Lux Animae — Your Soul Complex

Lux Animae

Even though we speak of hav­ing a body, we know that we are speak­ing of a com­plex of many things such as skin, bones, organs and the like. The same is true about the soul – your spir­i­tu­al body.  It too is a uni­fi­ca­tion of many things and housed in a sin­gle com­plex called the Lux Ani­mae.

The Lux Animae is Your Soul Complex

In today’s cul­ture, it is com­mon to hear peo­ple speak about their soul.  When you ask what is meant by the term “Soul,”  it is hard to receive a def­i­nite answer.  We would like to clear this up for you in this post.  Though we speak of the soul as a sin­gle enti­ty, we should think of it more like we do when we talk of a human body. Our bod­ies are com­posed of many sys­tems and ele­ments. The same is true about souls.  Souls are spir­i­tu­al bod­ies which house any num­ber of crit­i­cal ener­getic forces. This uni­fied com­plex is what we call the Lux Ani­mae – or the light body.

Major Parts of the Lux Animae

As men­tioned ear­li­er, the Lux Ani­mae, is a cap­sule or hous­ing com­plex for the com­po­nents nec­es­sary for soul’s exis­tence.  For the implant­ed divine spark to oper­ate effec­tive­ly, it needs a spe­cial set of tools. To great­ly sim­pli­fy, there are five sig­nif­i­cant areas with­in the Lux Ani­mae.

  1. The orig­i­nal spark from Source. This speck from the infi­nite is like light in a bot­tle. When Source cre­ates a soul, IT sets aside a part of ITs infi­nite self to serve a spe­cial pur­pose.
  2. The con­nec­tion to the Spir­i­tus Lumine. The Lumine is the way Source dis­trib­utes its infi­nite, inef­fa­ble qual­i­ties across all uni­vers­es and dimen­sions of time and space.
  3. Your soul pur­pose. In the great vast­ness where Source resides, there are no space, time, mat­ter, or dimen­sions of any kind. There is only Source Con­scious­ness.  As this Con­scious-Aware­ness thinks and dreams, it sets aside some of ITs vast­ness for the pur­pose of explor­ing that inter­est. No two pur­pos­es are alike. This pur­pose becomes the DNA or blue­print for the soon to be cre­at­ed soul.
  4. Your high­er-self. The high­er self is an ener­getic force of aware­ness that springs from the spark of Source. It is giv­en free will to trav­el the uni­verse and to car­ry out its Source giv­en pur­pose. At cre­ation, it is most­ly a blank slate. For­ward from this time, the High­er-Self con­tin­u­al­ly grows in knowl­edge, wis­dom, and abil­i­ty to car­ry out the Source Mis­sion suc­cess­ful­ly.
  5. Your Akashic Mem­o­ries. These should not be con­fused with oth­er Akashic records, solar records and the like. These records are like the black box­es in air­lines that record all flight data. The akashic mem­o­ries car­ry all mem­o­ries of the High­er-Self as it jour­neys through infin­i­ty. Many of these records are released, as the high­er-self deems nec­es­sary, to the men­tal planes of phys­i­cal aware­ness when an incar­na­tion is in progress.

The Lux Ani­mae has oth­er aspects that we should speak of as well. For instance, the Ani­mae receives ener­gies via the Spir­i­tus Lumine, which in turn, dis­trib­utes these ener­gies to the phys­i­cal body via the sil­ver cord. You might think of this cord as a data mul­ti­plex­ing device that sends ener­getic cur­rents back and forth from the Lux Ani­mae to the phys­i­cal body and vice-ver­sa. Final­ly, as a com­plex, the Lux Ani­mae is a vehi­cle that allows you to remote­ly trav­el and com­mu­ni­cate in oth­er dimen­sions.

The Lux Animae Adapts Itself with Bodies

When you incar­nate, say on a plan­et like earth, you will need a space suit or device which steps down the high­er ener­getic vibra­tions of the soul so that you may walk upon the earth. That is what the human body does. Like the movie Avatar, Your soul adds a “body device” to its Lux – much like a tool that is snapped on to an exist­ing tool to give it greater func­tion­al­i­ty. The Lux Ani­mae does not send its entire ener­getic forces to the body – but a sig­nif­i­cant per­cent­age to pow­er the body and pro­vide it with self-aware­ness. The Lux also can attach to more than one phys­i­cal vehi­cle at the same time – even in dif­fer­ent dimen­sions!

Read more about the Lux Ani­mae in this lessons we have pre­pared on the sub­ject.

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