Listen Like a Lightworker

One of the steps required of all initiates and lightworkers desiring freedom from the constraints of the third-dimension is the ability to perceive the truth of people, places, and things that are not immediately perceptible to most people. The development of this skill or sensitivity is often called many things such as second sight, psychic power, empathic ability, clairvoyance, and the like. In truth, these amazing powers are all born of something even more fundamental, the ability to listen.

Shutting Out

The ordinary definition of listening is described as paying attention to the physical stimuli our ears are hearing. But what we sometimes don’t consider is the fact that of necessity, we must shut out most of what we are hearing. Our ears never sleep and they perceive stimuli 24/7. We are not capable of paying full attention to each and every sound crossing the threshold of our eardrums lest we go mad. Instead, we train ourselves to tune out most of what we hear and screen for only those things that seem most important to us. In other words, we train ourselves not to pay attention instead of consciously listening. While shutting out most of the sounds about us is a necessary thing, there is a downside to it all. We become less perceptive overall. Worse, we generalize that much of what people are saying and doing is not important.

Different Environments, Different Attentions

Not so long ago, when most of humankind lived closer to the outdoors, more attention was given to the sounds of birds, the calls of wild animals, the rustling of leaves, and the sound of running waters. We knew that these and other sounds would help us find food and avoid danger. Today, in our artificial settings, the survival skills of a city do not require us to pay close attention to the sounds of nature. In fact, most city folks have entirely forgotten how to listen to the larger environment. Since we no longer fear the dangers of bears, snakes, or predatory animals, we live as though nature beyond our cities does not exist. The fact that most of humankind no longer need to pay attention to the sounds of nature has no doubt dulled us as a species. Many of us have become oblivious to nature and, as a species, our general appreciation and willingness to care for the global environment is placing our planet in peril.

At the same time, a new and counterfeit nature has emerged and most of us choose to live within it. It is an environment where the purveyors of electronic and digital media of this modern age compete for our hearing and attention. They bombard us with thousands of advertisements, programs, musical sounds, and other noises hoping to obtain our precious attention. This fuss for our consciousness is usually aimed at selling us material goods or ideas that in fact, only benefit a few of us. Humankind is rapidly learning that we live in an age with lots of noise that says nothing of substance. This means that we must tune out the large majority of what we hear which leads to a generalized unwillingness to listen to almost anyone or anything at all. The lack of messages that are valuable and worthy of our conscious attention is leading to shorter attention spans and an erosion of our critical thinking skills. In short, we have stopped paying attention.

More Careful Attention

Even before this age of emerging artificial intelligence and constant bombardment of insane and pointless commercial messages, there have been those who knew how to listen more carefully than others. These wise and compassionate people not only listened with their ears, but with their eyes, intellect, and inner knowing. You see, listening isn’t as much about hearing what people are saying as hearing what’s behind what they are saying.

Listen with the Eyes

The eyes are windows into the soul and it is the first step towards developing second sight. As we hear what people are saying, we should notice their eyes, the way they carry their body, and the tone of voice that is being used. We should notice any nonverbal reactions that offset or agree with what is being said. Even though you may not be able to consciously pinpoint certain physical reactions, your body will comprehend what is before it long before reason forms in your consciousness. Your body will send you a feeling slightly before you perceive the actual words that are being delivered. When body language contradicts what is being said, believe what their body language says–even if it directly contradicts. Listening with the eyes can tell us much more information than words alone.

Listen for the Thing Behind the Thing

Behind everything that is said, there is a reason or emotion propelling what is being said. Is someone trying to persuade you of something? Are they trying to convince you? Are they showing anger, despair, love? If you will focus your attention and hearing upon the person before you, your body will send you a physical message for your interpretation. Does the person before you seek, reassurance, respect, or love? Notice the emotion you perceive as you look at the person before you. This too is a sophisticated form of listening.

Notice the Quality of Light Before You

As people speak to you, there is a quality of light or vibration that you can learn to discern. This is listening with spiritual insight. Your soul, can instantly recognize Divine light. As the person speaks, do that do so with love and respect? Do they speak with gentleness and ease? If so, this is a higher quality of light than if they speak with curses, disgust, judgment, or belittling. A way to listen with spiritual insight is to notice the degree that one speaks with love, respect, courtesy, patience, and so forth. A lesser vibration may speak braggingly or boast about doing something that is of lesser vibration. Does the speech come from power or love? Does it seek to control people, places, or things, or does it encourage you to act as the Spiritual Sovereign you are?

Listening for Spiritual Guidance

We especially want to pay attention to any messages coming from another person that jump out at us. This is a sign from spirit that we are receiving spiritual guidance through the words of the person before us. They may not even know that what they are saying resonates with us. For instance, if you have been concerned about taking another job, it may well be that a person you hardly know begins speaking about the place you are thinking about. When messages jump out to us, that is our sign that we are to listen spiritually.

Sometimes, we will get very distinctive messages about someone as we listen to them. Our guides will give us impressions and images that help us understand the other more deeply. If we are willing to use these impressions for good and to help another, our spiritual guides will send more and more of these impressions. Normally, we will not receive these messages unless we ask to receive them with a pure heart and conscious. If we want to use this information with wisdom to help people, our guides will make it so.

Listening While We Are Away

We do not always have to be in front of a person in order to listen to them. Strange though it may sound, in our time alone we may call upon our angels, spirits, and guides to tell us what we need to know about people, places, and things. If we are willing to sit quietly with our question, our guides will surely provide us with the wisdom we seek.

A simple way to seek this guidance is to set some time aside to be alone. Next, we sit with our eyes closed and take several deep breaths. In your mind take some time to attune yourself with your guides. An easy way to do this is by expressing gratitude for the good things that have happened to you and by reciting “Thy light is my light” over and over again. Once you feel your body relaxed, bring the person, place, or thing before your mind and ask your guides to tell you what you need to know. Do your best to watch and wait with objectivity. You want to know what your guides think–not what you hope they think. Before long, your mind will travel to a short dream, or a physical sensation, or you will become aware of an emotion. You might even begin remembering a conversation or story someone has told you. Whatever happens, you should consider this your message to reflect upon. There will be a sense of knowing and clarity once you understand the message.

Listen in the Silence

The most important information you will ever get are things that come to you as you listen in silence. In this digital age, we hear many messages and find little wisdom. The mental chatter that assails us from all sides develops a certain shallowness in people. Because we learn many different things we never stop to consider that we have not developed a depth of knowledge. In order to reset and rest our soul, we must set aside time to sit in stillness and listen to our angels, spirits, and guides. They are always nearby. Our intention to be silent and listen signals our guides that we are ready to hear what they have to say.

Listening Develops over Time

Our ability to perceive messages beyond the kin of the senses is an accumulated skill. As we learn to listen with eyes, mind, soul, and spirit, we will one day find that we have developed a keen sense of the Divine being that is before us in the form of people. We will then know what we must do to help them and we will find that our own path is much clearer as well.