Grow Spiritually Using the Law of Reflection

Law of Reflection

My dear friends, this is Brother Thomas–your friend from the Seventh Ray. I come to you on behalf of those who work with humanity, as I do, to help you ascend from your present location on the God-Continuum to a higher vibratory state. Today I would like to speak with you about the Law of Reflection. We have spoken in a general way about this law on several occassions. The law states that those things you see in another person, and especially the things you dislike, are found within yourself. This law is hard to master and one of the reasons humankind remains ensaved. There are some truths we want to share with you.

Law of Reflection: You are not Perfect

Dear friends, it is not easy to accept that the things you dislike in others are in you as well. Most people will vehemently deny that they do the misdeeds they see in others. Yet, the Law of Reflection is true. You only see in others what you also possess. It appears the clarity of perception we have for others is not well developed for ourselves! Perhaps you see well-developed hypocrisy in someone.  Did you know that hypocrisy is within you as well? Have you noticed someone who constantly lies? Can you accept that you are not always honest either? It is much easier to deny our problems and focus upon others. The demon we see so easily in others is well camouflaged the moment we turn our sight within.

Law of Reflection: Respond to the Trigger

But what if you determined a new course of action? What if you allowed yourself to think of those events which trigger you as a sort of divine message? Think of the new possibilities for growth that might come your way if you started using what bothers you as a Divine message about your shortcomings? What if you decided to use this as your signal to begin pruning away those diseased and decaying aspects of your personality? Think of the spiritual growth that could take place! With determination and courage, your ability to link your awareness with your inborn Spark of the Divine would shift overnight.

Law of Reflection: Examine Your Heart

We know a man who recently had a change of heart. He was angry with a worker in another department for several years. He learned that a colleague said unkind things about him behind his back. Each time he saw this person he felt anger and rage. Then one day he learned about the Law of Reflection. In a moment of honesty, he reflected upon the many times he could remember speaking critically and judgmentally about others behind their backs! He had done the very same things that he was condemning in others! Suddenly, he realized that the qualities he did not like in this other person were in him as well. This recognition created three emotions. First, he laughed to think of how foolish he had been. Secondly, the negative emotional charge left and he was able to let the incident go. Thirdly, he felt a new compassion arising where none had been before.

The Law of Reflection Leads to Compassion

The Law of Reflection, properly understood, produces compassion. Let us explain further. The best healers are the wounded healers. It is hard to have sympathy for another when you have not experienced the same things. It is easier to express compassion as we meet those who suffers as we do. This is why the ascended masters are so helpful.

The infinite compassion of the ascended masters is hard won–and the reason may surprise you! Masters, such as Jesus the Christ, have infinite compassion because they have suffered as we do now. They remember how, in their past lives, they made many of the same mistakes that you have. In other words, these great avatars are able to help us because they too have experienced the same failings!

Law of Reflection: The Masters Once Experienced Life as We Do

In the Holy Bible, it says that Jesus was tempted in all the ways that men are tempted. The meaning of this is most interesting! Over his many lifetimes, Jesus learned to how to overcome every human temptation. The compassion of Jesus exists because he remembers his failures as he experienced the same things we do. Jesus victory was that he learned how to fully surrender his conscious awareness to the Spark of the Divine living within his Soul!

Finally, we leave you with this. When enlightenment came to the Buddha, two things happened. First, he remembered each of his lifetimes. It seemed the veil of forgetfulness was no longer needed. Secondly, he understood that all human suffering was the result of needless attachment. In the context of our lesson today, we too must also let go of our attachments to past sufferings–especially those aspects of ourselves we do not like. In other words, we learn the true meaning of self-compassion as we first forgive ourselves and detach from the anger, rage, bitterness, blame, shame, and other negative things we see in ourselves.

Use the Law of Reflection to Make Changes

The next time you find yourself judging or criticizing, remember the Law of Reflection. You are guilty of the same things you see so clearly in others. From this day forward, stop and admit the simple truth that you either do the same thing or have done it in a previous life. No matter how enlightened a person may be, there are few disgusting thing they have not done. We have all told lies, stolen, murdered, raped, born false witness, as well as many other contemptable acts. If we can see the truth of this statement, our liberation is not far away.

My mystical friends, your liberation happens as you admit not only the truth of who you are today–but also of what you were lifetimes before. Once you acknowledge this, it becomes easier for your angels, spirits, and guides to help you find a better way.  Trust that they will do so.  They await your pleas for help! Next, determine to make the virtue of compassion your new way of living. Replace critical and judgmental behaviors with forgiveness and compassion. As you do this, you may be assured that the Spark of the Divine will raise your vibration and improve your quality of life.

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