Lux Animae – Your Soul Complex

Lux Animae

Even though we speak of having a body, we know that we are speaking of a complex of many things such as skin, bones, organs and the like. The same is true about the soul–your spiritual body.  It too is a unification of many things and housed in a single complex called the Lux Animae.

The Lux Animae is Your Soul Complex

In today’s culture, it is common to hear people speak about their soul.  When you ask what is meant by the term “Soul,”  it is hard to receive a definite answer.  We would like to clear this up for you in this post.  Though we speak of the soul as a single entity, we should think of it more like we do when we talk of a human body. Our bodies are composed of many systems and elements. The same is true about souls.  Souls are spiritual bodies which house any number of critical energetic forces. This unified complex is what we call the Lux Animae–or the light body.

Major Parts of the Lux Animae

As mentioned earlier, the Lux Animae, is a capsule or housing complex for the components necessary for soul’s existence.  For the implanted divine spark to operate effectively, it needs a special set of tools. To greatly simplify, there are five significant areas within the Lux Animae.

  1. The original spark from Source. This speck from the infinite is like light in a bottle. When Source creates a soul, IT sets aside a part of ITs infinite self to serve a special purpose.
  2. The connection to the Spiritus Lumine. The Lumine is the way Source distributes its infinite, ineffable qualities across all universes and dimensions of time and space.
  3. Your soul purpose. In the great vastness where Source resides, there are no space, time, matter, or dimensions of any kind. There is only Source Consciousness.  As this Conscious-Awareness thinks and dreams, it sets aside some of ITs vastness for the purpose of exploring that interest. No two purposes are alike. This purpose becomes the DNA or blueprint for the soon to be created soul.
  4. Your higher-self. The higher self is an energetic force of awareness that springs from the spark of Source. It is given free will to travel the universe and to carry out its Source given purpose. At creation, it is mostly a blank slate. Forward from this time, the Higher-Self continually grows in knowledge, wisdom, and ability to carry out the Source Mission successfully.
  5. Your Akashic Memories. These should not be confused with other Akashic records, solar records and the like. These records are like the black boxes in airlines that record all flight data. The akashic memories carry all memories of the Higher-Self as it journeys through infinity. Many of these records are released, as the higher-self deems necessary, to the mental planes of physical awareness when an incarnation is in progress.

The Lux Animae has other aspects that we should speak of as well. For instance, the Animae receives energies via the Spiritus Lumine, which in turn, distributes these energies to the physical body via the silver cord. You might think of this cord as a data multiplexing device that sends energetic currents back and forth from the Lux Animae to the physical body and vice-versa. Finally, as a complex, the Lux Animae is a vehicle that allows you to remotely travel and communicate in other dimensions.

The Lux Animae Adapts Itself with Bodies

When you incarnate, say on a planet like earth, you will need a space suit or device which steps down the higher energetic vibrations of the soul so that you may walk upon the earth. That is what the human body does. Like the movie Avatar, Your soul adds a “body device” to its Lux–much like a tool that is snapped on to an existing tool to give it greater functionality. The Lux Animae does not send its entire energetic forces to the body–but a significant percentage to power the body and provide it with self-awareness. The Lux also can attach to more than one physical vehicle at the same time–even in different dimensions!

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