Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a BottleOne day you will know who you really are and the pain, misery, and anxiety in your life will fall into place and disappear! Why not today? You are not the person with all the apparent problems and drama–the one who believes their experience would be vastly different if they could but release the spirit bottled up inside. That hidden longing is none other than the Divine trying to let you know that the Lightning in a Bottle–is your true identity!  Your body is a vessel for the Divine Light so that it may carry out ITs mission. YOU, not the human you–but the Light of God YOU–are kingly, queenly, knightly. Nothing is beyond you. You are Source-Consciousness ITself! Have you awakened to this fact? The only difference between an awakened and unawakened person is this–the awakened person knows who they are and acts upon it. They believe it so much that it impacts everything in their life.

Imagine this. You are flying coach on a long trip when the flight attendant informs you that you have been upgraded to first class. Sure, you could continue to fly coach–but that’s no longer necessary now. You have a better ticket!  This is the truth about your journey. You may accept your upgrade anytime you are ready. If you really believe this, you could grant forgiveness, end the drama, stop the pettiness in your life. When you are ready to upgrade, you will stop paying attention to anything that does not honor your soul–the lightning in the bottle.

Learn to use the Lightning in the Bottle

You are like young Luke Skywalker in the Starwars movies. In the beginning, he discovers that he has the power of the Force within him, but he doesn’t know how to use it? Remember the line, “The force is strong in that one!” Luke needed to learn how to use and trust this Force so that he might liberate his people. This story, like all great stories, is truer than true! It is more than a story. Luke represents you! You have the Force and now it is time for you to make it a part of your conscious life so that you might liberate yourself and others.

The Human is not the Lightning in the Bottle

You are as Gods–but your human will never know it. That’s okay, we don’t need the human part of you to agree that this is so. When YOU are ready, the human will be set aside, not in physical death, but sublimated for the real YOU to use. The human consciousness combined with the Lux Animae, completes the circuit.  When this happens, a powerful grounded mystical being now walks upon the earth! To walk upon the earth in power is what you have come to do.

Source-Consciousness is the Lightning in the Bottle

You are Source-Consciousness using a physical form, with all of its advantages and limitations, to pursue something that the Vastness thought so necessary that IT took a part of it Infinite-Self–ITs very own light–to place within a Lux Animae. When that happened, IT/YOU began a missional journey with the very characteristics of Source at your call. The journey begins simply. Tell your angels, spirits, and guides that you are awakened to your true self and wish to set aside your human limitations. You may begin your journey with something as simple as smiling at everyone you meet.  Never underestimate the power of letting light shine through something as simple as a smile or hug! The greater part of Source, beyond the Lightning in the Bottle you carry, always knows when it is time to move someone to the next step of their work. Only three things are necessary. You must be awakened, you must be willing to work, and you must be ready. Source will do the rest!

Mystics Embrace our Lightning in the Bottle

This is the life of a mystic. We study the Force. We study Source. We love our true identity–the Lightning in the Bottle! We drop, for good, the identification of being human with all of the pettiness and drama that goes with this. Oh yes, we readily admit that we have a physical body–and we admit the limitations as well. But we are different now. As Source-Consciosness, we now understand that we chose this body, these experiences, and all that goes with being on this plane, as a vital part of our training in learning how to use the Force. The body is for US to use–not the other way around.

Are you ready to Identify as the Lightning in the Bottle?

All that is required is that you love your Soul. The moment you fully accept who you are–and love it completely–is the moment the lesser-self, the human being you are wearing, is placed in its appropriate hierarchy of supporting your soul light. Enjoy using your human body–but love being YOU. And now that you know who you really are–set aside all of those petty human quarrels. Since YOU, created all of this, YOU are fully capable of expanding your view to the level of the cosmos as all things fall into their proper place.

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