The Law of Spiritual Compensation: What Are You Willing to Give Up?

Spiritual Compensation

My dear friends of the light, this is Broth­er Thomas – your friend and guide from the Sev­enth Ray.  Today I want to bring a ques­tion before you that deter­mines your will­ing­ness to grow spir­i­tu­al­ly and ascend to even greater heights on the God-Con­tin­u­um.  The ques­tion we pose is this, What are you will­ing to give up? We men­tion this to you because spir­i­tu­al growth and pow­er is the nat­ur­al out­come for those who cor­rect­ly under­stand the Law of Spir­i­tu­al Com­pen­sa­tion.

The Law of Spir­i­tu­al Com­pen­sa­tion says that to get some­where spir­i­tu­al­ly, a mys­tic must not only give some­thing in return, they must also give up what they do not need.

Spiritual Compensation: First Steps

Spir­i­tu­al Com­pen­sa­tion is an easy mat­ter in the first stages of the mys­ti­cal path. As one begins the jour­ney of the mys­ti­cal path, infor­ma­tion that was once hid­den comes before the new mys­tic. It is rather easy to dis­card once fool­ish atti­tudes and behav­iors as answers to long­stand­ing ques­tions of life and liv­ing fall  into place. The Soul begins a rapid advance­ment as the mys­tic beholds life with new eyes and com­pre­hen­sion. A new path­way of com­muning with angels, spir­its, guides, unseen forces, and the Divine Con­scious­ness nat­u­ral­ly emerges.

Spring­time-like growth occurs quick­ly in these ear­ly stages as the mys­tic responds to their new found knowl­edge.  All of this is a part of the Divine plan to unite the High­er-Self with the Spark of the Divine found with­in the Lux Ani­mae (one’s unique Soul body).  Spir­i­tu­al Growth con­tin­ues until a plateau is reached. The rea­son the plateau is reached is because the easy work of dis­card­ing old habits and ideas has passed. Now one must begin to work on the fin­er points.

Spiritual Compensation: The Spiritual Plateau

A spir­i­tu­al plateau is a mar­velous place to camp out. The scenery dif­fer­ent here. Life makes more sense. The pur­pose of earth and our being here is now under­stood. Our vista is much more mag­nif­i­cent than the ordi­nary peo­ple around us and many gain the begin­nings of spir­i­tu­al gift­ings such as height­ened intu­ition, the abil­i­ty to under­stand dreams, the abil­i­ty to soul trav­el, heal­ing, pre­cog­ni­tion, and the like.  As beau­ti­ful as these gifts are, there is more.  This is only a plateau we are meant to stay for a  lim­it­ed amount of time. We should not think we have arrived! Truth­ful­ly, the only rea­son we abide on this plateau at all is that, for the moment, we have stopped let­ting go of the things that are hold­ing us back.

The Spiritual Plateau Breeds Arrogance

Our next stage of growth is a bit hard­er – and much of it is of our own doing. Some mys­tics, hav­ing peered behind that Great OZ Cur­tain, have unin­ten­tion­al­ly become some­what haughty and arro­gant. They over­share with peo­ple who are not ready for growth. They pre­sume to teach when they have only begun the jour­ney them­selves. A lit­tle knowl­edge is a dan­ger­ous thing and it may be eas­i­ly abused. The Divine under­stands this stage of growth. The excite­ment that comes with learn­ing new things is a nat­ur­al out­come of our growth. The fact that our lives work bet­ter is fur­ther fuel for our enthu­si­asm.

Sad­ly, in some, this excite­ment leads to arro­gance and a sense of believ­ing that we know more than we do. This arro­gance (even if it is unknown to the mys­tic), until prop­er­ly addressed, stag­nates all future mys­ti­cal and spir­i­tu­al growth. It is a shame that many oth­er­wise won­der­ful peo­ple dwell on this spir­i­tu­al plateau for rest of their lives – per­haps sev­er­al life­times. There is so much more growth avail­able to all who are will­ing to do the mystic’s work of elim­i­nat­ing those things that hold us back.

We say again, mys­tics who pre­sume to instruct oth­ers about what they should learn and how they should live are flat-lin­ing their spir­i­tu­al growth until a sense of hum­ble­ness, fused with grat­i­tude, is once again restored.

The Law of Spiritual Compensation

As Spir­i­tu­al Sov­er­eigns, the time we spend on this spir­i­tu­al plateau is entire­ly up to us. Source is very patient and has no agen­da for advanc­ing peo­ple who demon­strate that they are not ready. The sign that one is pre­pared for growth once more comes when the mys­tic com­pre­hends that to progress spir­i­tu­al­ly, they under­stand the Law of Spir­i­tu­al Com­pen­sa­tion. This law says To get some­where spir­i­tu­al­ly, we not only have to give ener­gy in ser­vice to oth­ers, we must also give up what is hold­ing us back.

Spiritual Compensation: An Example

As an exam­ple, think of a large cof­fee cup.  When you go into a restau­rant, let’s assume that you order cof­fee. Your com­pen­sa­tion is the mon­ey you pay for the cof­fee. The serv­er comes by and pours your cof­fee – stop­ping  once the cup is filled. As long as you are at the restau­rant, the serv­er con­tin­ues to fill your cup as you drink from it. The same is true of spir­i­tu­al growth.

Our com­pen­sa­tion is based upon our will­ing­ness to pass along what we learn from Source in ser­vice to oth­ers. Like the cof­fee cup, Source is always will­ing to give us more – but we must remem­ber that Spir­it, while extrav­a­gant is not waste­ful. As long as your cup is full, Source will add no more. If you are spir­i­tu­al­ly plateaued, it is most like­ly because you are now at the point where you must exam­ine, reflect, and rid your­self of embed­ded old thoughts and habits which keep your cup from being spir­i­tu­al­ly filled.

Spiritual Compensation: Clean the Closet

My dear friends, we guides are more than will­ing to help you begin your spring clean­ing of old ideas and habits. It all begins with reflec­tion and med­i­ta­tion. If you come to us with a hum­ble atti­tude and open heart and mind, we will reveal to you those things that are hold­ing you back. In oth­er posts we will talk more about this, but for now, we will make a few sug­ges­tions. Con­sid­er which of these per­tain to you.

  1. Hatreds. This is the num­ber one rea­son why we plateau. We hold oth­ers respon­si­ble for our anger, hurts and frus­tra­tions. In a moment of silence reflect about the peo­ple you do not like and count the num­ber of years you have felt this way. What many dis­cov­er is that they have held grudges, hatreds, angers, and gen­er­al mis­giv­ings for decades or more. As Spir­i­tu­al Sov­er­eigns, we are respon­si­ble for the hatreds we hold on to – no mat­ter the rea­son. This is a hard les­son to accept – much less believe. At some point, the mys­tic must decide whom they love most – their hatreds or Divine-Source. Remem­ber, the Divine loves every per­son you will ever meet – even those you do not like. To ascend on the God-Con­tin­u­um requires that we learn how to set aside our neg­a­tiv­i­ty towards oth­ers – this includes those who have harmed us.
  2. Fears. Anoth­er rea­son we plateau is that we fear what is next. We may wor­ry that oth­ers will not under­stand or respect our deci­sions to study the mys­ti­cal path. Some fear eter­nal pun­ish­ment for not ful­ly accept­ing a religion’s teach­ings. We may wor­ry that we will have a para­nor­mal expe­ri­ence that we are not ready to receive. These are only a few eas­i­ly iden­ti­fied fears. There are many more. The way to over­come fear is through faith – trust­ing that the Divine-Source is watch­ing out for you and will treat you ten­der­ly.
  3. Ego-Attach­ment. At some point, spir­i­tu­al growth wanes if we can­not set our ego aside. The foun­da­tion of spir­i­tu­al growth rests upon the Law of Sur­ren­der. Sim­ply stat­ed, in all choic­es, the mys­tic may choose whether to solve a sit­u­a­tion by human pow­ers or to con­sult the Spark of the Divine with­in the Soul.  Source-Con­scious­ness inten­tion­al­ly split a part of ITs infi­nite Self and placed it in the Lux Ani­mae where it could part­ner with the sen­tience of the human spir­it. There is only one catch, to grow spir­i­tu­al­ly, the Spark of the Divine must always be the decid­ing force – not the oth­er way around. Though the human Soul is in a part­ner­ship between the Divine Spark and the human spir­it, growth only occurs when the human mind sur­ren­ders to Spark.
  4. Poor Atti­tudes. In some cir­cles, this is known as “stink­ing think­ing.” Like all peo­ple, mys­tics must dis­card any notions that they are wis­er, bet­ter, smarter, or supe­ri­or to oth­ers. Humankind is on a jour­ney and we are part of it. The mys­tic may be fur­ther along on the jour­ney than most peo­ple but we are not bet­ter than oth­ers because we have a cer­tain amount of spir­i­tu­al wis­dom and expe­ri­ences. The mys­tic must always be on guard for beliefs, atti­tudes, val­ues, and behav­iors which cause them to devi­ate from hum­ble­ness and grat­i­tude.
  5. Loss of Hum­ble­ness and Grat­i­tude. The great­est buz­zkill on the spir­i­tu­al path is arro­gance, irri­tabil­i­ty, and a com­plain­ing spir­it. The only rem­e­dy is to quick­ly exam­ine one’s present cir­cum­stances in the light of hum­ble­ness and grat­i­tude. These two qual­i­ties must be expressed towards self, oth­ers, and the Uni­verse. These two atti­tudes alone are often the only keys need­ed to open the doors of the mys­ti­cal uni­verse.
  6. Com­plain­ing. It is a sign of mys­ti­cal matu­ri­ty to under­stand that noth­ing hap­pens by acci­dent and that all that hap­pens to us is meant for our ulti­mate good. It is under­stand­able and human that we com­plain from time to time. How­ev­er, a spir­it of con­stant com­plain­ing demon­strates a dif­fer­ent atti­tude alto­geth­er. The con­tin­u­al com­plain­er has lost per­spec­tive on the con­cept of Divine guid­ance as well as the impor­tance of grat­i­tude.
  7. Halt­ing Ser­vice. To grow, you must give. To give, you must serve! There are two basic atti­tudes towards life-giv­ing and receiv­ing. Both qual­i­ties are essen­tial and should remain in bal­ance. The mys­ti­cal path is built upon receiv­ing some­thing from Divine Source and using that in ser­vice to oth­ers. Ser­vice does not nec­es­sar­i­ly mean that you are doing some amaz­ing high vis­i­bil­i­ty thing. We’re not talk­ing about becom­ing a famous teacher or blog writer – we’re talk­ing about an atti­tude of ser­vice that is clear to all who meet you. Do you con­vey that you are a per­son who wants to help some­one? Is ser­vice part of your dai­ly expe­ri­ence? If we were to ask those clos­est to you, would they describe you as a “giv­er” or a “tak­er?”
  8. Busy­ness. If you do not spend time com­muning with the Divine, you will receive only the nat­ur­al gifts avail­able to all. Divine gives even more to those who take the time to know the Source-of-All. Spend time alone in med­i­ta­tion, con­tem­pla­tion, and reflec­tion. Take the time to learn how to com­mune with your angels, spir­its, and guides.  Spend some time in study. Read books, lis­ten to pod­casts, join a group of like-mind­ed peo­ple. Even if you are serv­ing oth­ers, if you fill all of your time with activ­i­ty, you will soon find that you have lit­tle or noth­ing spir­i­tu­al­ly to offer anoth­er. There is no short-cut­ting the build­ing of an inte­ri­or life with Source.
  9. Lack of reflec­tion. If we don’t reg­u­lar­ly reflect on our actions, we can­not get bet­ter. The mystic’s life is inti­mate­ly tied with the Divine and our fel­low humans. It is essen­tial to look back over our past inter­ac­tions and make amends to those we have wronged and to think of bet­ter ways of inter­act­ing with oth­ers.

Spiritual Compensation: Do as Source Says

Today we have talked about the impor­tance of the Law of Com­pen­sa­tion. It is some­thing that reads eas­i­ly – but is hard to live. Our point is not to cre­ate an over­ly self-con­scious mys­tic, rather, a reflec­tive one that con­tin­ues to expe­ri­ence con­tin­u­ous spir­i­tu­al growth. Each of us can see the flaws in oth­ers more eas­i­ly than our­selves. There is good news. For the pure of heart (those who want to do what­ev­er it takes to make things right), Source-Con­scious­ness is there to help. In med­i­ta­tion, your angels, spir­its, and guides will lead you to the next step. We encour­age you to use the cen­ter­ing med­i­ta­tion, Your will is my will as often as pos­si­ble. Say it in silence as you med­i­tate, stand in line, or dri­ve. As you say this cen­ter­ing prayer, ask what things you need to remove from your life. The answers will come.

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