The Law of Spiritual Compensation: What Are You Willing to Give Up?

Spiritual Compensation

My dear friends of the light, this is Brother Thomas–your friend and guide from the Seventh Ray.  Today I want to bring a question before you that determines your willingness to grow spiritually and ascend to even greater heights on the God-Continuum.  The question we pose is this, What are you willing to give up? We mention this to you because spiritual growth and power is the natural outcome for those who correctly understand the Law of Spiritual Compensation.

The Law of Spiritual Compensation says that to get somewhere spiritually, a mystic must not only give something in return, they must also give up what they do not need.

Spiritual Compensation: First Steps

Spiritual Compensation is an easy matter in the first stages of the mystical path. As one begins the journey of the mystical path, information that was once hidden comes before the new mystic. It is rather easy to discard once foolish attitudes and behaviors as answers to longstanding questions of life and living fall  into place. The Soul begins a rapid advancement as the mystic beholds life with new eyes and comprehension. A new pathway of communing with angels, spirits, guides, unseen forces, and the Divine Consciousness naturally emerges.

Springtime-like growth occurs quickly in these early stages as the mystic responds to their new found knowledge.  All of this is a part of the Divine plan to unite the Higher-Self with the Spark of the Divine found within the Lux Animae (one’s unique Soul body).  Spiritual Growth continues until a plateau is reached. The reason the plateau is reached is because the easy work of discarding old habits and ideas has passed. Now one must begin to work on the finer points.

Spiritual Compensation: The Spiritual Plateau

A spiritual plateau is a marvelous place to camp out. The scenery different here. Life makes more sense. The purpose of earth and our being here is now understood. Our vista is much more magnificent than the ordinary people around us and many gain the beginnings of spiritual giftings such as heightened intuition, the ability to understand dreams, the ability to soul travel, healing, precognition, and the like.  As beautiful as these gifts are, there is more.  This is only a plateau we are meant to stay for a  limited amount of time. We should not think we have arrived! Truthfully, the only reason we abide on this plateau at all is that, for the moment, we have stopped letting go of the things that are holding us back.

The Spiritual Plateau Breeds Arrogance

Our next stage of growth is a bit harder–and much of it is of our own doing. Some mystics, having peered behind that Great OZ Curtain, have unintentionally become somewhat haughty and arrogant. They overshare with people who are not ready for growth. They presume to teach when they have only begun the journey themselves. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and it may be easily abused. The Divine understands this stage of growth. The excitement that comes with learning new things is a natural outcome of our growth. The fact that our lives work better is further fuel for our enthusiasm.

Sadly, in some, this excitement leads to arrogance and a sense of believing that we know more than we do. This arrogance (even if it is unknown to the mystic), until properly addressed, stagnates all future mystical and spiritual growth. It is a shame that many otherwise wonderful people dwell on this spiritual plateau for rest of their lives–perhaps several lifetimes. There is so much more growth available to all who are willing to do the mystic’s work of eliminating those things that hold us back.

We say again, mystics who presume to instruct others about what they should learn and how they should live are flat-lining their spiritual growth until a sense of humbleness, fused with gratitude, is once again restored.

The Law of Spiritual Compensation

As Spiritual Sovereigns, the time we spend on this spiritual plateau is entirely up to us. Source is very patient and has no agenda for advancing people who demonstrate that they are not ready. The sign that one is prepared for growth once more comes when the mystic comprehends that to progress spiritually, they understand the Law of Spiritual Compensation. This law says To get somewhere spiritually, we not only have to give energy in service to others, we must also give up what is holding us back.

Spiritual Compensation: An Example

As an example, think of a large coffee cup.  When you go into a restaurant, let’s assume that you order coffee. Your compensation is the money you pay for the coffee. The server comes by and pours your coffee–stopping  once the cup is filled. As long as you are at the restaurant, the server continues to fill your cup as you drink from it. The same is true of spiritual growth.

Our compensation is based upon our willingness to pass along what we learn from Source in service to others. Like the coffee cup, Source is always willing to give us more–but we must remember that Spirit, while extravagant is not wasteful. As long as your cup is full, Source will add no more. If you are spiritually plateaued, it is most likely because you are now at the point where you must examine, reflect, and rid yourself of embedded old thoughts and habits which keep your cup from being spiritually filled.

Spiritual Compensation: Clean the Closet

My dear friends, we guides are more than willing to help you begin your spring cleaning of old ideas and habits. It all begins with reflection and meditation. If you come to us with a humble attitude and open heart and mind, we will reveal to you those things that are holding you back. In other posts we will talk more about this, but for now, we will make a few suggestions. Consider which of these pertain to you.

  1. Hatreds. This is the number one reason why we plateau. We hold others responsible for our anger, hurts and frustrations. In a moment of silence reflect about the people you do not like and count the number of years you have felt this way. What many discover is that they have held grudges, hatreds, angers, and general misgivings for decades or more. As Spiritual Sovereigns, we are responsible for the hatreds we hold on to–no matter the reason. This is a hard lesson to accept–much less believe. At some point, the mystic must decide whom they love most–their hatreds or Divine-Source. Remember, the Divine loves every person you will ever meet–even those you do not like. To ascend on the God-Continuum requires that we learn how to set aside our negativity towards others–this includes those who have harmed us.
  2. Fears. Another reason we plateau is that we fear what is next. We may worry that others will not understand or respect our decisions to study the mystical path. Some fear eternal punishment for not fully accepting a religion’s teachings. We may worry that we will have a paranormal experience that we are not ready to receive. These are only a few easily identified fears. There are many more. The way to overcome fear is through faith–trusting that the Divine-Source is watching out for you and will treat you tenderly.
  3. Ego-Attachment. At some point, spiritual growth wanes if we cannot set our ego aside. The foundation of spiritual growth rests upon the Law of Surrender. Simply stated, in all choices, the mystic may choose whether to solve a situation by human powers or to consult the Spark of the Divine within the Soul.  Source-Consciousness intentionally split a part of ITs infinite Self and placed it in the Lux Animae where it could partner with the sentience of the human spirit. There is only one catch, to grow spiritually, the Spark of the Divine must always be the deciding force–not the other way around. Though the human Soul is in a partnership between the Divine Spark and the human spirit, growth only occurs when the human mind surrenders to Spark.
  4. Poor Attitudes. In some circles, this is known as “stinking thinking.” Like all people, mystics must discard any notions that they are wiser, better, smarter, or superior to others. Humankind is on a journey and we are part of it. The mystic may be further along on the journey than most people but we are not better than others because we have a certain amount of spiritual wisdom and experiences. The mystic must always be on guard for beliefs, attitudes, values, and behaviors which cause them to deviate from humbleness and gratitude.
  5. Loss of Humbleness and Gratitude. The greatest buzzkill on the spiritual path is arrogance, irritability, and a complaining spirit. The only remedy is to quickly examine one’s present circumstances in the light of humbleness and gratitude. These two qualities must be expressed towards self, others, and the Universe. These two attitudes alone are often the only keys needed to open the doors of the mystical universe.
  6. Complaining. It is a sign of mystical maturity to understand that nothing happens by accident and that all that happens to us is meant for our ultimate good. It is understandable and human that we complain from time to time. However, a spirit of constant complaining demonstrates a different attitude altogether. The continual complainer has lost perspective on the concept of Divine guidance as well as the importance of gratitude.
  7. Halting Service. To grow, you must give. To give, you must serve! There are two basic attitudes towards life-giving and receiving. Both qualities are essential and should remain in balance. The mystical path is built upon receiving something from Divine Source and using that in service to others. Service does not necessarily mean that you are doing some amazing high visibility thing. We’re not talking about becoming a famous teacher or blog writer–we’re talking about an attitude of service that is clear to all who meet you. Do you convey that you are a person who wants to help someone? Is service part of your daily experience? If we were to ask those closest to you, would they describe you as a “giver” or a “taker?”
  8. Busyness. If you do not spend time communing with the Divine, you will receive only the natural gifts available to all. Divine gives even more to those who take the time to know the Source-of-All. Spend time alone in meditation, contemplation, and reflection. Take the time to learn how to commune with your angels, spirits, and guides.  Spend some time in study. Read books, listen to podcasts, join a group of like-minded people. Even if you are serving others, if you fill all of your time with activity, you will soon find that you have little or nothing spiritually to offer another. There is no short-cutting the building of an interior life with Source.
  9. Lack of reflection. If we don’t regularly reflect on our actions, we cannot get better. The mystic’s life is intimately tied with the Divine and our fellow humans. It is essential to look back over our past interactions and make amends to those we have wronged and to think of better ways of interacting with others.

Spiritual Compensation: Do as Source Says

Today we have talked about the importance of the Law of Compensation. It is something that reads easily–but is hard to live. Our point is not to create an overly self-conscious mystic, rather, a reflective one that continues to experience continuous spiritual growth. Each of us can see the flaws in others more easily than ourselves. There is good news. For the pure of heart (those who want to do whatever it takes to make things right), Source-Consciousness is there to help. In meditation, your angels, spirits, and guides will lead you to the next step. We encourage you to use the centering meditation, Your will is my will as often as possible. Say it in silence as you meditate, stand in line, or drive. As you say this centering prayer, ask what things you need to remove from your life. The answers will come.

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