe is full, complete, and outrageously abundant. Though it may not seem so to us, there is no lack of anything in the Universe! Our misunderstanding of the Universe blinds us to this principle.

Our job is to channel the universal abundance into our lives. To do so, we follow a simple principle. Use whatever you have available to attract the rest of what you need.

Brother Thomas

Let’s say that you desire a new car. Knowing that like attracts like, we find all of the resources we presently have available to attract the rest. Do you have things you could sell to raise some money? Do you have a small savings that you could direct for the car’s down payment? Could you sell or trade your present car to offset the overall cost? Once we have gathered our resources, we may then depend upon the Universe to help us manifest the rest.

Help is Always Available

Even though we have stressed the importance of doing our part in co-creation, we should never hesitate to call upon our angels, spirits, and guides. They await our prayers and requests. They can help bring to mind the resources you have forgotten. Our helpers are willing to work behind the scenes to bring good things to us as well. As the Master Teacher once said, Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Once you have asked for help, pay attention. Sometimes we completely miss the help that has come our way.

Brother Thomas

When I was a young man, I wanted a Honda Accord. It was newly introduced to the United States and I desperately wanted one even though I could not afford it. I visited all of the dealerships and had given up ever owning one. Then I received a call stating that there was a wrecked Accord that I could have for the money I had available. Because I was concerned about driving a formerly wrecked car, I decided to pass upon the offer.

The point of the story is that I did not realize that my guides were doing their best to help me manifest the car I wanted within the parameters available to me. In those days, I expected my guides to make a miracle happen–such as winning a free car–rather than realizing their help would use more normal channels. So, the moral of the story is this, once you have asked for help, keep your eyes open for the answer to your prayers.

Angels, Spirits, and Guides Work with You

By all means, pray to your angels, spirits, and guides. But remember this truth, they will not do your work, do your manifesting, violate your free will, or violate your contracts. Your guides understand that you are here for the purpose of growing your Soul.

Your heavenly guides fully expect that you will actively participate in the growth process. This includes the manifestation process. Yes, in order to grow, you must become a master of the co-creation process.

Brother Thomas

Never worry though, for every step you are willing to take, your guides will take seven! Even so, you must be willing to back up your prayers for help with personal effort.

Vibrations Matter

Finally, we want to say to all that your vibrations matter! There is a positive relationship between high vibrational living and manifesting. Negative vibrations attract misfortune and additional trouble in your life! It is time to completely eliminate the negativity you carry within your aura.

You may think your occasional negativity is no big thing. We tell you that it blocks the good you are seeking and that it attracts the same kind of negativity you are projecting.

Brother Thomas

For instance, you may have heard that it’s a good idea to write your angry letters and burn them. We say that it is better to reflect upon the good that is in your life so that you might attract enough additional positivity to push out the negativity. Think of it this way. Suppose you are drinking bitter coffee and you wish it to be sweet. Instead of adding additional bitter coffee wouldn’t you add a sweetener? Of course, you would! The same is true of raising your vibration. When troubles come, don’t increase the negativity–find ways to increase the positivity. This new habit may be difficult to develop at first, but it soon becomes your go-to method for advancement along the God-Continuum.

We encourage you to work daily at increasing your positivity and vibrational state. Besides our website, you will find an abundance of ideas and techniques everywhere. Most find that the fastest way to raise one’s personal vibration is by developing a habit of intentional gratitude. We offer this challenge. In one day, see how many times you can express thankfulness and gratitude. Another easy way is to quickly raise your vibration is to develop your ability to show compassion through acts of kindness and service. These two methods lay the necessary roadbed necessary for your successful manifesting.

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