Life 101: When Bad Things Happen to Good People

My dear friends, of all the questions people on the path, have, one of the most serious ones they raise is this, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” “After all,” they say, “If God is supposedly good, why does he allow the nasty stuff that is constantly going on around us?” We want you to know it is perfectly good to ask questions such as these about the role of evil, God, and humankind. No person ever raised their vibration by pretending that evil doesn’t exist or by ignoring or refusing to ask the hard questions. We do not want to be as some who deny the very existence of evil in the third dimension.

Though it is true in an ultimate sense that all of what you experience is an illusion that will be revealed to you in time, it is also true that pain and suffering exist in the worlds of matter. It will take much spiritual growth and development for you to see beyond the events and happenings around you. Even your most spiritual can feel the weariness of the collective karma that pervades your planet. We want you to know that despite what you see, there is a larger meaning to your life and world that is crystal clear to those who can glimpse the worlds beyond our five senses. These upper worlds have not abandoned us–nor will they ever. Even so, they will allow each of us the right to develop our soul so that our future work with the Creator becomes a reality. The will of the Divine is at work in you at this very moment to develop and shaper your soul so that you become a fit tool for Its work.

We Own Most of This

The grace of God notwithstanding, most of the pain suffered by humankind is self-inflicted, and the blessings we receive are self-bestowed! I want to say that again. Most of our pain is self-inflicted and most of our blessings are self-bestowed. The first step in getting better, whether it be our health, our addictions, or our problems is to take responsibility for our part in all of this and then determine that we shall make corrections and do better.

Let’s be honest; we have a role in everything that happens to us. I love to sleep, relax, and play. But if that’s all I do with my life, there will be consequences. If I overindulge in food or drink, there are consequences for those behaviors as well. The same is true of good things. If I work hard, get an education, and save my money, I vastly increase my chances of success later on, though nothing is guaranteed.

It is also helpful to admit that our best thinking is not always “right thinking.” In recovery circles, there’s an old saying, “My best thinking is what got me here today.” No matter who you are, all of us have any number of flawed thoughts and thinking. We will certainly reap the consequences of these flawed thoughts in due time, even when we meant no malice or harm. We always reap what we sow, for that is the spiritual law of karma.

The World of Probabilities

The race does not always go to the strong, but that is the way to bet! This is another way of saying that we live in a universe of probabilities. Just because you take care of yourself doesn’t mean you won’t get sick. But if you don’t take care of yourself, you greatly increase the odds of ruining your health. Just because you get a college degree doesn’t mean you’ll always get the job you want, but it does increase your chances.

We may not always enjoy the fact that we live in a probabilistic world, but the sooner we accept this natural law of the third-dimension, the happier we can be. If we are more mindful of the laws we can use them to our advantage to co-create what we want.

Earth is a Venue

As you think about the questions of life, It is helpful to think of this Earth as a venue. Venues are places you go to or rent to make things happen. For instance, we greatly enjoy going to theater productions, roller coaster parks, the ocean, mountains, nature trails, and the like. These are beautiful venues. Recently, we rented several sites for our son’s wedding. We needed a place for the rehearsal dinner, a church for the wedding, and another location for the reception afterward. We were so grateful to find venues dedicated to providing quality experiences for our son’s wedding. The same is true of Earth. Despite all the things happening here, the Earth is a lovely place. It is filled with nature, beauty, and wonder. It is a feast for the eyes, a laboratory for the sciences, and an excellent venue to live, work, play, and eventually die.

Before you were born, there were any number of venues available for you to choose from. There were planets, countries, families, locations, spouses, and career paths for you to choose from. Whether you remember it or not, you and your event planners carefully chose a lifetime of experiences and the venues most likely to make them happen. But there is something you need to remember. Though these events were carefully chosen before your arrival, it is up to you to decide how well you will enjoy them.

As an illustration, let’s say you take a vacation to beautiful Hawaii! When you arrive you will see the beautiful surf, ocean, beaches, hotels, and hundreds of wonderful things to do. No matter how much money you spend, only you can decide if you will allow yourself to enjoy it. If you allow yourself to become angry, you could very well miss out on a great vacation experience. If you judge, blame, criticize everything that happens to you, it will be your fault that you don’t experience the wonderful things before you in Hawaii. The question for you is this, are you willing to do your part to enjoy this wonderful earthly venue–or are you expecting everyone else to do this for you?

The Trials that Come

Yes, you will have trials. We have a hard time convincing you sometimes that one of the reasons you are here is because you needed a place to experience trials in order to develop your soul. Just as you often receive homework from school, the dimensions beyond Earth, send you here to do homework designed to grow your soul. You live in an experiential laboratory.

As an illustration, I once studied karate. I learned all kinds of kicks, punches, and tactical self-defensive maneuvers. For the most part, it was great fun and very educational. One night, I was required to fight five people at once. Just so you’ll know, unlike the movies you see in theaters, most people are going to suffer any number of painful kicks and punches when they participate in a five against one fight. I certainly did. Yet, that was the point of this training. I needed to experience difficult situations so that I might prepare myself for potential problems later on. So it is with the training for your soul. You are participating in experiences designed to grow your soul.

Appearances are Deceiving

Sadly, a friend of mine discovered he had cancer. Part of his treatment was destroying his bone marrow and then replacing it with rich stem cells. Naturally, it was a difficult time for him. Though the process and my friend looked terrible, it was a good thing for him in the end. And that’s the point. Many of the things we see as bad today will be seen differently tomorrow. Most people I know that have experienced trials and difficulties will tell you much later that they could not have grown had these events not happened to them. We must be honest. In our limited three-dimensional form, none of us can tell whether something that appears good today will be good for us tomorrow and vice-versa.

Since appearances are deceiving, why not adopt a different attitude? The attitude we suggest is the affirmation, “All things work together for good for me.” Another affirmation, “All things are in Divine order” is another worthy statement to say again and again.

All Things Pass

When seemingly bad things happen, it is good to remember that “This too, shall pass.” As a lifelong college professor, I have had students who have taken their lives. To them, their problems were insurmountable. From my viewpoint of age and experience, their problems could have been resolved with time, attention, and dedication. When we feel overwhelmed, we must remember that nothing lasts forever. In time, all situations change and problems relent. Learning to deal with problems is part of the life journey and part of that is developing the proper attitudes and patience necessary to overcome.

We want to remind you of a spiritual law. You have all the things you need to succeed in tests and trials. Whatever happens to you, a way of success has been provided. This does not mean that we always win, it just means that a way of success is there–even if only to accept defeat gracefully. Another spiritual law says that you will receive no test you are not prepared to take. God does not throw you in the lake and tell you to swim without first giving you the swimming lessons you need. So it is with life. When difficulties come, pause and take a moment to remember what you know. Face the difficulty as best you can. You will see that you are able.


A helpful spiritual approach is to remember that there is a difference or gap between our understanding of God and nature and the Divine. The further the gap, the more pain and suffering we experience. This gap is not because we are evil or reaping some terrible punishment, it is because our understanding of what is happening to us is out of alignment. The more our understanding is aligned with the Divine, the less pain we have. And even when we experience difficulties, we have an understanding that helps us bear it. I call these gaps of alignment corrections. The more we are able to correct our thinking, the less pain we experience. It is really that simple.

As an example, years ago I experienced a painful divorce. It was not something I wanted; yet I could not stop it. I suffered greatly. Today, I chose to view this event differently–through the lens of Divine order. Nothing happened that wasn’t supposed to happen and it was all for my good. This did not happen overnight and it was hard for me to arrive at this view–but I do believe it is true. I have a good life today, and my spiritual knowledge and understanding has shown me things today that I did not know them. This was a correction that needed to take place in my life. At the time, there was a gap between my understanding and the Divine plan. After years of suffering and regret, I have come to understand that pain is the sign of a correction that either needs to take place or is taking place. The particular correction won’t last forever–though new lessons and corrections are always coming our way.

It’s All For The Good

As we conclude with this discourse today, I would like to leave you with this one thought. No matter how things might seem, “It’s all for the good and everything is going to be okay.” Everything is working, or soon will work, as it should in your life–even when our eyes and hearts say differently. Our loving Creator is nothing like we human beings. The creator is not filled with rage, anger, and attitudes of getting-even. The creator never punishes and only seeks your good. Though you may interpret what is happening to you as a negative event, if you will try and look at your circumstances in a different way, you will see that it is your perception of events that make it this way. I know this is a difficult thing to ask–to only see good in the creator’s ways. But for those that do, the gap between our human ways and the Divine ways begin to close.

For those who have suffered some unspeakable harm, or have been victimized, we do not deny your pain is real or that your suffering is wrong. We are only saying that behind the five senses in which you inhabit now there is a greater plan for good that will be made known to you in time. Humans do insensitive things and cause irreparable harm to one another. Even as those things are not your fault, it is also not the fault of the Creator.

One day, the souls of all humankind will unite once again into the great Ocean of Love and Mercy. Every tear shall be wiped away and every joy restored. Our suffering here will be as forgotten as we often do our worst nightmares. The training of our souls will be complete and we will advance to our new work on the God-Continuum. Some of us will continue to help creatures of the third-dimensions and others of us will do every conceivable thing that only a God can do. Until that time, let us be lightworkers who advance the work of our souls in such a way that the horrors we see upon this earth are lessened to nothing and the Spiritus Lumine, the grand Light of God, is the reality of all.


Image used by permission of Creative Commons