Grow Spiritually Using the Law of Reflection

Law of Reflection

My dear friends, this is Broth­er Thomas – your friend from the Sev­enth Ray. I come to you on behalf of those who work with human­i­ty, as I do, to help you ascend from your present loca­tion on the God-Con­tin­u­um to a high­er vibra­to­ry state. Today I would like to speak with you about the Law of Reflec­tion. We have spo­ken in a gen­er­al way about this law on sev­er­al occas­sions. The law states that those things you see in anoth­er per­son, and espe­cial­ly the things you dis­like, are found with­in your­self. This law is hard to mas­ter and one of the rea­sons humankind remains ensaved. There are some truths we want to share with you.

Law of Reflection: You are not Perfect

Dear friends, it is not easy to accept that the things you dis­like in oth­ers are in you as well. Most peo­ple will vehe­ment­ly deny that they do the mis­deeds they see in oth­ers. Yet, the Law of Reflec­tion is true. You only see in oth­ers what you also pos­sess. It appears the clar­i­ty of per­cep­tion we have for oth­ers is not well devel­oped for our­selves! Per­haps you see well-devel­oped hypocrisy in some­one.  Did you know that hypocrisy is with­in you as well? Have you noticed some­one who con­stant­ly lies? Can you accept that you are not always hon­est either? It is much eas­i­er to deny our prob­lems and focus upon oth­ers. The demon we see so eas­i­ly in oth­ers is well cam­ou­flaged the moment we turn our sight with­in.

Law of Reflection: Respond to the Trigger

But what if you deter­mined a new course of action? What if you allowed your­self to think of those events which trig­ger you as a sort of divine mes­sage? Think of the new pos­si­bil­i­ties for growth that might come your way if you start­ed using what both­ers you as a Divine mes­sage about your short­com­ings? What if you decid­ed to use this as your sig­nal to begin prun­ing away those dis­eased and decay­ing aspects of your per­son­al­i­ty? Think of the spir­i­tu­al growth that could take place! With deter­mi­na­tion and courage, your abil­i­ty to link your aware­ness with your inborn Spark of the Divine would shift overnight.

Law of Reflection: Examine Your Heart

We know a man who recent­ly had a change of heart. He was angry with a work­er in anoth­er depart­ment for sev­er­al years. He learned that a col­league said unkind things about him behind his back. Each time he saw this per­son he felt anger and rage. Then one day he learned about the Law of Reflec­tion. In a moment of hon­esty, he reflect­ed upon the many times he could remem­ber speak­ing crit­i­cal­ly and judg­men­tal­ly about oth­ers behind their backs! He had done the very same things that he was con­demn­ing in oth­ers! Sud­den­ly, he real­ized that the qual­i­ties he did not like in this oth­er per­son were in him as well. This recog­ni­tion cre­at­ed three emo­tions. First, he laughed to think of how fool­ish he had been. Sec­ond­ly, the neg­a­tive emo­tion­al charge left and he was able to let the inci­dent go. Third­ly, he felt a new com­pas­sion aris­ing where none had been before.

The Law of Reflection Leads to Compassion

The Law of Reflec­tion, prop­er­ly under­stood, pro­duces com­pas­sion. Let us explain fur­ther. The best heal­ers are the wound­ed heal­ers. It is hard to have sym­pa­thy for anoth­er when you have not expe­ri­enced the same things. It is eas­i­er to express com­pas­sion as we meet those who suf­fers as we do. This is why the ascend­ed mas­ters are so help­ful.

The infi­nite com­pas­sion of the ascend­ed mas­ters is hard won – and the rea­son may sur­prise you! Mas­ters, such as Jesus the Christ, have infi­nite com­pas­sion because they have suf­fered as we do now. They remem­ber how, in their past lives, they made many of the same mis­takes that you have. In oth­er words, these great avatars are able to help us because they too have expe­ri­enced the same fail­ings!

Law of Reflection: The Masters Once Experienced Life as We Do

In the Holy Bible, it says that Jesus was tempt­ed in all the ways that men are tempt­ed. The mean­ing of this is most inter­est­ing! Over his many life­times, Jesus learned to how to over­come every human temp­ta­tion. The com­pas­sion of Jesus exists because he remem­bers his fail­ures as he expe­ri­enced the same things we do. Jesus vic­to­ry was that he learned how to ful­ly sur­ren­der his con­scious aware­ness to the Spark of the Divine liv­ing with­in his Soul!

Final­ly, we leave you with this. When enlight­en­ment came to the Bud­dha, two things hap­pened. First, he remem­bered each of his life­times. It seemed the veil of for­get­ful­ness was no longer need­ed. Sec­ond­ly, he under­stood that all human suf­fer­ing was the result of need­less attach­ment. In the con­text of our les­son today, we too must also let go of our attach­ments to past suf­fer­ings – espe­cial­ly those aspects of our­selves we do not like. In oth­er words, we learn the true mean­ing of self-com­pas­sion as we first for­give our­selves and detach from the anger, rage, bit­ter­ness, blame, shame, and oth­er neg­a­tive things we see in our­selves.

Use the Law of Reflection to Make Changes

The next time you find your­self judg­ing or crit­i­ciz­ing, remem­ber the Law of Reflec­tion. You are guilty of the same things you see so clear­ly in oth­ers. From this day for­ward, stop and admit the sim­ple truth that you either do the same thing or have done it in a pre­vi­ous life. No mat­ter how enlight­ened a per­son may be, there are few dis­gust­ing thing they have not done. We have all told lies, stolen, mur­dered, raped, born false wit­ness, as well as many oth­er con­tempt­able acts. If we can see the truth of this state­ment, our lib­er­a­tion is not far away.

My mys­ti­cal friends, your lib­er­a­tion hap­pens as you admit not only the truth of who you are today – but also of what you were life­times before. Once you acknowl­edge this, it becomes eas­i­er for your angels, spir­its, and guides to help you find a bet­ter way.  Trust that they will do so.  They await your pleas for help! Next, deter­mine to make the virtue of com­pas­sion your new way of liv­ing. Replace crit­i­cal and judg­men­tal behav­iors with for­give­ness and com­pas­sion. As you do this, you may be assured that the Spark of the Divine will raise your vibra­tion and improve your qual­i­ty of life.

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