Let’s Rethink Karma

Soul Contracts impact our destiny more than karma.

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas. So many times the word karma is used to describe what happens when someone receives a punishment we think they deserve. We want you to know that is not the intention of this wonderful law. As a concept, karma is actually a universal principle of manifesting. It’s the fuel which helps one reap the results of the hard work you do upon the earth. It is similar to earning a diploma–a reward for study and hard work. What is truer is that each of you has a soul contract shaping your earthly lessons and destiny. There is always a soul contract behind karma.

Trials are not punishment for earthly misdeeds, they are only the life lesson situations you said you wanted before your incarnation to help your soul learn and grow.

Brother Thomas

Soul Contracts not Karma

Karma is often thought of as the law of reaping and sowing. Left out of this equation is that karma cannot occur without a soul contract. These are the predestined agreements made by soul that dictate its earthly actions. For instance, many criminals are caught and punished–and we may call the punishment karma. But it also a fact that many other criminals are never caught or punished. The difference for each is the soul contract–or predestined agreement. Let us examine this concept through a fictional soul we shall call Melc.

The Gathering Place

The young soul Melc received a call to come to the gathering place of the elders. It was exciting to know that it would soon travel to planet earth. (We say “it” because there is no real gender on the other side.) Melc has visited several times before and wishes to experience a new incarnation. Melc knows much about Earth, its people, and its customs. The elders regularly chose earth as one of the best places in the worlds of matter for advancing a soul’s character through practical experiences. Earth has a reputation for being hard yet rewarding!

The elders huddle around several three-dimensional viewing screens–each hanging in mid-air by some invisible means. These master souls have long since conquered any problems one might experience upon an earthly journey. They are reviewing three potential scenarios for Melc’s approval. No one is forced to accept a scenario; but, most trust the elder’s recommendations. Each viewscreen features a lifelike human form that, if agreed upon, would serve as Melc’s body template. The elders bid Melc draw near. As the young soul does so, it immediately feels the excitement, concern, and deep love emanating from each of the ascended entities.

“Young soul,” the senior elder said, “The time of your departure is at hand. We have carefully prepared a journey based upon the optimum planetary alignments and lessons you are ready to learn. Your lesson in this incarnation is to experience what it means to live a life that is dependent upon the compassion of others. If you are successful, not only will you learn how to become a grateful receiver of compassion, but you will also serve as an example to many others on Earth who need inspiration and hope.”

Potential Life Scenarios

The first scenario would place Melc’s young soul in the body of a male in California. After a period of time, Melc would join the Army and become extensively wounded–making it impossible for him to hold full-time employment from that time forward. In the second scenario, Melc would assume the life of a young woman in India who would be born with a birth defect–making her less a desirable marriage partner. Melc’s third potential life choice would be to live a short life as a beggar in South America. It would be a hard life–but a short one.

In all of the scenarios, Melc would have loving families and relatives who would show love and compassion. This caring would off-set their needed lessons to show compassion to others in trying situations. At the same time, Melc would need to learn how to build a self-sustaining life despite the hardships.

Situational Growth – Not Karma

Melc ponders which scenario to choose as one of the Elders remind him that the situations these beings will face are life situations required of all who incarnate in the worlds of matter. None of the events are karmic punishment.

We Chose our Lessons

Melc chooses the path of the wounded veteran. The young soul knows that it will be a hard journey living a life of physical limitations. At the same time, Melc knows that its soul will have the perfect experience in which to grow in love and compassion. As Melc studies the human form he will inhabit, he exclaims, This body will be perfect for the lesson I need to learn! The elders nod in agreement and motion Melc towards a chamber that will prepare it for the journey to earth.

Blank Slating

As the young soul enters the chamber, an attendant skillfully separates a portion of Melc’s energy to inhabit the human form while allowing the majority of it to remain behind to serve as a faithful guide–or Melc’s higher self. Once the process is complete, the attendant skillfully attaches the energetic life force to a young baby boy that is presently being formed by a young woman in California. The baby’s energetic awareness remains in contact with its higher self for the next two years–though it will not have full recall. After that time, the young soul fuses entirely with the newly constructed body.


The baby boy is born and Melc is given the name of James Johnson Young by the young couple. From this point forward, James will experience a normal childhood–with the exception that many of the major events that shape his life will cause him to seek a military career.

The Lessons Begin in Earnest

Because James father was a military man, as was his grandfather Johnson, James decides to join the military shortly after his high school graduation. It is not long before James begins serving his country in one of its many theaters of war. James advances to the rank of Sargent and serves the army with distinction.

One day, a truck that James is driving is shelled by the enemy–killing many of James friends and seriously injuring him. He is now a wounded veteran with severe physical and mental limitations. From this point forward, Jame will need help from his family, friends, and society in order to regain enough function to care for himself once more. It will be a great challenge for the once vigorous young soldier to accept help and care from others.

The Earthly Lesson isn’t the Real Lesson

While in his earthly form, Sargent Young may well question his life decisions. He may wonder if his wounds were the result of karma because of the fact that he killed many of his country’s enemies in combat. This would not be true. James might wonder if his condition were caused because as punishment for being less than a perfect human being while serving in the military. Again, this would not be the case. James is not suffering any karmic penalty at all–he’s fully enrolled in the life lesson Melc planned for him.

Sgt. James Johnson Young may think he brought all of this upon himself because he joined the Army–and that is partially true in an earthly sense. But it is also true that James’ higher-self, which we know as Melc, determined that he should learn the lessons of how one successfully receives help and compassion from others.

Heaven’s Perspective

At the appropriate time, James Johnson Young passed. There were many at his funeral who remarked that James is finally at rest. Some felt sorry for the hard life James endured. Still, others saw Sgt. Young’s life as a tragic reminder about the futility of war. Probably most attendees saw James’ life as tragic in many respects–but this would be a shortsighted earthly perspective where people are expected to produce and accomplish things independently.

On the other side of the earthly veil, the ascended masters and Melc’s soul group roundly applauds the excellent lessons learned by Melc. They congratulate the young soul for the skillful way in which this life was lived. He received high marks for his completed lessons!

In this heavenly realm, Melc will now take some time to carefully review the akashic record of James Johnson Young–to ensure a deeper understanding. The time spent in review will not seem much by heavenly standards; but many years will have passed in earthly time.

Before long, Melc receives a new call from the elders. “I wonder what lesson I’ll learn this time?”

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